How Many Burgers Does McDonald’s Sell A Day? [100% Facts]

McDonald’s has one of the best fast food menus and the largest reach across the world. Known primarily for their delicious burgers, have you ever wondered how many burgers McDonald’s sells in a day? We’ll find that out with much more information in this blog post. 

How many burgers does mcdonald's sell in a day

On average, McDonald’s sells about 6.48 million burgers each day worldwide. This comes to a staggering number of over 2 billion if you’d consider the sales for the entire year.

People love the food offered at McDonald’s for different reasons. But, one thing in common that everyone loves about them is the sheer number and variety of burgers this fast food giant offers. The options are endless, from classics like Big Mac and Cheeseburgers to their Quarter-Pounders and more! 

So, although the total sales at McDonald’s are pretty much staggering in itself, the particular sales of burgers are even better! In this detailed post, you will find a lot of information about how many burgers McDonald’s has sold over the years in the United States and worldwide! 

How Many Burgers Does McDonald’s Sell In A Day Worldwide? 

How many burgers does mcdonalds sell a day in the world

McDonald’s sells about 6.48 billion burgers worldwide in just a single day. 

The average number that has come for McDonald’s burgers sold per day worldwide is pretty high! This report includes all sorts of burgers that McDonald’s offers, from their Big Macs to the humble cheeseburger. 

If you think about it, this is a pretty high number, as McDonald’s has just about 40,000 locations worldwide! So yes, the love for a juicy burger from McDonald’s is undoubtedly not restricted to just one country or a single location! 

How Many Burgers Does McDonald’s Sell In A Day In the USA? 

For the US market in particular, in 2021, McDonald’s sold about 5.4 million burgers daily.

McDonald’s is the highest-selling fast food chain and sells the most burgers in the United States daily! That is some dedication to delicious burgers from McDonald’s! Most of all McDonald’s sales worldwide, most of it happens in the United States. 

How Many Burgers Does McDonald’s Sell In One Second? 

How many burgers does mcdonalds sell in 1 second

McDonald’s sells about 75 burgers in just a single second worldwide.

A single second is barely any time, and just as you are reading this sentence, McDonald’s has probably already sold more than 75 burgers worldwide! This number is already pretty staggering and is said to get higher with time! 

How Many Burgers Has McDonald’s Sold Till Now? 

McDonald’s has sold an estimated 300 billion burgers since the day of its founding.

This is, however, just an estimate of the number of burgers that McDonald’s has sold worldwide to date.

The truth is that McDonald’s stopped keeping an official count of how many burgers they have sold ever since reaching the 100 billion mark, which was around 1994. This is why you may still come across several McDonald’s billboards that say “99 Billion Burgers Sold”!

How Many Orders Does McDonald’s Serve In A Day? 

How many orders does mcdonalds serve in a day

Based on recent statistics about the same, McDonald’s serves over 69 million orders in a single day worldwide. 

Although McDonald’s has a presence in just about 120 countries worldwide, their customer base is massive! Every day, they get the estimated orders, as mentioned, and the number is said to grow exponentially yearly! 

Are Burgers The Best Selling Items At McDonald’s? 

No, burgers are not the best-selling item at McDonald’s. Fries are the best-selling item at McDonald’s. 

Although McDonald’s is most famous for their delicious burgers, especially their Big Mac, burgers are still not their best-selling menu items. McDonald’s sells about 9 million pounds of fries daily globally, a whopping number compared to the 6.48 billion burgers. 

We all love accompanying our burgers from McDonald’s, which is why these crispy fries have become the top-selling menu items! 

How Does McDonald’s Keep Up With Such High Demand? 

How does McDonalds keep up with such high demand

McDonald’s has a “made-to-order” system to keep up with the exceptionally high demand for burgers, 

McDonald’s introduced a ‘Speedee Service System’ back in 1948 by the McDonald brothers, just a few years after they first opened. In 1954, when a Milkshake machine salesman saw this concept, he was very impressed. 

He struck a deal with the McDonald brothers to franchise this system, and the rest, as they say, is history! Ever since McDonald’s has been pretty successful following this system. This system ensures that the burgers are cooked right when ordered. 

The system also ensures that everything is done orderly, ensuring that the burgers get ready as quickly as possible. This prevents any wastage of them and ensures that the customers get the best quality burgers. This is how McDonald’s can easily keep up with the high demand.  


McDonald’s sells a staggering amount of burgers worldwide in a single day. The amount comes to an average of 6.48 billion, which is a crazy fact about this chain of fast-food restaurants! 

Although McDonald’s burgers might have been taken over by their French fries to be the best-selling menu item, McDonald’s still has plenty of best burgers to buy! The options are endless, from their Big Mac to their giant burger!

Moreover, the best part is that even if the burgers are too much, you can quickly reheat them at home! Did this information about the number of burgers McDonald’s sells daily blow your mind? Leave me a comment if yes! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many burgers does McDonald’s sell in a day worldwide?

McDonald’s sells about 6.48 billion burgers in a single day worldwide.

How many burgers does McDonald’s sell in a second? 

McDonald’s sells about 75 burgers in a single second. 

Are burgers the best-selling item on McDonald’s menu?

No, fries overtake burgers as the best-selling item on the McDonald’s menu. 

How many burgers has McDonald’s been estimated to have sold till now? 

The estimated number of burgers McDonald’s has sold till now is about 300 billion, although McDonald’s stopped keeping count after 1994. 

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