How Long Does Canola Oil Last?

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Have a bottle of canola oil and wonder if it is safe to use or not? Canola oil is a vital ingredient in cooking, but if you need clarification about its expiration, scroll until the end. 

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Canola oil can last for 6 to 12 months if opened and around 12-24 months if unopened. The main factors responsible for canola oil going bad are heat, moisture, and air.

If you store the canola oil properly, you can increase its shelf life and use it longer. 

The flavor of canola oil is mild and has a pale golden color. It is very easy to identify whether the canola oil has gone bad. You can simply smell or taste and make your decision accordingly. 

Now without stretching further, let’s see the complete deeds of canola oil and find all your ifs and buts about canola oil. 

How Long Does Canola Oil Last?


The shelf life of canola totally depends on the way it is stored. If properly stored, canola oil can last up to a great extent. Let’s see how long canola oil lasts in different scenarios.

How long does a bottle of canola oil last once open?

Once the bottle of canola oil is opened, it can last up to 6 months to a year and even two if properly stored. The shelf life of canola oil is between 12 to 24 months, and generally, it comes with an expiration date.

However, if stored properly, you can consume canola oil for around a year or more. The average shelf life of canola oil is 6 months to 12 months. 

How long does an unopened bottle of canola oil last?

As mentioned, the bottle of canola oil comes with an expiration date; the unopened bottle may get spoiled after the expiration date.

There are chances that the unopened bottle is still safe to consume after the expiration date only if you know the right way to store it.

Don’t worry; I will help you know better ways to store the bottle of canola oil. The average expiration date of unopened bottles is around 12-14 months.

How long does a bottle of canola oil last at room temperature?

If the bottle of canola oil is stored in a dry and dark place at room temperature, it may last up to 6 months. If you keep it near humid and warm temperatures, the shelf life will get shorter. To make it last at room temperature, make sure to store it appropriately.

How long does a bottle of canola oil last if stored in the refrigerator?

You can keep an opened bottle of canola oil in the refrigerator to increase the shelf life. As the oil will stay away from air and moisture, it can last for 12 months or more in the refrigerator.

This is a great way to ensure your canola oil does not get bad quickly. After removing it from the refrigerator, you may need to warm the canola oil and check if it has gone bad before using it. After all, even refrigeration is not 100% trustable regarding food-related items. 

Canola Oil Time Duration
Opened6 to 12 months
Closed12- 24 months
At Room Temperature6 months to even a year 
In Refrigerator 12 months and more

How To Tell If Canola Oil Has Gone Bad? 


If canola oil is not stored properly, it can get rancid, which is not suitable for consumption. We may need to be sure whether the oil is safe to use or not.

 Simply through smell, taste, and appearance, one can identify if canola oil has gone bad. Let’s see the steps to check bad canola oil.

1. Taste 

Most vegetable oils have a neutral or mild taste. This is why the dish cooked in the canola oil does not let the oil taste overpower the final flavor. So, it is simple. If your canola has a strong and unpleasant taste, it has probably gone bad.

The rancid oil will have a sour note, a sign that you should dispose of the oil. You can try to taste a tiny bit of canola; if you don’t find the flavor as usual, do not use it. 

2. Smell 

If you are hesitant to taste the canola oil, you can also check the odor. Many claim that canola oil smells like soapy detergent when gone bad. I am sure you may be aware of the natural scent of canola oil as you use it frequently.

If the smell has changed a bit and is harsh, you should know it has gone bad. You may also find the smell familiar to oil paint or a thinner. Smelling the odor of bad canola may be similar to soap. As soon as you smell something different, dispose of the oil.

3. Appearance 

I can understand if you don’t want to taste or smell the oil, as it makes you feel sick. Now, just by looking at the appearance of the canola oil, you can figure out whether it can be consumed.

The original color of canola oil is pale golden and clear. If you see any color change that gets darker, you should think twice before using it. Bad canola oil may change texture as well. Do not get confused if oil gets crystallized or cloudy as if stored in a cold place.

It is a normal occurrence. You may also note some floating mold-like things; do not use them as they have gone bad. 

4. Touch 

This may not be necessary if you have followed any one of the options mentioned above to check the canola oil. But if you are still unsure, simply feel the oil between your fingertips.

If the canola oil feels thicker and greasier than usual, it is for sure that your canola oil is not okay to be consumed. This can be the final step to check, and you can make your decision accordingly. 

5. Change in taste of the dish

There are chances that you may not find any major unusual differences in the taste, smell, appearance, and texture of canola oil, or you have simply skipped checking if it has gone bad or not.

Now, if you have cooked your meal in spoiled canola oil, you will surely have a clear understanding as the final flavor of the dish will be different and not in a good way. If this happens, cook something fresh instead of eating food cooked with bad canola oil. 

Why And How Does Canola Oil Get Spoiled?


Like any other oil, canola oil also gets spoiled if it is not properly stored. When left open, the oil gets contaminated with air and moisture. The oil gets rancid over some time and degrades the quality.

So, the rancidification of oil is the main reason why canola oil gets spoiled. 

Rancidification only happens when oil is exposed to extreme heat and air. That is why keeping the canola oil in a better place and at an idle temperature is always advised.

Another important thing to note is that despite an idle place and temperature, canola oil will still get bad as food items are perishable and cannot last up to a lifetime. 

How to store canola oil to make it last longer? 


Storing canola oil in an appropriate way can make it last longer than the expiration date as well. As we have already learned how to check the bad canola oil, you can make sure to use it for the longest period.

Well-stored canola oil will help to cook your dish without any worry. 

1. An idle place to store canola oil

It would be best to store the bottle of canola oil in a dry, dark, and cold place that is far away from direct sunlight and heat.

The best place is to keep the bottle in a cabinet, which is always cool and dry. Keep the bottle away from the cooking station.

You can keep the canola oil in the refrigerator as well to keep the shelf life getting shorter. 

2. Idle temperature to store canola oil 

As already said, bottles of canola oil should be kept at a cool temperature as heat can spoil the oil. Make sure to keep it away from the humid place. Room temperature is fine for your canola oil only if your place is usually cooler.

If you live in a humid place, consider storing the canola oil in the refrigerator, as it will help save the canola oil from getting in touch with heat and humidity. 

3. Idle container to store canola oil 

Mostly you can purchase a bottle of canola oil, which is also great to store. Just in case you want to store the used one or transfer some of the quantity into a smaller bottle, consider an airtight container.

Take any dark-colored container, as it will reflect the light and eliminate heat and keep your canola oil cool and dry.

The container or bottle should be properly sealed after use. If the bottle is transparent glass, ensure no direct sunlight reaches the bottle.

Clean the container before transferring the oil. 

Things to avoid to keep canola oil long laster 

canola oil
  • Do not use any plastic bottles to store the oil.
  • Do not transfer hot oil to the container. Let the oil cool down first and then transfer properly. 
  • Do not reuse the oil more than two or three times; when heated, the oil starts degrading and eventually gets spoiled. 

Can We Consume Expired Canola Oil? 

canola oil

Most of the packed bottles of canola oil come with an expiration date. The date usually ranges from 12-24 months after it is manufactured. However, the expiration date is not 100% reliable as your canola may last longer than the mentioned date.

Do not forget that it can also get spoiled before the expiration date. 

If the oil tastes and smells as usual past the expiration date, you can consider using it. The thing is that oil doesn’t expire, but the quality degrades.

Consuming bad canola oil will not have any major issues, but obviously, your food will not taste good, and you may have some consequences after consuming spoiled oil, which can be dangerous in the long run. 

The expiration date is just a way to tell that the oil might have lost its qualities and gone bad. It is advised to consume within the stated time frame. If you still want to consume, you must follow the steps to check the quality that I have already mentioned at the beginning of the conversation. 

How To Reuse Canola Oil? 

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One can reuse canola oil multiple times. It is advised to reuse it 2-3 times or 4 maxim as after that the oil starts degrading, which can be really harmful. Follow the steps to reuse canola oil.

  • After cooking, let the canola oil cook down and then transfer it to the container.
  • You can use a glass or dark-colored container to avoid heat. 
  • Before transferring, filter the oil so that unnecessary elements are scarpered away. You can use a coffee filter or a clean cloth to filter the oil. 
  • Keep the oil separately that is cooked in different dishes. If you have used it in making chicken, keep it separate from the oil left from the stir-fries. 

Disposing Of The Spoiled Canola Oil 

canola oil

If the bottle of canola oil has gone bad and you plan to throw it away, there are a few things to look after. 

  • Do not drain the oil in the sink as it will cause clogging of the drains and contaminate the water near your place. 
  • Make sure the oil is cooled down before throwing it away. 
  • You can freeze the oil and throw it away after putting it in a packet.
  • Avoid plastic bags, as the oil can get leaked and create a mess. 
  • Contact officials who are in charge of disposing of waste like oil and other stuff.
  • Instead of disposing of it, you can recycle the oil by using it to lubricate metals or remove rust. If you are ambitious, then you can make biodiesel as well. 
  • If the amount is less, simply wipe it out using a paper towel and throw the paper towel away. 


Now that we have concluded this conversation, I am sure that many of you have got your answers. Canola oil can last up to a year or more. The only thing you have to do is to store it properly away from sunlight, heat, and moisture.

There are many ways I have listed that can help you to find out if canola is spoiled or not. A handy tip is to take a fresh and new bottle whenever you need to be careful about your health. I will be back with more such conversations. Until next time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can canola oil be reused?

Yes, you can cook twice or thrice in the same batch of canola oil. After that, the oil will gradually start degrading and get rancidified. 

What is the shelf life of unopened canola oil?

Unopened canola oil bottles can last up to 12-24 months if stored properly in a dry and cool place. 

How long does used canola oil last?

Used canola oil can last up to 1-2 months if you filter and keep it in an airtight container. 

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