How To Get Free Ice Cream At Dairy Queen

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“Happy tastes good,” yes! But Dairy Queen tastes even better! What better way to spring this season up than indulging in soft-serve vanilla ice cream cones? Seems like this year’s going to be lucky for you after all!

Dairy Queen Vanilla Ice Cream

Now, Dairy Queen is known for the delicious ice cream it serves its customers. Be it the Blizzard or the frozen yogurt; Dairy Queen never fails to satisfy! From 1940, Dairy Queen has expanded internationally and has stores in more than 25 countries.

 It offers its customers great offers and deals like buy-one-get-one-free, lower prices, etc. The most popular among these deals is the Dairy Queen Annual Free Cone Day, and just as the name suggests, this deal offers your free ice cream for a day!

You must be thinking, how can you avail the Annual Free Cone Day deal? Well, all you are required to do is head to your nearest Dairy Queen outlet on March 21, place an order for a small vanilla ice cream cone, and it’ll be yours at zero cost! 

But what exactly is the Dairy Queen Annual Free Cone Day deal? Why is it a customer favorite? Well, let me tell you all about it!

Dairy Queen Annual Free Cone Day | Facts and Information

Dairy Queen Vanilla Soft Serve

The Dairy Queen Annual Free Cone Day is celebrated every year on March 21. This deal is available every year in order to celebrate the first day of spring. It didn’t take for this deal to become a customer favorite because you can literally get ice cream for free!

The Dairy Queen Annual Free Cone Day is celebrated every year, but due to the Covid Pandemic, it went on a two-year hiatus. But this year, the annual Dairy Queen custom is back and is guaranteed to be a joy for its customers!

ADQ’s Executive Vice President of Marketing, Maria Hokanson, said, “We love that our tradition of Free Cone Day has become synonymous with the return of warmer weather and bringing people together.”

She further added, “We know the start of the soft-serve season brings joy to our fans, and we can’t wait to help spread smiles.” The ice cream, which you’ll be getting for free on the Dairy Queen Annual Free Cone Day, is usually sold for $3.79.

So, not only will you get delicious ice cream but you will also save some bucks! 

How To Get Your Dairy Queen Free Ice Cream Cone

The Dairy Queen Annual Free Cone Day will be celebrated worldwide on March 21. If you want to get your ‘ice-cream loving’ hands on some delicious soft-serve vanilla ice cream, make sure you visit your nearest Dairy Queen on March 21!

This deal will be available only once that day per customer. You can either order the regular small-sized vanilla ice cream cone or go for a signature curl on the ice cream’s top.

Keep in mind that this deal is not available for online orders via the Dairy Queen website or app. This deal will only be available at stand-alone Dairy Queen stores and not the ones in malls or shopping complexes.

So, leave your wallet at home and grab some vanilla soft-serve ice cream for yourself on March 21! 

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