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Hooters is an all American restaurant chain that was founded on October 4, 1983, by a group of six people named Lynn D. Stewart, Gil DiGiannantonio, Ed Droste, Billy Ranieri, Ken Wimmer, and Dennis Johnson. Its first store was opened in Florida, U.S.A.

The food chain is typically known for its female waitress wairing sexy attires serving pure beef burgers. So you can say that Hooters is the restaurant you choose when you want to look at pretty girls and eat big meals.

But it’s a formula that has proven successful in the United States and is now expanding to countries all over the world. But this is not the only thing responsible for the brand’s success.

Hooters menu is so affordable that it attracts a lot of customers.

Hooters Menu and Prices

Hooters menu with prices

Hooters menu has an All-American rush. Its menu includes chicken wings, Barbeque items, sandwiches, nachos and more.

Hooters menu also has pie, cheesecakes, soups, and drinks. Hooters prices are also a draw as it allows groups of friends to come over and watch games like the Super Bowl without having to spend too much.

So’ let’s check out Hooters menu with prices.


2021 Hooters Calendar With Coupons$16.99


6 Wings10 Wings20 Wings50 Wings
Hooters Original Style Wings$11.99$14.99$27.49$61.99
Naked Wings$11.99$14.99$27.49$61.99
Boneless Wings$11.99$13.99$24.99$50.99
Smoked Wings$10.99$15.49$25.99$58.99
Daytona Wings$11.99$15.49$27.99$62.99

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Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches$13.49
Smothered Chicken Sandwich$13.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$11.49
Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich$13.99

Mile High Burgers

Twisted Texas Melt$14.39
Western BBQ Burger$14.39
B.Y.O.B. Burger$12.99
Homerun Burger$15.99


Snow Crab Legs$24.99
1/2LB Steamed Shrimp$14.99
1lb Steamed Shrimp$26.99


Cheese Sticks$8.99
Fried Pickles$8.99
Lots a Tots$8.99
Burger Sliders$11.99
Buffalo Chicken Dip$10.99
12 Buffalo Shrimp$13.19
24 Buffalo Shrimp$23.49
Beer Cheese and Pretzels$10.99
Curly Fries$5.99

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Kids Menu

Kids Grilled Cheese$6.59
Kids Wings$6.59
Kids Boneless$6.59
Kids Buffalo Shrimp$6.59
Kids Burger Sliders$6.59


Diet Pepsi$3.29
Mug Root Beer$3.29
Mt. Dew$3.29
Sierra Mist$3.29
Red Bull$5.49
Red Bull Sugar Free$5.49
Red Bull Tropical$5.49
Red Bull Orange$3.29
Sweet Tea$3.29
Iced Tea$3.29
Blackberry Iced Tea$3.69
Mango Iced Tea$3.69
Passion Fruit Tea$3.69
Blackberry Lemonade$3.69
Mango Lemonade$3.69
Passion Fruit Lemonade$3.69
Bottle Water$1.99

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Onion Rings$6.99
Curly Fries$4.59
Tater Tots$5.49
Cheese Sauce$1.09
Extra Sauces
[Cocktail Sauce, Extra Marinara Sauce, Tartar Sauce]
Extra Sauces
[Extra Mild, Extra Medium, Extra Hot, Extra 3-Mile, Extra BBQ, Extra Caribbean Jerk, Extra Chesapeake, Extra Garlic Habanero, Extra General Tso, Extra Lemon Pepper, Extra Parmesan Garlic, Extra Spicy Garlic, Extra Texas BBQ Rub]
Extra Sauces
[Extra Chipotle Honey, Extra Daytona, Extra Samaurai Teriyaki]
Extra Dressing

Hooters Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information Click here to view the PDF

You can view the nutritional information of the Hooters menu by clicking on the link we have mentioned above.

Hooters Franchising Information

Hooters franchise

Since 1983, Hooters has managed to 445 restaurant locations in 43 states in the US, and in 27 countries in addition to 122 privately held units. And the chain is ready to expand more by giving franchises to others.

So here is how it will cost you to open a Hooters restaurant.

Franchise Fee$75,000
Total Investment$956,500-$4,275,000
National Advertising2.5%

Note- International fees and royalties will vary by country.

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Important Links

Official Website hooters.com/
Locations hooters.com/locations/
Gift Cardhooters.com/gift-cards/

Hooters Contact Information

Hooters Corporate Office Address– 1815 The Exchange SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Hooters Corporate Phone Number– 770-951-2040

Hooters Press Contact Address- 685 Third Avenue 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10017

Hooters Press Contact Phone Number– 800-210-2491

Hooters Customer Service Phone Number– 1-866-225-4668

You can also contact the Hooters team by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page- facebook.com/hooters

Twitter Handle- twitter.com/hooters

Instagram Account- instagram.com/hooters/

Add Hooters on Snapchat- snapchat.com/add/hooters

YouTube Channel- youtube.com/hooters

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