25 Healthy College Snacks To Prevent Obesity

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Obesity has become an epidemic, especially true for college students, quite a lot, because of the lack of healthy options. So, if you are a college student looking for the same, look at this blog post to explore healthy college snacks to prevent obesity!

25 healthy college snacks

There are many ways to prevent obesity in college students, primarily by choosing healthier eating options. Some healthy college snacks to prevent obesity are smoothies, whole grain bread with nut butter, yogurt, cereal, veggies, and fruits. 

A lot of factors have contributed to the rise of obesity everywhere. Among college students, obesity has become a colossal issue mainly because of the lack of healthier food options. Fast food places are everywhere, but healthy restaurants are still slightly limited. 

So, does that mean there aren’t too many options to explore? Not at all! It all comes down to pairing specific types of healthy foods together that make for healthy snacks which are also pocket-friendly. Now, let us take a detailed look at these options! Happy Reading! 

25 Of The Best Healthy College Snack Options To Prevent Obesity

Most people tend to have a misconception about healthy food, that it has to be expensive. It is partially correct. However, many options are incredibly budget-friendly. Over and above that, these options are very easily accessible. 

Another factor that comes to mind when thinking about eating healthy is the sheer amount of preparation all meals will take. Knowing that college students don’t have as much time on hand can be tricky. 

However, of almost all the options mentioned in this section, most of them will take little time to put together. Moreover, even if a few snacks need more time, these will be readily available at most grocery stores. So, that makes the whole idea time efficient as well. So, without further ado, let us explore these 25 attractive options. 

1. Fruits And Berries with Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is healthy, packed with protein, and a good calcium source. Cottage cheese is versatile and can be paired with sweet and savory meal options. 

Cottage cheese will also help you feel full for much longer, making it an ideal snack when you’ve got the munchies. Some soft cottage cheese paired with your favorite berries or fruits like apples and bananas makes for a healthy snack. 

2. Peanut Butter and Bananas

A combination that can never go wrong is peanut butter with bananas. There’s just something so surreal about this combination that it works in every way and form possible. Moreover, both are very healthy and easily accessible too. 

Plus, not to mention the fact that peanut butter is packed with good fats and proteins, all of which can help you feel full for longer. You can go for bananas dipped in peanut butter, top-sliced bananas with peanut butter, or even spread them both onto a slice of multigrain bread. 

3. Fruit with Greek Yogurt

Like cottage cheese, greek yogurt is one of the best and most versatile forms of dairy. Greek yogurt also pairs well with savory and sweet options, making it a lovely snack.

Greek yogurt can be topped with your favorite berries, fresh fruits, or canned fruits. I recommend avoiding flavored greek yogurt, as they have a lot of added sugar. Instead, go for plain greek yogurt and maybe top it with a dollop of honey for extra sweetness. 

4. Apple Slices with Nut Butter

When it comes to combining fruits and nut butter, the options are almost endless! Apples are one of the healthiest fruit options out there. They are packed with all the proper nutrients and low in calories. 

So, pairing them with nut butter is always a great option. You could stick to classics and pair the apple slices with peanut butter if you would like. But cashew butter and almond butter are genuinely great options as well. 

5. Whole Grain Muffins

Many people say that avoiding carbohydrates is the best way to prevent obesity and, in general, putting on weight. But that is not true! The right type of carbohydrate is always great for the body and essential for the system. 

Whole grain muffins are a lovely way to get the right carbohydrates for your body, which will also help you feel full for longer. Try going for healthier versions of muffins with many fruits in them and no added artificial sweeteners. 

6. English Muffins With Nut Butter And Fruits

If you are a fan of muffins but are having trouble finding a healthy option for the same, don’t fret! You can also make yourself accessible and beneficial muffins by using whole-grain English muffins, which are readily available. 

Try going for whole-grain English muffins here, as they are much healthier. Top them off with some of your favorite nut butter and fruit slices. One combination that I recommend is a whole-grain English muffin topped with almond butter, apple slices, and a pinch of cinnamon! 

7. Oats With Yogurt And Fruits

Oats are one of the most recommended options for healthy food. They are suitable for the heart, packed with fiber, and versatile. Many things can be made with regular rolled oats, one of the simplest being breakfast meals. 

Oats paired with Greek yogurt and fruits are a lovely and healthy combination to have as a snack. Try to avoid going for packaged oats as they have various additives. Instead, opt for regular oats and unsweetened Greek yogurt. 

8. Apple Crisp With Greek Yogurt

Apple crisp is one of the easiest snack and dessert options to satisfy your sweet tooth. This one might be less readily available at grocery stores around you, but it is effortless to put together. 

Apple crisp can be made with some apples tossed in a minimal amount of butter and cinnamon, topped with oats, and baked. As a bonus, you can add some honey, maple syrup, and berries. Top the crisp off with Greek yogurt before you serve! 

9. Smoothies

If you are wondering what equipment to invest in as a college student, my first pick would be a blender. You can make various healthy snacks with a lovely blender at home, including sweet fruit smoothies. 

Smoothies are so much better than fruit juices and milkshakes. They are packed with everything healthy and get natural sweetness from dates, honey, and agave. Blend some of your favorite fruits with just a little yogurt, milk, and cinnamon, and love to enjoy a lovely smoothie! 

10. Homemade Trail Mix

Trail mix can be a very healthy snack to munch on and convenient to carry around. However, the thing with trail mix is that it will be beneficial, provided all the components of it are also healthy. 

Most trail mixes you get at grocery stores are high in salt and sugar, making them quite unhealthy. So, the healthier option is to make your trail mix! Combine some of your favorite nuts, seeds, unsweetened dried fruit, and wholegrain cereal to make one of your own! 

11. Chia Pudding With Fruits

Chia seeds are considered a superfood, meaning they can keep you full for a long time, even if you have a small quantity. Chia seeds are versatile and can be added to many different snack recipes.

One such snack that many people are fond of is chia seed pudding. This pudding is so easy to assemble that it can be done with as few as three ingredients. Mix chia seeds with maple syrup and almond milk, and top with chopped fruits! 

12. Yogurt Popsicle

Yogurt Popsicles

If you are looking for a healthy snack option on a hot day, then yogurt popsicles are worth a try! Yogurt popsicles can also be made with as little as 2-3 ingredients and complex versions with many more elements! 

It is also a great way to put your new blender to use! Just blend plain yogurt with your favorite fruits and a tiny honey dollop. Next, freeze this mix in popsicle trays and enjoy your healthy homemade ice cream! 

13. Energy Bites

Protein bars and various energy bites are very readily available in the market. Most companies ensure that their energy bars are as healthy as they can be and packed with ample protein. 

So, you could grab one of these from the supermarket. Or, you can also make energy bites of your own at home! Combine dates with your favorite nuts and seeds, roll them out in some shredded coconut, and enjoy! 

14. Veggies With Hummus 

Now you have too many sweet options for a healthy snack. Regarding healthy savory food, the best place to start is hummus, any day! Hummus is among the most nutritious dips out there, as it is packed with a lot of protein from chickpeas.

Moreover, when paired with the right ingredients, hummus makes up for a healthy and filling snack option. A lot can be paired with hummus, but the best chance to go for is always veggies like carrots, celery, and broccoli. 

15. Green Salad With Tuna And Strawberries

It would be utterly ridiculous if I mentioned healthy snack options and did not add any salad to the list! Salads, especially those made with leafy greens, are highly balanced, nutritious, and a great way to watch your weight. 

This salad option has the best of everything, with nutrients from leafy greens and just the right amount of acidity and sweetness from the strawberries. Lastly, the tuna adds flavor and lean protein to this whole meal. 

16. Veggie Sticks With Nut Butter

Beyond hummus, nut butter also makes a great dip to pair with veggie sticks. Here, going for unsweetened nut butter is vital to get the best flavor possible. Sweet nut butter might get the balance off. 

Peanut butter pairs poorly with veggie sticks, just in terms of flavor. I recommend going for unsweetened almond or cashew butter with celery sticks, which makes a lovely and wholesome snack. 

17. Pita Chips With Bean Dip

Beans are a great source of protein and fiber, which are vital when you are trying to watch your weight. Bean dips are also easily available everywhere and might be available at your local grocery store. 

If not, then bean dips are indeed easy to put together. Just ensure you don’t add too much oil or salt to them. You can add veggies like corn to your dip and serve them with toasted, whole grain pita chips. 

18. Wholegrain Crackers With Cheese

Who doesn’t like cheese and crackers? Undoubtedly, they make the best combination and the perfect thing to munch on any occasion. So, it is natural that they also make a great snack too much in college. 

But, it does come down to what the crackers are made with, which determines whether they are a healthy option. So, go for multigrain crackers and pair them up with cheese that is high in protein and low in fat and sodium. 

19. Tomatoes With Eggs 

Eggs are one of the best sources of protein. We all know that. Pairing eggs with the right accompaniments always makes a great snack. Yes, eggs and bread make a great breakfast combination, for sure. 

But, if you are looking for an option to eat with even lower calories, tomatoes with eggs are a great option. Get some hard-boiled eggs and top them with salt and pepper. Pair with either sliced tomatoes or cherry tomatoes. 

20. Salsa Or Guacamole With Homemade Tortilla Chips

Chips and dips make a lovely healthy snack, provided you pick the suitable chips. Most packaged nacho chips available everywhere are fried and high in many unhealthy ingredients, mainly sodium. 

Instead, you could grill your pita chips or tortilla chips at home. Pair them with a lovely homemade salsa or even guacamole. Avocados are packed with healthy fats, so guacamole is an excellent option to consider. 

21. Whole Grain Pita With Baked Falafel 

Falafel is made with chickpeas, which means they are a great source of protein. Moreover, Falafel and pita are one of the best combinations ever. However, one thing you should be careful about is that Falafel is often fried. 

So, it is good to go for a healthier, baked version instead of the fried version. You can make your Falafel at home or even bake frozen Falafel. Add a few strips of red bell peppers for extra flavor. 

22. Whole Grain Toast With Apple And Cheese

Did you know that the combination of apples and cheese is genuinely phenomenal? The sweet and savory flavors work well together and make for a healthy snack to munch on. 

Toast a slice of multigrain bread, and top it with some soft cheese. Finally, add a few pieces of apples, some maple syrup, and just a pinch of cinnamon before you enjoy this delicious breakfast treat! 

23. Baked Frittata

As I mentioned before, eggs make an excellent ingredient for healthy snacks. So many healthy variations can be made with eggs when they are paired with the right ingredients. Frittata, or a Spanish omelet, creates a balanced snack. 

The omelet has eggs and potatoes, forming a balanced combination of protein and carbohydrates. You can add veggies such as spinach and mushroom to make the frittata even more delicious! 

24. Edamame

Edamame is packed with protein, is tasty, and is a great snack. Edamame can be made in several ways and tastes delicious in every way. Edamame tastes especially good when it is tossed with just a little oil. 

Serve Edamame with some chopped-up cucumber and top with just a little olive oil. Additionally, add just a little bit of vinegar for acidity, and finish the dish off with toasted sesame seeds! 

25. Cereal Topped With Milk And Fruits

Cereal is a great snack to munch on, as long as it is wholegrain. You can have cereal as a healthy snack option if it is not loaded with a lot of sugar. Avoid going for any packaged cereal, as they have a lot of sugar. 

Go for whole grain cereal or muesli that does not contain sugar. Top off with some milk and add some honey for sweetness. Finally, finish off with your favorite chopped fruits and enjoy! 

Some Tips To Help Prevent Obesity 

Every one of the following overweight prevention tips helps maintain a healthy weight but also helps for losing weight. 

  • Consume More “Good” Fat and Less “Bad” Fat– Not all fat is bad. Many nutrition papers state that the intake of healthy dietary fats can reduce the risk of obesity also improve cholesterol levels.
  • Consume Less Sugary and Processed Foods– processed foods are high in salt, fat, and sugar, which are the main things that encourage obesity. 
  • Eat More Fruits and Vegetables– the recommendation for a daily intake of vegetables and fruits is five to ten servings per day. Following this can help you reduce the risk of being overweight. 
  • Eat Dietary Fiber– many studies on this topic show that people who took fiber complex supplements on a daily basis for 12 weeks lost 5% of their body weight. 
  • Try a Regular Aerobic Activity – incorporating physical activity into your daily activities is important to lose or maintain a healthy weight. 
  • Reduce Your Stress – Stress has many effects on the mind and the body. Many essays and paper samples state that stress can trigger the brain to change eating patterns, which can lead to cravings for high-calorie foods. 


Obesity can be a much bigger problem than you may have thought. So, preventing the same when you are younger, especially in college, is one of the most crucial steps to attaining good health. Ensure you eat balanced, healthy meals with all the proper nutrients, and you should be ready! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all the options mentioned above easy to make? 

Yes, most of the snack options mentioned above are very easy to assemble and versatile. 

Are all the options mentioned above easily accessible? 

Yes, most ingredients for the snack options mentioned above are easily accessible and can be found at any grocery store. 

Are carbohydrates bad if you are trying to watch your weight? 

No, carbohydrates are essential for the body, so they are not bad. Just be careful about the amount and type of carbohydrates you consume. 

Are flavored oats a healthy snack? 

Not really! They can be loaded with many additives, salt, and sugar, so it is best to always go for plain, rolled oats instead. 

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