Top 19 Healthy Snacks For Salty Food Cravings

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Craving some salty snacks but afraid of those calories? Here are the best 19 healthy snacks to satisfy your salty cravings!

Healthy Snacks

Let’s admit it – you’re craving some salty snacks on a rainy evening, but you’re afraid of those extra calories that would add to those pounds you want to shed.

You need to give in to these cravings, but you don’t know-how. 

We’re here to tell you that you can tingle your tastebuds with the top 19 healthy snacks to satisfy your salty cravings without adding even an inch to your waistline. 

Read on to find out how you can have a savory snack without giving it a second thought.

1. Meat Snacks and Jerky

Did you know that savory snacks like beef jerky are healthy snacks? Made from lean meat, beef jerky has more protein and fewer carbs, thus making it a snack that won’t harm your health.

Plus, with so many types of beef jerky available, satisfying your salty cravings has become much easier. Take ghost pepper beef jerky, for example. Its chockful of flavors and the right amount of heat can make this an excellent snack.

However, keep in mind that it’s okay to have it if you don’t include it in your daily diet. 

2. Cottage Cheese      

You probably picture melted cheese oozing with every bite of your favorite pizza when you think cheese. Well, here’s good news for you. Not all cheeses are like that. Take cottage cheese, for example. 

One cup of 1 percent cottage cheese offers approx 200 to 400mg of sodium. It is enough to leave your stomach full. Once you can keep your appetite in check, you’ll be sticking to a healthy eating plan.

You can also top it with lightly salted almonds or maybe chopped walnuts. It will satisfy your salt cravings and keep you full for longer.

3. Crispy-Curry Roasted Chickpeas 

Roasted chickpeas are considered a superfood. However, turning them into savory snackable food is not at all complex. 

You just need to roast some chickpeas and toss in kosher salt, curry powder, and olive oil to prepare this snack. All these ingredients are great for your health, alongside being super binge-worthy. You need to prepare it the right way!

Pair it with a delicious and nutritious plum smoothie to make it taste even better!

4. Raw Seaweed Crunchies

Consuming more greens should be the goal of a healthy eater, even if they have snacks. This recipe with seaweed makes a great snack that is both savory and healthy!

The ingredients you need are:

  • 2 sheets of seaweed
  • ¾ cup cashew nuts
  • ¼ teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon raisins
  • ½ teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice

To make this healthy and savory snack, you need to put all the above except the seaweed sheets in a food processor and blend well. 

Like you make sandwiches, place the blended paste on one side of a seaweed sheet and cover it with the other. Now cut the sandwich into long strips and put them in a dehydrator for at least eight hours to make them crispy. 

5. Corn and Tortilla Chips

Conventional potato chips are generally regarded as junk food. Regardless, you may not know that corn and tortilla chips are healthy. Plus, they make amazing savory snacks.

This is a limited ingredient chip and not much spice, just some salt and corn are added. 

Also, these chips are excellent when paired with some healthy sides such as guacamole, curry powder, or salsa. All of these are savory and flavorful in their own right. 

Incorporate the dips with different variations. One of them can be jalapeno lime chips. There are lots of different seasonings to play with. You can also have it with an Oreo berry milkshake!

6. Nuts and Seeds

Rich in protein and good fats, nuts and seeds make super healthy and savory snacks! There are many variations in flavors, such as toasted coconut or habanero. 

It will make your snack routine tempting when you’re tired of plain nuts. We suggest keeping some nut bars handy to have something more interesting. Doing this will help you avoid careless snacking. 

It will also prevent you from giving in to cravings. Nut bars contain some intense flavor and protein. 

7. Rice Cakes 

Rice cakes have a bad reputation for being boring and old-school food.

But times have changed!

For instance, you’ll get a significant variation of rice cakes and mini rice crackers. Also, nowadays, you can get rice snacks that are pizza-flavored! You can experiment and create your savory cakes with rice if you’re kitchen savvy. 

8. Veggie Chips 

Did you know that chips made from veggies or even vegetable peel make great savory snacks?

Healthy savory snacks like asparagus and kale chips will satisfy your junk food cravings—minus the guilt. Just like potato ones, veggie chips are available in various flavors. These flavors are all surprisingly addictive.

9. Tomato Chips 

You can make tomato chips at home in the microwave oven. No need for a dehydrator! Cut very thin slices of tomatoes, add some salt and any other spice, and microwave them until they turn crispy. 

Voila! You have homemade tomato chips to crunch and munch on without adding calories.

10. Popcorn

Popcorn is very popular among salty, savory snackers! But butter-covered popcorn is something you definitely should avoid. This is why we suggest air-popped and flavored popcorn. They do not have any unnecessary fat or added calories. 

So you wish to pop your popcorn yet find them plain and boring. Try adding sea salt and olive oil to spice it up. You can purchase bulk kernels and an air-popper, a smart investment. Thus you will be able to bring this snack to work regularly.

11. Flavored Asian Snack Mix 

This snack combo recipe is similar to the classic Chex Mix but with a delicious Asian twist. The mixture of nuts, popcorn, and soy sauce is adequate to fulfill the savory snack fanatic in you.

12. Spicy Guacamole 

Guacamole makes a great snack when paired with veggies or chips. It helps you keep your snacking on the lighter side. Add some serrano chilies according to your preferences. It will make the snacks even more spicy and savory!

13. Crackers 

Like corn chips, crackers are incredible when paired with healthy veggies or dips. You can even prepare mini-sandwiches with it. Combine it with meats and cheeses if you’re looking for something more filling.

However, it’s good to watch the serving sizes when consuming crackers. If plain crackers seem boring, you might want to try sriracha crackers with bold flavor!

14. Pretzels

Pretzels are very popular and a classic snack to fulfill your salt cravings. And yes, they’re pretty addictive too!

We recommend you find flavorful mini pretzels that satisfy your salt cravings. This will provide savory goodness without going overboard. You can also try them with guacamole dip for added flavor and taste.

15. 3-Ingredient Arepas 

You can make arepas or cornmeal cakes using only three simple ingredients – salt, cornflour, and water. It won’t take more than ten minutes to prep. 

Roll out the dough from the three ingredients and fry them on a griddle with very little oil. 

Your savory snack gets even healthier if you add carrots, spinach, or other vegetables to the dough. 

16. Potato Chips

When you talk about snacks, potato chips are bound to mind. Sweet potatoes, specifically, are a well-documented superfood. They contain lots of important nutrients. 

You can find organic sweet potato chips in stores. Also, you can try making them on your own at home. It’s a clever way to consume more healthy carbs!

17. Cheese Snacks 

Let’s not forget your dairy! Rich in protein and super savory, cheese is a great snack to satisfy your cravings. 

Get some low-fat, pre-portioned cheeses. You can find them at your nearest supermarket. If you’re searching for a flavorful cheese, consider trying something like a strong cheddar.

18. Vegan Coleslaw

If you’re trying to add more veggies to your diet, this vegan coleslaw recipe will make an incredible snack to satisfy your cravings. 

Prepare the sauce by blending onion, maple syrup, vinegar, mustard, and celery salt. Then shred the veggies and toss! And your healthy, savory slaw is ready to serve!

19. Avocado

Besides being a key ingredient in guacamole, avocado can be had as a savory and healthy snack. It contains good fats and keeps you full longer, making it an ideal snacking option. 

Add some salt and pepper or salt and honey to mashed avocado to make a healthy snack full of flavors and creamy texture. 

Wrapping Up

We hope we’ve helped solve the problem of finding healthy savory snacks and recipes to satisfy your salty cravings.

We have provided you with 19 awesome savory and healthy snack options that are easy to whip up. You need to choose one according to your taste and try it out! 

Just one simple reminder before you go. Before trying out any of these snacks, make sure you are not allergic to them. 

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