Healthy Eating On A Budget

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Without a doubt, eating healthy still stands as one of the most difficult to keep up with. Naturally, humans have an irresistible sweet tooth that leads us to “our doom” from infancy. It’s known that children have about 77% of their stomach’s compartment reserved for junk and snacks other than real food.

Healthy Eating On A Budget

On the other hand, eating healthy strikes most people as expensive since junk doesn’t cost so much. Truthfully, it costs more to maintain a healthy diet because you’d have to purchase fresh foods daily and keep at it. If you’re on a budget, using a monthly budget template can help tremendously. Let’s help you learn to feed healthy and on a tight budget while you’re at it. Shall we?

1. Plan Your Meals

Eating healthy foods on a slim budget starts from planning your meals. Most times switching to eating right could be a little messy that you end up spending a lot on a few meals. Set out a day from your busy weekly schedule to plan your meals for the week. From reading obesity problem essays on meal planning, people have discovered that managing this problem even during childhood isn’t so difficult. Remember to keep a stock of the items in your fridge and food store when planning.

2. Maintain A Grocery List

Alongside having a well-coordinated routine week in and out, sticking to a grocery list also helps save money. To eat healthy meals on a regular, you’d have to ensure you have an adequate supply of everything you need available. You may get sidetracked while shopping from a grocery store without a list.

Pro tip: the head for the store section with whole foods ensures you get your cart filled on a budget first. When you’re done, you’ll have little for unhealthy items.

3. Cook Large Portions At Home

Cooking at home is by far the oldest trick to saving off your meals daily. Eating out is reasonably expensive because these businesses incur many expenses, which reflects on the prices of the food items. When you have your meals planned for the week and shopped for the ingredients needed, try to cook each meal in large portions.

Cooking in large portions also helps you create a feeding routine that enables you to save because you can repeat a meal at least twice in one week.

Cook Large Portions At Home

4. Manage Leftovers

One interesting thing about cooking at home is the unplanned leftovers from servings. Knowing to manage your leftovers not only saves you money, but it also saves you the time of cooking. Leftovers from dinner on one day of the week can be taken as lunch one or two days later. Having the leftovers portioned into one or two sizes provides you enough meals for the week and servings for your guests. If properly stored, leftovers could help you lift a chunk from your feeding budget.

5. Go For Whole Foods

For a fact, most food items save you a lot when purchased in their less processed forms. Getting whole foods instead of processed ones saves you the cost of processing, packaging, and preservation from manufacturers. Also, consuming processed meals in large quantities results in childhood overweight, which becomes difficult to control. For example, going for canned beans would save you a few bucks than purchasing the refried ones. Just as buying whole grains saves you a lot more than processed cereals.

6. Stick To Generic Brands

Not many people new to a healthy diet realize that sticking to generic brands helps them save money. Interestingly, all stores have generic brands stacked up for every food product. For safe and healthy consumption, all food manufacturers have to follow regulatory standards. Even when generic brands come as less expensive, they sure wouldn’t be approved for consumption without meeting the production standards. However, read through the nutritional facts to be reassured of quality.

Stick To Generic Brands

7. Watch Out To Shop On Sales

Shopping on sales is another by-the-book trick of saving while you eat healthily. Watch out for times when your favorite cooking products are on sale to get huge discounts. If you haven’t noticed, most popular brands offer their consumers discounts frequently. Since it’s a product you use often, they’d be a time when it’d be sold for a lower price. Also, stocking up frequently-used items helps save you some cash compared to buying in bits. Ensure they have a lasting expiration date, though.

8. Go For Cheaper Chunks Of Meat

Alongside frozen fruits, going for cheaper chunks of meat helps save you some extra cash while you feed healthy. Going for fresh meat and fish could be a little more expensive than buying them in chunks or cuts. When you buy them fresh, the farm sells while weighing on a scale you have no idea how it’s being measured. Buying in bits, especially if packaged, also makes it easy to use in different meals like soups, burritos, casseroles, and stir-fries.

9. Buy Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

Eating healthy would have been more affordable, fun, and accessible if vegetables, berries, and fruits grow all year. Sadly, they are only available for harvesting and sales at specific seasons of the year, making them scarce and sometimes expensive. Going for frozen fruits and vegetables helps you save as much and also grants you easy access to these items for cooking. Buying them in bags leaves you the option of using them in bits and storing them in your refrigerator without worrying about spoilage.


Eating healthy and on a budget are two different things entirely. But if understood properly, you could eat good meals and save a lot while at it. Go put these tips to work today!

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