5 Delicious yet Helpful Foods for Fighting Belly Fats

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Quit worrying about the pain of swallowing bitter or flat-tasting foods in your quest to fight off belly fats. There are numerous sweet-tasting food choices you can opt for and still manage to get rid of the fat around your tummy that has been worrying you for some time now. 

Reduce Belly Fat

These food choices are not new scientific developments or GMOs that you should start worrying about their prices or ease of access. They are so affordable that you can get a complete order delivered to you by Paleo meal delivery services faster at a pocket-friendly price. 

Most of these foods are the normal types that you’re already eating or have eaten before. So, what are these delicious belly fat-fighting foods you should consider?

The Top 5 Delicious Belly-Fighting Foods

Here is a collection of some of our top pick food options ideal for fighting belly fats. Have a look.

1) Yogurt


With the numerous research done and recorded in the journal of Nutrition Reviews, a strong link was found between high calcium intake (found in yogurt) and improved body composition. When you are low in calcium, your body will prompt the release of hormones that effectively use the available amounts. 

However, the problem comes when your body signals the fat cells to hold on to the available facts, including those around your tummy. When you increase calcium intake by consuming dairy products like yogurt, then you increase your chances of fighting off the excess fats around your belly in an easy sweeter way.

2) Bananas


Apart from being sweet, bananas are well-known for their richness in Potassium. They carry up to 422 milligrams of Potassium, an amount that is enough to help your body to counter the high amount of body-swelling sodium you may have in your body. You can therefore get rid of the fats around your tummy by taking bananas regularly in sufficient quantities. 

3) Avocados


Certainly, avocados are fatty and sweet, but they contain healthy mono-saturated fats that are very useful in fighting fat storage around your tummy. The mono-saturated fats will prevent blood sugar spikes from alerting your body to store fats around your tummy area. So, contrary to the popular belief that they may make you fatter, avocados are your ‘weapon’ against unhealthy body fats. 

4) Berries


Blackberries, blueberries, and cranberries are all ranked high as reliable antioxidants. As these antioxidants help improve your blood circulation, more oxygen reaches your muscles making it easier for you to carry on with your daily exercises. 

Consistent and healthy exercise routines play a significant role in burning fats, especially those under your tummy. So why not take some berries just before you shoot out for an action-packed exercise?

5) Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is widely used in fighting the war against cancerous cells present in the body. However, that seems not to be the only beneficial, healthy use of green tea. It can as well be an excellent option for shrinking your belly. 

Experts say that taking three cups a day can help fight excess fats in the body as this boosts your metabolism and burns up to 30 calories. You can take between four and six cups of green tea a day and top them up with a substantial amount of exercise every week for even better results. 

Final Verdict

You are now well-placed to understand the types of foods to take when battling fats around your belly. While most of these foods and fruits are available at lower prices, you should get the right quantities to take to avoid overconsumption. Get the help of nutritionists to advise you on the amount you should take and the frequency of optimal results.

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