How Much Does McDonald’s Pay Its Employees In 2023?

People around the globe enjoy McDonald’s fantastic menu offerings. However, behind all that famous burgers and fries, McDonald’s employees work tirelessly to prepare and serve the food. As one of the largest employers globally, how much does McDonald’s pay its employees is an important question. So, let’s find out. 

How Much Does McDonald's Pay Its Employees

McDonald’s entry-level employees get paid between $10 to $12 per hour. The cashier, cook, and restaurant manager are paid between $15 and $20 per hour. Employees also get other benefits like health insurance, paid time off, and discounts on McDonald’s food. 

The highest-paying jobs at McDonald’s are in management. A restaurant manager can earn an average of $40,000 to $50,000 annually. At the same time, the general manager gets anywhere between $55,000 to $60,000 per year. In addition, McDonald’s offers more employee benefits to managerial positions.  

Read the entire blog to know the exact salaries paid to McDonald’s employees. You will get all the details on the average wage McDonald’s offers state-wise and at which age McDonald’s hires its employees. Let’s discover everything in the blog. 

How Much Does McDonald’s Pay Its Employees On Average?

How Much Does McDonald's Pay Its Employees

McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest fast-food chains, employing hundreds of thousands of workers across the globe. If you are also looking for a job at McDonald’s, you want to know how much McDonald’s pays its employees. Here I have made a table that indicates various job types and average yearly salary. 

Job TypeWeekly SalaryMonthly SalaryAnnual SalaryHourly Salary
Fast Food Attendant$ 610$ 2440$ 29,288$ 11.40
General Manager$ 1454$ 5818$ 69,824$ 15.08
Cashier$ 605$ 2420$ 29,049$ 12.87
Cook$ 694$ 2776$ 33,316$ 13.29
Line Cook$ 716$ 2867$ 34,404$ 13.27
Restaurant Manager$ 737$ 2948$ 35,377$17.13
Customer Service Associate$ 708$ 2833$34,001$ 11.70
Cashier/Sales$ 640$ 2560$ 30,720$ 13.26
Service Crew$ 610$ 2442$ 29,311$ 11.04

Average McDonald’s Salary In Every State Of the USA

Want to know what McDonald’s is paying its employees these days? Find here all the details about the average McDonald’s salary in every state of the USA. Whether you want your first job or are just curious about fast-food restaurant wages, here is a snapshot of McDonald’s average salary by state.

StatesAverage Salaries
New York$ 58,974
Maryland$ 56,645
California$ 53,366
Colorado$ 52,771
Virginia$ 51,709
Alaska$ 50,148
New Mexico$ 48,917
Connecticut$ 48,759
Massachusetts$ 48,230
Delaware$ 46,519
New Jersey$ 46,383
Wyoming$ 46,242
Georgia$ 44,950
Washington$ 44,927
Illinois$ 44,926
Montana$ 44,798
West Virginia$ 44,258
South Dakota$44,022
Oregon$ 43,906
Nevada$ 43,864
Texas$ 43,807
Rhode Island$ 43,726
North Dakota$ 42,911
Louisiana$ 42,903
Arkansas$ 42,575
Hawaii$ 41, 796
Vermont$ 41,552
Minnesota$ 41,552
Lowa$ 41,456
Alabama$ 41,419
North Carolina$ 41,248
New Hampshire$ 40,948
Maine$ 40,580
Nebraska$ 40,324
Arizona$ 40,035
Pennsylvania$ 40,000
Missouri$ 39,923
Indiana$ 39,824
Oklahoma$ 39,738
Idaho$ 39,097
Utah$ 39,001
Florida$ 39,000
Wisconsin$ 39,000
Ohio$ 39,000
South Carolina$ 38,797
Mississippi$ 38,198
Kentucky$ 37,755
Tennessee$ 37,382

Minimum Wage At McDonald’s

According to Indeed, McDonald’s minimum wage is different across the USA, but the average minimum wage ranges between $12 to $24 per hour depending on the job position . When we compare with the worldwide wage of McDonald’s, it’s on an average of $10 per hour. 

The restaurant chain has increased wages in the USA for quite many years. In 2018, McDonald’s announced it was raising the starting pay for employees at corporate-owned restaurants to $10 an hour. And in 2019, the company said it was urging franchisees to move to a minimum of $11 to $15 an hour for employees. 

Recently, the minimum wage has been set to $16 per hour, and McDonald’s pays between $15 to $20, depending on the job level.

Does A Company Owned McDonald’s and Franchise McDonald’s Pay The Same?

No, the company-owned McDonald’s and franchise McDonald’s do not pay the same. Employees at company-owned McDonald’s tend to earn about $15 dollars per hour. Whereas the employees at franchise-owned McDonald’s tend to earn around $10 to $12 dollars per hour. 

Moreover, the company-owned McDonald’s also gives other employee benefits such as health insurance and paid time off. Franchise-owned McDonald’s, on the other hand, may not offer any of these benefits. The important fact here is that company-owned McDonald’s have more control over their finances and can afford to pay their employees more.  

How Much Does McDonald’s Pay Its Part-Time Employees?

According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a part-time employee at McDonald’s is $17 per hour. The estimated base pay is $16 and the estimated additional pay is $1 per hour. 

Apart from this, McDonald’s pays its senior employees around $12 to $15 per hour for part-time work. But entry-level and college students get around $10 to $12 dollars per hour. It’s important to note here that the hourly rates are a bit higher in big cities and locations with a higher cost of living.

Apart From This, What Are Some Other McDonald’s Employee Benefits?

What Are Some Other McDonald’s Employee Benefits

McDonald’s has fantastic employee benefits. Here are some of the benefits that are listed below.

  • Health Insurance – McDonald’s offers health insurance plans for both full-time and part-time employees. It is a significant benefit that helps cover medical expenses.
  • Dental And Vision Insurance – It offers dental and vision insurance plans to cover expenses related to dental checkups, cleanings, and vision exams.
  • Paid Time Off – McDonald’s hourly employees get paid sick days and spend vacation days after meeting specific requirements. The same goes for even its part-time employees.
  • Retirement Plan – McDonald’s offers 401 (k) retirement plans with company-matching contributions. This helps employees save and invest for the future.
  • Employee discounts – Employees get discounts on food and purchases within their restaurants. This is an appreciated benefit.
  • Flexible Schedules – Although the work schedules at McDonald’s are mostly set in advance, they tend to offer some flexibility in shift times to accommodate employees’ needs.
  • Tuition Assistance –  McDonald’s provides support for employees for their education through tuition reimbursement and scholarships.
  • Advancement Opportunities – McDonald’s offers the opportunity for employees to be promoted to more advanced roles within their career structure as they gain experience.
  • Training And Development – McDonald’s provides on-the-job training, in-restaurant seminars, and other development resources to help employees advance in their careers.

Moreover, if you want to get detailed information on McDonald’s employee discounts and benefits, and if McDonald’s employees get free food, then visit these articles on our website.

Does McDonald’s Pay Its Employees For Extra Work?

Yes, McDonald’s pays its employees for extra work. The pay for extra work at McDonald’s varies depending on the employee’s job title, location, and the company’s policies.

For example, a crew member who is paid $10 per hour would be paid $10 for extra hours. Some McDonald’s locations may pay overtime, which is higher than regular per-hour pay. 

So, the employees can receive an extra 50% of their regular hourly rate for overtime hours worked.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At McDonald’s?

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At McDonald’s

McDonald’s hires crew members aged 14 or above for full-time or part-time jobs. The major job responsibilities include taking customer orders, handling cash transactions, operating equipment, and preparing food items.

To work as a cashier, the employee must be at least 16 years old. To work as a shift manager, the employee must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma. 

But McDonald’s has two types of restaurants, company-owned and franchise-owned restaurants. So, the hiring policy and procedures regarding age may be different. 

So, if you are a teenager and looking for a job at McDonald’s, you can start at the age of 14 and cover your other expenses. McDonald’s does allow young candidates to apply for the job at an early age. 


In conclusion, McDonald’s pay rates for its employees can vary depending on their position, location, experience, and other factors. As mentioned earlier in the blog, entry-level crew members at McDonald’s typically earn around $10 to $12 per hour on average in the United States in 2023. 

General managers tend to earn around $50,000 to $70,000 dollars per year. The bigger the position, the better pay you get at McDonald’s.

If you want to know some more interesting things about McDonald’s like how much does a McDonald’s franchise owner really make and how much does a McDonald’s franchise cost in 2023, then read out other relevant articles on our blog. 

We have covered a variety of insightful fast-food chain news and interesting information. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the highest-paid employee at McDonald’s?

The highest-paid employee at McDonald’s is a general manager. He gets paid between $50,000 to $60,000.

How much do most McDonald’s pay?

McDonald’s pays between $12 to $24 per hour.

What is the lowest salary at McDonald’s?

The lowest salary at McDonald’s is around $12 per hour.

What is the best job at McDonald’s?

Some of the best jobs at McDonald’s are cashier, crew member, cook, and shift manager.

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