How To Make Hershey’s Choco Sev Barfi At Home

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Hershey’s choco sev barfi is a tasty Indian-style dessert. In this post, let’s see how you can make it at your home.

Choco Sev Barfi Recipe

You must have eaten many kinds of barfi, but this one is really unique as it is loaded with Hershey’s syrup. The recipe requires very few ingredients and can be prepared very easily. I always make this barfi for festivals and my family loves it. Now, let’s see a quick introduction to the recipe.

To make Hershey’s choco sev barfi, heat mava, Hershey’s chocolate-flavored syrup and 20 ml of water in a pan. Now, add sev and vanilla essence. Then, add the remaining sev to it and set it in a square 6-inch ring mold. Garnish with dry fruits and serve.

This was just an overview of the recipe and the detailed recipe is mentioned below. Also, do check out other recipes made with Hershey’s syrup.

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2. Hershey’s Watermelon Lolly– Kids mostly want something chocolaty and tasty, lollipops being the most favorite. Why don’t you try this Hershey’s Watermelon Lolly which can be easily made at home? Watermelon must be a favorite and the most preferred fruit in summer.

3. Hershey’s Yum Warm Malpua– Yummy and warm malpuas are one of the favorite desserts of many Indians. With the addition of Hershey’s cocoa powder to make sugar syrup, the taste and flavor of malpuas increase manifold. Hershey’s products never fail to impress.

4. Hershey’s Choco-Nut Kalakand Let’s dive right into the sweetness of Kalakand which is substantiated by the presence of divine Hershey’s chocolate. Also, not to forget the amazing combination of almonds and pistachios.

Ingredients Required for Hershey’s Choco Sev Barfi Recipe

Ingredients Amount
Feeka Mava 120 g
Hershey’s Chocolate Flavored Syrup40 ml
Water20 ml
Feeka Sev80+ 40 g
Vanilla Essencea few drops
Dry Fruits (almonds, pista)for garnish

Note: Use few drops of vanilla essence and dry fruits slivers for garnishing.

How much time would it take?

Preparation time Cooking time Total time
10 Minutes 20 Minutes 30 Minutes

Hershey’s Choco Sev Barfi Recipe

  1. Heat mava, Hershey’s chocolate-flavoured syrup and 20 ml of water in a pan.
  2. Now, add and mix 80 g sev and few drops of vanilla essence until it forms a thick consistency.
  3. Remove from heat and transfer to a bowl.
  4. Then, add the remaining 40 ml of sev to it, set it in a square 6-inch ring mold.
  5. Use dry fruit slivers for garnishing.

How to Make Hershey’s Choco Sev Barfi at Home | Video

Video by Hersheys India

This was all from my side and now it’s your turn to make this awesome recipe. Also, don’t forget to share your reviews in the comment section below.

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