How to Make Hershey’s Sweet n Spicy Nachos at Home

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Julbi Pandoh
Julbi is a Punjab native who enjoys nothing better than making something special from a bunch of ingredients for her husband and daughter. This is what she loves to do and no one can deny the fact how much a Punjabi loves food. And we can see that in Julbi’s enthusiasm for food.

A Mexican dish, Nachos can be served as a snack as well as an appetizer. There can’t be a better thing than a plate of sweet and spicy nachos! And a strawberry flavoured syrup from Hershey’s is like a cherry on top. You can’t say no to this sweet and spicy dish ever.

Every time I have a movie night planned with my best friend at my place, Sweet n Spicy Nachos tops the food list. It is very easy and quick to make that’s why nachos is my favourite snack. Yumminess and crispiness of Nachos is the reason behind the craze we have for it.

Nachos with a drizzle of Hershey’s Strawberry Flavored Syrup is an absolute delight. Serve it to your guests at the next party at your home. I shall be giving you the directions to make Hershey’s Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Nachos at home. Check out the Sweet n Spicy Nachos Recipe given below.

Ingredients Required for Hershey’s Sweet n Spicy Nachos

Ingredients Amount
Maize flour 1/2 cup
Refined flour 1/2 cup
Oil1 tbsp
Onion powder 1 tsp
Garlic powder 1 tsp
Paprika 1 tsp
Crushed black peppercorns for taste
Hershey’s Strawberry Flavored Syrup1/4 cup

How much time will it take?

Preparation time Total time
15 minutes 15 minutes

Hershey’s Sweet n Spicy Nachos Recipe

  1. Take a bowl.
  2. Combine refined flour, maize flour, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, crushed peppercorns, Hershey’s Strawberry Flavored syrup, salt and oil in it, mix them well.
  3. Pour some hot water into it in order to knead it into a soft dough.
  4. Take a frying pan. Heat oil in it.
  5. On the worktop, place the dough and sprinkle some oil at the top. Roll out into a thin sheet.
  6. Take a rounded steel plate and place it (inverted) on top.
  7. The dough should be cut into fine discs and removing the extra dough.
  8. Now cut this into triangles of equal proportion.
  9. These triangles are to be deep-fried in hot oil.
  10. Ensure they get goldened and crisp.
  11. Remove them from pan and drain on paper towel.
  12. Spread some Hershey’s Strawberry Flavored Syrup over it before serving.

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