How To Grill Food Properly | All Tips & Tricks Explained!

Grilling food is a favorite weekend job for many of us, and most want to enjoy this cooking method. It is super fun when grilling, and you enjoy delectable dish flavors. Many of us find it challenging to examine food as it often needs to be cooked correctly or burned because of high heat. Don’t worry; I will help you learn how to grill food properly in the following conversation. 

meat grilling

Some of the best tips and tricks to grill food properly are : 

  • The Griller Should Be Hot
  • Clean The Grill Before And After Use
  • Know Your Grill
  • Oiling is must
  • Avoid Disturbing The Grill
  • Use The Instant-read meat thermometer
  • After Grilling, Give Some Rest To The Food
  • Sauce The Dish After Grilling
  • Avoid Grilling Cold Food
  • Mise en place (keep everything ready)

When it comes to grilling, you have to understand that choosing the right type of grill is essential, mainly because there are so many types of grill available. From charcoal grills to gas grills to kamado grills, plenty of options are available. Before you plan to get one, you need to know everything about them. 

Also, cleaning a grill is essential, so you must remember. You must also know the proper steps so your food cooks nicely without sticking to the grates. There are so many things to look after, and we will cover every aspect. Stick with me till the end, and I will share some of my best grilling recipes with you.

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 Why Choosing The Right Type Of Grill Is Important?

grilling foods

Choosing the correct type of grill is essential, mainly because there are so many grill types available. You must understand that selecting a grill depends on your needs and requirements. 

There are many factors to consider before getting a grill, like the space for the grill, the type of foods you will be cooking, the availability of fuel, and the convenience of using the grill. Affordability is also an important point to ponder when choosing the right grill type. You must select the best-suited grill to get the best results, and you may mess up your grilling day. 

Another thing that you need to consider is your knowledge of grilling. Usually, I wouldn’t say I like to spend the whole day grilling, so I always go for some essential grilling food items. This is also a primary factor that needs to be acknowledged while choosing the right type of grill. 

Different Types Of Grills For Grilling

Before we learn how to grill food effortlessly, I would like you to learn a little about different types of grillers. Every griller has its features and uniqueness, and you need to consider them before choosing a griller for yourself. 

1. Charcoal Grills


If you want to enjoy the best flavors of grilling, then you have to get a charcoal grill for yourself. Any food grilled in a charcoal griller will have a very decent smokiness, and you will enjoy the best of the BBQ. Covered charcoal grills are perfect if you want to experience the chargrilled flavor. They are made for browning or searing food. They are very affordable when compared to other types of grills.

If you are wondering about charcoal, they are readily available in the store and quite affordable. You can even use a chimney starter to quickly light up the charcoal grill. The only downside of using a charcoal grill is that it is a little challenging to clean and takes time to get heated up compared to other grills.

Made with cast aluminum, sheet metal, or stainless steel, charcoal grills have cast iron or steel coated in chrome or porcelain grates. In terms of usage, they are super easy to handle and perfect for outdoor grilling. You can even place all the charcoal on one side of the griller and use the other to grill food for longer with indirect heat.

The best thing about charcoal grills is that they can be used as smokers if you lower the temperature using less charcoal. If you want your food to get the best smoky and flavorful BBQ notes, you must go for a good charcoal grill. 

2. Kamado Grills

kamado grill

Kamado grills are also charcoal but a much better and more versatile version. If you see an elongated shaped charcoal grill, then it is a kamado grill only. Due to the shape, the heat circulation is perfect and cooks the food evenly. Kamado grills are made with ceramic, enabling them to survive the cold temperature easily. This is your ideal griller if you want to cook your food. 

They are also called ceramic smokers or egg grillers because of their shape. 

It would help if you had charcoal for kamado grills, which will be preheated for around 45 minutes. Even though a Kamado grill is super versatile and has many great qualities, it is mainly known for its heat deflector. Heat deflector allows the griller to act like an oven, and because of consistent heat, the food cooks well from all sides. You can even use them for baking anything you want. 

The grill features include an intake damper that allows oxygen to enter and an exhaust damper through which the gas can escape. Cleaning or maintaining the Kamado grill is straightforward. It is advised to use lump charcoal so no ashes are left behind, and it is easier to clean the griller. They also use less fuel, and this is the reason why Kamado grills are considered to be very effective grillers. 

3. Gas Grills

gas grill

The most common type of griller used has to be a gas griller. They are so popular, and why shouldn’t they be? They have many great features, allowing you to enjoy your grilling day fully. Perfect for outdoor grilling, gas grills cook food fast. The beauty thing about a gas grill is that you can choose the type of gas. You can get a propane gas griller, butane, or maybe natural gas and cook your food without hassle. 

The pros of using gas stoves are that they are easy to heat, and after your food is nicely grilled, the cleaning also takes little effort and time. When starting a gas grill, a push button is the only thing you need to press, and your grill is ready to use.

You even get a griller with multiple burners, allowing you to separate, warm, or cook different foods simultaneously. You can even control the heat very easily using the knobs. If you want wood or charcoal grills, flavorful notes, and texture, they are also available with that feature. 

WiGasrills are very easy to use, super convenient, and have many options and accessories that you can try with hundreds of grilling recipes. They do multiple heats and are easier to clean than other grillers.

The only thing that may be difficult with gas grills is that they are less portable, especially if connected to a natural gas line. When it comes to fuel, they use a lot of energy, which eventually increases the cost of cooking. 

4. Pellet Grills

pellet grill

A new grill version is becoming a very popular and versatile griller nowadays. Pellet grills use wood pellets that can work as a charcoal or gas griller. If you want, you can also use them as a convection oven at different levels of temperatures. They are usually electrically powered but burn hardwood pellets for heat and smoke.

Pellet grills are developing every day, and right now, many brands provide intelligent features like temperature control and monitoring of your food through a smartphone. If I am saying that pellet grills are emerging nowadays, that does not mean that they were not known in earlier years.

They have been grilling food for 30 years but have gained popularity recently as they are getting more efficient, versatile, and convenient in terms of usage. You can even sear or brown your food using a pellet grill. Isn’t that amazing to know?

Now, if I talk about the cons of pellet grills, I first think they are not so readily available. Yes, you heard it right. When compared with other grillers, pellet grills are difficult to find. Secondly, they need electricity for usage, and you need pellets for the smoke and heat.

This makes pellet grills expensive and not easily affordable by many households. Lastly, you might find it challenging to use pellet grills in humid temperatures as they detroit easily in that environment. 

5. Smokers


Smokers are one of the most suited grillers for smoking any food. If you are really into smoking meat and vegetables, please set other grills aside and get the master of the game. Many don’t know, but smokers are one of the oldest cooking methods for preserving food.

To date, they have become a trendy backyard BBQ equipment. They are best in slow cooking, and you can use different fuel sources like charcoal, pellets, propane, or electricity. 

If you want to enjoy smoky flavors in your food, then using a smoker is perfect. When it comes to usage, they are convenient. They are portable as well and perfect for backyard grilling. Smokers are best for different cuts of meat and even vegetables. I have been using smokers for some time, and trust me, through patience and practice, I have mastered the game of smoking food.

However, many recipes ask you to cook for long hours, so you need to have some skills in using a smoker. If I talk about the price of a smoker, depending upon the features, you can get different options to choose from that fit your budget. The only downfall of using a smoker is that you need a lot of time and patience as they usually follow a slow cooking method. 

6. Electric Grills

electric grill

When someone says grilling, we assume an outdoor setting with an extensive and complicated griller and a professional chef handling the food. Thankfully, this situation only exists in our imagination because, with electric grillers, you can enjoy your grilling day indoors easily.

Electric grills are perfect if you don’t have a space for grilling. They fit perfectly inside your house, and with just one switch, you can start grilling your food choice.

The best thing about electric grills is that they are super convenient, smaller, and portable. That is why it is also called grilling on the go, as you can carry it anywhere and everywhere where there is a supply of electricity. So there is no need for additional fuel, saving a lot of money. When it comes to heating, they are super quick, and the heat distribution is very even.

Many times, after grilling, we are stuck cleaning everything, but with an electrical grill, the cleaning part is very minimal. The downside of using the electrical grill is that they do not get as hot as other grillers, and you may miss the chargrill and smoky notes. An electric grill is also perfect if you want to sear or brown your food without any complications.

I prefer using an electric grill whenever I want to spend less time cooking as they are super convenient and quick. You can even grill your food on your bed using the electric grill and enjoy a lazy cooking day. 

7. Portable Grills

portable grills

Portable grills are one of the best inventions of all time. When grilling was considered complex and heavy, portable grills changed the perspectives, and now you can grill your food anywhere, anytime. They are perfect for camping or outing purposes. The only issue with portable grills is that they have small cooking surfaces, which means you cannot cook large quantities of food.

Also, portable grills have low heat capacity so that cooking food may take a little longer. If you want to smoke meat, that can be an issue as they have little heat for the same purpose. 

The best thing about portable grills is that they are versatile in fuel. You can either use electric portable grills or gas-fuel portable grills. If your area has little grilling space, an electric grill can be perfect for such situations. You might not enjoy the smoky flavor, but basic grilling would be fine. Make sure to select small and lightweight portable grills.

If you are setting your portable grill at home, it is best to connect with a propane adaptor hose for a constant fuel supply. Even if portable grillers may not give you the perfect smoky and grilled flavor, they are still super helpful, and you can enjoy your food choice. 

8. Gas and Charcoal Combo Grills

Gas and Charcoal Combo Grills

Please talk about the upgraded version of grills because now that we have shifted to a faster and quicker world, combo grills are making their way into most of our lives. Gas and charcoal combo grills are one of the greatest inventions of all time.

As the name suggests, they have gas and charcoal grilling options. You get to enjoy the benefits of both the different grills. This way, you can enjoy a perfect BBQ with a charcoal griller; meanwhile, using a gas griller will reduce your cooking time and effort. 

One side of the griller will have charcoal grilling that will be burned using charcoal, and the other side will have burners with a fuel tank that would be filled, most probably with propane or natural gas. The only issue with using gas and charcoal combo grills is that they are larger and cannot be moved here and there.

Apart from this, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. The griller may be a little expensive, but it is worth every penny. Consider getting a gas and charcoal grill if you love grilling often. 

9. Charcoal Kettle Grills

charcoal kettle

We have already spoken about charcoal grills; now that we love them, you should also consider charcoal kettle grills. The name is clear enough about the design. The kettle-shaped charcoal griller is the most commonly known. They have a round bottom with a covering lid, stand, and grill grates.

The charcoal goes at the base of the griller so that you can enjoy a portable version of charcoal grills. If you want a convenient arrangement of charcoal grilling, which is very efficient and economical, I recommend you try charcoal kettle grills. 

Made with metal, charcoal kettle grills are lightweight and can carry them wherever you want. It would help if you had a supply of charcoal and a chimney starter ready to enjoy a perfect grilling day. Talking about the price, the charcoal kettle grills are inexpensive and easily affordable. 

10. Flat top grills

flat top

Flat-top grills, also known as griddles, are another great option. They are another version of the gas grill standard in commercial kitchens. Also, flat-top grills are available in electrical versions as well. Therefore, you can use fuel or electricity to burn the griller. They are perfect if you have little space for big grillers.

You can quickly grill steaks, meat, and vegetables of your choice. You might see flat-top grills in Asian restaurants as they mostly cook food through grilling and browning. 

The best part of using flat-top grills is that they have a large surface area, and as the heat is evenly distributed, the food is cooked nicely. They are a healthier option as you won’t require much oil, and the smoke production will be less than that of other grillers. I only find the flat-top grills challenging to clean. Heavy grease builds up if you do not maintain regular cleanliness. Also, flat-top grills could be better for smoking meats. 

11. Hibachi Grill

hibachi grill

You are also known as ‘fire bowls’ because of the cylindrical or bowl shape. They have an open style and are burned with the help of wood or charcoal. If you want to enjoy the grill marks on your food, then hibachi grills are perfect. The best thing about hibachi grills is that they are very affordable. Due to the small size of the grill, they are easy to handle.

You can adjust the grill’s temperature so it is convenient to use. The only problem with the Hibachi grill is that you can use it for indirect heat. As I mentioned, the Hibachi grill is cheap, and the material used could be better quality. This results in uneven heat, and food may need to be cooked properly. Hibachi grills are small in size, so you may not be able to entertain a large number of guests.

This also means that these grills are easy to store because of their compact size. You can grill beef teriyaki, skewers, sates, and other thinly sliced or minor cuts of meat. I recommend having a hibachi grill if you cannot have charcoal. 

12. 55-gallon steel drum grill

55-gallon steel drum grill

Yes, it is a 55-gallon steel drum grill. It is a large drum made of steel and filled with charcoal. People have loved them because of their large size. The best thing about a 55-gallon steel drum grill is that you can quickly cook significant cuts of meat without any difficulty. Most people use this griller for competition purposes. You can cook a lot of different food in large quantities.

You can try every type of grilling using a 55-gallon steel drum grill. You will be amazed to know that people first made these grillers, and when they started gaining popularity, they were also available in the market. That is why this is a little hectic if someone makes it themselves. 

Now, if I talk about the downside of using a 55-gallon steel drum grill, you have to clean a lot of charcoal after you are done. They also take a lot of time to set up, and even though these grills are cheap, the charcoal used can be expensive. 

13. Disposable ready-to-use BBQ grill

Disposable ready-to-use BBQ grill

I am sure that most of you may not have heard of disposable ready-to-use BBQ grills, but it is true. As the name suggests, they are disposable, and just like portable grills, they are super convenient and easy to use. As they are disposable, the griller is one of the best options if you travel or want only for single use.

Now, this can be a disadvantage as well because you only get to use it for one time. Also, many of us don’t know, but these disposable ready-to-use grills only work for an hour, so you cannot cook food for a long time. 

This means that they are perfect if you want to grill some vegetables or minor cuts of meat. They are great for outdoor cooking, but you may need help to achieve high heat if the wind speed is higher. The other downside is that these disposable grills could be more environmentally friendly. Also, these grillers do not have a lid, so you cannot expect indirect cooking with this grill. 

Preparing The Grill For Grilling Food

chicken grilling

Now as we have discussed the different types of grills let us know how we should prepare the grill for grilling food. In order to prepare your grill, you need to first clean it properly and then heat it so that you can start cooking your choice of food. Let us see how to prepare the grill from the scratch: 

 How To Clean Your Grill Properly?

Cleaning the grill is a must because nobody wants to consume contaminated food and get sick. That is why I am here to tell you all the possible ways to clean your grill properly in simple steps. Let’s have a look at the same : 

1. Identify Your Grill Type 

The very first step in order to clean your grill is to identify what type of griller you have. Every griller has a different cleaning process. For example, to clean a gas grill, a long-handled, stiff-wire brush would be the best, whereas on the other hand, one may use cleaning spray to clean the flat top grill. So understand what type of griller you have and accordingly clean the griller. 

2. Burn It Off

Before you start cleaning, make sure the burner is off. Now, many people heat the griller for a good time and then clean the griller. This is also a great way, but I prefer cooling the griller first and then using my tools to remove the food scraps. This way, I do not burn myself in the process, and the cleaning is relatively easy and convenient. 

3. Preclean

Now, most of us clean the grillers after use, but I would recommend cleaning the grillers before use as well. Precleaning the griller will ensure that there is no contamination of food if, by any chance, some dirt is stuck on the griller. This is one of the best ways to ensure that your griller stays clean all the time. 

4. Do Not Forget The Grill Grates

Whenever cleaning the grill, make sure that you clean the grill grates. Most of us casually clean the grates, but you have to be very careful while doing the same. Use cleaning brushes to wipe off the grates. You can even use scrapers to remove the food lodged on the grates. 

5. Clean the burners

If you want to clean the burners, then use a burner cleaning rod. You can easily clean the burners once a month to avoid any dirt sticking in the holes and let the heat and flame pass smoothly. If you keep your burner clean, then it can last for a good long time. 

6. Scrape Off Burnt Food

Without any doubt, there are so many food items that get stuck as they melt down while grilling. Now, if you don’t scrape off the burnt food, then the next time you grill, your food will have an unwanted flavor and smell. Obviously, the food will get contaminated, and you can fall sick. Use a good scraper to remove the food, and make sure that you clean it nicely. 

7. Use Aluminum Foil and Baking Soda

If you think that your griller is too dirty to clean, use this magical combination. Take some baking soda and rub it with aluminum foil. You will see that the dirt will come off, and the dairy griller will be as clean as a new one. Baking soda is an excellent cleaning solution, and with the aluminum foil, even the stubborn dirt will come off quickly. 

8. Soak The Grates

If cleaning the grates, take them out and soak in the soapy water. Most of the time, the gates have so much oil that it is very difficult to clean them. You can use a little warm water as well with some soap. Soak it for a while, and then you will easily clean the grates. 

9. Use a Vacuum

You can even consider using a vacuum when cleaning the bits of food on the exterior of the griller. You can quickly get the small bits and pieces of food that are not easily visible to the eyes or, most of the time, not seen as we are in a rush. Vacuum will suck all the dirt and food pieces quickly, and your griller will be nicely clean. 

10. Cleaning kit 

Get a good cleaning kit if you really want your griller to be clean and tidy all the time. Use the tools and sprays to clean the exterior and interior of the filler. A good cleaning kit will have every piece of equipment that you will require for cleaning the griller.

11. Use Degreaser

 One of the most common problems everyone faces is removing grease from the griller. We use lots of oil and butter while grilling, and all of that sticks on the grates, making cleaning difficult. Therefore, using a degreaser is really important. You can easily remove the grease and get your griller clean in no time. 

How Do You Season Your Grill?

Seasoning your grill is very important before you start cooking as it helps your grill to stay away from rust. Also, a properly seasoned grill will add great flavor to your food, and nothing will stick to the grates while cooking. Now, if you don’t know how to season your grill, let me help you. 

  • Clean your grill properly. 
  • Spray some vegetable oil or coconut oil on the grill.
  • Burn the griller and let the oil evaporate. 
  • Now wipe the leftover oil with a clean paper towel. 
  • Again, spray some oil if you think any area is missing.
  • Burn the griller, and once the oil is warm, switch it off and wipe it. 

Heat Up Your Grill And Grill Your Food


You may think that heating your grill is super easy. Indeed, yes, but you need to know the proper steps so that your food cooks nicely without sticking to the grates. If your griller is sufficiently warm, then there is less chance of burning food. Now, let me tell you how to properly heat up your grill and grill your food. 

How To Heat Up A Gas Grill?

If you have a gas grill, then start burning the griller with the lid open. Make sure that the temperature is set to maximum. After this, close the lid and wait for a while. Once the griller is perfectly heated, open the lid and adjust the temperature. Now, your griller is preheated, and you can quickly grill your food. 

How To Heat Up A Charcoal Grill?

Just in case, if you have a charcoal or wood grill, simply burn the charcoal or wood and wait for a while. Once the charcoal or wood turns white and ashy, then you can start preheating the grill. To preheat the charcoal grill, close the lid and preheat for around 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure to open all the dampers when you put the lid on. You can even use a chimney starter for the same. 

How To Heat Up Propane Grill?

Heating up a propane grill is relatively easy. Simply open the lid of the grill and switch on the burner. Set the heat to the maximum temperature and let it start warming the grill. Close the lid and then preheat for 15 minutes at least. Once done, remove the lid, and once the temperature is normal, start grilling your food. 

How To Heat Up An Electric Grill?

Heating your electric grill may take a little more time than other grillers. Close the lid of your electric grill and preheat for 20 to 25 minutes. Let the PULSE reach the temperature 

500°F-536 °F or the red light of your electric Q tip turns off. Now, your electric grill is ready to use. 

Grill Your Food Properly

As soon as your griller is hot and ready to use, start with your cooking process. After preheating the griller, we are ready to grill our delicious food and enjoy it with our loved ones. Grilling is, for sure, therapeutic work. You just have to learn the basics and slowly master the game. 

What To Remember While Grilling Different Foods?

Every food has a different style and technique of grilling. If you want to be an expert in grilling, then you should understand how to grill different types of food. Let us have a brief look at some of the foods and their grilling process. 

1. Sweet Potatoes 


Trust me, grilled sweet potatoes are next to heaven. They have a smoky and likable sweet flavor that you will definitely love to eat. When it comes to grilling sweet potatoes, wrap them in foil and grill until they are nicely done. Using foil is an easy way to grill sweet potatoes without burning them. You can even coat the sweet potatoes with some oil and grill for 10 to 15 minutes. Check if the sweet potatoes have turned into tender. Don’t worry if they get charred. Season them with some salt and pepper or serve with ketchup.

2. Peppers

Peppers are one of those vegetables that makes any and every dish very delicious and colorful. It is very interesting to note that peepers are quite easy to grill. Simply wash the peppers and remove the seeds. If you want, you can slice them as well or grill them as they are. Drizzle some oil and place them on the griller. Let it grill until the peppers are cooked.

It will take around 20 minutes, but you can always grill a little longer to enjoy the smoky flavors. I usually stuff the inside of the peppers with some cheese and season with spices. This really tastes really great, and it only takes 30 minutes to grill stuffed peppers. 

3. Carrots

grilling carrots on a grill

Roasted carrots are so fun to eat. I really love the crunchy bites and the roasted flavor of the carrots. When you roast the carrots, the sweet notes enhance, and you also get to enjoy the smoky flavor. Peel the carrots and directly grill for around 10 minutes. Make sure to flip the carrots and grill from all sides, and cook really well. Once the carrots are done, brush some butter and garnish with oregano. You can even pair the carrots with other salad ingredients and have a great, healthy meal. 

4. Lettuce

I know that most of us consume lettuce raw as they are very delicate yet crunchy. Now, I would suggest you try grilling the lettuce for once and try it yourself. If you grill the lettuce, then you get to enjoy the much crispy and smoky notes.

To grill the lettuce, start by cutting the lettuce head in half. Now, brush some oil or butter on the lettuce. You have to grill the lettuce for hardly 2 minutes from both sides. Once the lettuce is grilled, you can dress the same with some seasonings and toppings. 

5. Cauliflower

grilling cauliflower

If you love eating steaks, then you have to try grilled cauliflower. Many of us really don’t like consuming cauliflower simply because it is a vegetable. However, grilled cauliflower is super delicious, and you must try the grilled cauliflower recipe at least once. Once you grill the cauliflower, you will love the smoky flavors.

You simply have to slice the whole cauliflower head and brush some oil nicely. Make sure that you season the cauliflower with spices and grill over medium heat for around 10 minutes from every side. As I already mentioned, grilled cauliflower will have a similar taste and texture to a steak; you can also consider basting it while grilling. 

6. Avocado

Avocados are one of the most delicate textured vegetables that are super soft and creamy. Trust me on this: grilled avocado will taste very close to heaven. Grilling avocados is super easy, as well. Simply slice the avocados from between and remove the pit. Now brush some oil on the flesh side, and you can even rub some spices per your wish.

Place on the griller and let it get charred for 2 to 3 minutes. You are done with your grilled avocado. Now, you simply have to eat the grilled avocado as it is or scoop the avocado and spread it on bread or make some guacamole. 

7. Cheese

grilling cheese

Grilling cheese may sound a little crazy, but honestly, it is one of the greatest things I have tried in cooking. There are many varieties of cheese available that are perfect for grilling. Now, there is one way to grill cheese, which is placing it on bread or buns and letting the cheese melt. You can even try Halloumi, which is semi-brined cheese that does not melt easily, even on a griller.

Once you grill the cheese, it will become more tender and softer. Simply slice the cheese into thin slabs and brush with some oil. Grill the cheese for around 2 to 3 minutes from both sides. The cheese will get brown and tender from the middle, and that is your cue that the cheese is grilled. You can try the same thing with Brie and add in whatever recipe you want to.

8. Peaches

Peaches are one of the most versatile fruits, and they are super delicious. and grilling them was the best idea ever. The grilling makes the peaches more flavorful, and you will be amazed. When the sweet peaches are caramelized on the griller, they get more tender, and you will love the charred flavor. I usually slice the piece from the center and discard the pit.

Now I take some butter and spread it over the fresh side of the fruit. After this, I let the peaches grill for just one minute. I would ask you to slightly press the peaches to have the aesthetic grilled marks. Your sweet and charred peaches are ready to eat. 

9. Pound Cake

grilling pound cake

Everybody loves eating the delicate, sweet, and soft pound cakes. Now, let me tell you one of the delicious secrets that I have been keeping for so long. Grilling pound cakes is a seriously superb idea. The angelic bites of pound cakes will melt your heart once you grill them for 2 to 3 minutes. Start with slicing the pound cakes a little thinner so they are easy to grill.

Now, make sure that you do not grill the pound cakes on direct flames. Once they have nice brown lines, you can serve them as it is or with some butter and coffee. I love adding some whipped cream and enjoying it with my morning coffee.  

10. Watermelon

It is one of the juicy and sweetest fruits I really love to eat. Watermelons are super healthy and delicious, and when you grill them, the flavors enhance to the next level. I tried grilled watermelon at my friend’s house, and I was amazed by the taste and texture. Grilled watermelon will really make a great appetizer. Simply cut the watermelon into your desired shapes.

I prefer round wedges as they are cute and easy to cut. Place the sliced watermelon on the grill and let it cook for 2 minutes. Now, make sure that you season the watermelon as soon as you remove it from the griller. Enjoy it as it is, or add them to your salad. You will really love the sweet and tangy notes and enjoy the smoky flavor.

11. Pineapple

grilling pineapple

Another fruit that is absolutely delicious after grilling is definitely pineapple. Pineapple has a very likable sweet and tangy flavor that is really enhanced once they are grilled. Make sure that whenever you are grilling, you have to add pineapple to the grates. It won’t take much time and will be ready within a minute. Slice the pineapple in a circle and place it on the grill.

After grilling, you can season with some salt and spices and serve them as an appetizer. You can even pair the grilled pineapple with other dishes. Consider adding them to your cocktails and enjoy the new punch in your drinks. 

12. Bread

I know grilling bread might sound super easy and fun, but you must know the right way to grill the bread so that you can really enjoy every single bite. The best thing about grilling bread is that you can easily add any topping of your choice and enjoy it whenever you wish to. Take your choice of bread and grill it using some butter or oil.

You can add your choice of toppings like tomato, onions, cheese, and cucumbers. Make sure that the flame is on medium, and within 2 minutes, your delicious bread will be ready. You can try different recipes as well. 

13. Polenta


You may have tried polenta with some shrimp, but this time, try grilling it for a while and see the flavorful magic happen. Make some thick slabs of polenta and slice them nicely. Grill the polenta over some medium flame for 2 or 3 minutes hardly, and you will really enjoy the depth in flavor, which you can’t get through a pan or skillet.

Grill the polenta until they are golden and crispy with beautiful grill marks. Don’t worry; your polenta will be tender from the inside, yet you get to enjoy the crispy exterior. Also, don’t forget to brush some oil before grilling and enjoy your grilled polenta. 

14. Tofu

Without any doubt, tofu is one of the most nutritious and delicious things to eat, and when you grill them, they get more flavorful and delicious. If you want to enjoy the smoky, tender, and golden tofu, simply grill them. Make sure that you get some firm tofu to grill as they get more flavorful and nice in texture.

Simply brush some oil over the tofu and grill for around 5 minutes from each side. Let the tofu be warm from the inside as well. Flip and check in between the grilling process, and once done, enjoy the crispy and tender tofu. 

15. Cottage cheese

grilling cottage cheese

Similar to tofu, cottage cheese is really great when grilled. You simply have to follow similar steps to grill tofu. Brush some oil or butter and grill on each side for 3 to 4 minutes. You can even season after grilling to enjoy very flavorful cottage tofu. I usually dip the cottage cheese in homemade marinade and then grill. You will really enjoy this version of cottage cheese, and it makes a great appetizer. 

16. Mussels and Clams

Want some delicious mussels and clams, then try grilling the same. Mussels and clams are super easy to grill, and you can definitely eat them as an appetizer or main course. Make sure you clean the mussels and clams really nicely. Now, if you have a cola grill, let them pop and cook for 10 minutes at least. Once the seals are loosened up, you can add pieces of your choice and enjoy them. You can even add them to other dishes and make it a proper meal. 

17. Quesadillas


Who does not love quesadillas? If you love them, try grilling them. They are super easy to make, and it really takes a lot less time to grill them. Start with making the filling of quesadillas. Once the fillings are ready, wrap them in the tortillas. Simply brush some oil or butter on them and place them on the griller.

You need to grill the quesadillas for 3 or 4 minutes from both sides. Once the outer layer has little brown lines and the texture is crispy, your quesadillas are done. You can enjoy this as it is or pair it with some delicious dipping sauce. 

18. Pizza

Ever tried grilling pizza? I must say that this is one of the best things I have ever tried. You can actually make a pizza from scratch or warm up the leftovers on the griller. Start with grilling the crust of the pizza first for around 3 to 4 minutes. Grill the crust from both sides, and then add the sauce and your choice of toppings.

The only thing you need to make sure is to not overload the pizza with ingredients. Let the cheese and other toppings get cooked nicely. Your delicious pizza with some smoky notes is ready to eat. 

19. Eggplant

eggplant grilling

If you find it difficult to eat eggplant, then why don’t you try grilling for once and enjoy a better version of the same? Eggplants are super delicious after grilling, and they are quite easy to grill. Slice the eggplants, and to eliminate the bitterness, season with some salt and maybe add some spices. Make sure there is no moisture because of salt.

You can use some paper towels to wipe off the excess moisture. Brush some oil and grill the pieces on indirect heat so that the eggplants are caramelized nicely and get tender from the inside. Serve the grilled eggplants as it is, or sprinkle some cheese or herbs to add extra flavor. 

20. Cantaloupe

You may have tried grilling some common fruits, but you must try your hands in grilling some cantaloupe. Try some grilled cantaloupe, and I am sure that you will fall in love with this fruit. Make a great dessert option or a decent appetizer with grilled cantaloupe. If you want, you can slice the cantaloupe into thin pieces.

You can brush some oil so that the cantaloupe grills nicely. You can even sprinkle paprika to get some spicy notes in the cantaloupe. Make sure that you grill the cantaloupe on indirect heat. You need to grill the cantaloupe for around 7 to 10 minutes at least. 

21. Cornbread


If you have some cornbread with you, then you can easily grill them and enjoy the new version of cornbread. You can actually add some life to cornbread after grilling them. You need to make sure to use an indirect flame to grill the cornbread. You don’t have to brush any amount of oil or butter before grilling.

However, it would be best if you could spread some oil when the grilling is done. I love drizzling some honey as it really brings out the sweet notes in the cornbread. You can even garnish with some fruit or cream as per your wish. 

22. Chicken Breasts

If you haven’t tried grilling chicken breast, then this is your sign to do it. I must say that grilled chicken breasts are one of the best ways to enjoy the juicy yet crispy chicken. The idea of grilling chicken breast is to enjoy the savory notes with a touch of smoky and earthy notes. If you are grilling boneless chicken breast, then you just need to place it on the griller for around 5 to 6 minutes and cook it from both sides.

Just in case you are grilling chicken breast with bones, then consider grilling over indirect heat for around 40 minutes. Flip it occasionally so that you don’t burn or overcook the chicken breast. You can season the chicken before or after grilling, whichever suits you the best. 

23. Chicken Thighs, Wings

Chicken Thighs, Wings

When talking about chicken breast, we have to definitely address chicken thighs and wings. Now, chicken thighs and wings take a little extra time, but if you put some patience in yourself, I can bet that you will love the flavors. I would also recommend covering the chicken thighs and wings in the marinade to enjoy the maximum level of taste and contentment.

Once the marinade is applied correctly over the thighs and the wings, grill them over the indirect heat. This way, your chicken will cook thoroughly without getting too dry from the inside. The chicken wings and thighs will take around 40 or 50 minutes to grill and cook nicely. Serve it hot, and enjoy the savory bites. 

24. Burgers

Setting up a griller and missing out on making some burgers would be such a foolish thing to do. I love making burgers on the griller. They turn out to be so delicious and juicy that they fill the belly with so much love and happiness. Basically, we need to cook the burger patty on the grill and toast the buns. So prepare your meat or vegetable patty and make sure that you grease the griller nicely with butter or oil.

The meat patty will take around 7 to 8 minutes to cook. Do not disturb the patty too much, or it will be ruined. Once done, simply toast the buns with some butter and then assemble everything together. You can even put a slice of cheese over the patties while grilling. Once the cheese is melted, simply place it between the buns and enjoy your delicious burgers. 

25. Steak


Steak is one of the common items that is grilled. I guess almost everyone who loves eating steaks prefers grilling them. Grilling steaks are comparatively more accessible than other meats. You simply need to cook them for 10 minutes over a medium flame on a griller, and you will have the best steaks of all time.

It is best to wrap the seasoned steaks in foil and then grill them to attain the desired texture and flavor. Just make sure that you let the steak rest for a while when off the grill. Remember to season the steaks really nicely before grilling, and I am sure you will love every single bite of the steak. 

26. Pork Chops

One of the easiest snacks to make on a griller with lots of flavors is pork chops. They are super fun to eat and equally delicious. You may not find grilling pork chops tempting, but trust me, they taste so good and juicy. Simply follow some easy hacks like letting the pork chops rest after grilling to lock the juices.

You can use medium heat to grill the pork chops on direct heat. This will only take around 2 minutes, and you will have juicy yet crispy pork chops for munching. If you are using thick pieces of pork chops, then give a minute extra to cook thoroughly. It is always best to use thicker ones so that they don’t dry too easily and stand the heat of the griller. 

27. Ribs

grilling ribs

Nothing tastes better than ribs that are cooked on a griller. Now, grilling ribs are super easy as they are actually made for grilling purposes only. When it comes to grilling ribs, you need to make sure that the heat is on medium flame. Grilling ribs will take around 25 to 30 minutes. Simply brush some oil and sprinkle some herbs and spices. 

28. Lamb Chops

Just like pork chops, you have to try lamb chops. They are much more delicious, juicy, and tender after grilling, and the flavor is simply out of the world. You can season the lamb chops with some exotic herbs and spices and grill them on direct heat. This will take around 5 to 6 minutes, depending on the thickness of the lamb chops. I really love eating these juicy and tender lamb chops. I prefer pairing it with some creamy sauce or sweet and sour sauce. You can even make some marinade and combine the lamb chops with rice as well. 

29. Brats


Brats are German sausages that are made with pork or lamb and believe me, they are super delicious. Now, there are so many ways to cook brats, but you must try grilling some brats. You first need to pre-cook the brats with some simmering water or beer in a saucepan. You need to cook them for at least 10 minutes. When they are nicely cooked and flavorful, grill them for the next 10 minutes again. I am telling you, this will become an amazing meal for your next dinner. 

30. Shrimp 

Talking about grilling, how could we skip shrimp as they are so delicious? The best thing about grilling shrimp is that they get so crispy from the outside yet are very delicate from the inside. The best thing about shrimps is that they won’t leave the foul fish smell if you grill them outside. If you are worried about shrimps sticking on the grill, either brush really nicely with some butter or oil.

Otherwise, you can even examine them after covering them in foil. Just make sure that you season them really well with butter and spices. Simply grill them for 10 minutes over a medium heat and enjoy. 

31. Scallops

grilling scallops

Similar to shrimps, scallops are perfect for grilling. They turn out to be very delicious, and they look very magnificent. Simply grill them after applying some oil or butter, and once they start turning opaque, that means they are done. The best thing is that they need to be filled for only 1 or 2 minutes from each side. Keep the heat on medium flame to avoid the burning of scallops. Once grilled, scallops will turn white, and the texture will be firm. You will actually love eating them as an appetizer. 

32. Fish Filets 

The list for grilling seafood is not over yet. Fish filets are another great option to grill and eat with your loved ones. When it comes to grilling fish filets, you simply coat the fish with essential spices like salt and pepper. You can obviously use your choice of spices as well. Fish filets will turn out to be really delicious. The heat will caramelize the sugar in the fish, which will add more depth and flavor. You will also get a smoky note that will be very likable. 

33. Plank Salmon

Plank Salmon

Plank salmon is something you have to try at least once in your lifetime. Basically, instead of directly grilling a salmon, we will use a wooden plank, and trust me, you will love the flavors. The best thing about plank salmon is that you need to use very little seasoning, and if you don’t want your salmon to flake apart, then this is the best cooking method. You must grill the salmon after covering it for around 10 to 15 minutes and then enjoy the best salmon ever. Serve the plank salmon hot, and enjoy your grilling day. 

34. Turkey

I know that Thanksgiving has already been celebrated, but someone like me really enjoys eating turkey during winter. If you are setting a griller for today’s meal, try adding turkey to the menu. Turkey won’t take up much time to cook on the grill. I prefer dry rubbing the turkey and then brushing it off with some oil or butter.

Just make sure to add foil paper below the turkey, and whatever melts will make a great broth. If you have a small piece of turkey, then you need to cook for 2 to 3 minutes from each side. A pound of turkey will take 12 minutes to cook thoroughly. 

35. Vegetables

vegetables grilling

Grilling vegetables is super easy and fun. Trust me, you don’t need fancy ingredients to enjoy a perfect grilling day. Simply get some fresh veggies of your choice and some seasoning material; that is all you need. When it comes to grilling vegetables, you can try folding them in foil after seasoning them nicely. This way, your veggies can be cooked thoroughly and attain the best possible flavors.

You can try grilling some asparagus, cauliflower, eggplant, potatoes, and zucchini. Trust me, they will taste better than steak or meat. You can even grill them on direct heat, but make sure to keep an eye on them, or else they might get burned. Every vegetable takes its own time, so you need to grill accordingly. Just remember to coat the vegetables with olive oil and grill as per their cooking timings. 

36. Beef

We have covered every type of meat and seafood, and now it is time to talk about the most commonly cooked and loved meat – beef. Just remember that beef is always grilled over direct heat with the highest flame setting. You can make beef patties and lightly grease them with some oil or butter. Cook until the beef is done and turns golden brown.

Now, every cut of beef will have little distinction in cooking time. Thick steaks of flank and skirt cut of beef will take around 4 minutes to cook, whereas strip and London broil will require 5 to 6 minutes. Make sure that you season the beef nicely with your choice of spices. 

37. Sausage


Sausage is one of the obvious options for grilling. They are super easy to make and grill. You can even use pre-made sausage packets or make it from scratch by yourself. Grilling sausages is super easy. If you are using pre-cooked sausages, it will take less time to grill the sausages.

Simply brush some oil or butter and grill for 5 to 7 mins from all sides until it turns golden in color. Uncooked sausages may take a more extended type depending on the type of meat used. It would take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to cook the sausages on the griller from scratch. 

Some Grilling Tips & Tricks To Remember


Grilling is like an art; you have to learn the techniques, and with constant proactiveness, one can master the craft. To be the same, you must focus on some grilling tips and tricks that can make your super easy. Let us have a look at the same : 

1. The Griller Should Be Hot

Whenever you are grilling, make sure that the grill is hot. If you have patience while examining, you will save your food. If the griller is undesirable, your food will stick to and not cook properly. Use a food thermometer to check the temperature. 

Preheat the grill before you start cooking the food. Usually, preheating takes around 10 to 15 minutes, which can vary depending on the type of grill. Different foods require different levels of hotness. A hot grill will ensure the food is seared well and still juicy. Also, a sizzling grill helps kill any bacteria. 

2. Know Your Grill

The essential thing in grilling is to know about the grill. If you know the ins and outs of the grill, then it is easier to operate the same. Always make sure that you use a quality grill. Different grills have different purposes, and you need to make sure that you select the one that meets your requirements, fits your purpose, and works as per your needs.

Grilling is not only about the grill machine but also about the other equipment. You need to know how to use the equipment, so make sure to learn everything about your frilling machine. 

3. Clean The Grill Before And After Use

One of the most important things while grilling is to clean it before and after use. Cleaning the grill will ensure your food is not contaminated with harmful substances. I suggest you use a brush or scraper to clean the grill. If you do not clean your grill after use, the food will stay there, and it will be dirty and may create a foul smell. 

Cleaning can be done in many ways, like heating the grill for 10 to 15 minutes and removing the scrapes using soapy water. A dirty grill will also interfere with the overall flavor of the dish. If you have nothing to clean, get some foil paper and finish your work. 

4. Oiling Is Must

If you want to cook any food, then make sure you oil the grates well. Before you heat your food on the grill, apply oil in enough amount. This will help your food to cook well and not stick on the grates. 

Oiling the grill nicely will help your food to cook well and have aesthetic lines. Please do not use any spray oil, as it can cause flames. The best would be if you brush some oil on the grates. 

5. Avoid Disturbing The Grill

The stupidest thing we do is occasionally open the grill because we are impatient. You must resist the urge and let the grill cook your food nicely. If you constantly check the food, it can disturb the cooking process.

If you want to ensure that food is not getting burnt, you can check once the food is halfway cooked. If you constantly move the grill lid, you will also increase the cooking time. Make sure that you give the required time for your food to cook. 

6. Use The Instant-read meat thermometer.

We have already spoken that the griller should be hot before you grill your food. That is why using an instant-read meat thermometer is essential. This way, you can be sure about the temperature of the griller. 

Also, the thermometer will help you to keep a check on the temperature of the food while cooking. Every food has a different cooking temperature, and a thermometer will help you with the same. Get a good thermometer and grill your food nicely. 

7. After Grilling, Give Some Rest To The Food

Most of us don’t know that even after the food is not in the griller, the heat is still there, which continues the cooking process. So, even if you remove food from the griller, let it rest for a while. 

Now, resting the food will depend on the type of food. For instance, minor cuts of meat will require 5 minutes of rest, whereas the more significant cuts will require more rest. This will allow the juice to spread throughout the meat, enhancing the flavor. 

8. Grill Basket Is Useful

Using a grill basket is very important. This will help the food to cook well from all sides and not fall on the griller. A grill basket will also keep your food in place and simplify your cooking process. Delicate and soft foods like vegetables break apart easily; a grill basket will help keep them safe. Get a good quality grill basket and enjoy the grilling time with your loved ones.  

9. Sauce The Dish After Grilling

Recently, I learned something new about grilling: adding sauce to the dish after the grilling is done. This will enhance the overall flavor of the food. The sauce usually has some sugar, and if you add it to the griller, the sugar may burn. 

I usually prepare the sauce or the marinade separately, and once the vegetables or the meat is grilled, I drizzle it over the dish. Trust me, this makes my cooking much better. Applying sauce once the food is grilled also gives a shiny look, which is very tempting and delicious. 

11. Know The Difference Between The Food

The most common mistake we make is that we consider every food similar. Every food has a different composition and has other cooking times and processes. You need to know the difference between the different types of food and learn the cooking procedure. This will help you to plan your grilling day. 

12. Avoid Grilling Cold Food

If you want your grilling day to be nice, then make sure that you bring all the food at the average temperature. Avoid grilling cold food as it will take a lot of time to get heated up, and the outer layer may get burned. If you bring the food at room temperature, then the food will cook evenly, and you can enjoy every bite of the dish. 

13. Use Grilling Equipment

Always use grilling equipment to make your cooking process more accessible. Tongs, skewers, spatula, paper towels, and other things nearby. These pieces of equipment are super essential and make your world super easy. Learn how and when to use the grilling equipment.  

14. Give A Thought On Coals And Woods

If you want to enjoy grilling, consider using coals and wood. They give a very decent flavor and smoky aroma, elevating the overall dish’s flavor. Wood and coals are great fuel for the grilling machine, and using them is pretty straightforward. 

15. Trim The Fats

Whenever you cook meat, I advise you to trim the extra fats. Many will argue that fat is the best part of the food, and cutting the fat may sound stupid. However, if you are grilling, it is a must to remove the fat. The excessive fat will melt down and go down in the flame. This will fire up the flame, and your food may burn. Your food may get an unwanted taste and flavor, so trim the excessive fat to avoid that. 

16. Mise en place

Keep everything ready and in place. Before you start the grilling, make sure you have everything ready. Prepare the ingredients beforehand and then start grilling. This will allow your cooking process to get easy, and your cooking time will be cut down. Mise en place means keeping things in the right place and ready. 

17. Know About The Heat

Understanding the heat while grilling will help you at all levels. I have already said that heat is essential while grilling and every food requires a different temperature. If you need more clarity about the extra heat levels, then it is best to learn about them. For example, low heat means 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit, and medium heat means 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit. Know about the heat and enjoy the grilling process. 

18. Use The Spices

Please do not be stingy when it comes to spicing your food. Grilling is all about spices and herbs. Ensure you coat the veggies or meat well and grill the food. Season your dish nicely with fresh spices and herbs. Rub the spices or sprinkle once the grilling is done. It will only enhance the flavor and elevate the overall quality of the dish. 

19. Stay Cautious With The Fire

Whenever grilling, you need to make sure that you take proper precautions. Learn about flammable objects and avoid adding oil directly to the grill. Fire is not a thing to play with and can be very dangerous. Make sure to keep fire safety ready, like a fire extinguisher to use when there is an accident. 

20. Use Metal Utensils Instead Of Plastic

Avoid using plastic while grilling. The heat will melt and ruin the griller. Metal utensils are best for grilling. They will heat nicely, and the food will cook evenly. Go for good quality metal utensils for your food to cook nicely and evenly. 

21. Keep Cooked And Raw Separately

Always remember to separate the cooked and raw separately. This way, you won’t mix the flavors, and your food will not be ruined. Keep separate plates for raw and cooked foods. If the raw food comes in contact with the cooked food, everything may get spoiled, So avoid doing the same and enjoy your grilling day. 

22. Keep Water Away

Most of us are too clumsy, and while cooking or grilling, we mess things up because of minor accidents. Avoid having spillable items like water near the griller to avoid anything like this. I have spilled water on the griller and everything and spoiled everything a few times. I recommend keeping water or liquid things far from the griller. 

23. Use Multiple Skewers

Skewers are one of the most essential equipment while grilling. You can use multiple skewers to cut the cooking time and cook food well. Use the skewers to cook vegetables and meat together. Skewers make your grilling process super easy and convenient. You can quickly flip the food and cook it evenly. 

24. Low Heat For Chicken

One thing you need to remember is to use low heat whenever you are grilling chicken. This way, the chicken cooks appropriately from the inside out without getting burned. Usually, chicken takes a short time to cook. However, if the griller is on high heat, it can roast the chicken and give it an unwanted taste, and the inside of the chicken may be uncooked. 

25. Foil For Vegetables

 If you plan to cook your vegetables, use foil to wrap and grill. This will ensure the vegetables are cooked well and there is no chance of food getting burned. Using foil for delicate vegetables will improve your cooking quality, and you will have a straightforward time while cooking. 

26. Brining Is Must

Many food items require brining before grilling. You must make sure that you complete this process. Pork, meat, and chicken are some food items that require brining. It allows them to stay on the grill longer and cook evenly. You can also opt for dry brining, which means rubbing salt on the meat a few hours before grilling. 

27. Take Time Before Adding Sauce

Cooking on a grill is different from cooking on a stove. It is entirely different, and you must follow some steps to grill food well. One thing you need to remember is to add sauce when the food is almost cooked. You need to take some time before adding sauce. As the griller has high heat, the sauce will cook automatically, so it is best if you add the sauce later on when the food is almost done. 

28. Don’t Press Food On The Griller

Avoid pressing food on the grill if making burger patties or cooking anything. If you press food on the griller, all the juices and oil will melt and go down. This can lead the flame to go high and cause accidents. Also, if you want your food to have aesthetic grill lines, you can use specific grillers. 

29. Marinated The Food An Hour Before

Marinate everything for at least an hour while grilling anything from vegetables to meat. This will allow the flavors and juices to sink in, and once you examine the food, you will have a crispy outer layer with a juicy and soft inside. This is one of the most important steps, whether you are grilling. Make sure that you complete the marination part. Let the meat marinate overnight, and you will be amazed by the overall flavors. 

30. Turn Off The Heat Once Done

Whenever grilling food, make sure to switch off the griller once done. Many times, we forget, and the burner is on. This can lead to accidents and harm you. Make sure that you are always careful near the grill. Also, once you think the food is done, you can transfer it to the plate and let it rest. The cooking process is still on, and you can elevate the flavors. 

31. Keep One Side Hot And Other Warm

Another tip while grilling is to keep one side of the griller hot and the other warm. This way, you can multitask. You can use the hot side for direct cooking and the warm side for indirect cooking. For instance, if you want to sear some chicken, use the hot side, and after you roast the chicken, use the warm side for further cooking. 

32. Cook The Food First That Takes Longer

Everyone should make sure that you add food to the griller depending on the cooking time of each item. Always cook the food that takes a longer time and then add other things that cook fast; this way, you can save a lot of time and enjoy your grilling day. 

Equipment That Will Make Your Grilling Easier


Grilling is only complete with the critical equipment. This equipment makes grilling super easy and fun. So, let us see some of the best grilling equipment that will make your grilling easier. 

1. Tongs

Tongs are perfect if you want to flip the food or transfer the pieces on the plate after cooking. You can also use the tongs to move food around on the griller. Tongs allow you to handle hot food easily. If you use a fork to flip the food or move it, consider tongs, as they are super easy to use and have multiple purposes. 

2. Spatula

A grilling spatula is a must while cooking food on a grill. With the help of a spatula, you can check whether your food is sticking to the griller or not. Also, a spatula will come in handy if you want to press the food and get the grilled kine on the food. From flipping to mixing food, a spatula is very helpful. 

3. Basting Brush

We all know that basting is a must while cooking meat on a grill. Therefore, a basting brush will be helpful when you want to add sauce while the food is cooking on the griller. You can apply the marinade or sauce using the basting brush from time to time and make your dish more flavorful. 

4. Stiff-Wire Grill Brush

Whenever we cook meat or even vegetables, they usually stick on the grill’s grates. This is where the stiff wire grill brush will come into the picture. This will help remove all the lodge food items on the grates that accumulate on the surface. You can easily maintain the cleanliness of the grill and keep it in good condition for more prolonged use. 

5. Skewers

Without any doubt, skewers are the most important thing when it comes to grilling. If you plan to grill some veggies or meat, you can skew them into the metal skewers and cook them evenly. Skewers are great for cooking anything without touching the food. You can also use wood skewers or bamboo skewers. 

6. Brushes

Brushes help in so many ways. You can use a brush to apply butter or oil to the food item. If you plan to clean the grill, these brushes will be handy. You can go for heat-resistant brushes so they don’t melt down while you use them to spread butter, oil, or even sauces. 

7. Instant-Read Thermometer

Heat is an essential factor in grilling. You can use an instant-read thermometer to ensure that the heat is according to the requirement. This way, you can even check the food temperature and then cook food accordingly. 

8. Fire Extinguisher

Nobody wants to experience any bad accidents while grilling. However, there can be situations where the flames may go high, and fire may spread around. You need to be very precious. Therefore, ensure a fire extinguisher is nearby to avoid any misfortune. 

9. Grill Light

Grilling is fun during all the time of the day. A grill light is perfect if you are grilling in the evening or night. It will help you to cook food in the dark, and you can see whatever is happening on the grates. 

10. Paper Towels

One of the most incredible hacks to avoid your food sticking on the grill is paper towels. Dip the paper towel in oil and rub the grills with the same. This way, the grill will be oily, and no food will stick to the grates. 

11. Aluminium Foil

I have always mentioned that aluminum foil is of great use when grilling. You can grill vegetables nicely using aluminum foil. Place the vegetables in the foil and cover them well. Now, examine the vegetables, and you will have savory flavored vegetables. It is an easy and quick way to cook vegetables on the grill. 

12. Grilling Gloves

Don’t be a daredevil, and use grilling gloves. We might not estimate the level of heat while cooking or grilling. That is why using a grilling glove will come in handy. You can easily handle hot utensils and grill food without burning yourself. Get good quality grilling gloves that are washable as well. 

13. Cutting Board

A cutting board is, again, something that you might think is non-important, but trust me, it is of great use. Most of the time, recipes call for grilling food and then dicing or chopping them for further cooking. You can use a cutting board to make your work much more manageable. 

14. Cleaning Brush

It is essential to keep your grill clean, so cleaning brushes for your grill is a must. You can get a set of brushes and other tools to make your cleaning process more manageable. Follow some easy tips and tricks to clean the griller, like heating it for 10 minutes and washing it. 

15. Grilling Apron

I know that I spill things quite often, and if you are someone like me who is always spilling and messing things up, get a grilling apron. This way, you won’t let any food splash ruin your clothes while grilling. There are chances that oil or marinade may stick to your clothes. Therefore, a grilling apron will keep your clothes neat. 

Best Grilling Recipes If You Are A Beginner

patties grilling

After such a great conversation about Grilling, I am sure you are ready to smoke some dishes yourself. 

1. BBQ Sausage and Peppers

If you want to start grilling with something savory and delicious, try BBQ sausage and peppers. They are so easy to make and trust me; you will love the crispy and crunchy bites of the peppers and the delicate notes of the sausages. To make this recipe, you will need some peppers and sausages. Grill them after properly rubbing them with spices, and enjoy them with your choice of rice or noodles. 

2. Kentucky Grilled Chicken

You can say goodbye to grilled chicken outside filled with unhealthy ingredients and make a similar-tasting recipe at your home at a lower cost. Grilled chicken is a great option when you want to start grilling. Try making delicious marinade and coat the chicken real nicely. This recipe may take a little extra time, but it will be worthwhile. 

3. The Great American Burger

You are making a mistake if you have a griller set up and you don’t make the great American burger. Trust me, you will love every bite of it. Start cooking the patties until nicely done, for 4 to 5 minutes from both sides. Take the buns and grill them, too. 

Now, all you have to do is assemble the burgers. Place the patty and onions between the buns. You can add your choice of sauces and other ingredients like lettuce and tomato. Enjoy the delicious and fulfilling burgers at a low price. 

4. Grilled Corn with Flavored Butter

If you love corn, you must try grilled corn with flavored butter. It is a highly delightful combination that you will enjoy. This recipe will ask you to make different flavors of butter. Grill the corn for 7 to 8 minutes until charred. All you have to do is place the corn with three additional butter on a platter and enjoy. 

5. Baby Back Ribs 

This is the best ribs recipe I have ever tried. Perfectly cooked and seasoned, it is for sure a weekend delight. You will love the crispy yet juiciest ribs, and the best thing is that it is super easy to grill. We must make a dry rub for the ribs and examine them for around 15 minutes. After this, please remove it from the grill and let it cool down. Slice the ribs nicely and serve with more BBQ sauce. 

6. Grilled Zucchini Salad With Mediterranean Dressing

If you want nicely flavored side dishes, try making grilled zucchini salad with Mediterranean dressing. I bet this will be one of the best salads you will ever try. Also, it is super healthy and fulfilling. You must thinly slice the zucchini and season with fresh herbs and spices to flavor the salad. Grill the zucchini for 10 to 15 minutes.

We want the zucchini to be crispy yet tender. You need to grill the zucchini over medium heat only. Try garnishing them with different items and enjoy. 

7. Chicken Wings

Chicken wings… chicken wings… whatever the rest of the lines are, I am sure that if you are starting to grill food, chicken wings are on the list. You need to try this recipe because it is easy to make if you know the proper steps, and it is delectably delicious—a perfect snack option for you and your loved ones on a weekend. 

8. Grilled Cabbage

People believe that when it comes to Grilling, only meat is an option as it tastes good. However, I am here to change your mind on the same. Grilled vegetables can be equally delicious and tempting. If you don’t believe me, try making grilled cabbage, and you will love the dish. Use foil paper to cook the grilled cabbage, but be very careful. 

9. Grilled Shrimp with Chili Cocktail Sauce

When it comes to seafood, I always ask for shrimp, and now, as we are talking about Grilling, why don’t we try some grilled shrimp with a twist of chili cocktail sauce? This recipe will make a perfect appetizer, and you can even serve them as a snack and enjoy them with some other side dishes. I usually prepare some extra and eat the next day with some leftover rice. Once the shrimp is done, serve on a plate, and drizzle the prepared sauce nicely. 

10. Grilled Lemon Herb Pork Chops

This is your sign if you have yet to try the pork chops. Grilled lemon herb pork chops are a delectable dish that is super easy to make. You will be surprised that this recipe tastes similar to a steak. Make sure that you bake the pork in between using boiled marinade. Serve the grilled lemon herb pork chops and enjoy it with some dips and sauces. 

11. 15-Minute Marinated Chicken

Chicken is a perfect item for grilling purposes. The savory flavors are simply tremendous and go well with every dish. Also, this recipe is too great and easy to make. Mix Dijon mustard, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, dried tarragon, and pepper in a bowl. 

Coat the chicken with the prepared mixture. We need to marinate the chicken and store it for around four hours. You can even leave for 15 minutes if you are short on time. Discard the marinade and grill the chicken for 10 minutes or more. Once done, serve the marinated chicken with your choice of dips. 

12. Planked Salmon With Maple Mustard Glaze

I love salmon, and when I tried the planked salmon with maple mustard glaze, I was totally in love. To start with the recipe, you must soak the plank for at least one hour. You need to char the plank first and then cook the fish. Once done, cut the fish into four pieces and enjoy. 

13. Grilled Ratatouille

If you think that I will miss grilled ratatouille, then you are wrong. This recipe is a must-try. Preheat the grill for five minutes, then cook the vegetables until brown. 

Now, make sure that you cook the vegetables thoroughly. Once the vegetables are grilled, dice them nicely. Take the vegetable in a bowl and add the herb vinaigrette. Serve immediately and enjoy. 

14. Grilled Angel Food Cake with Strawberries

If you want something sweet and your griller is on, then try this grilled angel food cake with strawberries. I love this recipe as it is super delicious and easy to make. Take the strawberries and coat them with some sugar. Serve the cake alongside covered strawberries. You can even serve it with ice cream and enjoy the delicious sweet dish. 


As we are at the end of the conversation, I have gained much knowledge about Grilling. Trust me, the more you learn, the better you will get at grilling food. I used to be an amateur, but with proper learning and practice, I got better at the job. 

If you want to level up your grilling game further, check out BBQHost. From here, you will learn all the ins and outs of Grilling. They have you covered, from different types of grilling equipment to other foods on a grill. Master the art of grilling with BBQHost; they have all the answers. 

Grilling food will soon become a straightforward task for you. Ensure you get the correct grilling machine and be very careful while operating it. I will be back soon with many more conversations like this. Until then, grill some meat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it essential to clean the griller?

Cleaning the grill is necessary because nobody wants to consume contaminated food and get sick. 

How To Heat Up A Gas Grill?

If you have a gas grill, then start burning the griller with the lid open. Make sure that the temperature is set to maximum. After this, close the lid and wait for a while. Once the griller is perfectly heated, open the lid and adjust the temperature. Your griller is preheated, and you can quickly grill your food. 

How To Heat Up A Charcoal Grill?

Just in case, if you have a charcoal or wood grill, burn the charcoal or wood and wait for a while. Once the charcoal or wood turns white and ashy, you can start preheating the grill. To preheat the charcoal grill, close the lid and preheat for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure to open all the dampers when you put the lid on. You can even use a chimney starter for the same. 

How To Heat Up Propane Grill?

Heating a propane grill is relatively easy. Open the lid of the grill and switch on the burner. Set the heat to the maximum temperature and let it start warming the grill. Close the lid and then preheat for 15 minutes at least. Once done, remove the lid, and once the temperature is average, start grilling your food. 

How do you grill the food properly?

Some of the best tips and tricks to grill food properly are making the griller is hot, cleaning the grill before and after use, knowing your grill, oiling is a must, avoid disturbing the grill, use the instant-read meat thermometer, after Grilling, give some rest to the food, sauce the dish after Grilling, avoid grilling cold food, mise en place (keep everything ready). 

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