How to make Hershey’s Superhero Paratha at Home

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Sahiba Sharma
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We Indians are associated with parathas especially the North Indian cooking. Punjabi’s can easily relate themselves with Parathas as this is the only thing which makes their day complete. As my Grandma says desi ghee is good for bones and she used to say, “What your mother and father can’t do, desi ghee can do for you”.

Having a tasty and flavoursome breakfast is the first choice of Kids. They don’t want repetitive feed in their magical world and are in the expectation that new magic will happen every single day. That magic will happen only with Hershey’s syrup in the recipe.

You might be heard about Aloo paratha, ajwain paratha, cheese paratha and a hell lot of varieties. But have you heard about Strawberry Flavored Paratha or Chocolate Paratha? No! I am not Kidding. This is possible only with Hershey’s flavoured syrup.

In this article, I will tell you how to make Superhero Paratha at Home. Let’s see the quick and flavourful recipe of Hershey’s Superhero Paratha at Home.

Ingredients for Hershey’s Superhero Paratha Recipe

For Chocolate Flavoured Paratha

Ragi Flour1/4 Cup
Wheat Flour3/4 Cup
Ghee1 tbsp
Hershey’s Chocolate Flavored Syrup1/3 Cup
Hershey’s Chocolate Flavored Syrup (for garnish)as required

For Strawberry Flavoured Paratha

Hershey’s Strawberry Flavored Syrup1/4 Cup
Beetroot Juice1/4 Cup
Ghee1 tbsp
Wheat Flour1 Cup
Hershey’s Strawberry Flavored Syrup (for garnish)as required
Processed Cheese (grated)1/4 Cup

How much time it will take?

Preparation timeTotal time
15 minutes15 minutes

Hershey’s Superhero Paratha Recipe

For Chocolate Flavoured Paratha

  1. Take a bowl and add ragi flour and wheat flour in it.
  2. After that you need to add Hershey’s Chocolate Flavored syrup and ghee.
  3. Make a complete dough by adding water in it.

For Strawberry Flavoured Paratha

  1. First of all, take a bowl. Add wheat flour, Hershey’s Strawberry flavored Syrup, beetroot juice, ghee and knead into firm dough.
  2. Roll out the parathas with the rolling pin and cook with ghee.
  3. Garnish it with grated cheese and syrup.
  4. Serve it accordingly.

How to Make Hershey’s Superhero Paratha at Home | Video

Video by Hersheys India

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