How Long Do Avocados Last?

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Avocados can be tricky fruits to deal with. They are often only partially ripe when we buy them from supermarkets. This makes most people wonder, how long do avocados last? If you want answers to this question, you have stumbled across the right post!


How long an avocado can last depends on how ripe it is and where it is stored. An unripe avocado will stay in the pantry for 2-7 days, whereas ripe ones can last for about two days in the pantry and a maximum of five days in the refrigerator. 

 Avocados are mainly harvested in Central and South America and were quite popular in these regions for a long time. However, over the years, avocados have become widely popular worldwide.

They are packed with healthy fats and nutrients and are also pretty versatile. Health buffs often use avocados as a nourishing addition to their meal. But they are also often used to make dips like guacamole and many desserts. 

Regardless of this fruit’s popularity, most people still need to learn how long they last. Also, even their storage and signs of spoilage can sometimes be tricky to point out, which creates issues.

Once you are done reading this blog post, you will indeed have all the answers you need about avocados! So, let us get right into it! 

How Long Do Avocados Last? 

Unripe2-7 days
Ripe1-2 days3-5 days
Cut or Mashed3-4 days

An unripe avocado is best placed in the pantry until it is completely ripe. The process of ripening should take a maximum of 7 days, depending on the stage of ripening it is at. Quite a few people also store unripe avocados in the refrigerator, which prolongs the ripening process. 

So, it is best to leave it on the counter and check. As you can see, a ripe avocado is more versatile in terms of storage. It can last in the pantry quite easily for a maximum of two days. But, if you want to use it a little later and save it from over-ripening, storing it in the refrigerator for five days is best. 

Lastly, you can store cut or mashed avocados once they are fully ripe. However, these will only last in the refrigerator for 3-4 days, that too, if stored properly. If mashed or cut, avocados are stored in the pantry; they will begin to oxidize and eventually go bad. 

Is It Necessary To Refrigerate Avocados? 

Many people prefer to keep their avocados out of the refrigerator in places with colder temperatures. Leaving them out in the pantry also works and ripens the avocado perfectly. So, is it necessary to refrigerate the avocados elsewhere? 

If you live in a hot and humid climate, then refrigeration of avocados is a must. But then, this depends a lot on how ripe the avocados are. Unripe avocados should not be kept in the refrigerator, despite the temperature. 

If kept in the refrigerator, they won’t ripen properly, and will not develop a good flavor. At the same time, ripe avocados can be held in the refrigerator if they need to be stored for a few days once they are grown. Similarly, storing cut and mashed avocados in the refrigerator is a must, as leaving them out will surely spoil them. 

Can You Freeze Avocados? 

Hass Avocado

Quite often to increase the shelf life of anything perishable, we tend to freeze them. Although freezing avocados is rare, it can still be done. It is also optional to freeze avocados. 

But, if you have bought some in abundance and are already ripe, freezing is an excellent way to preserve avocados for extended periods. But, storing them properly in the freezer and thawing them is an equally important aspect. Let’s take a look at the best ways to do so. 

How To Freeze Avocados? 

Firstly, ensure that the avocados are entirely ripe before storing them. Storing unripe avocados will only do a little. If you are storing a whole avocado, you can wrap it in plastic and store it in the freezer, for up to 1 month.

On the other hand, if the avocados are sliced in half, then there are a few things you will have to do to preserve them. Squeeze some lemon juice or apply oil on the exposed flesh, then wrap it in plastic. Store the avocado in the freezer for up to one month. 

How To Thaw Frozen Avocados? 

Thawing a frozen avocado is much easier than the actual freezing process. To soften an avocado, take it out of the freezer and place it in the refrigerator overnight, or leave it on the counter for one hour before you use it. 

How To Tell If An Avocado Is Ripe? 

How to choose the perfect avocado

Ripening an avocado is the essential phase in the whole process of getting yourself an avocado. Many things can be decided based on how ripe an avocado is, like where it should be stored, how long it should be stored, and how long it will last.

So, it is essential to know tell-tale signs of when an avocado is ripe. These factors can even be applied while buying an avocado. Based on when you would like to eat the avocado, you can keep these factors in mind and either buy an unripe one or a ripe one. Let’s have a look at these factors. 

1. Appearance

This is the first determining factor in checking whether an avocado is ripe. However, this factor only works with some types of avocados. Generally, Hass avocados, the most common ones sold in markets, tend to have purple skin once they are ripe.  

So, this can be a determining factor with this type of avocado. But most other types don’t see any changes in their skin color even after they are fully ripe. So, keep in mind the type of avocado in hand. 

2. Texture

This is another excellent and easy way to check the ripeness of an avocado. Gently press the skin of the avocado, and if it feels substantial, it is not ripe. It is overripe if the avocado has an indent after it is pressed. It should leave a minor incision, and the avocado should feel firm yet soft. That is a perfectly ripe avocado! 

How To Tell If An Avocado Has Gone Bad? 

What is the taste and texture of avocado

Avocados can quickly go bad if factors like proper storage are not considered. Avocados are prone to oxidation, and their quality can deteriorate in just a few hours. Just like there are signs to tell if an avocado is ripe, there are also signs to remember to know if an avocado is alright or has gone wrong. 

1. Appearance

Certain types of avocados tend to have darker skin once they are fully ripe. However, if you see this happening to a kind with green skin even after it is grown, it has mostly gone wrong. 

Moreover, if your avocado has prominent discoloration on the skin, like black stops, it should not be eaten. Lastly, if you see any moldy patches on the skin, the avocado has gone wrong and should be thrown away. 

2. Texture

While checking the ripeness of an avocado, make sure you gently press it. It is most likely spoiled if gentle pressing leaves an indent mark on the avocado. Similarly, the avocado should feel soft enough, as that could be spoiled or over-ripe. 

Similarly, you can also check the texture of the avocado after cutting it open. If it is too fibrous or stringy, then it is best to not use that avocado. This does not necessarily mean that the avocado is spoiled; somewhat, the quality has deteriorated. 

3. Smell

Avocados tend to have a very neutral smell. If an avocado has gone bad, it can be effortless to tell so just by smelling it. It is best to discard that avocado if it smells rancid or sour. 

4. Taste

Lastly, if the above factors are not convincing enough, you could taste the avocado. It is best not to consume that avocado if the flavor is bitter or off. 

Some Storage Tips To Make Your Avocados Last Long

Eat it as it is

Here are some tips you can keep in mind to ensure your avocados stay fresh for as long as possible. 

  1. Store unripe avocados away from sunlight and moisture in the pantry at room temperature or below. 
  2. Don’t store unripe avocados in the refrigerator, affecting their quality and slowing the ripening process. 
  3. To ripen an avocado faster, store it in a brown paper bag and leave it on the counter. 
  4. Once the avocado is ripe, store it in the refrigerator. 
  5. Always keep cut or mashed avocados in the refrigerator, in an airtight container, or wrapped in plastic. 


Avocados are the newest trend in the food industry, especially for people who love eating healthy. Avocados are packed with healthy fats and rich in vital nutrients. So, adding avocados to your diet is a great idea. 

However, people often need help knowing how long an avocado lasts. As long as your avocados are stored in the optimal conditions mentioned above, they should last as long as they should, depending on their ripe. 

Moreover, it is best to buy avocados based on when you want to eat them. For immediate consumption, it is best to buy a ripe avocado. However, if you want to consume it after a few days, buy an unripe one and let it naturally ripen by leaving it in the pantry. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does an unripe avocado last? 

Unripe avocados last in the pantry for 2-7 days. 

How long does a ripe avocado last? 

A ripe avocado will last in the fridge for 3-5 days, whereas in the pantry for a maximum of 2 days. 

How do you store cut or mashed avocados? 

Cut or mashed avocados can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. 

If an avocado has purple skin, has it gone wrong? 

Not necessarily. This depends on the type of avocado. Hass avocados develop purple skin as they ripen, whereas most other types tend to have green skin even after entirely ripe. 

Can avocados be frozen? 

You can freeze avocados to preserve them for a long time. 

If an avocado is mushy to the touch, is it ripe? 

No, if an avocado is mushy, it is probably over-ripe or has gone wrong and should not be eaten. 

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