Honey Baked Ham Menu With Prices [Updated October 2022]

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The Honey Baked Ham menu with prices may slightly vary according to your nearest location. We have provided The Honey Baked Ham menu with prices from the location Aurora, CO. The menu is updated from 1st October 2022 onwards.

Honey Baked Ham

For the accurate prices, look for the menu of your nearest The Honey Baked Ham outlet from its official website, android app or iOS app or any other delivery platforms.

The Honey Baked Ham menu with prices serves one of the best hams. Their menu has hams, salads, desserts, handcrafted sandwiches, catering menus, buffets and a lot more. Their menu price ranges from $5 to $20. So, you can have a decent meal on a budget. The honey baked is the signature dish offered at The Honey Baked Ham, that costs you $8.41.

Baked Ham is known for offering the world’s best ham. Their menu has a lot of options from buffet to catering to meals for one. In this post, we have shared the latest menu of The Honey Baked Ham with latest prices in the article below.

This was just an overview of the The Honey Baked Ham menu. Keep reading to find out the out their complete menu, nutritional facts, contact information, franchise details and their social media handles. Before exploring the menu, let’s know about how The Honey Baked Ham emerged.

The Honey Baked Ham is a retail food brand located in the USA. It was founded by Harry J. Hoenselaar in 1957. The first Honey Baked Ham store was opened in Detroit, Michigan. In the past 5 decades, the brand has managed to open 200 company-owned retail stores and 200 franchise locations across the USA.

The Honey Baked Ham Menu With Prices

Honey Baked Ham

Craving for some amazing ham? Honey Baked Ham has got you covered. Apart from that, The Honey Baked Ham menu also includes sandwiches, turkey, salads, soups, treats and more.

The food items like Whole Turkey Breast, Quarter Ham Meal, BBQ Baby Back Ribs, and honey baked ham are some of the most popular on The Honey Baked Ham menu. Once you try the ham offered by The Honey Baked Ham, I am sure there is no going back.

They also have options for catering and buffets. In buffets, they have VIP Buffet, sandwich builder buffet, signature meat Tray. In boxed lunches, they have sandwich boxes, salad boxes, buffet salads.

Honey Baked Ham has become a legacy that people all over the country turn to the place in order to buy ham for their Christmas meals, for birthday parties and more.

Another reason why The Honey Baked Ham is so famous is because of its affordable prices. So without waiting more, let’s check out the latest The Honey Baked Ham menu with prices. Check out the notable list of menu items along with the updated price.

Meals Menu With Prices

1 LB Slices Dinner $ 23.99
2 LB Slices Dinner $ 34.99
Classic Sandwich Pack 4$ 34.99
Take & Bake Slider Tray $ 24.99
Half Turkey Breast Dinner $ 29.99
Quarter Boneless Ham Dinner $ 39.99
Whole Turkey Breast Dinner $ 49.99
Ham & Turkey Duo Dinner $ 59.99
Half Ham Deli Pack $ 94.99
By-The-Slice Deli Pack $ 23.99
9 LB Honey Baked Ham & Turkey Feast $ 144.99
9 LB Honey Baked Ham & Turkey Meal$ 114.99
Quarter Ham Meal $ 74.99
Homestyle Pot Roast Dinner $ 49.99
BBQ Roast-Est With The Most-Est Dinner $ 39.99

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Honey Baked Ham Menu With Prices

Bone-In Half Ham $ 73.02
Bone-In Quarter Ham $ 45.86
Quarter Boneless Ham $ 27.99
Ham By The Slice$ 12.99
Ham Salad $ 8.49

Honey Baked Turkey Menu With Prices

Turkey Breast (2.95 LB)$ 32.45
Half Turkey Breast $ 18.99
Turkey By The Slice $ 13.49
Whole Turkey $ 54.99

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Beef & Pork Menu With Prices

BBQ Baby Back Ribs$ 17.49
Beef Pot Roast$ 31.49
Sweet Glaze Bacon $ 11.49
Peppered Bacon $ 11.49

Heat & Serve Sides Menu With Prices

Maple Sweet Potato Souffle$ 9.49
Green Bean Casserole$ 9.49
Cheesy Potatoes Au Gratin$ 9.49
Tuscan-Style Broccoli$ 9.49
Loaded Smashed Potatoes$ 9.49
Country Cornbread Stuffing$ 9.49
Creamy Russet Mashed Potatoes$ 9.49
Baked Cinnamon Apples$ 9.49
Roasted Turkey Gravy$ 9.49

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Desserts Menu With Prices

Carrot Cake$ 22.99
Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake$ 19.99
Blueberry Coffee Cake$ 19.99
Southern Pecan Pie$ 13.49
Triple Chocolate Cake$ 21.99
Red Velvet Cake$ 21.99
Coconut Cake$ 22.99
Vanilla Rum Cake$ 27.99
Pumpkin Pie$ 10.99

Extras Menu With Prices

12 Pack King’s Hawaiian Rolls $ 4.99
Bakers Egg Twist Rolls (12)$ 9.49
Dinner Rolls Wheat (6)$ 3.69
Dinner Rolls White (6)$ 3.69
Mixed Bean Soup Mix $ 6.49
Split Pea Soup Mix $ 6.49
White Bean Soup Mix $ 6.49
Hickory Honey Mustard $ 6.49
Honey Mustard $ 6.49
Horseradish $ 6.49

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In-Store Gifts Menu With Prices

1 LB Slices Dinner $ 23.99
Whole Turkey Breast Dinner $ 49.99
Quarter Ham Meal $ 74.99
2 LB Slices Dinner $ 34.99
Bone-In Quarter Ham $ 45.86
Bone-In Half Ham $ 73.02
Whole Turkey$ 54.99
Turkey Breast (2.95 LB)$ 32.45

Catering Menu With Prices

Boxed Lunches Menu With Prices

Signature Sandwiched Boxed Lunches $ 9.49
Specialty Sandwich Boxed Lunches$ 10.49
Salad Boxed Lunches $ 9.49

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Honey Baked Buffets Menu With Prices

VIP Buffet$ 9.49/PP
Supreme Sandwich Tray$ 8.49/PP
Sandwich Builder Buffet$ 7.99/PP
Signature Meat Tray$ 5.79/PP
Signature Meat & Cheese Tray $ 57.59

Buffet Salads Menu With Prices

Cobb Salad$ 27.99
Cobb Salad (Veggie)$ 27.99
Garden Salad$ 27.99

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Sides Menu With Prices

Fresh Fruit Tray $ 49.99
Broccoli Bacon Bliss Salad $ 6.49
Smashed Potato Salad $ 6.49
Fresh Veggie Tray $ 49.99
Deep River Kettle Chips $ 1.29
Chicken Salad $ 7.99
Ham Salad $ 8.49

Desserts Menu With Prices

Cookie Temptation Tray $ 27.99

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Beverages Menu With Prices

Gallon Unsweet Tea $ 7.49
Gallon Lemonade$ 8.49
Gallon Sweet Tea$ 7.49
Assorted Coca-Cola Beverages$ 1.99

How To Order From The Honey Baked Ham Online?

The Honey Baked is one of the food retailer which sells hams, turkey breasts and other pre-cooked entrées, side dishes, and desserts. It was founded in 1957 in Detroit and is currently headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. To order food online from The Honey Baked Ham, you can either refer the official website of The Honey Baked Ham or install their android app or iOS app.

To order food from The Honey Baked Ham online, you can also refer some of the leading food delivery service apps like DoordashGrubhubSeamlessPostmates, and UberEats. We have shared the detailed screenshots that shows how to order food online from the restaurant The Honey Baked Ham.

Finding The Latest The Honey Baked Ham Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

Do you want to know how to order food from your nearest The Honey Baked Ham? I’m here to guide you through the process of how to find the latest menu. So, read all the steps and refer to the pictures below to learn how to order online from The Honey Baked Ham.

1. Click on the link of official website of The Honey Baked Ham and the homepage will be displayed.

Homepage of The Honey Baked Ham

2. Click on the stores to find the nearest outlet of The Honey Baked Ham. It will direct you to locate the address.

3. When you add the address, the complete menu will be displayed.

The Honey Baked Ham menu

4. Select the food items and add it to the cart. You can customize the food items as per your taste.

Add the food items to the cart

5. When you added the food items to the cart, proceed further to checkout.


6. Click on the checkout and add your personal details to place the order.

The Honey Baked Ham Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationnutritionix.com/honeybaked-ham/
Nutritional Calculator nutritionix.com/honeybaked-ham/nutrition-calculator/

You can check all the nutritional breakdown of the items served in Honey Baked Ham by visiting the link mentioned above.

If you are a diet conscious person, then you can edit the calories of each item according to yourself using the nutritional calculator that we have also mentioned above.

The Honey Baked Ham Franchise Details

Honey Baked Ham restaurant

Honey Baked Ham has managed to open 200 company-owned retail stores and 200 franchise locations across the United States over the past five decades and if you are planning to open one as well, then here is how much it is going to cost you.

Initial Franchise Fee$30,000
Travel and Living Expenses while TrainingFrom $2,000 to $7,500
Real Estate and ImprovementsFrom $93,000 to $195,000
ArchitecturalFrom $5,500 to $18,500
Equipment, Décor and FixturesFrom $62,500 to $125,000
RentFrom $8,100 to $22,500
Security DepositFrom $2,700 to $6,500
Other Deposits and LicensesFrom $2,700 to $4,600
SignsFrom $3,500 to $15,000
Opening Advertising$10,000
Opening InventoryFrom $10,000 to $17,000
CMS/Point of Sale SystemFrom $11,700 to $14,900
Additional Funds$50,000
ESTIMATED TOTALFrom $301,700 to $516,500
Royalty5% of Net Sales

The above franchising details are taken from FranchiseDirect official website.

Important Links

Official Websitehoneybaked.com/
Careers honeybaked.jobs/
Shop Online honeybaked.com/state-selector/shop
Shop Gift Cards honeybaked.com/state-selector/gift-cards

The Honey Baked Ham Contact Information

Honey Baked Ham Phone Number:  (678) 966-3100

Honey Baked Ham Office Address: 3875 Mansell Road
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022

You can also contact the team of Honey Baked Ham by using the contact form on their website.

Social Media Handles

Brands have their presence on social media so that their customers can easily contact them and get the latest updates. So below mentioned are the social media profiles of Honey Baked Ham.

Facebook Page: facebook.com/HoneyBaked

Instagram Account: instagram.com/honeybaked_ham

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/honeybakedham

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/channel/honeybakedham

Pinterest Account: pinterest.com/honeybaked/

Honey Baked Ham Food Review

Video by numbersixwithcheese

Frequently Asked Questions About The Honey Baked Ham(FAQs)

Can you heat a Honey Baked Ham in the foil it comes in?

You can wrap individual spiral slices in aluminum foil and heat honey baked ham.

How long can you keep a Honey Baked Ham in the freezer?

No matter if your cooked ham is stored whole, or frozen individually, it will remain good for 1 to 2 months in your freezer.

How can you tell if ham is spoiled?

Ham has a pink rosy color, even when the ham is fully cooked, it maintains the same color. Uncured ham is still When a ham starts turning green, black, brown, or gray, it’s a sure sign that the ham has gone bad.

What is the signature food item offered on the menu of The Honey Baked Ham?

The Honey Baked is the new signature ham sandwich featuring Honey Baked Ham topped with sweet honey glaze, Swiss cheese, house pickles and crispy onions. 

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