How to Make Hershey’s Choco Milk Jelly Bar at Home

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Jelly Bars are no doubt very yummy and tasty. But what if they are chocolaty and milky at the same time? Yes, Choco Milk Jelly Bar is the most classic dessert ever.

Hershey’s chocolate and unflavored gelatin are the most special things about this dish. Homemade Choco Milk Jelly Bar is sure to delight and worth making. With only 4 ingredients, Jelly bars with excellent flavour and equally delicious chocolate and milk combination can be relished by you.

2-3 hours is the required time for chilling it in the refrigerator. My aunt had taught me how to make Choco Milk Jelly Bar at home. No wonder my love for them prompted me to learn the recipe for Choco Milk Jelly Bar much quickly!

I am sure Hershey’s chocolate would surely be palatable to you. Here, you too will be learning how to make Choco Milk Jelly Bar at home. Check out the best ever Hershey’s Choco Milk Jelly Bar Recipe.

Hershey’s Choco Milk Jelly Bar Recipe Ingredients

Ingredients Amount
Milk 1 cup
Condensed milk 1/2 cup
Hershey’s chocolate flavoured syrup 1/4 cup
Agar agar (vegetables gelatin) 1 tbsp

How much time would it take?

Preparation time Cooking time Total time Refrigeration time
10 minutes 20 minutes30 minutes2-3 hours

Hershey’s Choco Milk Jelly Bar Recipe

  1. Firstly, milk, Hershey’s chocolate-flavoured syrup and condensed milk are to be blended well.
  2. Take a small pan. Heat agar agar and water together.
  3. Now, pour this agar agar into the prepared milk mixture.
  4. Mix and combine well.
  5. Arrange it in a tray and place in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.
  6. Remove from refrigerator. Chop it.
  7. Serve.

How to Make Hershey’s Choco Milk Jelly Bar at Home | Video

Video by Hersheys India

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