13 Latest Halloween Themed Options On Dunkin’ Donuts’ Menu

For Halloween this year, how about trying out some delicious donuts from the Dunkin’ Donuts menu? Donuts and coffee are a combination that truly define America, so there is actually no bad day to enjoy some of these classics for breakfast. In this article, let us take a look at the Dunkin’ Donuts Halloween menu. 

Dunkin' Donuts Halloween

Here, I would like to mention that this article only has information about the Halloween menu options at Dunkin’ Donuts. In case you would like to know the prices of these menu items, I would suggest checking our main article on Dunkin’ Donut Menu With Prices. 

Dunkin’ Donuts, although it has the name ‘Donuts’ in it, has a really vast menu which goes way beyond just that! Their menu features delicious beverages, sandwiches and other breakfast items, of course along with some really good donuts!

So, for Halloween this year, Dunkin’ Donuts has launched some really delicious menu options! On an average, a meal from Dunkin’ Donuts would cost you somewhere around $10. 

Kindly note that the prices of the menu items of Dunkin’ Donuts may differ depending on the location. You can also check out the exact prices of their Halloween menu items at the location closest to you from Dunkin’ Donuts official website, or on their android app or iOS app. 

In this article, I have provided proper detailed information on the Halloween menu at Dunkin’ Donuts. For now, without further ado, let us check out their Halloween menu! 

Dunkin’ Donuts Halloween Menu

Dunkin Donuts

As all of you already know, Dunkin’ Donuts is not all about just donuts! They offer some really good coffee and various other beverages, both hot and cold. Along with that, their vast menu also has some really good breakfast options to choose from. So, for breakfast food especially, Dunkin’ Donuts is one stop where you can find everything you need. 

This year for Halloween, with most beverages, Dunkin’ Donuts decided to take the pumpkin route as is it even Halloween without them? Moreover, even with their donuts, they have taken a route to glorify delicious pumpkin flavors. That isn’t all either! They have also introduced some really lovely breakfast sandwiches and sides too.

Let us take a look at their Halloween menu options! 

1. New Nutty Pumpkin Coffee

Well, no Halloween celebration is complete if there is no Pumpkin flavored coffee on the menu! Everyone does Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but Dunkin’ Donuts has brought for you a New Nutty Pumpkin Coffee! 

Well, this coffee is extra nutty, as of course, it has some hazelnut flavor in it. I bet you haven’t tried that combination before! This coffee is made with an original blend, topped with pumpkin spice swirl, a hazelnut  flavored shot and finally topped with some decadent whipped cream. 

2. Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

People who love the flavor of a cold brew can actually never be satisfied with any other type of coffee. If you also love cold brew but want to make it more Halloween flavor friendly, try out the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew from Dunkin’ Donuts! 

This beverage consists of cold brew with brown sugar and cinnamon flavored syrup. On top of that, there is some pumpkin cream cold foam and cinnamon sugar, which creates a perfect balance of coffee and pumpkin flavors. 

3. Pumpkin Spice Signature Latte

Are you someone who likes to play it safe with food, especially when it comes to combinations with coffee?  Then the Pumpkin Spice Signature Latte from Dunkin’ Donuts is the perfect drink for you! 

This latte may sound basic, but it is anything but that! It consists of espresso mixed with Pumpkin spice syrup and milk. Finally, the beverage is topped off with whipped cream, caramel drizzle and cinnamon sugar. Only after you try this drink will you know that this is actually anything but a basic pumpkin spice latte! 

4. New Blood Orange Dunkin’ Refresher

Well, pumpkin spice does not really have to be everything when it comes to Halloween and Dunkin’ Donuts proves that with this refresher! This drink is packed with citrus goodness which will actually leave you feeling really refreshed! 

Also, don’t worry as there is still caffeine in this drink for the kick we all need! This refreshing drink consists of a cold beverage topped with cranberry and blood orange flavored concentrate, of course topped with some fall spices and finished with green tea or coconut milk. 

New Blood Orange Dunkin’ Refresher$4.39

5. Glazed Pumpkin Cake Donut

Well, how can you ever visit Dunkin’ Donuts and not indulge in Donuts! To keep the fall and halloween spirit on, Dunkin’ Donuts has launched a decadent Glazed Pumpkin Cake Donut which is surely worth a try! 

This donut, being a cake donut, is not as chewy as just any other donut. It is a little more spongy and topped with some delicious pumpkin glaze and spice, which will surely give you all the Halloween feels that you need! 

6. Pumpkin Munchkin Donut Holes

If you don’t really want to indulge in a whole donut, but indulge in some donut holes instead, then the Pumpkin Munchkin Donut Holes from Dunkin’ Donuts are surely worth a try! These Donuts are again the perfect option for Halloween. 

Little cakey donut holes, topped with a rich pumpkin syrup and pumpkin spice, gives it a flavor that you may not get out of any other donut. Moreover, as these are tiny, you can munch on as many as you want, without worrying about the calories! 

Pumpkin Munchkin Donut Holes$4.99

7. Pumpkin Muffin

As I had mentioned earlier, Dunkin’ Donuts goes way beyond donuts, even when it comes to baked goods! They have some delicious muffins to offer, out of which the pumpkin muffins fit Halloween perfectly. 

These rich and decadent muffins have pumpkin flavor, along with pumpkin spice, which basically tastes like fall in a bite. To top it off, the donuts are iced with a sweet streusel and white icing, which make them very indulgent. 

Pumpkin Muffin$3.19

8. Maple Sugar Snackin’ Bacon

Who doesn’t like bacon, am I right! Now, bacon might not be the most preferred snacking item for everyone, as it can be a bit too savory and well, too much! Not if you are having the Maple Sugar Snackin’ Bacon from Dunkin’ Donuts, though! 

This bacon is tossed in maple sugar seasoning, which gives it a perfect sweet and salty balanced flavor. A portion of these bacon bites contains eight pieces of bacon, which makes them a perfect snack to share, or have on your own! 

Maple Sugar Snackin’ Bacon$3.99

9. Maple Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

If you want to try the maple sugar bacon from Dunkin’ Donuts, but having it as it is seems like too much, then you need to try out the bacon breakfast sandwich! This sandwich has much more going on, which makes it less indulgent, but seriously delicious too! 

The Maple Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwich of course has the maple sugar bacon, along with a fried egg and white cheddar cheese. All of this is packed in a buttery croissant, which will surely give you just as much an indulgent feeling! 

Maple Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwich$5.89

10. Pumpkin K-Pods

Liked the Pumpkin Spice coffee from Dunkin’ Donut so much that you would like to have some at home too? For that, you don’t need to order from Dunkin’ Donuts over and over again! Instead, just buy some of their Pumpkin K-Pods! 

These Pumpkin K-Pods are pre-portioned for single cups and the perfect blend of pumpkin spice and coffee. They also have nutmeg and cinnamon flavors, which truly make these K-Pods a pumpkin spice paradise! 

Pumpkin K-Pods$11.29

11. Peanut Butter Cup Macchiato

If you are someone who is a die-hard fan of Dunkin’ Donuts, you may have heard of this drink before. Yes, the Peanut Butter Cup Macchiato is back on popular demand and is it the most delicious thing or what! 

This Peanut Butter Cup Macchiato is the perfect blend of chocolate, coffee and peanut butter, all in one! The peanut butter cup swirls at the base, while combined with the espresso make it a completely indulgent drink, which will give you all the chills you need (in a good way), this spooky season. 

Peanut Butter Cup Macchiato (Hot)$5.39
Peanut Butter Cup Macchiato (Iced)$5.99

12. Spider Specialty Donuts

The Spider Donut is yet another thing that you may have heard of before, especially if you really like Dunkin’s donuts! Yet again, back on popular demand, the spider donut is the perfect sweet take on the otherwise really creepy crawlies! 

These donuts are made with their regular glazed donuts, topped with some orange icing and a chocolate Munchkin Donut hole. Finally topped off with some white and dark chocolate drizzle for the eyes and the legs, this treat is surely worth a try, well, unless you have Arachnophobia! 

Spider Specialty Donuts$2.59

13. Dunk-O-Lantern Donuts

This is a take on the classic Jack-O-Lanterns by Dunkin’ Donuts! If a simple glazed donut will not suffice you on this otherwise sweet indulgent holiday, then the Dunk-O-Lantern Donuts are surely worth a try for you! 

These are not just any regular glazed donuts, but filled with so much sweet goodness of vanilla butter creme! The donut is a classic Pumpkin shaped donut, filled with rich vanilla flavor, topped with orange icing and as Dunkin’ Donuts themselves say, the classic Jack-O-Lantern grin. 

How To Get Halloween Menu Items From The Dunkin’ Donuts? 

Dunkin Donuts Website

Even though Halloween is a time when everyone wants to go out to eat special treats, I am sure that some of you would rather prefer to have your favorite treats at home. For this, you may be wondering as to how to order from the Dunkin’ Donuts Halloween menu. Let me help you with that! 

To order from the Dunkin’ Donuts fall menu, you simply can place an order directly on the Dunkin’ Donuts official website, android app or iOS app. They are also available on delivery platforms like UberEats, Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates and Seamless, if that seems like a more convenient option for you. 

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  2. Starbucks  Starbucks is a great place to enjoy some great coffee and other hot and cold beverages along with delicious sweet and savory menu items. Apart from them you can also grab some attractive Starbucks merchandise this Halloween season. 
  3. Denny’s – American restaurant chain, Denny’s, is always a good stop to indulge in great food. This Halloween season, Denny’s is offering pumpkin special delights in many forms. Stop by Denny’s for the perfect Halloween meal.  
  4. Applebee’s – If your celebrations are incomplete without cocktails, then kickstart Halloween celebrations with spooky cocktails from Applebee’s Halloween menu. Check out their prices too!
  5. Burger King – Burger King is celebrating with a Halloween-themed menu with a variety of choices. If you can’t do without Burger King, then check out the Halloween special menu that is available in all outlets now.
  6. Dutch Bros – Dutch Bros. Coffee is one of the most famous coffee houses in the United States. This year they have introduced some delicious Halloween drinks that you shouldn’t miss out on. Check out their incredible Halloween drinks with prices. 
  7. Krispy Kreme – Krispy Kreme is known to have a Halloween special menu every year. This year too, the donut producing brand has come up with a great variety at exciting prices. Grab your Krispy Kreme order soon!
  8. Chuck E Cheese – Chuck E Cheese is every kid’s delight. This Halloween season indulge in some great pizzas and sweet treats before heading out to scare everyone.


For Halloween this year, Dunkin’ Donuts has launched a range of Pumpkin spice flavored treats on their menu. These include beverages, both hot and cold, along with donuts and baked goods and also some maple sugar bacon savory options. These also include a special drink and some perfectly themed Halloween donuts, which are surely worth a try! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the Halloween Menu be available at all Dunkin’ Donuts locations?

The Dunkin’ Donuts Halloween Menu will be available at most Dunkin’  Donuts locations, for a limited time. 

How much would a meal from Dunkin’ Donuts cost on an average? 

On an average, a meal from Dunkin’ Donuts would cost somewhere around $ 10. 

Will the prices of the Halloween menu options at Dunkin’ Donuts be the same at every location? 

No, there are chances that the prices of the Halloween menu options may differ from one Dunkin’ Donuts location to another. 

How can I know about the nutritional information of the food available at Dunkin’ Donuts? 

To know the nutritional information of the donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts, you can refer to our main article on Dunkin’ Donuts Menu With Prices. 

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