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How The Hospitality Industry Is Supporting Ukraine In This Humanitarian Crisis

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine is not just a European crisis; it’s a humanitarian crisis. The United Nations has reported that more than 660,000 Ukrainians have fled the war-struck country. The rest of the population is either fighting for their country or fearing for their lives. 


In these grave times, the whole world has stepped to help Ukraine. The hospitality industry also has stepped up to feed and raise funds to support the Ukrainian people. Many businesses, restaurants, and nonprofits work tirelessly for this cause. 

From World Central Kitchen to Bakers Against Racism, here are a few businesses and organizations that are taking the initiative to support the violence-stricken Ukrainian people

Feeding The Ukrainian People

world central kitchen

World Central Kitchen is a nonprofit organization for food relief. It was started and operated by chef Andres. The organization set up stations on the pedestrian borders of Poland where they feed the people of Ukraine that are fleeing the country.

They also teamed up with a food truck, Oh My Ramen, in Korczowa to give thousands of free hot meals to people in need. They also arranged about 4000 meals in just 18 hours when they arrived in the village of Medyka in Poland. 

World Central Kitchen has also paired with Yourz Space Bistro to provide thousands of meals to the people of Odesa, Ukraine, who couldn’t leave the city or were fighting the Russian invasion forces. 

They are now planning to set up food operations across Ukraine, including Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, Hungary, etc. 

Raising Funds For The Ukrainian People

bake sale for Ukraine

Paola Velez, one of the three founders of the Bakers Against Racism, launched the Bake For Ukraine campaign on 26 February. The campaign is a worldwide bake sale. The money raised by this campaign will help organizations like World Central Kitchen. 

It will also provide monetary support to organizations like Sunflower of Peace, Save The Children, and International Rescue Committee. All of these organizations are working towards supporting and feeding the war-torn people of Ukraine.

Other than Velez, Dachi 46, a European restaurant in Brooklyn’ has also started an initiative. They have brought together some pastry chefs, bakers, and cooks from New York to create a $103 bakery box with 12 sweet treats.

The box’s sales will give monetary aid to many organizations like Unicef UK, Razom for UK, and the Jewish Distribution Committee. These are only a few of them. There are many restaurants doing their best to provide relief for the Ukrainian people. 

Showing Solidarity With Ukraine

Many bars and restaurants are standing with Ukraine, especially restaurants associated with Russia and Ukraine. One such example is the restaurant “Russian House,” which changed its name to just “House” after Russia invaded Ukraine.

This was to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine and to Russians who are against war. Many Russian restaurants in New York have also voiced their opinions and said that they are with the people of Ukraine in this humanitarian crisis.

Final Thoughts

In times like these, the people of Ukraine need all the support and help they can get. It’s great to see the hospitality industry’s initiatives for the same. Every little effort counts in these difficult times. Let’s all hope that this war ends and no more lives are ruined or lost. 

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