25 High Protein Low-Carb Foods To Try!

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Protein-rich foods are an important addition to your diet as numerous health benefits exist. If you really want to be energized all the time and stay fit, then make sure to try high-protein, low-carb foods. 

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Some of the best high protein low carb foods to try are almond butter, shrimp, scallops, flaxseeds, lobster, tempeh, salmon, Greek yogurt, eggs, avocado, edamame, mozzarella cheese, chia seeds, jerky, tofu, chicken, asparagus, collagen powder and sunflower seeds.

These protein-rich and low-carb foods will help you to lose weight, stay active, regulate your blood sugar level and improve your bone health. You can also follow this diet while you do heavy workouts for muscle gain. 

If you want to incorporate high protein, low carb foods into your diet, continue reading. I will cover all the different aspects and list the best possible food options you can easily try.

Is Having A Low-Carb Diet OK?

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Yes, low-carb foods are okay to consume if you are looking for weight loss. However, having a low-carb diet can cause some problems if followed for a long time. There is no point in harming yourself, and if you have reached your weight loss goals, then it is better to switch the diet. 

If you don’t consume carbs for a long time, your body may not get enough nutrients, and you may suffer from headaches and constipation. Experts say it is safe to follow a no or low-carb diet for 30 to 90 days, depending on your body. 

Carbs are the direct source of glucose, and if you avoid them for a long time, you might face some health issues, especially related to your digestive system. However, you can limit your carbs if you get enough calories from your diet.

What Foods Are Low In Carbs And High In Protein?

There is no shortage of food items that give you high protein content and are lower in carbs. Below, I have a list of such 25 foods that are easily available and can be incorporated into your diet without any struggle.

1. Almond Butter


Looking for something for snacks? Enjoy some almond butter, which is perfectly packed with good protein and very low carbs. Pair the almond butter with some fruits and vegetables and enjoy the nutty flavors with a buttery texture. 

I love almond butter more than peanut butter, and you can even make a fresh batch for yourself at home. Simply grind the almond with some basic ingredients and voila – your delicious almond butter is ready to eat.

190 kcal6 g7 g17 g4 g

2. Shrimp

Who doesn’t love shrimps? Eating shrimp is not all about the flavors and taste, but they are totally perfect for your high protein and low carb diet. They are a great source of protein and have only 1 g of carbs. 

I am sure that shrimps are easily available at your local store. Just make sure you pick the best ones and make a delicious shrimp recipe to enjoy. Combine shrimp with some vegetables, and you are good to go.

106 kcal1 g20 g1.7 g0 g

3. Scallops


Who doesn’t love shrimps? Eating shrimp is not all about the flavors and taste, but they are totally perfect for your high protein and low carb diet. They are a great source of protein and have only 1 g of carbs. 

I am sure that shrimps are easily available at your local store. Just make sure you pick the best ones and make a delicious shrimp recipe to enjoy. Combine shrimp with some vegetables, and you are good to go.

90 kcal5 g17 g0.5 g0 g

4. Flaxseeds

I cannot stop myself from telling you the benefits of having flaxseeds daily. I mean, these little seeds are so great and filled with nutrients. They taste very nutty, and you can simply add them to yogurt and toss them just like this in your mouth. These whole grains are perfect for your low-carb diet. 

Flax seeds are also great in fiber; thus, you can ensure a better digestive system after consuming them daily. They contain a fine amount of protein and also have sodium. Flaxseeds are best for snacking and are low in carbs but great in fiber and protein.

90 kcal5 g17 g0.5 g0 g

5. Lobster


Lobsters are delicious and very popular seafood. All seafood lovers will appreciate a well-cooked lobster. From flavours to texture, everything is perfect. The best thing about lobsters is that they are fully packed with protein. 

So next time you crave something like seafood, think about lobsters, especially if you are cutting down your carbs. You won’t believe it, but lobster has around 1 g of carbs per serving ( 3 oz) and 81 calories. They are a little high in sodium but will perfectly work out for your high protein and low carb diet. 

90 kcal81 g17 g0.5 g0 g

6. Spinach

I always wondered how Popeye – The Sailor Man, ate only spinach and was so strong and bulky. Clearly, he consumed good protein and low carbs, which gave him great muscles and strength. 

Eating spinach will make sure that you get less carb and a decent amount of protein. Spinach also has other great benefits, like reducing blood pressure and better eye health. It may help in the prevention of cancer. Simply combine spinach with other high protein and low carb food like eggs and cheese – you’ve got yourself a great meal.

23 kcal3.6 g2.9 g0.4 g0 g

7. Salmon


Salmon is one of the most delicate with no ‘fishy smell’ fish, and you will want to add this to your high protein, low carb diet. As we all know, fish is one of the best protein and fatty acid sources, and salmon can be a great way to incorporate these nutrients. 

You can try different recipes that give high protein and low carbs and enjoy the flavors without feeling guilty about eating delicious food as it is very nutritional. They are perfect for your keto diet as well.

177 kcal3.6 g17 g11 g0 g

8. Greek Yoghurt

Everybody enjoys eating Greek yogurt. It is very refreshing and a delicious option for snacking, or you can add it to your meal as well. Another interesting thing about Greek yogurt is that with the good print, it is also low in carbs, which is why it fits perfectly fine in this list. 

The only thing you need to ensure is to have simple and plain Greek yogurt and avoid any sweetened or flavored as you add unnecessary sugar and carbs.

146 kcal8 g20 g4 g0 g

9. Eggs


 Eggs are great as they are perfect for breakfast and can also be smoothly added to your dinner meal. If I talk about the nutritional content of an egg, you get protein, a good amount of vitamin D, a little bit of fat and near zero carbs. 

Hard-boiled eggs are perfect for your high protein, low carb diet, and you get to enjoy the flavors too. You can even try different recipes with eggs and make a fulfilling meal to enjoy.

72 kcal0.4 g7 g5 g0 g

10. Avocado

Don’t worry if you are a vegan struggling to eat high protein with low-carb food as long as you have avocados. Avocados are one of the great sources of protein, plus they have good amounts of fiber. 

They are slightly high in calories and carbs but still fit your high protein and low carb diet. You can make avocado salads with a smooth, buttery texture or pair them with other main meals.

322 kcal17 g4 g29 g14 g

11. Edamame 


I am sure that most of us always pick out the edamame from the dish; at least, I used to do the same. Later on, I realized that it was one of the biggest food mistakes. Edamame is one of the crunchiest protein-packed foods you can easily incorporate into your diet. It’s a great way to add fiber, too, with edamame. 

I know some of you like the flavors of edamame, but for those who find it difficult to like, simply combine it with other foods, and you are good to go. Toss them in salads, or add to your soup and enjoy a great protein-sourced meal.

188 kcal14 g14 g8 g8 g

12. Mozzarella Cheese

I don’t have to emphasize and ask you to eat Mozeralla cheese because most of us are “cheese lovers”. And it is so nice to know that the food which we like so much is really filled with protein. I mean, next time I have some mozzarella, I would not want the guilt to kick in. 

Mozzarella has around 6 to 7 grams of protein per 1 oz with very few carbs, around 1 g only. So enjoy all the cheese pulls and make sure that your high protein, low carb diet is cheesy and smooth.

72 kcal1 g7 g5 g8 g

13. Chia Seeds 


Like flaxseeds, chia seeds are also a great source of fiber and protein; hence, they are perfect for your high-protein and low-carb diet. Chia seeds are very simple seeds that get a little slimy and thick when soaked in water. 

You can add them to your smoothies or simply drink a glass of water with soaked seeds. It is refreshing and makes your digestion smooth because of the fiber’s presence. They also keep you full for a good time to avoid extra carbs later on.

138 kcal12 g5 g9 g10 g

14. Jerky

Love to snack on savory jerky? You should do it more often if you are following high protein and low-carb diet. Jerky is definitely a perfect source of protein with near to zero carbs (only if you get the one that is not highly sweetened or has heavy sauces). 

You can try Buffalo, Fish, Turkey and Ostrich jerky as they all are low in carbs and fats with great protein content. One of the best keto-friendly snack options one can enjoy. 

116 kcal3 g9 g7 g0.5 g

15. Tofu


Enjoy the savory and tender tofu, and make sure that you get a good amount of protein. Tofu is great because it provides plant-based protein. One of the versatile and affordable food options for a high protein and low carb meal. 

You can simply substitute any meat with tofu in recipes and enjoy the vegan version of protein foods without any hassle. They are firm and taste quite good when combined with spices and seasonings.

181 kcal4 g22 g11 g3 g

16. Chicken 

I don’t have to tell you why chicken is mentioned in this list. Chicken is obviously one of the most popular sources of protein. I mean, all the bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts depend on chicken for their daily protein intake. 

You can rely on lean chicken for protein with no amount of carbs. Try making different flavorful recipes with chicken, and you are sorted with your meal time. You may find little sodium content along with some fat in chicken. Overall, it is perfect for your high protein, low carb diet.

140 kcal0 g26 g3 g0 g

17. Asparagus


Do not underestimate this green thing called asparagus. These green-coloured spears have so many nutrients and health benefits. Add this vegetable to your diet, and make sure you get enough protein for the day. One of the most versatile green vegetables that has plant-based protein for you. 

Also, asparagus is very low in calories and has a decent amount of fiber as it is a vegetable. Combine with different recipes and enjoy the goodness of the green.

27 kcal5 g2.8 g0 g3 g

18. Whey Protein Powder

What could be a better source of protein than whey protein powder? One of the most popular supplements for those who want great protein content. Basically, you will find the bodybuilders consuming whey protein. However, you can also incorporate whey protein if you think your diet lacks enough protein. 

Just make sure that before buying any whey protein powder, you check the ingredients and choose the one with no added sugar or sweeteners.

365 kcal7.9 g79 g0 g4 g

19. Sunflower Seeds


Without any doubt, sunflower seeds are a great addition if you want some great protein. Also, recently, I discovered that you can also make sunflower seed butter. I know this sounds new and weird, but trust me, you will love it. Just please don’t use any sugar or flavors, and enjoy the seeds as it is. 

Besides protein, sunflower seeds are a good source of antioxidants and provide good fats with fiber. Simply snack on these little seeds and avoid eating unhealthy because of the unwanted cravings. 

200 kcal7 g6 g18 g2 g

20. Soy Milk

If dairy is not your friendly option for high protein, then try soy milk. We all know that soybeans are so healthy and full of protein. So you can simply consume soy milk and make sure that you are on the right track with your high protein and low carb diet. 

Soy milk is also enriched with antioxidants and minerals, making it a perfect substitute for milk. Remember to get the unsweetened soy milk, and you are ready. They have little extra carbs, but that will also work.

100 kcal15 g8 g4 g1 g

21. Canned Tuna


Another type of fish – tuna, is a great way to incorporate a good amount of protein. You can enjoy tuna as a snacking item or make a complete meal with it. It is simply pure protein with great taste and flavors. 

You can pair tuna with almost everything. Whether healthy sandwiches or green vegetables, it is a perfect addition to your diet. Get some canned tuna from your local store and enjoy the great protein source.

270 kcal0 g14 g0.5 g0 g

22. Black Beans

The magic beans are here to rescue you from falling off the high-protein, low-carb diet. Black beans are for sure the cheapest food that has a great amount of protein. This Mexican hero item is easily available and can provide you with different flavors with different recipes. 

Along with protein, black beans also provide a decent amount of fiber and also help in maintaining blood sugar levels and good cholesterol.

114 kcal20 g7 g0 g7 g

23. Peas


You cannot even dare to miss peas when listing out all the high protein and low carb foods. Peas are one of the versatile vegetables and also taste pretty well. They are good sources of protein and fiber and have various health benefits. 

You also get a great dose of vitamins and enjoy them in various recipes. I usually love to steam some peas and eat them as a healthy and fulfilling snack.

134 kcal25 g8.6 g0 g8.8 g

24. Peanuts

Peanuts, or peanut butter, are the most common food items consumed by those looking for a good protein dose. They are very smooth and for sure very delightful, with some nutty flavours and crunch. Spread them on your bread or enjoy it as a dip with fruits and vegetables; peanut butter is an easily available protein option. Make sure that you consume unsalted peanuts or unflavored peanut butter.

190 kcal7 g8 g16 g3 g

25. Oysters


Oysters may sound fancy, but they are one of those food items with high protein and very few calories. This ocean creature has all the great vitamins and minerals for you. They contain all the nine essential amino acids that your body needs. Also, you get to enjoy the ocean flavor with some earthy notes. You must at least try oysters once, and I can bet you will love the uniqueness of the dish.

86 kcal4 g10 g3 g0 g

How Do I Get Enough Protein On A Low-Carb Diet Daily?

high protein

I have listed 25 high protein, low carb foods you can try, and you simply need to incorporate these food items into your diet. I am sure you will get enough protein and very low carb content from these food items. Ensure you consume fish, eggs, red meat, low-fat cheese (cottage cheese, feta, mozzarella), and tofu. Do not forget about leafy green vegetables and other vegetables too. 

Even though you know all the food items that are high protein and low carb, it can be difficult to follow the diet regularly. One finds it a little problematic when it comes to cooking such foods 3 times a day. I would suggest choosing meal prep service from Hello Fresh’s low-calorie meals. You can easily select the meals and even customize your order. Get everything delivered to your doorstep and cook within no time. Hello Fresh has flexible delivery services, and you can even plan your meals and get cooking guidance from the experts.


I know that following a high protein, low carb diet can be difficult, but trust me, with simple foods (rich in protein and low in carb), you can achieve the goal you want. From all the listed food items, I am sure most of them are easily available in our kitchen. Just make sure that you have strong willpower and rest, and everything will be fine. As I have already mentioned, you can also use meal prep services like Hello Fresh and make your journey smoother. I will be back soon with some more conversations like this. Until then, have a good meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the high protein, low carb foods that you can try?

Some of the best high protein low carb foods to try are almond butter, shrimp, scallops, flaxseeds, lobster, tempeh, salmon, Greek yogurt, eggs, avocado, edamame, mozzarella cheese, chia seeds, jerky, tofu, chicken, asparagus, collagen powder and sunflower seeds.

Is it okay to have a low-carb diet?

Yes, it is okay to have a low-carb diet, especially if you want to lose weight. However, having a low-carb diet can cause some problems if followed for a long time. Not consuming carbs for a long time may not enrich your body with enough nutrients, and you may suffer from headaches and constipation.

What to avoid during a high protein, low carb diet? 

During a high protein and low carb diet, one should avoid highly refined carb foods like pasta, bread, sugar, and sweetened beverages.

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