Four Ways Restaurants Can Entice More Clientele Through Their Doors

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It’s challenging to attract new business. Whether you’ve just started a new restaurant or want to expand an existing one, you may be looking for new ways to get customers through the doors, especially now in these Covid-19 times.


Many of the conventional strategies are either too time-consuming or too costly to be effective in the long term. If you want to attract more clients to your restaurant, you’ll probably want to keep the costs as low as possible. Thankfully, there are several ways to increase your restaurant’s customer base without breaking the bank. Any type of restaurant can implement these strategies. 

1. Follow Trends and Provide Incentives

Promotions provide clients with a reason to visit your establishment. They can be an effective technique to draw folks through the door on otherwise quiet nights. A loyalty card system that rewards clients with discounts may encourage customers to return to your restaurant regularly.

Follow trends in the popularity of certain types of food and drinks and make sure to add these to your menu. Yelp’s guide to drink trends in 2022 is a great place to start if you are researching projected drink trends 2022. Yelp for restaurants can assist you in highlighting your business on search pages linked to waitlists and reservations. They have the largest diner network in the US and will train your team to ensure that they are comfortable using the technology suggested. It’s a support system that is highly beneficial for your restaurant. 

Provide incentives to people who tell others about their experiences. Customers who share images, posts and hashtags on social media could receive a discount, which will both attract new customers and promote your restaurant on social media (more on that point to follow).

Make new menu items a priority. Introducing a new menu item can be interesting and exciting for a restaurant owner. Other potential customers may be more inclined to give it a shot if you offer it at a discount or with a free appetizer.

2. Evolve

Catering for business events has great advantages when it comes to promoting your restaurant’s name and may prove useful in attracting more clients, in addition to potentially increasing sales. You can choose to offer this service, but you will need to adjust the menu you offer to make it work in a corporate setting while retaining similar cuisine to that offered in the restaurant itself. 

Many restaurants that provide catering services have specific services they offer, but if you have the means, you can be more flexible. Individually prepared meals or buffet-style food selections are examples of packages you could offer.

3. Collaborate

Collaborate with other local businesses to tap into a new market. Clothing boutiques, a local charity, an art gallery, a spa, or a sports arena are all possibilities that can become a beneficial two-way relationship. ‘Dinner and a show’ can be a great way to pull clients into your restaurant as well as the local theatre. Other entertainment venues like movie houses, escape rooms, and arcades can also provide good partners depending on your target audience. You could offer a discount on meals for two or four people if they also buy event tickets. People may also be eligible for a discount on event tickets if they can present documentation that they dined at your establishment. So, it becomes a win-win situation for both parties. Partnering with other local businesses for promotions is an often neglected yet effective solution. 

4. Networking

If you do not yet have a website for your restaurant, you must get one. This goes for social media pages as well. There is no better way to market your business than to have a powerful online image as social networking is an effective strategy for attracting new clients.

Customers will be more interested in following your business if you give them a discount code for joining up. Leaving a sign-up form for your newsletter is one of the quickest and easiest ways to establish a customer database. Sign up links should also be included on your website and any related social media accounts. Offering special offers and incentives to online followers and newsletter subscribers on a regular basis can also help generate visitors.

Include survey links on your restaurant’s website. Offer discounts to individuals who complete the surveys to encourage them to do so. Customers can also leave feedback and honest opinions in suggestion boxes for other customers to browse at their leisure. 

Email marketing is another effective technique to engage with your consumers and boost traffic on your restaurant’s website. This is an efficient approach to inform your consumers about promotions and trends, newly launched menu items, ordering online, catering services offered, and other important information.

It will take time to improve any new strategies before they become effective. Examine your business plan and goals and think beyond the box!

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