How Many Ounces In ⅓ Cup?

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Measuring ingredients can be confusing. While somewhere it’s tablespoons, in others, it’s cups, teaspoons, etc. Hence, it becomes important for you to be able to convert one unit of a quantity into another. That is why, in this article, we’ll discuss how many ounces are in a ⅓ cup.

How Many Ounces In ⅓ Cup?

There are 2.66 ounces in ⅓ cup. You can get this value by dividing the number of ounces found in a cup by ⅓ to get the required value. However, this value might vary among dry and liquid ingredients as they occur in two different states of matter. Hence, these ingredients take up a variable amount of space.

Ounces in a cup can vary among different items. While some ingredients weigh the same, their amount in the cup can vary due to certain physical differences. That is why it is better to go for more precise measuring instruments, like kitchen scales, to get the correct measurements.

Nevertheless, it is still important to know how many ounces are in a ⅓ cup. In this article, you’ll be introduced to conversion related to ⅓ cups, how many ounces of certain ingredients are there in ⅓ cups, etc. So, get a notepad, grab a pen and let’s get to know all about it!

Ounces In ⅓ Cup

How Many Ounces In ⅓ Cup?

Whenever you come across a recipe that you might want to try, you might see the measurements of the ingredients and straightaway go “no!”. This won’t be a problem anymore once you finish reading the information we’re providing to you about the same! So, let’s get to know how many ounces are there in ⅓ cups!

⅓ cup or one-third of a cup is equal to 2.66 ounces. As there are 8 ounces in a single cup, dividing the 8 ounces by ⅓ cups, you’d get the value of 2.66 ounces. ⅓ cup, also in totality, contains 5.26 tablespoons of an ingredient, which can also be used to determine the ounces in ⅓ cup. 

The conversion of ⅓ cups into different measuring units is given below. Take a look!

Measuring UnitAmount (in a ⅓ cup)
Ounce2.66 ounces
Teaspoon15.8 teaspoons
Tablespoon5.26 tablespoons
Gram76 grams
Kilogram0.076 kilograms
Liter0.0789 liter
Milliliter78.9 milliliters

How Many Dry Ounces In ⅓ Cup?

How Many Ounces In ⅓ Cup?

There are, in total, 2.6 ounces of dry ingredients in a ⅓ cup. Due to the difference in physical properties, dry ingredients and liquid ingredients might not always equate to the same quantity in a cup. Hence, it is important to know the right quantity for making the perfect dish!

To get the most precise measurement of dry ingredients using a measuring cup, fill the cup till the ⅓ mark. Level the ingredients using the bottom side of a spoon. After leveling, see if the required amount is there or not and make changes accordingly.

Given below is a table for converting quantities of a cup into dry ounces. Take a look!

Quantity in cupsQuantity in ouncesQuantity in tablespoonsQuantity in grams/pounds
1/8 cup1 ounce2 tablespoons28.3 grams
1/4 cup2 ounces4 tablespoons56.7 grams
1/3 cup2.6 ounces5 1/3 tablespoons75.6 grams
1/2 cup4 ounces8 tablespoons113.4 grams
3/4 cup6 ounces12 tablespoons0.375 pound
2 cups16 ounces32 tablespoons1 pound
4 cups32 ounces64 tablespoons2 pounds

How Many Liquid Ounces In ⅓ Cup?

How Many Ounces In ⅓ Cup?

There are a total of 2.6 ounces of liquid ounces in ⅓ cup. To get the most precise measurement of liquid ingredients, using a measuring cup is by filling the cup to the desired ⅓ mark. Hold the cup at eye level and notice the filled amount carefully. Make changes if necessary.

Given below is a table you can refer to for converting different quantities in cups to ounces. 

Quantity in cupsQuantity in ouncesQuantity in pints/quarts/gallonsQuantities in liters/milliliters
1 cup8 fluid ounces1/2 pint237 milliliters
⅓ cups2.6 fluid ounces0.167 pint78.9 milliliters
2 cups16 fluid ounces1 pint476 milliliters
4 cups32 fluid ounces1 quart948 milliliters

Quantities Of Different Ingredients In ⅓ Cup

How Many Ounces In ⅓ Cup?

Now that you know a great deal about the ounces in ⅓ cup, you might be wondering what else is there to know? To get a little bit more into detail, let’s know about what different ingredients weigh in ounces in a ⅓ cup. 

While most of the ingredients weigh the same in a ⅓ cup, the quantity can still vary. To get an idea of it, let’s see what quantity of different ingredients is contained in a ⅓ cup. Given below is a table of quantities of different ingredients in a ⅓ cup converted into ounces. Take a look!

IngredientQuantity in cupsQuantity in ounces 
Flour⅓ cup1.47 ounces
Sugar⅓ cup2.35 ounces
Butter⅓ cup2.67 ounces
Milk⅓ cup2.88 ounces
Water⅓ cup2.82 ounces
Cocoa powder⅓ cup1.18 ounces
Vegetable oil⅓ cup2.6 ounces
Powdered sugar⅓ cup1.41 ounces
Honey⅓ cup4 ounces


There are 2.66 ounces in a ⅓ cup. Although measurements are confusing, all you need to do to convert anything from cups to ounces is extrapolate the fact that 1 cup is equal to 8 ounces. So, the next time you’re stuck with a recipe because of the measurements, refer to this article and you’ll be good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many ounces are in a ⅓ cup?

There are 2.66 ounces in a ⅓ cup.

How many dry ounces and fluid ounces are there in a ⅓ cup?

There are a total of 2.66 ounces, both in dry and fluid ounces in a ⅓ cup.

What are the measurements of different ingredients in ounces in a ⅓ cup?

When converted into ounces from a ⅓ cup measurement, butter is, sugar is 2.35 ounces, honey is 4 ounces, flour is 1.47 ounces, milk is 2.88 ounces, water is 2.82 ounces, cocoa powder is 1.18 ounces, vegetable oil is 2.6 ounces, powdered sugar is 1.41 ounces, etc.

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