Having Nice Visuals on Your Food Website: Does It Really Influence Rankings?

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Food business owners who run their food blog with prominent visual content are one step ahead of their competitors who neglected this channel. In the current age, whenever people need information, a service, or a product, the first thing they do is opening their favorite browser and asking the search engine.

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A website is a great way to educate your target audience about your food project and provide the necessary information about its focus, activities, services, prices, and more. The site creates a positive image of your project, raises its status, and builds consumer loyalty.

Having a website means having your own advertising platform. Your blog automatically becomes an online marketing channel that allows you to promote and sell products/services. Moreover, it is a great communication tool for internal use, that is, for interaction between employees in addition to establishing a connection with your readers. 

Outdated website design can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your online tool. It will be useful for you to keep abreast of innovations and the latest design trends, as innovative ideas are more quickly accepted by society, especially by young people. Sometimes you just need to refresh the pages a bit or post articles with added visuals to keep users more interested. The more so that you can easily improve the content yourself by using an animation maker.

Visual Solutions for Your Food Blog

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Visual effects are an important component of a user interface, as they make the site universal for people from different countries. Visuals include all images, photographs, pictures, videos, animation, colors, and everything that a person sees and perceives with the help of eyes. In other words, this is an aesthetic and catchy part of the content. You can come up with a theme for your food blog and create the aesthetics virtually. Also, visual pieces will be helpful for users who have problems with text recognition, for instance, dyslexia.

As for the design of your food blog, you need to understand that if your web pages consist of text only, a visitor will not be able to create a concrete connection. This is due to the fact that a human vision reacts faster and more willingly to bright colors, movement, and everything that makes an impression and can evoke a response. You should carefully analyze your pages since the right visual presentation can really increase the site’s rankings.

As a food blogger, you must understand the horizons visual content can present. When the visitors are able to visualize the content through graphic designs, images, videos and much more, your connection with the readers will turn out to be more active and authentic. 

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  • The animation will never get out of date and will always adapt to new trends. Animated graphics attract maximum attention and allow users to understand what the food blog offers without long and tedious explanations. A creative approach to animation adds entertaining value to the interface. Sites with animated elements are able to excite visitors and leave an imprint on their memory.
  • At this point, we should mention a mascot. A character that becomes a symbolic representation of your food blog can become an effective element of communication and interaction. It will help to easily provide the user with new information, idea, or offer. Mascots can communicate directly to the audience by using speech balloons or be part of a smart assistant and give helpful tips, instructions, and visual cues with different facial expressions. This type of interaction looks more human, which improves the overall user experience.
  • Animated videos or video infographics can play an important role in shaping a positive image. They are dynamic, easy to remember, and able to present information in an accessible and original way. Visual presentation via video infographics consistently proves its advantage. According to surveys and sociological research, the majority of participants confirm that data provided in this way is perceived better. In addition, a person naturally remembers information divided into separate blocks and actions unwinding based on a well-thought-out scenario. 
  • If you need to show technological processes and finished products, a graphic with 3D elements is a perfect choice. Such models can illustrate all the important points disassembled into components and details. With their help, large amounts of data are transformed into a concise, harmonious, and understandable structure. In addition, 3D animated videos are a powerful sales tool, as traditional presentations no longer produce the desired “Wow” effect.


You can present the details in text formats such as the tips and instructions and more, but it is a high probability that it’s difficult to understand. At the same time, you can make use of images and videos in a simple and fun way with the help of elaborated visuals. It will enrich your content and make it more interesting for the audience, which can translate into greater profits over time. Track new web design tendencies to catch the wave in time!

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