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Hooters is an all American restaurant chain that was founded on October 4, 1983, by a group of six people named Lynn D. Stewart, Gil DiGiannantonio, Ed Droste, Billy Ranieri, Ken Wimmer, and Dennis Johnson. Its first store was opened in Florida, U.S.A.

The food chain is typically known for its female waitress wairing sexy attires serving pure beef burgers. So you can say that Hooters is the restaurant you choose when you want to look at pretty girls and eat big meals.

But it’s a formula that has proven successful in the United States and is now expanding to countries all over the world. But this is not the only thing responsible for the brand’s success.

Hooters menu is so affordable that it attracts a lot of customers.

Hooters Menu and Prices

Hooters menu with prices

Hooters menu has an All-American rush. Its menu includes chicken wings, Barbeque items, sandwiches, nachos and more.

Hooters menu also has desserts, soups, and drinks. Hooters prices are also a draw as it allows groups of friends to come over and watch games like the Super Bowl without having to spend too much.

So’ let’s check out Hooters menu with prices.


Quesadillas (Steak, Chicken or Bbq)grilled flour tortilla filled with chicken, steak or bbq cheddar and monterey jack cheese$8.99
Quesadilla Cheese Only$6.99
Add Guacamole to Quesadilla$0.50
Nacho Grandeplateful of chips, cheese, and great toppings$7.99
Nacho Grande with Grilled Chicken or Steak$9.99
Onion Ringsgreat to eat, but don’t try proposing with them, lightly breaded sweet onions served with kickin’ dippin’ sauce$4.99
Cheese Stickswe seem to have a gift for the cheesy things, fried mozzarella cheese sticks with marinara sauce$5.99
Buffalo Shrimpstart every meal with a little b.s. fried butterflied shaken in your favorite wing sauce$6.79 – $11.99
Buffalo Chicken Stripssliced chicken breast, breaded, fried and shaken in your favorite wing sauce, or served plain$6.99
Sampler Plattersome steamed shrimp, some snow crab legs that won’t make you fat, buffalo shrimp and our famous wings$17.99
Buffalo Platterorder one for the table. buffalo shrimp, chicken strips, and our famous wings.$12.99
5 Wing Flappertizerstart your meal off right with a taste of our famous wings, served unbreaded “naked style”.$3.99

Hooters Chicken Wings

Nearly World Famousmild, medium, hot, 3-mile island, 911, cajun, samurai or spicy jack often imitated hardly ever duplicated great as a meal or a snack all drums$6.99 – $27.99
Gourmet Chicken Wing Dinner20 wings and a bottle of dom perignon champagne$149.99
Bleu Cheese or Ranch Dressing & Celery or Carrots$0.99
Extra Bleu Cheese, Ranch, or Sauce$0.69


OystersRaw on the half shell$9.99
Oyster Roast Carolina Style-In the Shella taste like you’ve never had, you’ll love em, shuck at your own risk, served with drawn butter$18.49 – $10.99
Fish and Chipsbeer battered fish, comes with cole slaw and curley fries, but no chips, go figure$8.99
Steamed Clams Hooters Styleeverybody’s clam-oring fir these babies served with drawn butter or cocktail sauce made semi-famous right here at hooters$8.99
Snow Crab Legs$11.99
New Orleans Shrimp 1/2 Lbpeel’em & eat’em shrimp – talk about big easy, simmered in a spicy roux sauce, with toasted french bread for dipping$9.99
Traditional Steamed Shrimp Available 1/2 Lbactually, just a little jealous of the new orleans shrimp$9.49

More Than a Mouthful Burger

More Than a Mouthful Burger$6.99
Add Cheeseamerican cheddar, pepper jack, provolone$0.39
Add Bacon$0.39
Add Grilled Mushrooms$0.39
Add Chili$0.49


Buffalo Chickena fried chicken breast sandwich, shaken in your choice of our famous wing sauce, like a wing on a bun, without the bone$7.69
Grilled Chicken$7.29
Smothered Chickena grilled chicken breast smothered in provolone cheese, onions, green peppers and mushrooms$7.99
Ham & Cheese Sandwichthis piggy came from the market the cheese came from a cow we added some secret sauce and they’re on a roll now$6.99
Groupers Cousin Sandwich (Fried or Grilled)we found a cousin of the grouper and decided it was better than plan old grouper because it hung out at the finest schools$7.99
Cuban Sandwichtoasted ‘stogie’ roll filled with layers of pork loin, ham, cheese, pickles, and spicy mustard check with your gastroenterologist before eating$6.99
Philly Cheese Steak (Beef or Chicken)onions, green peppers, mushrooms, provolone cheese, we have a big steak in this one$7.99
Texas Steak Sandwicha tender, marinated, juicy flat iron steak topped with cheese, onions & mushrooms$8.49
Bbq Sandwichwe do the manly bbq thing so you don’t have to. A generous portion of pulled bbq pork, smothered in jackaroo sauce$6.29
Grilled Cheese Platterserved with a side of curley fries, just like your mother used to make, only better$4.99
Gourmet Hot Dogserved with a side of curley fries, a weiner you can relish, it’s lived a dog’s life$4.99
Add Chili$0.49
Add Cheese$0.49
Add Bacon$0.49
Add Grilled Mushrooms$0.39
Add Grilled Onions$0.39

All Sandwiches served with Pickle, Lettuce, and Tomato


Curley Frieswith cheese sauce, french fries are fun again. ppeeled and curled entirely by computer & programmed by an idaho refugee.$2.69
Sidescole slaw, potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans$0.89


New England Style Clam Chowder$3.29
Baked Potato Soup$3.29
Vegetable Soup$3.29
Bayou Gumbowith andouille sausage$3.29
Hooters Chili$3.29
Add Cheese to Chili$0.39


Key Lime Pie$3.49
Caramel Fudge Cheesecake$3.99
Chocolate Mousse Cake$3.99


Soft Drinks, Milk or Iced Tea$2.29
Bottled Water$1.29

All the items in the Hooters menu are listed above with prices. But these items and prices could vary depending upon the store you are visiting.

Hooters Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information Click here to view the PDF

Big brands like Denny’s provide their nutrition chart on their website so that their customers can easily know the nutritional values of the items they are serving. So you can view the nutritional information of the Hooters menu by clicking on the link we have mentioned above.

Hooters Franchising Information

Hooters franchise

Since 1983, Hooters has managed to 445 restaurant locations in 43 states in the US, and in 27 countries in addition to 122 privately held units. And the chain is ready to expand more by giving franchises to others.

So here is how it will cost you to open a Hooters restaurant.

Franchise Fee$75,000
Total Investment$956,500-$4,275,000
National Advertising2.5%

Note- International fees and royalties will vary by country.

Important Links

Official Website hooters.com/
Locations hooters.com/locations/
Gift Cardhooters.com/gift-cards/

Hooters Contact Information

Hooters Corporate Office Address– 1815 The Exchange SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Hooters Corporate Phone Number– 770-951-2040

Hooters Press Contact Address- 685 Third Avenue 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10017

Hooters Press Contact Phone Number– 800-210-2491

Hooters Customer Service Phone Number– 1-866-225-4668

You can also contact the Hooters team by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page- facebook.com/hooters

Twitter Handle- twitter.com/hooters

Instagram Account- instagram.com/hooters/

Add Hooters on Snapchat- snapchat.com/add/hooters

YouTube Channel- youtube.com/hooters

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