Hero Certified Burger Menu With Prices [Updated March 2023]

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There are many Burger Stores where you go, but in the burger, you like only one thing in that burger and you think that you can make your own burger with your favorite toppings, sauce and others but you never get that opportunity to make, but today, I will tell you a secret there is a restaurant which allows you to do such things. So, are you excited to know the name and the name is Hero Certified Burger?

Hero Certified Burger store

Hero Certified Burger’s menu has a wide variety of burgers like hero signature, heavy hitter, action hero and spicy plant-based soul burger. They have also got waffle bun, sandwiches, shakes & desserts, seafood and beverages on the menu.

In this blog, I will provide you information about Hero Certified Burger, including menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of Hero Certified Burger Menu. Let’s start by recalling the history of Hero Certified Burger.

John Lettieri founded Hero Certified Burger in the year 2004. It is a Canadian restaurant chain that sells hamburgers and other eatables. The first restaurant Hazelton Lanes in Yorkville. Hero Certified Burger has 60 locations in the country and the headquarters are in Toronto, Canada.

The reason people love to go to Hero Certified Burger is that here you can create your own burger without looking at the menu of the restaurant.

Hero Certified Burger Menu Prices

Hero Certified Burger menu

Hero Certified Burger menu includes a variety of daily deals in which they will provide you, heavy hitter, which is only for Wednesday and burger kit, ice creams with different mouth-watering watering flavors, featured favorites, sides and extras.

There are also a variety of different burgers for the restaurant it is famous for. You can build your own burger, or you can order from their favorite burgers with your favorite toppings and sauce, chicken, seafood, plant-based beverages, shakes and desserts.

Hero Certified Burger is well-known for its create your own burger, but there is one thing more which is also important, which is Cavendish Farms branded french fries from Prince Edward Island and this thing also makes this restaurant unique and the staff is also humble and gentle. They have a Coca-Cola freestyle machine in their restaurants.

Hero Certified Burger Menu Prices are also quite high as compared to other burger serving restaurants but keeping the quality of their products in mind, and their prices seem worth it. Most of the prices on the Hero Certified Hamburger lie between $1 to $30. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest Hero Certified Menu Prices.

New Features

New FeaturesPrice
Maple Butter Tart $2.50
Maple Butter Tart (6 Pack)$12.00
Hero Chicken Parm$9.00

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Waffle Bun

Waffle BunPrice
Jalapeno Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich on a Waffle Bun$8.65
Meatless Jalapeno Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich on a Waffle Bun$8.00
Waffle Bun – Pack of 5$9.99

Ice Creams

Ice CreamsPrice
Peach Cream Delight Ice Cream$8.50
Blue Velvet Ice Cream$8.50
Cookies and Cream Crumble Ice$8.50

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Featured Favorites

Featured FavoritesBurgerBurger Combo
Hero Signature Burger $7.25$11.55
Heavy Hitter Burger$11.45$15.75
Action Hero Burger $10.25$14.55
Blue Moon Burger $8.45$12.75
Egg Burger$8.45$12.75
Spicy Plant-Based Soul Burger Burger $10.75$15.05
Italian Chicken Deluxe$11.85$16.15
Wild Alaskan Salmon Supreme $9.25$13.55
Battered Atlantic Haddock$8.95$13.25
Spicy Jalapeño Crispy Chicken$8.65$12.95

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Sides and Extras

Sides and ExtrasPrice
Ultimate Fries$3.09
Onion Rings$4.19
Sweet Potato Fries$4.19
Crunchy Chicken Strips$6.69
Dippy Sauce$0.79
Tempura Zucchini$4.19
Mushroom Poutine$8.09
Garden Green Salad$7.99
Chicken Deluxe Salad$11.99
Haddock Salad$11.99
Plant-Based Salad$11.99
Spicy Crispy Chicken Salad$11.99

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Build Your Own

Build Your OwnBurgerBurger Combo
Hero Burger$6.29$10.59
Grilled Chicken Breast$8.29$12.59
Crispy Chicken Breast $8.29$12.59
Wild Alaskan Salmon Fillet$8.29$12.59
Plant-Based Soul Burger$7.79$12.09
Junior Burger$3.29N/A


3 Pieces Chicken$11.00
3 Pieces Chicken & Fries $13.30
12 Pieces Chicken Bucket$37.20
12 Piece Family Combo $41.20
Crunchy Chicken Strips with Dipping Sauce$6.99
Italian Chicken Deluxe $11.85
Italian Chicken Deluxe Combo $16.15
Spicy Jalapeño Crispy Chicken$8.65
Spicy Jalapeño Crispy Chicken Combo$12.95

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1 Piece Haddock & Fries$12.00
2 Piece Haddock$13.00
Tempura Shrimp$13.00
Fish Fry Sandwich$13.00
Po’ Boy Sandwich$10.00
Wild Alaskan Salmon Supreme $9.25
Wild Alaskan Salmon Supreme Combo $13.55
Battered Atlantic Haddock $8.95
Battered Atlantic Haddock Combo$13.25

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Signature Plant-Based Sandwich$10.00
Spicy Plant-Based Soul Burger$12.25
Crispy Meatless Chicken Sandwich$8.00
Spicy Jalapeno Crispy Chicken Sandwich $8.00
Fishless Filet Sandwich$8.00
Fishless Fillets & Fries$13.00
Meatless Chick’N Tenders & Fries$12.00

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Shakes & Desserts

Shakes & DessertsPrice
Blue Velvet Real Milkshake$7.50
Cookies + Cream Crumble Real Milkshake$7.50
Peachy Cream Delight Real Milkshake$7.50
Hero Zipp Blueberry Velvet$6.50
Hero Zipp Cookies + Cream Crumble$6.50
Hero Zipp Peachy Cream Delight$6.50
Vanilla Shake$5.59
Chocolate Shake$5.59
Strawberry Shake$5.59
Peachy Cream Delight Ice Cream$8.50
Blueberry Velvet Ice Cream$8.50
Cookies + Cream Crumble Ice Cream$8.50
Ice Cream Cone$2.39
Caramel Sundae$4.09
Chocolate Sundae$4.09
Strawberry Sundae$4.09

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Beef Meal Kit $12.00
4 Oz Hero Beef Burger Case $95.00
6 Oz Hero Beef Burger Case $105.00
Meatless Meal Kit$28.00
Chicken Meal Kit$29.00
Seafood Meal Kit$32.00


Bottled Beverages$2.89
Dasani Water$2.89
20oz Fountain Drink$2.69

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Hero Certified Burger Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationmyfitnesspal.com/nutrition-facts-calories/herocertifiedburger/

To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Hero Certified Burger, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Hero Certified Burger Franchise Details

Hero Certified Burger franchise

Hero Certified Burger has more than 70 locations in different parts of Australia and recently they opened one in the United States. So, if you want to open a Hero Certified Burger store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Initial Franchise Fee$25,000
Initial Investment$60,000-$80,000

Important Links

Official Websiteheroburgers.com/
School Programmeheroburgers.com/schoolprogram/
Order Onlineheroburgers.com/orderonline/

Hero Certified Burger Contact Information

Hero Certified Burger Corporate Office Address: 78 SIGNET DR, SUITE #201 , TORONTO, ON M9L 1T2

Hero Certified Burger Corporate Office Telephone Number: (416) 740-2304  

Hero Certified Burger Corporate Office Fax Number: (416) 740-5398

To contact the team of Hero Certified Burger, you can also use the contact form on their website.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: instagram.com/herocertifiedburger/

Facebook: facebook.com/herocertifiedburgers/

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