How to Make Perfect Cheese Maggi at Home

Cheese Maggi Tadka Recipe
A snacks in a hurry to make.


Just the name of Maggi reminds me of my childhood days when this 2-minute delicacy would make my mouth water. It could be comfort food for many. Some may relate it as a snack in a hurry. But the most relating bunch of crowd has to be the hostelers who are always low on money, having bad cooking skills, and a time crunch as an icing on the overloaded cake. It’s their’s all in one or be it the breakfast, lunch or dinner. And beware of the buddy experiments with the Maggi of all times. You might have to throw it out of the window to show some gratitude for having an amazing recipe. No more experiments, neither the tasting expert will suffer nor will the brains be needed for another recipe ’cause here is an ultimate recipe. Ta Da!

Well, you’d find Maggi everywhere, from Ladakh to Kanyakumari in India whereas the best thing about it is that no two folks will make it the same. Everyone has their own additions, their own recipe, which is not as bad as the hostelers, to give it their own Loving Taste. Let us give our Classic Telltale a modern cheesy twist.

How much time will it take:

Preparation Time Cook Time Total Time
10 minutes 8-10 minutes 18-20 minutes

Ingredients for Cheese Maggi

Ingredients Quantity
Butter 20 gm
Onion (Chopped) ¼ Cup
Tomato (Chopped) ¼ Cup
Capsicum (Chopped) ¼ Cup
Maggi Masala-e-Magic 1 Sachet
Cheese 2 Cubes
Maggi 2 Packets
Salt As per requirement

Serving: 2-3 Person

How to make Cheese Maggi / Recipe

  • Heat the pan and add 20 gm of butter.
  • Once it melts add chopped vegetables- capsicum, onion, & tomatoes. Mix all ingredients well.
  • Now add Maggi taste-makers, Maggi Masala-e-magic and salt to taste. Mix well.
  • Pour 2.5 cups of water. Boil the water to a full flame till it starts to bubble up.
  • As the water bubbles up, add Maggi noodles, into it (if you want you can break into four, I am going to cook them as is).
  • Let Maggi cook on a full flame and make sure it’s completely submerged in the water.
    You can also add optional spices such as red chili powder if you want.
  • As the excess water evaporates at this stage grate cheese cube on top it in the pan itself. Stir well so that the cheese melts well. Cook on high flame.

Cheese Maggi is now ready to explode on your taste buds. Transfer it in your eating bowls, garnish it with grated Cheese on top. That’s Mouth-dripping isn’t it? Everyone is gonna love this quick dish of yours. Do share your messy experience of making it with your kids in the comment section below. Also, the cheese fans who have overloaded it already by now don’t forget to move some fingers on your keyboard Foodies.

Until next time, stay tuned!

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