Hoka Hoka Bento Menu With Prices [Updated July 2024]

Hoka Hoka Bento menu with prices may slightly vary according to your nearest location. We have shared the menu of Hoka Hoka Bento outlet from the location Indonesia. The menu is updated on 1st July 2024.

Hoka Hoka Bento Restaurant

For the accurate prices, you might have to look for the menu of your nearest Hoka Hoka Bento outlet from its official website, or any other food delivery app.

Hoka Hoka Bento menu with prices has subcategories, including a set menu, main menu, fried menu, desserts, snacks, beverages, and side dishes. All the menu items here are for under Rp.165.000.

Before you start reading into these details, here is a quick recap of Hoka Hoka Bento menu prices history.

Hoka Hoka Bento is a Japanese restaurant, started on 18 April 1985 in Kebon Kacang, Jakarta by Hendra Arifin. They have more than 141 restaurants in more than two countries, with its headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hoka Hoka Bento Menu With Prices

Hoka Hoka Bento food

Hoka Hoka Bento has the menu with sets like ebi mentai rice, Teriyaki premium beef set; the main menu includes hot chicken steak, chicken teriyaki.

People who love to eat fried food can check out the fried menu, including chicken karage and kani roll.

Health-conscious people can binge on soups and sukiyaki like shirataki soup, clear soup; for some refreshments, they have a snacks category.

They have tori popcorn, shumay steam; they have beverages, lemon tea, and coca-cola for appealing drinks.

Hoka Hoka Bento serves the best traditional Japanese food. They have well-qualified and experienced chefs specially trained in Japan to provide the best Japanese food.

Hoka Hoka Bento is the restaurant that provides the best food, but its prices are relatively high. So, without waiting, let’s have a look at their latest Hoka Hoka Bento menu.


Promo Simple Set 1 + Simple Set 2Rp. 66.000
Promo 2 Simple Set Teriyaki + 2 OchaRp. 78.000
Tempura DonRp. 47.000
Spicy Ramen RegularRp. 38.000
Spicy Ramen LargeRp. 48.000
Hokkaido Miso Ramen RegularRp. 35.000
Hokkaido Miso Ramen LargeRp. 45.000
Tori Paitan Ramen RegularRp. 35.000
Tori Paitan Ramen LargeRp. 45.000
Paket Blackpepper Miso ChickenRp. 38.000
Paket Fried Chicken 1 PcRp. 42.000
Paket Fried Chicken 2 PcsRp. 56.000
Hokben Fried Chicken 1 PcRp. 24.000
Hokben Fried Chicken 2 PcsRp. 42.000
Hokben Fried Chicken 9 PcsRp. 165.000
Premium Set SeafoodRp. 64.000
Hoka Hemat 1Rp. 27.500
Hoka Hemat 2Rp. 27.500
Hoka Hemat 3Rp. 27.500
Hoka Hemat 4Rp. 27.500
Pemium Set Beef TeriyakiRp. 64.000
Favorite Set Chicken TeriyakiRp. 53.000
Value Set 1Rp. 34.000
Value Set 2Rp. 34.000
Value Set 3Rp. 34.000
Value Set 4Rp. 34.000
Paket ARp. 55.000
Packet BRp. 49.000
Packet CRp. 55.000
Packet DRp. 49.000
Simple Set Chicken Yakiniku 1Rp. 41.000
Simple Set Chicken Yakiniku 2Rp. 41.000
Simple Set Chicken Teriyaki 1Rp. 41.000
Simple Set Chicken Teriyaki 2Rp. 41.000
Bento Special 1Rp 58.000
Bento Special 2Rp 63.000
Bento Special 3Rp 63.000
Bento Special 4Rp 63.000
Kidzu Bento 1Rp 41.000
Kidzu Bento 2Rp 41.000
Kidzu Bento 3Rp 41.000
Kidzu Bento 4Rp 41.000

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Blackpepper Miso ChickenRp. 35.000
Takoyaki MentaiRp. 40.000
Takoyaki OriginalRp. 38.000
Hot Spicy Chicken TeriyakiRp. 38.000
Hot Spicy Beef TeriyakiRp. 48.000
Chicken TeriyakiRp. 33.000
Beef TeriyakiRp. 43.000
Chicken YakinikuRp. 33.000
Beef YakinikuRp. 43.000

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Tempura MoriawaseRp. 42.000
Mix Korokke 2 PcsRp. 11.000
Mix Korokke 5 PcsRp. 24.000
Mix Korokke 8 PcsRp. 36.000
Chicken Korokke 2 PcsRp. 11.000
Chicken Korokke 5 PcsRp. 24.000
Curry Korokke 5 PcsRp. 24.000
Curry Korokke 8 PcsRp. 36.000
Crispy Karaage 4 PcsRp. 29.500
Chicken KatsuRp. 33.000
Tori No TebaRp. 30.500
Kani RollRp. 33.000
EkkadoRp. 40.000
Ebi FuraiRp. 40.000
Egg Chicken RollRp. 34.000
Tori BallRp. 34.000
Shrimp RollRp. 33.000

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Soup And Sukiyaki

Tsumire Soup Rp. 17.000
Tsumire Soup 3 Pcs + ShiratakiRp. 22.000
Tsumire Soup 5 PcsRp. 26.000
Shirataki SoupRp. 17.000
Clear SoupRp. 10.000
Chicken Tofu (2pcs)Rp. 21.000
Shrimp BallRp. 24.500
SukiyakiRp. 60.000
Shrimp DumplingRp. 21.000


Soft Pudding Red VelvetRp. 19.000
Soft Pudding Bubble GumRp. 19.000
Soft Pudding Green TeaRp. 19.000
Pudding CoklatRp. 21.000
Soft Caramel PuddingRp. 19.000
Soft Taro PuddingRp. 19.000
Soft Mango PuddingRp. 19.000
OguraRp. 14.000
Es Sarang BurungRp. 21.000
Es Merah DelimaRp. 20.000

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Crispy Nori Chicken 3 PcsRp. 20.000
Crispy Nori Chicken 5 PcsRp. 30.000
Fried Chikuwa Cheese 3 PcsRp. 14.000
Fried Chikuwa Cheese 5 PcsRp. 22.000
Shumay Steam (3 Pcs)Rp. 16.000
Shumay Furai (3 Pcs)Rp. 16.000
Tori Popcorn (Reg)Rp. 13.000
Takoyaki 5 PcsRp. 23.500
Takoyaki 3 PcsRp. 17.000


Promo Iced Coffee Milk Bs 500mlRp. 35.000
Promo Ice Avocado Coffee 500mlRp. 40.000
Koori Konyaku Chocolate 500mlRp. 28.000
Koori Konyaku Strawberry 500mlRp. 28.000
Cold OchaRp. 10.000
Lemon TeaRp. 12.000
MiloRp. 11.500
Coca ColaRp. 12.000
AquaRp. 9.000
Teh Kotak SosroRp. 10.000

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Side Dish

Saus Sambal Extra PedasRp. 13.000
RiceRp. 9.000
Salad Porsian NewRp. 17.000

Take Away Bag

Take Away Bag StandardRp. 7.500
Take Away Paper Bag Ala CarteRp. 2.000
Take Away Bag RegularRp. 3.000

How To Order Online From Hoka Hoka Bento?

Hoka Hoka Bento is an America-based restaurant chain specializing in Japanese food. You can order your favorite food online from Hoka Hoka Bento by following the link of their official websiteandroid app or iOS app, or any other delivery platforms. The restaurant is best known for quality food and services.

Presently Hoka Hoka Bento is not available on food delivery platforms. You can order the food from only official website of Hoka Hoka Bento. We have shared the detailed screenshots that shows how to order food online from Hoka Hoka Bento.

Finding The Latest Hoka Hoka Bento Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Click on the link of official website of Hoka Hoka Bento and begin to place the order online.

Hoka Hoka Bento Official Page

2. The complete menu will be displayed.

Hoka Hoka Bento Menu

3. Now after adding the menu items to the cart, you can add your address and place the order from Hoka Hoka Bento.

Hoka Hoka Bento Personal Details


Now that you know all about Hoka Hoka Bento menu items and their updated prices, you can choose the best option for yourself and your loved ones. For your convenience, we have also mentioned other important deals.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Hoka Hoka Bento [FAQs]

Who started the chain Hoka Hoka Bento?

Hoka Hoka Bento is a Japanese restaurant, started on 18 April 1985 in Kebon Kacang, Jakarta by Hendra Arifin. They have more than 141 restaurants in more than two countries

Where is the headquarter of Hoka Hoka Bento?

The headquarter of Hoka Hoka is in Bentoin Jakarta, Indonesia.

How many outlets are currently there of Hoka Hoka Bento?

They have more than 141 restaurants in more than two countries.

Is Hoka Hoka Bento available on food delivery apps?

Yes, Hoka Hoka Bento is available on food delivery apps.

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