How Much Does A Burger King Franchise Owner Make In 2024?

Burger King has been one of the most popular chains in the world ever since it opened its doors in 1954 in Miami. Thus, people believe opening a Burger King can earn them a fortune. But is that true? Let’s see how much does a Burger King franchise owner make? 

Burger King

A Burger King franchise owner makes an average estimated profit of $364,791 annually. However, the potential earnings can vary significantly. That’s because they depend on location, how well the business is run, associated expenses, etc.

Undoubtedly, Burger King’s menu attracts many customers with its delicious food. However, all locations have different footfalls, which impacts sales. Thus, it affects the salary of a Burger King franchise owner.  

So, let’s find out how much a Burger King franchise owner makes. Is it profitable, and does Burger King provide financial assistance to franchise owners? All these answers will help you make the right decision.  

Burger King Franchise Owner Salary

Burger King franchise

The salary of a Burger King franchise owner depends on the profits made from the sales. Thus, the average estimated salary of a Burger King franchise owner is $364,791 annually. 

Burger King is the most successful fast-food franchise in the world. 

Thus, a franchise owner can make a good income. If we look at the company’s revenue, then Burger King made a revenue of 1.9 billion U.S. dollars in the financial year 2022.

Thus, a traditional franchise-owned Burger King outlet (freestanding stores) makes an average annual sale of $1,215,970. The highest average annual sales were $4,791,985. 

Meanwhile, non-traditional franchise-owned Burger King outlets (co-branding restaurants) make an average annual sale of $947,585. The highest average annual sales were $3,901,264. 

However, you should note that these are only average sales. A Burger King franchise’s sales may vary depending on their service, location, operation, advertising expenses, number of employees, franchising model, market conditions, etc. 

Thus, considering the average annual sales of $1,215,970 with a profit margin of 30%, the average salary of a Burger King franchise owner is $364,791 annually.

How Thin Can Profits Get?

The 2020 Burger King franchise median sales show that the lowest-earning franchise made less than $200,000—meanwhile, the highest-earning franchise created around $4.8 million. 

Thus, based on net revenue of $1,351,000 and a profit margin of 13%, we may estimate that the average Burger King franchise pay is $175,630 per year

Thus, on a $2,638,100 baseline investment and expected income of $175,630, it will take approximately 15 years to recover the initial investment in a Burger King franchise. 

These figures can vary greatly depending on how well the business is handled, the location, and other considerations. 

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Burger King Store

Burger King Franchise

The estimated total investment required to open a traditional Burger King store is between $1,877,600 and $3,398,600. However, the non-traditional Burger King stores cost roughly $220,000 – $1,450,000.  

If you plan to become a Burger King franchise owner, Burger King charges a flat franchise fee of $50,000 USD for a term of 20 years. Additionally, prospective franchisees also pay an initial New Entity / Application Fee of $5,000 to help with the costs of processing the application. 

Furthermore, a $280 fee is charged for background check fee, as well as varying application costs for the Managing Owner / Managing Director and other application / administrative requirements. According to Burger King, these fees do not include any of the initial expenses typically associated with starting a restaurant. 

Moreover, entrepreneurs can become franchisees in one of two ways: by launching a new Burger King franchise or purchasing an existing location. The table below estimates how much a Burger King franchise may cost you. Please note that the cost varies due to location and different factors.

Burger King Store CostFee
Franchise fee$50,000
Royalty fee4.5%
Marketing fee4.0%
Investment (mid-point)$1,243,000
Average sales$1,216,000
Payback period3.5 years
Minimum net worth$1,500,000
Minimum liquid capital$500,000

How Much Does A Burger King Store Make In A Year?

The average Burger King franchise makes $355,000 in profits per year. This represents a 17% EBITDA margin.

Look at the table below that summarizes the profits a Burger King franchise made. Please note that the table below is only an earnings estimate provided by Sharp Sheets

Profit & LossAmount% Revenue
Gross Sales$2,153,383100%
Gross Profit$1,615,03775%
Other Expenses$(258,406)12%

Source: Estimates

Is Opening A Burger King Profitable?

Burger King

Yes, Burger King is lucrative, as its net income has increased yearly since its inception. However, profitability depends on multiple factors. These include adopting new marketing and advertising methods, responding to customer preferences, location, etc.

Let’s take a closer look at these factors.

  1. Location: The profitability of a Burger King franchise depends heavily on the location. As a result, high-footfall locations can help boost sales. Thus, franchises near residential areas, schools, and shopping centers will profit more.
  2. Competition: The profits of a franchise are also affected by the competition in the market. Therefore, sales can be significantly impacted if a fast-food competitor exists in the same area. 
  3. Market Demand: The success of a franchise also depends on market demand. Thus, franchises where the demand for Burger King goods is high will make more profits. 
  4. Menu: Before opening a Burger King store, it’s essential to know the local tastes and preferences. Thus, the menu offerings should reflect customers’ preferences of the area it is located in.
  5. Economic Conditions: For example, local economic conditions and consumer purchasing patterns also impact the restaurant’s performance. Thus, customers having a medium to high purchasing power will boost sales.
  6. Marketing And Promotions: Effective marketing methods can attract and retain customers. Thus, putting in place successful promotional strategies can help boost profits.
  7. Quality Control: Maintaining consistency in food quality and service is critical. Therefore, profits are guaranteed if the brand’s standards are maintained. 

The cost of opening a Burger King is significant. Thus, assessing all the above factors is essential to ensure a return on investment.   

Is It Easy To Run A Burger King Store?

No, it’s not easy to run a Burger King store. Operating a fast-food franchise has its own set of obstacles and complexities. For example, adhering to franchise standards, operational complexity, employee management, etc. 

Let’s look at the factors that make running a Burger King store complex. 

  1. Investments: Opening a Burger King franchise involves a significant amount of investment. It includes startup expenses, equipment costs, employee salaries, marketing and advertising expenditures, and many other expenses. 
  2. Franchise Requirements: Owning a Burger King franchise requires the owner to follow brand standards strictly. Thus, the franchises must maintain operational and quality standards per brand guidelines.
  3. Employee Management: Every business’s success lies on its employees’ shoulders. Therefore, a considerable investment goes into recruiting, training, and managing employees to achieve desirable results. As a result, the staff must also be motivated to follow operational procedures.
  4. Quality Control: Maintaining consistent quality is crucial for customer satisfaction in the food business. Thus, every franchise has to follow all the recipes and cooking methods adequately provided by the company. Negligence can lead to decreased sales and no profits. 
  5. Operational Complexity: Handling a fast food restaurant requires operations to be smooth and efficient. So, franchise owners must be vigilant about staffing, inventory management, and adherence to safety and health standards.
  6. Customer Service: Providing good service helps build a loyal customer base. Therefore, addressing customer needs and addressing their problems should be paramount.
  7. Marketing: Effective marketing helps to attract and retain customers. As a result, Burger King provides marketing support. While it must be used to handle different market dynamics, local strategies and initiatives must be implemented by franchise owners. 

Does Burger King Provide Financial Assistance To Franchise Owners?

Burger King

Yes, Burger King provides financial assistance to franchise owners. The company has hired Trinity Capital, LLC to work with Burger King franchisees, their creditors, and Burger King Corporation.

Trinity Capital is a Los Angeles-based financial services firm restructuring financially troubled franchise companies. Therefore, with their help, Burger King launched the Burger King Franchisee Financial Restructuring Initiative to address the economic challenges of financially distressed franchisee operations. 

The initiative has been taken to assist several franchisees in restructuring their business to meet their financial obligations. As a result, they can focus on restaurant operations, reinvest in their company, and return to profitability.

“Clearly one of the most pressing issues facing the BURGER KING(R) system today is the financial distress of a number of our franchisees,” said Brad Blum, chief executive officer of Burger King Corporation.  

“Addressing this issue and turning it into an opportunity to recapitalize these franchisees and enable them to emerge stronger with more robust financial structures will set us up for success. This is a top priority to enable us to focus on quality and on delivering an outstanding experience to our customers.”

Trinity functions as a neutral third party to help the franchisees, lenders, and Burger King Corporation reach an agreement as quickly as feasible. 

“This is a significant step for the future of the BURGER KING(R) brand and a win-win opportunity for everyone involved,” said Julian Josephson, chairman of the National Franchise Association. 

How To Open A Burger King Franchise?

Opening a Burger King franchise involves several steps and criteria. Let’s take an overview of the process:

Qualification And Requirements:

Before considering a franchise proposal, Burger King seeks entrepreneurs with financial stability, business expertise, and brand loyalty. Additionally, they should have a good understanding of the local market.

Application Process: 

  1. Once the above criteria are met, interested parties must seek franchise information by contacting Burger King’s franchise development department or visiting their official website. Fill out the inquiry form available on the website. 
  2. After that, the Burger King team will host an introductory meeting so the applicant can contact the franchising team. 
  3. The franchising team will work with the applicant to select an appropriate location for the restaurant and set up their organization.
  4. After the final approval, the team will help the franchisee in the grand opening.  

Is It Worth It To Open A Burger King Franchise?

 Burger King

Yes, it is worth opening a Burger King franchise. Burger King is undeniably one of the most famous fast-food brands worldwide. It operates nearly 7,000 restaurants in the United States alone. 

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Burger King is popular among entrepreneurs and franchisees. Take a look at the pros of opening a Burger King franchise.

  1. By opening a Burger King franchise, you get access to a readymade customer base and brand recognition that would be difficult to get otherwise.
  2. By owning a franchise, you get support from the company for setting up operational systems.
  3. The company also provides training for the employees. This ensures the work is carried out effectively and efficiently.
  4. The franchise owner also gets marketing and promotional support from the company, which helps them build a solid customer base.

However, one must be ready to make a good liquid investment before entering into the Burger King franchise system. 

Furthermore, entrepreneurs must be ready to comply with the rules and regulations of the brand to follow standard practices. Franchises must also follow health and hygiene practices and quality checks. Such practices ensure consistency in food items and a returning customer base. 

The franchise owners must also take care of local market trends, customer tastes, and preferences. One of the most essential parts of running a franchise involves having a good team of employees. They are the backbone of the company.

Thus, Burger King aims to hire efficient employees. However, they must be motivated to work better to get the best results. Therefore, to ensure that the franchise’s operations are carried out well, Burger King pays its employees well

Additionally, Burger King employees also benefit from weekly or biweekly payments. Taking extra care, Burger King also gives more perks to its employees to stay motivated. For example, Burger King discounts its employees on food items purchased from the restaurant.

Likewise, they also get health insurance coverage. But that’s not all. The success of a franchise depends heavily on marketing and advertising. Although Burger King assists franchises in this area, individual franchises must also work hard towards incorporating local trends. 

So, my friend, if you plan to own a Burger King franchise, you must keep all these points in mind before investing.  

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

How do you start the Burger King franchise process?

To start a Burger King franchise, the applicant must fill out the franchise application form available on the Burger King website.

Can I acquire an existing Burger King franchise?

Yes, an interested entity/operator can acquire one or more existing Burger King restaurants from a selling franchisee. Or else they can also enter the system through the development of new restaurants.

Do I need previous restaurant experience to become a Burger King franchisee?

Burger King strongly prefers prospective franchisees with a QSR background, a record of operational excellence, and the administrative/financial/development capabilities to run QSR restaurants already in place.

What is the minimum financial requirement to enter the Burger King System?

The minimum financial requirement to become a new Franchisee is $500,000 in liquid assets. Furthermore, a total net worth of at least $1,000,000 is required.

What are the initial franchise fees and costs?

Burger King® charges a flat franchise fee of USD 50,000 for a franchise agreement with a term of 20 years. An initial New Entity / Application Fee of USD 5,000 is also paid to help with processing the application. Additionally, a USD 280 background check fee is also required.

What are the royalty fees associated with owning Burger King restaurants?

Franchisees must pay a royalty fee of 4.5% of their sales per restaurant to Burger King.

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