How To Store Wine | 16 Tips To Protect Your Bottles

Have you brought some wine for yourself and are confused about how to store wine properly? Don’t worry; keeping Wine is no longer a problem with some easy tips to protect your bottle. Continue reading as I will share some easy and helpful tips to protect your bottles.

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Some of the best ways to store Wine are to store it at the proper temperature, keep bottles horizontally, and avoid sunlight and vibration. You can also use a wine fridge, recork immediately, keep leftover Wine in smaller bottles, and prevent over-chilling to store your Wine better. 

Storing wines needs some expertise, as there are some rules for opened and unopened bottles. It is always best to have a wine cellar if you love stocking up wines at home. However, even if you don’t have a wine cellar, you can always make some arrangements.

Today, I will discuss everything about storing wine bottles in this conversation. Now, if you have some wine bottles, opened or unopened, you will learn how to keep them safe. Stick with me until the end; you will love the simple yet effective tips and tricks. 

What Is The Proper Way To Store Unopened Wine Bottles?

How To Store Wine

If you don’t store your Wine appropriately, then there are chances that the flavors and quality of the Wine are compromised. That is why you must know how to store unopened wine bottles properly. 

1. Temperature

If you think wine bottles can be kept in the fridge and stay good for a long time, then you are mistaken. The perfect temperature to store wines is 45 F to 55 F.

If you want to store your bottles for over a few months, try keeping them in a much warmer place. Please do not make the same mistake I made by keeping bottles in a fluctuating temperature. 

2. A Wine Cooler 

I am amazed by technology getting better and making our lives easier. If you have difficulty storing wines and keeping them great for a long time, consider wine coolers.

Wine coolers are great as they keep your bottles away from the sunlight and provide the exact temperature that your wine bottles need. In case you are wondering to get one for yourself, then you should check out Wine Cellar HQ, as they have the best wine coolers that will meet your needs. 

3. Stability 

Have you ever been to a wine cellar? The wine cellar has all the bottles kept separately, and even if you have one bottle, there is no disturbance with the others. Therefore, the wine bottles stay stable. Ensure you keep your bottle in a stable condition with no movement whatsoever. Don’t shake wine bottles vigorously now and then because it will only hamper the quality of the Wine. 

4. Protection from Light and Vibration

Your wine bottles are fragile in light, and constant movements or vibration can adversely affect the overall taste of the Wine. It is best if you keep them away from the dishwasher, refrigerator, or anything that has some movement.

Vibration can cause unwanted changes in the flavors and aroma due to some chemical changes. So we could keep the bottles undisturbed. 

5. Humidity

If you don’t know about the relationship between Wine and the humidity, then you are missing out on so much about wine storage. It is best to keep the unopened bottles in at least 50% humidity. Make sure that the moisture does not go above 70%, or else it will likely cause mold. Also, it can cause degradation of the labels. 

6. Steer Clear of Regular Fridge

Hey, if you want to store your Wine for a more extended period, then avoid storing it in a regular fridge. The cold temperature and lack of humidity can ruin the taste of your Wine, which is why it is best to store Wine in a wine fridge.

Now, what exactly is a wine fridge? A wine fridge is a device with a controlled temperature specifically designed to store wines. You can use them and ensure your bottles are safe in the right conditions. 

7. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Sunlight is not a good friend of Wine, so you should keep it away from any direct sunlight. Wine bottles thrive best in a dark location.

It is exciting to note that most of the bottles have UV protection shields, but still, exposure to sunlight can compromise the overall quality of the Wine. That is why wine bottles are primarily stored in cabinets that are dry and dark. 

8. Don’t Overchill Wine

I know that wines are best when served chilled, but you don’t want to overchill them as it will ruin the aromas. Many suggest that serving Wine chilled is excellent, but make sure it is slightly below room temperature.

Also, if you leave your bottles in the fridge too long, the Wine might expand and explode. You need to know that the fridge temperature could be better for storing Wine for a long time. 

How To Properly Store Opened Wine Bottles

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When it comes to opening wine bottles, the rules are slightly different. Simply because opened wine bottles are more fragile and need more attention and care. It would be best if you made sure that the opened wine bottles are stored in the right conditions that slow down the oxidation process. 

If we talk about how long Wine lasts after opening the bottle, the answer may vary depending on the type of Wine. Typically, a wine bottle that has been opened can stay good for 3 to 5 days. However, the duration may vary depending on the type of Wine. 

Now that we are familiar with the shelf life of wine bottles, once they are open, let us learn how we can keep them suitable for a long time and stay clear of any oxidation process that may compromise the overall quality of your Wine. 

1. Recork Immediately

If you have opened a bottle of Wine, the moment you have served the chile dwine, recork immediately. This will not allow the oxygen to get into the bottle and hamper the quality of the Wine.

Therefore, keep the wine bottle closed for a short time. You can use the same cork or screw cap to seal the wine bottle. A handy tip is to serve a glass of Wine and close it the next moment. You can again open the cork and serve the drink. 

2. Store Leftover Wine In Smaller Bottles

Now, if you have a glass of Wine and are planning to keep the bottle for the next day, consider transferring the Wine to smaller bottles. This will ensure that there is no oxygen present in the bottle.

When you serve some of the Wine, the bottle has some space filled with oxygen, and the process of oxygen fastens the oxidation process that ruins the Wine. So, it is best to transfer the liquid to smaller containers with no space. 

3. Keep it Upright 

If you have an opened wine bottle, then it is best if you place them in an upright position. This will ensure that there are no unwanted movements and that there is not much surface area exposed to the oxygen.

If there is less surface area to explode to oxygen, the oxidation process will slow down, and you can enjoy your Wine for a good time. 

4. Wine preservation

If you always bring wine bottles, drink half or one glass of Wine, and then store it for later, think about the wine preservation system. You can get a professional wine preservation system that can help you keep your Wine for a good time, or else you will end up throwing expensive wine bottles away every then and now.

Take it from me: I have spent lots of money to flush down expensive Wine as their taste and quality were compromised. 

5. Inert Gas

Another way you can keep your Wine away from oxidation is to inert some gas that can slow down the process of oxidation. It would be best if you were very careful with the gas you are choosing. The best gas options are compatible with the wine composition and do not react with the Wine.

Usually, argon is the best option to choose from when it comes to inert gas in wine bottles. This procedure may be a little expensive, but if you often find yourself with a half-wine bottle, then it is worthwhile. 

6. Wine Stoppers

If you are someone like me who keeps losing wine corks, it is best to have some wine stoppers at home. The best thing about wine stoppers is that they come in different designs that are cute and beautiful. You can collect some great wine stoppers and use them whenever you lose a cork. 

7. Wine Shield

You may wonder what a wine shield is, and to your surprise, a wine shield is not something you would use to cover the bottle, but it is a disc that floats on the surface of the Wine.

It is a great innovation that ensures your opened wine bottle stays good for five days. The disc will create a barrier between the space and the Wine and keep the Wine away from oxygen, slowing down the process of oxidation. 

8. Refrigerate

I know that wine bottles should not be kept in the refrigerator, but if you have an opened wine bottle that you plan to consume within a few days, then you can refrigerate the same.

This will ensure that your wine bottle stays suitable for a short time, and you can enjoy chilled Wine anytime. 

How Long Different Types Of Wines Can Be Stored?

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There are different types of Wine. For instance, sparkling Wine is great for 1 to 3 days, whereas Light, Rosé, and sweet white Wine may last up to 5 to 7 days. On the other hand, red Wine can be stored for 3 to 5 days after opening the bottle.

Also, fortified Wine can stay good for 30 days or more. Let us have a look at a classified table for the same. Unopened wine bottles can last up to yeast if stored correctly. 

Type of wineShelf life (if opened)
sparkling wine1 to 3 days
Light, Rosé and sweet white wine5 to 7 days
red wine3 to 5 days
Fortified wine Around 30 days

Is It Ok If You’ll Store Wine At Room Temperature?

wine bottles in the rack

Yes, it is fine to store Wine at room temperature. The only thing you need to make sure is that the Wine should be kept at a constant temperature and should not fluctuate.

Please keep your wine bottle at a stable temperature so there is no loss of taste or quality due to fluctuation. 

Why Storing Wine The Right Way Matters

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Storing Wine the right way matters because this will ensure that the taste of the Wine is not compromised.

A good wine that is stored healthy, ages wonderfully, and can offer a great drink. If Wine is not stored correctly, then it can cause oxidation, which can ruin the overall quality and make the Wine go bad. 

Do You Need A Wine Cellar At Home To Age Wines?

importance of storing

Yes, it would help if you had a wine cellar at home to age wines.

Not everyone can afford a wine cellar or have proper space. However, you can at least have a small wine cellar that can help you in aging your Wine. The wine cellar has the best conditions that help in wine aging.

They have a controlled temperature and appropriate humidity that creates an excellent environment for Wine to age. 

How To Properly Age Wine At Home Without A Wine Cellar?

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If you cannot have a wine cellar at home but still want your Wine to age properly, then there are a few tips that you can follow :

1. Avoid Heat And Sunlight

Ensure the wine bottles are kept away from the sunlight and heat. If the wine bottle is exposed to direct sunlight, it can ruin the complete composition of the Wine and hamper the quality and taste of the Wine.

Even though you don’t have a wine cellar, keeping away from heat and sunlight will ensure that your Wine stays fine and ages perfectly. 

2. Keep A Check On Temperature

If you think keeping wine bottles in the dark is the only thing you need to do, then you are wrong. Yes, keeping in a dark place is essential, but you need to check the temperature as well.

Many people keep the bottles in the garage, which sounds like a better idea, but the temperature can be an issue. So make sure the temperature is constant throughout the time. 

3. Humidity Matters

As mentioned above, Wine needs some humidity, and you need to ensure that the place where you are keeping your Wine to age has proper moisture.

Also, make sure that the cork of the bottles does not dry out. Wine needs 50% humidity, so make sure your ideal place is according to the requirements. 

4. Out Of Sight

Hey, if you want to store Wine for a long time, it is best to keep it out of sight. This way, you won’t be tempted to drink and let the wine age finely. Also, a handy tip is to label the wine bottle to open it on the perfect day or occasion. 

5. Sideways Is The Best Way

Without any doubt, if you don’t have a wine cellar, consider placing the wine bottle sideways. Store the bottle in a horizontal position, as it will make sure that the cork stays in touch with the Wine and does not dry out. 


Drinking Wine is very fun and relaxing at the same time, but if you don’t know the proper way to store it, then you may waste a lot of money.

Nobody would like to enjoy a wine whose flavor and quality have been compromised. It would be best if you made sure that the wine bottles that you have purchased last for more than decades. 

That’s how one can enjoy perfectly aged Wine. Next time, when you have a bottle of Wine, follow the discussed tips and thank me later. I will be back with some more conversations like this. Until then, spill some wine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you place unopened wine bottles in the fridge?

Yes, you can store unopened wine bottles in the fridge if you plan to consume them within a few days. However, keep them in a wine cellar or a specific place if you want to enjoy your Wine for a longer time. 

How do you ideally store unopened wine bottles?

Unopened wine bottles should be kept on their side so that the wine bottles maintain contact with the cork. 

How long can we keep unopened bottles of Wine?

Unopened bottles can be kept for 2 to 10 years with a proper storage facility. 

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