36 Harry Potter-Inspired Halloween Food Ideas That You Can Try

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If you are a major Potterhead like me and have been waiting for your letter from Hogwarts ever since you were a child, then I am sure that a Harry Potter-inspired Halloween party may sound like something you would be interested in! For that, I have the best Harry Potter-inspired Halloween Food Ideas for you in this article! 

Harry Potter Inspired Halloween Food Ideas

Now I am sure that if you are a major Potter fan, you don’t really need excuses like Halloween to have Harry Potter Inspired food. But, it can be a task to make elaborate recipes just for yourself. So, throwing a theme-based Halloween party is usually the best way to channel your imagination and go ga-ga over all your favorite characters! 

For that, the food ideas mentioned in this article are absolutely perfect! They will help your inner fan enjoy everything you may have ever wanted to, out of the books and the movies. Trust me, I am disappointed, too, for not getting my acceptance letter! But trying some of these food ideas did give me a lot of solace! 

Also, with food ideas, it may seem like a huge task to come up with some options. I mean, it may seem like it’s too much work! But this article has a lot of ideas that are perfect for beginners as well as experts in the kitchen.

So, I am sure that either way, you will find your perfect fit with these food ideas. Now, without further ado, let me introduce all these ideas to you! Wish you happy reading! 

Harry Potter-Inspired Halloween Food Ideas

Harry Potter Halloween Food Ideas 2

“You’re saying it wrong. It’s Leviosa, not Leviosaa!” Well, Hermione was really particular about her spells and, um, just everything! But, unless you are Hermione Granger herself, you don’t really have to worry about being that particular with these food ideas! You can easily pull a Ron Weasley and make changes of your own. 

Of course, as these are food ideas, it eventually comes down to individual taste. So, with a lot of the ideas mentioned here, especially the ones with baked goods, some of you may get intimidated, as baking can be a hard task. But honestly, if baking is something that isn’t really down your knock turn-alley, then you can easily use store-bought baked goods and decorate them! 

Nevertheless, I have mentioned how exactly each of these ideas works, along with detailed recipe links for the same. So, depending on the time you have in hand and also how much effort you are willing to put in, you can choose the recipe you like best and also how exactly you would like to go about with it. Now, before you send death eaters behind me, let me introduce you to these 36 mind-blowing ideas! 

1. Butterbeer


I don’t really know about you, but as a child, when I read Harry Potter books, Butterbeer was something that always fascinated me. So, paying homage to this classic drink from Harry Potter, of course, it had to be a part of this list! 

It may sound like a task to make Butterbeer, but it really is not! All you need is a few simple ingredients and an hour to spare. Moreover, the best part about a Butterbeer is that you can make it non-alcoholic or boozy, as per your wish! 

2. Harry Potter Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Halloween comes around a time when it starts getting cold, so the ideal, soothing drink for this holiday is definitely some hot chocolate! You can actually also make this simple drink Harry Potter-themed, just by making some chocolate bombs instead of hot chocolate. 

To make Harry Potter-inspired Hot chocolate bombs, all you need is some hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, some candy if you would like, and white chocolate. Just mold the chocolate into spheres and decorate them with your favorite colors that revolve around one of the houses. Alternatively, you can also use a homemade hot chocolate mix if you prefer that over something store-bought! 

3. Chocolate Cauldron Cakes

Chocolate Cauldron Cakes

How can it be a story about witches and wizards if there are no giant cauldrons filled with potions? Harry Potter is a series where cauldrons have been mentioned a lot, and this theme can easily be turned into a cute and, well, really delicious cake! Chocolate Cauldron Cakes can be made with a store-bought cake or a homemade cake, as per your preference. 

With a store-bought chocolate cake, you will have to mold it in a way that ends up looking like a cauldron and then decorate it with chocolate and buttercream frosting. Whereas with a homemade cake, you can directly bake it in the shape of a cauldron and avoid all the cutting and molding that follows. 

4. Snitch Pops

Snitch Pops

You don’t necessarily need to be a seeker as good as Potter himself to catch this snitch! To add some fun to their quidditch games, snitch pops make a great food idea for a Halloween party! This is actually one of the easiest things you can do, even for beginners! 

To make Snitch Pops, you can use your favorite cake; store-bought or homemade hardly makes a difference. You will have to break the cake apart into a sand-like texture and then add in some icing, form balls and dip them in melted chocolate. For the wings, you can easily use Oreos split vertically in half if making chocolate wings seems like too much of a task. 

5. Sorting Hat Cupcakes

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cupcakes

After taking a few online quizzes, I got to know that I’m a Hufflepuff. But honestly, the idea of an actual sorting hat sounds really amazing. Although it is something that will not happen in real life (maybe in the future it will, you never know!), you can still have some fun of your own on Halloween with Sorting Hat Cupcakes. 

Again, with these cupcakes, the flavor and whether you want to make them from scratch or use store-bought ones depends completely on you. All you have to do is fill some colored frosting in the center of each cupcake, with the color revolving around the theme of the houses. Serve these to your guests and let fate decide which house you actually belong to! 

6. Weasley Sweater Cookies

Weasley Sweater Cookies

This may sound odd, but how I always wished Mrs. Weasley would knit one of her hideous sweaters for me! If this doesn’t sound odd to you, then you can instead settle for some Weasley sweater cookies. I mean, it is not the same as an actual sweater, but still good enough food, right?

To make Weasley Sweater cookies, I would recommend making your cookies from scratch, as that way, you can actually cut out portions that look like sweaters. But, if you don’t have that sort of time, you can, of course, use store-bought sugar cookies. Just decorate them with royal icing to make them look like the Weasley sweaters, and that’s about it! 

7. Cheese And Pretzel Broomsticks


Cheese and Pretzel Broomsticks are probably one of the easiest Harry Potter-themed food ideas ever! They look just like broomsticks and are so delicious! Yes, for this one, you, of course, can use as many store-bought ingredients as you like. All you have to do is assemble them together. 

Cheese and pretzel broomsticks can be made with hard pretzel sticks, slices of your favorite cheese, and maybe a sprig of lemongrass or any such thing that can help the cheese remain intact. Wrap the cheese around at the base of the pretzel stick, secure it with the sprig of lemon grass and make some vertical cuts halfway through the cheese slice to make it look like the end of a broom. 

8. Deathly Hallows Cookies

Deathly Hallows Cookies

The best part about Harry Potter is that there are so many parts to this series that you can choose what you like best out of each part. Out of all these parts, one of the favorites for most people is Deathly Hallows. Now, this theme can very easily be taken up and turned into some really good Deathly Hallows cookies! 

Again for these, I would recommend making sugar cookies from scratch. Of course, the shape will remain round here, but you can add some pumpkin spice to these cookies for added Halloween flavor. In case you don’t have the time or just can’t be bothered, you can use store-bought cookies too. Again, decorate the cookies with royal icing while including the triangle, the circle, and the line. 

9. Butterbeer Cupcakes

Butterbeer Cupcakes

The return of the Butterbeer! Honestly, there are just so many desserts that you can make with this drink; the list is endless! You will see this later in this article. But for now, Butterbeer Cupcakes are decadent and taste exactly like butterbeer in cake form, which does make it all the better! 

For Butterbeer cupcakes, there, unfortunately, isn’t an option of using store-bought cupcakes. This is simply because the actual butterbeer needs to be used as the liquid in this recipe. But, in case you are really short on time, you can consider buying cupcakes and then frosting them with a butterbeer frosting. Yes, the flavor will be a little lighter than the cupcake made from scratch, but still completely worth it! 

10. Monster Book Of Monsters Cake

Monster Book Of Monsters Cake

This was actually a very scary and monstrous book. You know what that means! Make it into Halloween food! This cake is probably the perfect option you could go for if you are serving a large party of people. It will be easy to assemble and also a fun addition to your Harry Potter-themed Halloween party! 

To make this cake, you can use a flat store-bought cake if you like, or make it from scratch, as per your personal preference. The same goes for the frosting as well. All you need to do is follow the theme and decorate the cake. You can also add fangs made with fondant and some more decorations if you want your cake to be really fancy. 

11. Pretzel Wands

Pretzel Wands

It is a bummer that we don’t have actual wands like the wizards in Harry Potter do. But, who said you can’t make some wands of your own? These wands are spooky, magical, and oh so delicious! Moreover, this is truly one of the easiest recipes to follow, as you barely need any ingredients to make them. 

For pretzel wands, you will need some hard pretzel sticks, your favorite kind of chocolate, and some sprinkles if you would like. Melt the chocolate and dip the pretzels in it. Top off with some of your favorite sprinkles. They won’t look exactly like the wands from the movie, but I can guarantee that they will give you the same magical feeling! 

12. Sorting Hat Cookies

Witch Hat Cookies

The Sorting Hat, although technically an inanimate object, was surely one of my favorite characters, just because of all the sass! So, of course, I can’t stop at just one recipe or food idea when it comes to Sorting hats! While this may not be as much fun as the cupcakes, you can still make them so! To make Sorting Hat Cookies, you can go for store-bought cookies if you wish. 

But, as the assembly of these cookies requires two to be stacked on top of each other, I would suggest going for some cookies that are a full circle and the others hollow in the center. Once the cookies are stacked on top of each other, fill the hollow cookie with colored frostings and cover them with little chocolate hats. It may sound complicated, but once you read the recipe, you will realize just how easy these are! 

13. Roasted Potatoes

Roasted Potatoes

I feel like I may have mentioned a bit too many dessert recipes. Well, Halloween is all about indulging in everything sweet, so I couldn’t help myself! But, in case you are looking for something savory, you can choose to try out roasted potatoes. These might not sound Halloween themed, but they sure do justice to Harry Potter! 

These Roasted Potatoes are a part of the Hogwarts feast and hence, had to be featured on this list. Moreover, everyone likes potatoes, so it is indeed a win-win situation! You will have to slice potatoes thinly and bake them with some rosemary and thyme until they are crispy, and that’s it! 

14. Harry Potter Birthday Cake

Harry Potter Birthday Cake

Whoever said Birthday Cakes have to be only eaten when it is someone’s birthday! Ever since I laid my eyes on the delicious cake that Hagrid brings for Harry in the first part, I couldn’t wait to try it out! If you have a similar thing in mind, then you are in luck, as this birthday cake is actually so easy to make! 

Again, you can bake the cake yourself if you would wish to, or use a store-bought cake and then decorate it. You will need some peach-colored frosting to cover the cake and green frosting to write on it, and that’s it. It may seem like too much to write on a cake with frosting for beginners, so you can practice on a plate before you actually try it on a cake. 

15. Pumpkin Pasties

Pumpkin Pasties

Pasties are some of the most British treats you could ever devour. Pumpkin pasties are one of those treats that are sold on the Hogwarts Express, and the students always seemed to buy them in abundance. I’m not surprised about that, ever since I tried one of these, as they actually taste phenomenal! 

The flaky pastry with the sweet pumpkin filling is really well-balanced and also does perfect justice to the Halloween theme. You can use store-bought pastry dough and pumpkin pie filling if you would like. In case you would like them savory, you can easily tweak the filling recipe from a sweet one to a savory one! 

16. Monster Book Snacks

Monster Book Snacks

Remember the Monster Book Cake? As delicious as it may be, it does require some time and effort to make the cake. But, if the Monster Book theme is something you actually like a lot, there is an easier version of it that you can make for your Harry Potter-themed party. Voila, Monster Book Snacks! 

This is really a much easier version of the cake and just as delicious. It’s basically like making chocolate s’mores with some MnMs! All you have to do is take two pieces of graham crackers, spread chocolate on the inside and fill them with mini marshmallows. Decorate the tops, of course, while having some fun with melted chocolate and MnM’s, and that’s it. 

17. Butterbeer Ice Cream Floats

Butterbeer Ice Cream Floats

Some may say that Halloween is too cold a time to enjoy ice cream floats. I say, who made that rule? Ice cream floats are sweet treats that can lighten up any day of yours, and yes, they are exceptionally easy to make. For these ice cream floats, you will need butterbeer, vanilla ice cream, and gummy worms. 

Place a scoop of ice cream in a mug and top it off with some Butterbeer. Finally, add as many gummy worms as you would like on top. You can also use other types of candies if you would like, and in case you want to make it even more indulgent, you can also add some whipped cream on top. 

18. Hagrid’s Rock Cakes

Harry Potter Rock Cakes

Don’t worry; you won’t be having the hard rock cakes that Hagrid once made. Of course, I wouldn’t want all your teeth to fall off! These popular British cookies are actually quite soft and chewy and have the perfect balance of flavors with all the dried fruit. They are the perfect snack to serve with a warm cup of tea. 

With these cookies or cakes, you can’t really use anything store-bought. Of course, unless you are actually able to find some authentic rock cakes that weren’t made by Hagrid. But honestly, there is no need to worry as it may sound tough, but these are exceptionally easy to make and very beginner friendly too! Just make sure you follow the recipe properly so that they don’t turn out like Hagrid’s version! 

19. Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice

Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice

Pumpkin Juice is one of those beverages that is always mentioned for most celebrations in the Harry Potter series. Well, on a cold night like Halloween, there is indeed nothing better than a good old glass of Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice to warm you up. Now, this isn’t just any pumpkin juice. 

In fact, it is a symphony of perfectly balanced flavors! The sweetness of the pumpkin juice combined with the acidity of apple cider gives it a very interesting flavor combination. So, if you are confused about what drink to serve on Halloween, then this Harry Potter pumpkin juice is surely worth a try! 

20. Treacle Tart

Treacle Tart

Many of you may have surely heard of a Treacle Tart before, whether just as it is or out of Harry Potter. Yes, Treacle Tart is Harry Potter’s favorite dessert, and I surely understand where he is coming from, considering just how delicious this tart is! It is one of the most popular British desserts, which has a perfect flavor. 

A Treacle Tart is made with a flaky crust filled with Lemon filling. People also use rosemary and brown butter to make this tart, as it surely does add a lot of flavor! Of course, for this recipe, you can use a store-bought pie crust and make the filling yourself. But, to add more flavor to the pastry itself, I would recommend making your own pie crust. 

21. Butterbeer Cookies

Harry Potter Butterbeer Cookies

Butterbeer is one of the most popular food or rather drink options from the Harry Potter series. Hence, there are a lot of other food options revolving around this drink. But, for Butterbeer cookies, there are two ways of making them. One is by taking up how butterbeer looks in a glass, in a cookie form. 

The second method is to make actual butterbeer-flavored cookies. If I had to choose between the two, I would surely go for the butterbeer flavor. This is just considering how rich these cookies turn out to be as compared to regular sugar cookies! The recipe is also very easy to follow and won’t take up as much time as you would expect. 

22. Aragog Cookies

Aragog Cookies

This surely is one of the best cookie ideas and fits the Halloween theme perfectly. Well, of course, unless you have arachnophobia or you are Ron Weasley! Yes, Aragog is the same large spider that Ron was really scared of. But, keeping that aside, does this spider make a great theme for cookies or what! 

To make Aragog cookies, you won’t really have to worry about shaping the cookies in a certain way. So, you can easily just go for store-bought sugar cookies. Place peanut butter cups on the cookies along with some other candy or chocolate to make a face and body of the spider. Pipe some chocolate legs, and that’s all! These cookies are too cute to be eaten but also too delicious not to be eaten! 

23. Sorting Hat Cheesetower

Sorting Hat Cheesetower

For a party, a combination of cheese with crackers can never go wrong. It is the perfect combination to serve and go around at a party. You can take simple cheese and crackers up a notch by giving them a new avatar in the shape of the Harry Potter sorting hat! Again, this is not as difficult as it sounds. 

You will have to use a few soft pieces of cheese of your choice to make this. Just bring them all together and mold them into the shape of the sorting hat. Dust some black sesame seeds on the cheese tower and place crackers all around it. Trust me; this will end up looking like a piece of art that you wouldn’t want to eat! 

24. Butterbeer Popcorn

Butterbeer Popcorn in a Bowl

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks to munch on while watching a movie or even at a party. Along with being delicious, popcorn is also such a convenient snack for a party! Now I know that you may have tried a lot of whacky-flavored popcorn. But I am sure you haven’t tried Butterbeer-flavored popcorn before! 

As ridiculous as it may sound, Butterbeer Popcorn is just as fancy as caramel popcorn! It is honestly the perfect balance of sweet and salty. You really won’t be able to stop yourself from reaching out for more! Yes, all you need is salted popcorn and a thick butterbeer syrup. 

25. Hedwig Cupcakes

Hedwig Cupcakes

After watching the Harry Potter movie series, I realized how cute owls are! It is certain that since we sadly aren’t witches or wizards, we can’t really have a little Hedwig of our own. But you can turn this cute little owl into some delicious cupcakes! Of course, not literally! 

I am sure that you may have seen some really fancy designs for these cupcakes. But the best part here is the fact that it doesn’t really have to be that fancy! You can decorate these cupcakes as much as you want, as long as they resemble Hegwig a little bit. You can use store-bought frosting, cupcakes, and white and dark chocolate wafers to make these cupcakes. 

26. Acid Pops

Acid Pops

Do you remember when Ron said he burned a hole in his tongue with an Acid Pop? Yes, this is the same sweet candy that all wizards love from Honeydukes! As they are a wizard’s favorite sweet treat, of course, they would have to be a part of your Harry Potter-themed Halloween party! Don’t worry, though; these won’t burn a hole in your tongue the way they did with Ron! 

These are totally muggle-approved! These might seem like just any other lollipop, but they are so much more than just that! Acid Pops can be made with any of your favorite lollipops, some honey, sugar, and, yes, the secret ingredient, which is citric acid! Although they won’t burn a hole in your tongue, they will give you a sour, acidic kick that you might be looking forward to! 

27. Polyjuice Potion

Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion

We all want to transform into someone else once in a while. Imagine how amazing it would be if you could actually get a polyjuice potion that made you look like someone else. Sadly for us muggles, we have to settle for a less magical version of the same. Although this version is less magical, the flavor is surely better than the actual potion; I can vouch for that. 

This poly juice potion does not taste like “overcooked cabbage,” as described by Harry. To make this saner version of Polyjuice Potion, you will only need some lime sherbet, lime soda, and ginger ale. It is a citrusy and refreshing drink and will barely take any time to whip up! 

28. Luna Lovegood’s Pudding 

Luna Lovegood's Pudding

Luna Lovegood was a wonderfully odd and beautiful character in this series. Some of you may remember her pudding. So, why not make one of your own for your Harry Potter-themed Halloween party? The pudding is just as mystical as Luna is and is absolutely delicious! 

Making Luna Lovegood’s pudding is almost the same as making any other pudding. You will need ingredients like milk, cornstarch, egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, and, to top it off, some whipped cream, pound cake, strawberries, and blueberries. Yes, the ingredients may seem like they are a lot, but once you read the recipe, you will know how easy it actually is to make one of these. 

29. Licorice Wands

Licorice Wands

Halloween is a time when all everyone wants is a lot of candy. I mentioned a food idea before which was similar. Yes, I am talking about pretzel wands. But, if you really would like to indulge in all the candy possible and if licorice is one of your favorites, then you surely should try making licorice wands! 

Again, these are just as easy and straightforward as they sound! To make these licorice wands, grab some of your favorite licorice sticks, along with some chocolate and sprinkles. Dip the licorice sticks in melted chocolate, and finally, add as many of your favorite sprinkles as you like. Just a few steps and done! 

30. Howlers


Howlers were always scary. I am sure you wouldn’t want to see one of these show up in front of you. Of course, unless they are these cute edible versions! These ones are savory hand-sized howlers that are cheesy and just delicious. To make these, you can use a store-bought pie crust if you would like. 

All you have to do is fill the pie crust with some ham and a blend of some of your favorite cheeses. Fold the pie crust around the filling in a manner that they end up looking like howlers and bake. Finally, you can also add some eyes and a mouth with ketchup if you would like. 

31. Butterbeer Fudge

Butterbeer Fudge

Fudge, regardless of the flavor, is always a rich and decadent dessert to enjoy. Considering the fact that you already know how delicious butterbeer is, I am sure that you can only imagine how fudgy, gooey, and completely delicious this fudge will be. It actually tastes like a glass of Butterbeer, just in a solid form! 

To make this fudge, all you have to do is make the butterbeer base first. This will be the base of this little dessert. The butterbeer base fudge will be topped with some white chocolate fudge, which really compliments the butterscotch flavor quite well. All in all, the recipe too is really easy to follow. 

32. Cockroach Clusters

Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters

Don’t worry; no one is eating real cockroaches here! I’m sure that just by reading the name, you might be repulsed by this dessert. But once you taste it, trust me, the name won’t bother you at all! The actual fictional treat may be disgusting, considering the fact that it is made with candied cockroaches. 

But our version of this cockroach cluster is nothing less than absolutely delicious. Moreover, this is a really easy treat to put together, as you only need two ingredients, which are dark chocolate and pecan halves. In case you want to take it up a notch, you can also draw some eyes on the cockroaches to scare your guests and eat their portion too! 

33. Butterbeer Ice Cream

Butterbeer Ice Cream

I did mention a Butterbeer Ice cream float before, which is made with vanilla ice cream topped with butterbeer. But you can also just make some butterbeer ice cream instead if you would like that better! Again, making an ice cream may sound like a huge task. Some of you may even be worried as you might not have an ice cream churner. 

But that is exactly the beauty of this recipe! This is a no-churn ice cream! All you need are a few simple ingredients like whipped cream, along with a butterbeer base and butterscotch. The flavor of the light whipped cream mixed in with the rich butterscotch is truly something you need to try out just to know how delicious it is! 

34. Fizzing Whizbees

Fizzing Whizbees at wizarding world

If you have ever visited Universal Studios, you may already know that the fizzing whizbees that you get there are actually a little different as compared to the ones mentioned in the books. Here, we have brought out our version, which won’t make you levitate but will surely leave your sweet tooth satisfied! 

What’s more, is the fact that there is a little surprise in this treat. The outsides are made with chocolate, but as soon as you bite into one of them, you will feel the explosion of pop rocks in your mouth. I am sure that this is something that your guests won’t expect. Moreover, they are exceptionally easy to make too! 

35. Butterbeer Poke Cake

Butterbeer Poke Cake Slice

A Butterbeer Poke cake is actually quite similar to what you would expect a butterbeer cupcake to taste. The base cake remains the same for both, just that one is in tiny cupcake form, whereas the other is a full cake. But wait, there is actually a little more that sets the Butterbeer Poke Cake apart from the butterbeer cupcakes. 

The major difference between the two is the fact that the poke cake is, well, poked. The poked portions are filled with sweetened condensed milk, which makes this cake much richer than its cupcake counterpart. The frosting is also the same. Just if you want a richer flavor of Butterbeer, I would suggest you go for the poke cake rather than the cupcakes.

36. Butterbeer Pancakes

Butterbeer Pancakes

I really wanted to end this list on a strong note. What is the most famous food option from Harry Potter? Butterbeer, of course! I know that you have already seen a lot of edible treats made with this beautiful drink. So, why not start your day with butterbeer too? Not the drink, though, just some butterbeer pancakes! 

These pancakes are so delicious that you may never want to have regular buttermilk pancakes again! With these pancakes, you will have to make a batter similar to regular buttermilk pancakes. Just that here, the liquid will be butterbeer instead. Top the pancakes off with some caramel sauce, and they will taste incredible. 


Halloween is the perfect time to keep our perfect character in mind and have costumes, parties, and food-themed around them. In case you are a true Potterhead, then the above-mentioned food ideas will surely make you really happy! With most of these options, you can use store-bought ingredients if you would like. Nevertheless, these are easy and the perfect options for your Harry Potter-themed Halloween party! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the Harry Potter-inspired food ideas beginner friendly? 

Yes, all the Harry Potter-inspired food ideas are beginner friendly. 

Can store-bought cakes and cookies be used in these recipes? 

Yes, you can use store-bought cakes and cookies for the recipes which do require them. 

Can Butterbeer be made with the addition of alcohol? 

Yes, you can make a boozy version of Butterbeer if you would like. 

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