How Long Does Malibu Rum Last?

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Most of us enjoy the sweet tropical flavor of Malibu rum. If it’s one of your favorite things, then you must be thinking of saving some for a little longer. But how long does Malibu rum last? Have no idea? Well, I can tell you all about it!

Malibu Rum

Malibu rum doesn’t go bad that easily and can be used for a very long time. If unopened, Malibu rum is fit for drinking even after 10 years. However, once opened, Malibu rum is best consumed within a year. Even after that period, one can consume Malibu rum. However, it won’t be in its best taste.

Malibu rum is one of the most flavorful rums we have ever had and is many people’s favorite. It has notes of coconut and vanilla and is slightly sweet in nature. So if you are looking to keep it for a longer time, I support you.

But if you are planning to keep the Malibu rum, keep it in such a way that it won’t lose its flavor. So in this article, let’s talk in detail about the best way to keep Malibu rum and its expiry period. So if you are a Malibu rum lover like me, keep on reading!

How Long Does Malibu Rum Last?

Malibu Rum
Closed Malibu Rum10 + yearsInfinite 
Open Malibu Rum1 year+1 from the expiry date.

Malibu rum has a very long expiry period and lasts very long. If unopened and kept properly, Malibu rum can stay fresh and fit for consumption for more than 10 years. 

However, if the bottle is opened and used, this will change. An opened bottle of Malibu rum has to be consumed within 1 year to enjoy its best taste. Malibu rum won’t go bad after that but will lose its flavor.

But if you have a Malibu rum sitting in your fridge, you must have noticed that it does have an expiry date. By the expiry date, the manufacturers don’t mean it will go bad after that specific date. It’s just that it tastes best when consumed within that period. 

So I mean that even if your Malibu rum loses a bit of its flavor, it is okay to consume it! But once the bottle is opened, use it within a year to enjoy it in its best taste. 

How To Tell If Malibu Has Gone Bad?

Malibu Rum

Malibu rum, with its high alcoholic content, has a long shelf life. However, like all good things, Malibu rum, too, is perishable. Look for these signs if you think your Malibu rum has gone but aren’t sure about it. 

1. Flavor 

As we have discussed, Malibu rum has a sweet tropical taste. It essentially reminds you of coconut cream. Thus if your Malibu rum tastes any different, it must have started to lose its taste.

This happens as a result of overexposure to air. If the Malibu rum is exposed to air for a longer period, it will start to evaporate and lose its flavor.

In such a case, its taste changes drastically to the point that you can’t even enjoy a sip of it. If that’s the case, look for another drink!

2. Smell 

Malibu rum, just like its taste, has a very pleasant smell. However, it develops an unpleasant sour smell once it starts to decay. One might not enjoy drinking a sour-smelling rum, but if its taste doesn’t bother you, you can still have it. 

Sometimes Malibu rum which loses its potency, will smell flat. It doesn’t smell bad, but it won’t smell good, either. This, again, is safe for consumption. 

3. Appearance 

If not kept properly, Malibu rum will develop a cloudy texture. You might also notice some particles settled down in the bottle. If this happens, the best thing to do will be to discard the bottles.

Best Tips To Store Malibu Rum 

Malibu Rum

If you just bought a bottle of Malibu rum and are reading the article, one thing must be clear to you! The better you take care of the bottle, the longer it will last. So if you don’t intend to finish it within a day, keep reading!

This section will help you to learn a few tips which will help you to keep your Malibu rum fresh for a longer period. 

  • Once you have opened the bottle, make sure that you seal the bottle properly. This will ensure that the Malibu rum has less contact with the air.
  • However, never keep your Malibu rum half filled. Half-filled bottles have high air pressure. The liquid might suck in the air much faster, leading to early spoilage of your drink. So if you have a half-emptied bottle of Malibu rum, transfer it to a smaller bottle and keep it filled with very less air contact.
  • Always keep your Malibu rum or any other liquor away from high-temperature areas. Exposure to high heat will fasten the degradation process. 
  • If you are planning to keep your Malibu rum for a longer period, keep it in the fridge. However, if you are living in a colder area, it’s also safe to keep it outside! Malibu rum has high alcoholic content and won’t go bad that fastly! If you enjoy chilled drinks, you can keep them in the fridge. Otherwise, keep it in a cool place.

Can You Freeze Malibu Rum?

The best way to keep anything longer is to freeze it! So you might be wondering whether one can freeze Malibu rum or not! The straightaway answer is yes! If you want, you can do that.

But if you keep your Malibu rum bottle directly in a freezer, chances are high that your bottle will break within a day or two! In this way, you’ll have two problems – one, the loss of your favorite drink, and the other is cleaning the fridge!

Before answering regarding how to freeze Malibu rum, let me tell you one thing, it’s unnecessary! Just keep Malibu rum in the side of the fridge or just in the room cupboard well sealed; it will stay for a very long time. 

Regular freezers won’t freeze rum! Once placed in the freezer, it will turn into ice or, most probably, into syrup! ( if you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend you to try it with a whiskey rather than the very dear Malibu rum)

The coldness inside a regular freezer is not enough to freeze the Malibu rum. If not taken within a day, chances are high that the bottle may break! 

So even though it is possible to freeze a Malibu rum, don’t try it! Or at least don’t try it with a full bottle!

Consequences Of Having Bad Expired Malibu Rum

Have you ever considered what would happen if one consumed expired Malibu rum? Maybe you have been in a situation where you wanted to try an expired drink but didn’t because you didn’t know what would happen.

To be frank, there won’t be any health issues if you have consumed a bit of expired Malibu rum. The best-before date is not the expiry date of Malibu rum. The date is just a reminder for you to use it within that period to enjoy its fullest flavor!

If you have an old Malibu rum at home, you might have noticed it has become a little cloudy! It might have lost its aroma and flavor too, but it hasn’t expired and could be consumed if you could enjoy it!


Malibu Rum is a perfect drink to be enjoyed all season! It is slightly sweet and very refreshing! I hope I have cleared all your doubts regarding the Malibu rum and its expiry date. So if you have a bit of Malibu rum left, which is past its best-before date! Take a sip of it and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does Malibu rum last once opened?

Once opened, Malibu rum is best consumed within a year. Even after that period, one can consume Malibu rum. However, it won’t be in its best taste.

Does Malibu coconut rum go bad?

If stored properly Malibu rum doesn’t go bad easily.

How long does rum expire?

If stored properly Malibu rum can last up to years.

How do you know if Malibu has gone bad?

The smell, taste, and color of Malibu rum will change once its gone bad.

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