How Long Does Turkey Bacon Last In The Fridge Or Freezer?

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Looking for a leaner yet healthy and more flavorful version of turkey? Well! Turkey bacon hits the spots for such turkey lovers. Turkey bacon is the best meat item that has many culinary applications in salads, soups, and pizzas.

turkey bacon

It is processed from scrap turkey, which has been separated into thighs, legs, breasts, and wings. The bone is tossed away, leaving the flesh to be ground and seasoned on a bacon slab.

The unopened package of turkey bacon keeps itself fresh in the fridge up to 14 days past the sell-by date. However, once it is opened, it is advisable to finish it before seven days, even if you refrigerate it.

Freezing actually prolongs its lifespan by up to 3 months. Although, it has to be constantly evaluated for any kind of spoilage that it may be subjected to potentially.

Turkey bacon is also an easy item that finds its way into everybody’s kitchen without much effort. It is also quite effective as a meat that can be stored for a long time.

If you want to have turkey whenever you feel like it, this is a perfect choice. Turkey bacon retains its life longer than any other form of turkey when stored properly as per the guidelines. 

Storing turkey bacon is a slightly delicate job for the kind of measures we need to follow. Just buying and scampering it on the kitchen slab would not help for a long time.

It has to be preserved inside a fridge or a freezer at best. “The cooler it stays, the longer it lives” is a maxim that applies to turkey bacon without fail.

How Long Does Turkey Bacon Last In The Fridge?

Turkey Bacon Duration
Raw Turkey Bacon1 Week
Cooked Turkey Bacon3 – 4 Days
Cured Turkey Bacon2 Weeks
Thawed Turkey Bacon2 Days

1. Raw Turkey Bacon

Raw turkey bacon is packaged and sold in shops. It cannot be kept at room temperature for a long time. It needs to be used up in a span of 24 hours when taken from outside. However, it can be stored in the refrigerator for a week to avoid any spoilage.

2. Cooked Turkey Bacon 

Cooked turkey bacon is seasoned and filled with juices emanating flavors. This should not be left at room temperature for a long time as it may get sour and spoiled over time.

The best thing is to refrigerate it after it is cooled to some extent. It can be stored in the fridge for 3 to 4 days.

3. Cured Turkey Bacon

Cured turkey bacon is nothing but processed bacon which is treated in the same way as raw turkey bacon. It is cured with some extra additional components that make it consumable at any point in time. It is stored in the fridge for not more than two weeks. 

4. Thawed Turkey Bacon 

Thawed turkey bacon is basically a defrosted turkey bacon that can be stored in the fridge for not more than two days. It has to be cooked, reheated, or served before that. 

How Long Does Turkey Bacon Last In The Freezer?

turkey bacon
Turkey BaconDuration
Raw Turkey Bacon1-2 Months
Cooked Turkey Bacon4 Months
Cured Turkey Bacon7 – 10 Days
Thawed Turkey BaconNot advisable

1. Raw Turkey Bacon 

Raw turkey bacon is very vulnerable to spoilage; hence packaging it and shoving it in the coldest region of the fridge is necessary. It is stored in the freezer for 1 to 2 months without any indication of spoilage.

2. Cooked Turkey Bacon 

As the cooked turkey bacon has already been spiced up, it is shielded from any eventual damage. However, if you don’t want a compromise on the quality and shelf life, then it can be shoved in the freezer.

It can be frozen for four months and a little later than that, depending on its condition.

3. Cured Turkey Bacon 

Cured turkey is layered with extra compounds, and thus, it has to be stored in the freezer to extend its shelf life. It is stored in the freezer for not more than two weeks. 

4. Thawed Turkey Bacon 

Keeping it in the freezer again is not very advisable. Defrost turkey bacon should not be frozen again as it would have lost its quality when removed from the freezer once and for all.

How To Store Leftover Turkey Bacon Safely?

Storage practices when it comes to turkey bacon are very important and rather necessary by all means. Leftover turkey bacon is an inevitable leftover in many kitchens as all the pieces cannot be exhausted for one single meal.

The steps that need to be followed are quite few in number. Practicing all of them diligently prolongs their shelf life even after the specified sell-by date.

1. Room Temperature

No meat products, whether cooked or uncooked, can be kept at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Raw turkey bacon should be cooked within 2 hours when it is stored at room temperature.

Cooked turkey is hot, and it has to be cooled to a certain degree before it can be placed safely in the fridge or freezer. Raw turkey, after it has been purchased, can immediately be shoved into the freezer without any delay unless it is going to be cooked instantly.

2. Packaging

Cooked turkey has to be wrapped up in aluminum foil if it is going into the fridge. Freezing the turkey bacon would involve covering it with plastic covers, as foils are susceptible to being torn.

Covering the turkey bacon is important as any exposure to the wild air can turn it bad or even hamper its quality to bits. Hence, the turkey bacon can also be stored in airtight containers or Tupperware to stay away from being contaminated by the germs outside.

Keeping it moist is necessary as dryness in the meat could make it lose its nutritional value and also, at the same time, render it unusable.

3. Refrigerating

The turkey bacon has to be refrigerated immediately to prolong its lifespan. Keeping the turkey in the coldest temperature can make it live longer.

It has to be stored at a temperature of fewer than 40 degrees and not more than that. A minimum of 38 or 39 degrees should be fixed, at least.

4. Freezing

If you want to keep it for a longer time, then it is best preserved in the freezer. It could be fresh for three months or more without any hassles. You will just have to intermittently check on the meat to validate any spoilage it must have been subjected to.

How To Reheat The Turkey Bacon Safely?

turkey bacon

Reheating turkey bacon is one fool-proof way of never having to waste it at any time. Having cooked turkey bacon at home is very tempting and finishing it in time before it turns bad provokes the desire to reheat and eat it all in one go.

Doing that might require some assistance, as reheating bacon could make it vulnerable to spoilage as well.

Reheating The Turkey Bacon In The Oven

If you are not in any hurry and you have a big chunk of bacon to be reheated, the oven is the right choice. This might take some time, but eventually would be the right choice if you want it crispier and hot.

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Spread the bacon on the baking sheet and make sure you have lined them one by one to share equal heat.

2. Cover them with aluminum foil and Leave it in the oven for 10 minutes.

3. After it’s heated, take it put from the oven and serve it on the platter along with the dishes of your choice.

You will have yourself a treat of hot bacon lined up for you on a platter that is adorned with beautiful decorations.

Reheating The Turkey Bacon In The Microwave

This is the instant choice, as mentioned before. Suppose you have a bunch of uninformed guests at home and have nothing to serve hot. This could be the ideal way to treat them with all the pleasure.

If you have a large chunk of bacon to reheat, then it is going to take time for reiterations to be completed.

1. Start by spreading the bacon layer on the sheet or parchment paper in a microwave-safe tray.

2. Cover it with a paper towel or even foil. Set it for 20 to 60 seconds, depending on the quantity of the turkey. 

3. After every 20 seconds, have a look at the turkey bacon to confirm it’s heated completely.

4. Take out the strips and serve them with your choice of dishes.

Reheating The Bacon On The Stovetop

The bacon will be served piping hot when you employ this method. It is usually heated using a skillet and follows a procedure very similar to roasting it on both sides.

1. Place the skillet over medium heat on the stovetop.

2. Wait until the pan becomes hot, and then place the stripes of bacon over it. Allow the strips to get heated and roasted properly.

3. Leave it for 2 minutes.Turn it to the other side and let it heat up for another 2 minutes.

4. Once it is heated on both sides, serve it hot on a platter with seasoning.

How To Tell If Turkey Bacon Has Gone Bad?

Processed meat can go bad as easily as non-processed meat. Although it is touted to have a longer shelf life, it has to be periodically evaluated for its quality once in a while. Even if it is within the limits of its sell-by date, it can still turn bad.

1. How It Looks

A visual inspection is the best way to tell if the turkey has gone bad. It will be light pink in color or formed into a pale peach color with a few steaks lined on the surface. White or grayish spots could also be a sign of spoilage of the meat.

Any form of discoloration, along with white or blue patches, indicates that the turkey bacon has turned bad. It has to be immediately discarded as it would start stinking the whole place and spread microbes in the neighboring food items as well.

2. Take A Whiff

The smell is an instant way to decide if the turkey bacon has gone bad. The foul odor would be discernible from miles away, making it more repulsive in nature.

You will also have to take a whiff of the meat to know if it has gone bad. It would emanate a pungent smell, very indicative of the meat being spoiled.

It is better disposed of immediately so as to make sure it does not damage the other components in the fridge as well.

3. Texture

Texture can be identified by having a nice touch on it. It would appear to be slightly slimy and springy in nature. The slimy and runny surface goes to show that many microorganisms have been breeding on the meat and it is better dumped than consumed.

4. Taste

If all the above indications show clearly that the meat has gone bad, then it’s better not to taste it at any cost. The taste would be very bitter and sour as well, but avoiding its intake by any chance would be the right approach.

Why Does Turkey Bacon Go Bad?

turkey gone bad

Turkey bacon is processed meat and is supposed to retain its life for a longer time. However, there are many reasons why it turns bad.

We have to be a little scrupulous about how to maintain its life for some considerable amount of time by following all the precautions that might shield it from any eventual spoilage.

1. Right Temperature

Room temperature is responsible for all types of microbial growth that can possibly attack the meat and spoil it in due course. To avoid this, the meat has to basically be stored in the fridge as soon as it is purchased. It needs a temperature of fewer than 40 degrees to retain its life longer and steadily.

2. Air Exposure

Another possible reason why turkey bacon turns bad is because of air exposure. The air that it is being exposed to in leaps and bounds would spoil it right away. The microorganisms that breed in the air get instantly deposited on the surface of the meat, making it turn bad and worse over time.

3. Use-By Date

If you are buying turkey bacon, it has to be immediately checked for the expiry date. You cannot buy turkey bacon meat past its expiry date and use it.

Once purchased, it has to be refrigerated immediately without any further delay unless it is going to be cooked right then and there.

Shelf Life Tips For Turkey Bacon

Turkey bacon should be preserved in the right way, irrespective of whether it is stored in the fridge or refrigerator. It has to be packed conveniently and wrapped up in sheets or covers safely without any possible leaks. Read below instructions to improve the shelflife of the turkey that you have in your kitchen:

1. Packaging

Storing it in the fridge or freezer is the right approach to preserving the turkey bacon. However, if you are storing the turkey bacon, remember to wrap all sides of the bacon to closure with aluminum foil or plastic covers. Repeated wrappings also would help a great deal from the meat being exposed to air or germs.

The bacon can also be packed in an airtight container or plastic boxes without any leaps. This could prolong its lifetime considerably by a week or two more.

2. Cool The Cooked Bacon

When the bacon is cooked, it is better to let it sit for some time until it cools to a certain degree. After this, it can be shoved in the fridge or freezer. The cooling process helps prolong its shelflife rather than just freezing it when it is piping hot.

3. Skip Recooking It

Take the bunch of turkey bacon that you are going to cook and keep the ones in the fridge for convenience. Only use the bacon stripes that you are going to use and the rest undisturbed.

4. Keep It In The Freezer

As long as you know that you are not going to cook the bacon soon, you can immediately shift the pieces to the freezer for a longer life. That way, you don’t have to worry about the pieces turning bad or losing their quality sooner than you thought.

5. Add Moisture

Cooked turkey bacon has a lot of seasoning that gets absorbed in the layers as it is served. However, when it is stored or preserved in the fridge, the seasoning might wear off immediately.

Hence intermittent seasoning by basting the turkey or with a homemade gravy can help retained its moisture and freshnessof the meat would deem necessary to keep its freshness.


Turkey bacon is definitely a delicious treat and a great feast to binge upon, even on a daily basis. Preserving and storing the bacon for a long time could make it consumable and ready to be served anytime you want.

The above article would be a perfect guidance material to fill you up with knowledge on its storing techniques. Refrigeration and freezing are the right choices for preserving meat for a longer time than intended. Packaging it right also seems to be a solid approach to extending its shelf life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does the turkey bacon get slimy?

The slimy texture on the surface of the turkey is because of the breeding of bacteria on the meat. This makes the texture runny and slimy making it repulsive and unsuitable for use.

Why does the turkey bacon turn gray?

It turns gray because of all the microbes that get settled on the layers. It turns the meat gray and also develops the mold of white patches on the top.

Is it ok to use turkey bacon almost a week past the sell-by date?

It is not safe to use the bacon almost a week past the use-by date. It has to be stored in the freezer or fridge to use after a week.

How long does the turkey bacon last after thawing?

Thawing turkey bacon means defrosting it. Hence defrosted turkey bacon cannot be kept longer outside at room temperature for a long time. It has to be drowned in cold water or kept in the fridge, and that too only for two days.

How long does the turkey bacon last after the package is unsealed?

The turkey bacon cannot be left unsealed for a long time since it will turn bad instantaneously. So it has to be immediately packaged and shoved inside the fridge or freezer.

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