How To Make Hershey’s Strawberry Flavored Tiramisu At Home

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Hershey’s strawberry flavored tiramisu is a delicious dessert that is loaded with the goodness of Hershey’s syrup. Today, let’s see how you can make the dessert at your home.

Hershey's Strawberry flavoured Tiramisu recipe

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert. In this recipe, it is loaded with strawberry flavored syrup, which makes it even more appetizing. It gets ready in nearly 10 minutes and very few ingredients are required to make the recipe. Now, let’s have a quick overview of the recipe.

Hershey’s strawberry flavored tiramisu can be made by whipping custard, cream cheese and strawberry flavored syrup. Now, take a shot glass and add a piece of cake soaked in coffee syrup. Then, drizzle with Hershey’s cocoa powder. Garnish with strawberry and serve.

Now, it’s time to see the detailed recipe. Also, do check out other recipes made with Hershey’s syrup.

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Ingredients for Hershey’s Strawberry flavoured Tiramisu Recipe

Ingredients Amount
Ready Chocolate Cake 100 gm
Whipped Cream 100 g
Ready Custard 3 tablespoon
Hershey’s Strawberry Flavored Syrup 3 tablespoon
Cream Cheese 75 g
Hershey’s Cocoa Powder2 teaspoon
Coffee Syrup as required

How much time would it take?

Preparation time Total time
10 minutes 10 minutes

Hershey’s Strawberry Flavoured Tiramisu Recipe

  1. Whip the custard, cream cheese and Hershey’s strawberry-flavored syrup in a bowl.
  2. Now, take a shot glass.
  3. Add a piece of cake and soak it in coffee syrup.
  4. Then, add whipped cream.
  5. Pour the prepared mixture into a piping bag.
  6. Now, press against the piping bag to fill the cake soaked in coffee syrup in a shot glass.
  7. Drizzle with Hershey’s cocoa powder.
  8. You can also garnish with sliced strawberries.
  9. Serve it chilled.

How to Make Hershey’s Strawberry Flavored Tiramisu at Home | Video

HERSHEY’S Strawberry Flavoured Tiramisu - 100+ Recipes With HERSHEY'S Syrup
Video by Hersheys India

Now that you know the recipe, it’s your turn to make the dessert. Also, don’t forget to share your reviews in the comment section below.

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