How To Make At Hershey’s Paniyaram At Home

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Hershey’s paniyaram is one of the best breakfasts. Today, let’s see how you can make the recipe at your home.


Paniyaram or Kuzhi Paniyaram is ball-shaped dumplings and prominent in South India. The dish is very healthy and delicious. You will need only 4 ingredients to make the recipe and it takes only 30 minutes to make it. Now, let’s have a quick overview of the recipe.

To make Hershey’s paniyaram, mix idli batter and Hershey’s strawberry-flavored syrup in a bowl. Heat ghee on a pan and spread the batter and cook. Add the strawberries and serve. 

This was just an introduction to the recipe, so don’t forget to check out the detailed recipe mentioned below. Also, do check out other recipes made with Hershey’s syrup.

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Ingredients Required for Hershey’s Paniyaram

Ingredients Amount
Idli or Paniyaram batter 1 cup
Hershey’s Strawberry Flavored Syrup 1/4 cup
Fresh Strawberry 3-4
Ghee 1 tablespoon

How much time would it take?

Preparation time Cooking time Total time
10 Minutes 25 Minutes 35 Minutes

Hershey’s Paniyaram Recipe

  1. Combine and mix idli batter and Hershey’s strawberry-flavored syrup in a bowl.
  2. Rinse and cut strawberries into small pieces. Leave it aside.
  3. Now, heat a kuzhi/kuli paniyaram pan.
  4. Add some ghee and this prepared batter up to half of the pan.
  5. Place 3-4 strawberry pieces at their center.
  6. Then, add batter again, up to 3/4th of the pan.
  7. Let it cook over medium flame.
  8. After a few minutes, flip and cook the other side as well.
  9. When it gets cooked thoroughly and golden in color from both sides, remove from heat and serve.

How to Make Hershey’s Paniyaram at Home | Video

Video by Hersheys India

Now, it’s your turn to make the recipe and don’t forget to tell us your reviews in the comment section below.

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