35 Halloween Movie Night Snacks To Try

Halloween night is usually filled with a lot of the hustle and bustle. So, many of you may have plans on watching some movies with your friends and family to have a little Halloween after-party. For that, I have brought you the best Halloween movie night snacks!

Halloween Movie Night Snack Ideas 1

Planning a movie night can be tough, especially if you are hosting a lot of people. People can be really picky with food, which only makes it harder for the host. However, certain universal snacks are liked by everyone!

Moreover, these snacks are very easy to make too. So you won’t really have to worry about spending a long time in the kitchen preparing them. The snacks’ options are sweet and savory, so depending on what everyone prefers, you can choose the best recipe.

Or you can even choose more than one if you are truly planning on having a jolly time this Halloween! This article covers some delicious Halloween Movie Night Snacks for you to enjoy, not just on Halloween but whenever you fancy! Now, let us take a look at some of these tasty treats!

Best Halloween Movie Night Snacks

Halloween Movie Night Snack Ideas 1

Although Halloween may seem like a time to just party or go trick-and-treating, movie nights on Halloween are a pretty common phenomenon.

Well, after all, holidays are eventually all about just having some fun, whether it is partying or trick and treating! However, planning movie nights can be a really tough task.

Luckily, when it comes to movie night snacks, they can be really easy to put together without putting in as much effort!

So, let us look at some of these movie night snack ideas I have curated for you. Once you check out the list, you won’t be able to stop yourself from trying just one of these!

1. Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board

Candy Charcuterie Board

Halloween is a time when we all want to indulge in candy. For us adults, it is almost like a nostalgic feeling to just let go and enjoy candy guilt-free. You can have a similar indulgence for your Halloween movie night with this Halloween Candy Charcuterie board!

This Halloween Charcuterie Board is indeed very easy to put together. Just buy a bunch of all your favorite candy, and that is about it!

In case you want to take your indulgence to the next level, you can also include some crackers and a Graveyard Chocolate Cheese Dip on the board!

2. Jack Skellington Brownies

Spooky Brownies

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is a perfect Halloween movie! For many of us, like me, it must be the perfect nostalgic factor to add to Halloween movie night! If you plan to enjoy this movie on Halloween night, you can make it even more special with snacks that follow the same theme! 

Jack Skellington Brownies won’t take up much of your time to prepare. Moreover, they will definitely add a fun factor to your movie night.

You can easily use store-bought brownies instead of making them from scratch. You can also use store-bought frosting or marshmallows and have some fun while easily decorating the brownies. 

3. Hocus Pocus Hot Chocolate


On a cold winter night like Halloween, hot chocolate is a must. Hot chocolate also makes everything better, so a movie night would almost be incomplete without it.

There is a way to make hot chocolate spooky too and more fit for Halloween with this Hocus Pocus Hot Chocolate

Although it may sound intimidating, Hocus Pocus Hot Chocolate is very simple to prepare. You can use any recipe of your choice to prepare the hot chocolate.

All you need is some food coloring to add to it. Top the hot chocolate with marshmallow pops, whipped cream, and candy to make it even more interesting. 

4. Dessert Floats With Gummy Worms

Dessert Floats With Gummy Worms

I know. I mentioned above that Halloween is usually a cold night, so hot chocolate can make a great drink.

However, chocolate may just not be the perfect fit for some of you. In that case, various other beverages, like these Dessert Floats with Gummy worms, are worth trying out! 

Take your coke float to the next level; trust me, you will never look back. To make these dessert floats, you just need store-bought ingredients.

You’ll need cookies and cream ice cream, chocolate syrup, Oreos, gummy worms, and of course, coca-cola. Just ensemble the float the way you like, and that’s about it! 

5. Witch Hat Cookies

Witch Hat Cookies

Cookies can be a great late-night snack to munch on, even more, when it is Halloween. These sweet treats and some milk will truly make your Halloween movie night feel a lot like Christmas!

Don’t just serve regular cookies; take them up a notch with these witch-hat cookies! 

The Witch Hat Cookies might require a little more effort than the other options mentioned above.

Although, you can use store-bought cookies, which will make it much easier. Top the cookies with some witch hats made either with fondant or chocolate, and you are good to go. 

6. Ghostbusters Halloween Ice Cream

Ghostbusters Icecream

Ghostbusters is one of those movies that also has a nostalgic factor around it. Many of us grew up watching these movies, so if you are looking for a Halloween theme, Ghostbusters makes a perfect choice.

If you want to serve something simple that everyone will love, try out this Ghostbusters Halloween Ice Cream

Although it may sound difficult, this ice cream can actually be put together with just three ingredients. Yes, you heard me right!

All you need is some whipping cream, pistachio pudding mix, and pistachios. Just mix these ingredients, and I am sure you and your guests will be really happy with this ice cream. 

7. Rice Krispy Ghosts

Rice Krispy Ghosts

Rice Krispy Treats are crunchy and delicious. Moreover, Rice Krispies has to be one of the most versatile treats, as you can actually make so many things out of them.

So, take your Rice Krispy addiction to the next level by trying out these Rice Krispy Ghosts. I am sure you will love munching on these while enjoying your movie! 

Rice Krispy ghosts, again barely need any sort of time for preparation. Moreover, you don’t need too many ingredients either.

Just some Rice Krispies, marshmallows, food colors, and dark chocolate. Add the color and rice Krispies to some melted marshmallows and white chocolate, and then let your imagination go wild! 

8. Strawberry Ghosts

Spooky Strawberries

When it comes to berries, is there anything better than a good old strawberry? Of course, strawberries are mostly associated with warmer weather.

However, whoever said you couldn’t enjoy some of them during Halloween! Take your love for strawberries and combine them with some chocolate to create delicious strawberry ghosts! 

These strawberry ghosts will surely be the best thing during your movie night. Strawberry ghosts can be made in just two steps.

The first step is to dip the strawberries in some melted chocolate. Next, decorate them with chocolate chip eyes and a face, which is really about it. 

9. Jack Skellington Deep Dish Pizza

Jack Skellington Pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza? The answer is probably very few people! If you want to make your movie night interesting and not just serve casual snacks, you can indeed try making a deep-dish pizza that looks like Jack Skellington!

This one will need a little more effort than some of the others mentioned in this list. 

However, the good news is that even here, you can use store-bought ingredients to make the pizza.

For a larger party, you can make an entire sheet of some Jack Skellington Deep Dish Pizza or just stick to basics and make a regular one. Either way, this pizza will surely make your movie night much better. 

10. Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

No mention of Frankenstein on Halloween? Impossible! Frankenstein, being one of the most important characters that we all grew up with, is almost mandatory when it comes to Halloween themes.

An easy way to incorporate this character into your Halloween movie night is by making this marshmallow pops. 

In general, marshmallow pops are absolutely delicious, as they are just marshmallows dipped in chocolate!

But you can make them even more delicious by using some crushed oreo cookies instead of chocolate to make the hair.

I am sure these little Frankenstein marshmallow pops will be great to munch on while watching a movie!

11. COCO Inspired Popcorn

Coco Inspired Popcorn

Disney movies, along with all the fairy tales, also have this masterpiece, which is COCO. This movie fits the Halloween theme really well.

Plus you can easily include the theme in Halloween movie night snacks too! Moreover, is there anything that fits better with a movie than some popcorn? 

This popcorn is not exactly sweet but can be made, so if you would prefer it that way. To make the Halloween popcorn, all you need is some popcorn, of course, along with either jello or gelatine and some food colors.

Mix the popcorn with some of the jello or gelatin, along with your favorite food colors, and it is ready to serve. 

12. Monster Meringue Cookies

Monster meringue cookies

Meringue cookies might sound a little out there to many, as they are basically just sugar and egg white cookies. However, if made perfectly, these cookies melt in your mouth and taste divine!

The best part about meringue cookies is that they can be made in any shape or form you like, just like little monsters. 

Although it may sound intimidating to make meringue cookies yourself, it actually isn’t at all. Just whip egg whites and some caster sugar together and add your favorite gel or powder food coloring.

Bake them at around 212 degrees Fahrenheit for around an hour or until they are completely dry. You can also top your hot chocolate with some of these cookies to make it taste even better! 

13. Poison Apple Pies

Poison Apple Pie

Don’t worry; these pies don’t have any poison! These are just made with the poisoned apples that the Witch gave Snow White!

Jokes aside, apple pie is delicious and perfectly warming for cool weather. Instead of making an entire apple pie, you can make hand-sized versions of it, which are perfect for movie night. 

If you want your inner baker to shine, try making the crust and the filling yourself. If not, there is always the option of using store-bought ingredients!

To make the hand-sized apple pies look even more spooky, cover them as if you were dressing a mummy with little eyes and a mouth, and I am sure these will get you into the Halloween spirit. 

14. Goosebumps Popcorn

Goosebumps Popcorn

Goosebumps is another masterpiece of a movie, which is perfect for Halloween night. Moreover, the theme of Goosebumps fits really well with the whole spirit of Halloween.

So, why not take your love for this movie to a new level by making some Goosebumps popcorn that is unlike any other? 

This popcorn is truly ghoulish, thanks to the bright green color too! Moreover, it combines a well-balanced sweet and savory flavor.

The ingredients you need to make this popcorn are few, like popcorn, butter, and some neon green food coloring. You can also take it up a notch by adding some gummy worms on top, which will surprise your taste buds. 

15. Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples make the perfect snack at any carnival and now, even on Halloween! Caramel apples are a sweet treat that most people cannot refuse.

Moreover, if by any chance you are planning on watching a movie like Snow White on Halloween, they also fit the theme pretty well. 

Caramel Apples can be made very easily. However, you do need to be careful while you make the caramel! Once the caramel reaches the perfect light color, you must dip the apples in the caramel.

If you want to make them even more spooky, you can carve out a face and eyes in the apples before you dip them. 

16. Dark Chocolate And Oreo Pretzel Bites

Dark Chocolate and Oreo Pretzel bites

Dark chocolate is perfect for any occasion whatsoever. So for Halloween movie night, you can whip up some really easy dark chocolate and Oreo pretzel bites.

These little bites are really delicious, as they combine sweet and salty flavors. It may sound a little crazy, but the flavor combination actually works! 

To make these Dark Chocolate and Oreo Pretzel bites, all you need is three ingredients, which are, precisely, dark chocolate, Oreos, and hard pretzels.

Melt the chocolate and spread it across a sheet of parchment. Add some crushed Oreos and pretzels when it hasn’t dried completely but is still a little dry. Once completely dry, break and serve! 

17. Bat Bites

Bat Bites

What is Halloween if there are no bats involved? Don’t you worry; this does not involve actual bats, but just the theme! Bat bites are tiny cake pops that are really delicious.

Cake pops generally make a great snack, especially on an indulgent day like Halloween. You can take them up a level by making them more Halloween-appropriate. 

To make bat bites, you can either make cake pops yourself or even choose store-bought ones, whatever works for you.

However, try using cake pops covered with dark chocolate, as they will fit the theme much better. With some dark chocolate, stick on Oreo bat wings, and they are ready to be served. 

18. Pumpkin Cupcakes

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Halloween-themed movie snacks don’t necessarily have to look ghoulish! You can always stick to the theme of Halloween by using Halloween-friendly ingredients!

Pumpkins are a huge part of Halloween, and it would only be fair to include a treat with pumpkins in this list. Voila, here we have pumpkin cupcakes

These cupcakes can again be a little more time-consuming as compared to some of the other recipes. However, the end product is totally worth it!

All you need is some pumpkin puree mixed in with a vanilla cupcake batter and some frosting. Add some pumpkin pie spice to experience an even better flavor combination. 

19. Mummy Brie

Mummy Brie

Instead of making bite-sized portions for everyone, you can also opt for a single grazing platter that everyone can share. Something that most people love when it comes to savory food is cheese, of course.

Moreover, in case you use brie cheese and bake it to make Mummy brie, the flavor is really delicious, along with the gooey goodness! 

The best part about this snack is that you won’t have to worry about serving crackers with the cheese separately.

Wrap a wheel of brie with some store-bought pizza dough in a way that it resembles a mummy. Bake the wheel and serve alongside some fruits, dry fruits, or even a glass of white wine. 

20. Dracula Dentures

Draculas dentures

At most Halloween parties, there will be at least one person who is dressed like Dracula. This is obviously bound to happen since it is a really iconic character.

So, if you want to surprise the person dressed like Dracula or just have a Dracula-themed Halloween movie night, these Dracula dentures are worth a try! 

These Dracula Dentures can be put together quite easily with some store-bought ingredients. You will need some chocolate chip cookies broken into halves, red frosting, marshmallows, and almond flakes.

Assemble these ingredients together to make delicious Dracula dentures that will give everyone a sugar rush. 

21. Spider Bread

Spider Bread

For some of you, sweet treats and snacks might not just make you happy on Halloween. It is, afterall, an indulgent day, so maybe it is worth indulging in completely with some delicious bread and dipping sauce.

Spider bread can be put together quite quickly and is a crowd favorite, as it does taste a lot like pizza! 

To make spider bread, you will need some store-bought pizza dough, mozzarella cheese, and marinara sauce, which can be homemade or store-bought.

All you have to do is shape the bread to look like a spider crawling. You can serve some marinara sauce on the side for dipping or even in the center. 

22. Red Velvet Cookies

Red Velvet Cookies

Halloween is quite a lot associated with red colors. So, although red velvet cookies might not sound extremely spooky, the sharp red color will truly bring everyone into Halloween spirits.

These cookies are quite simple, as you can use store-bought cookie dough to make them or make the dough from scratch if you want to be adventurous.

You will need to make or buy a basic chocolate chip cookie dough to make these cookies. Mix in some neon red gel food coloring in the dough, and try adding red chocolate chips if you can find any.

Bake the cookies, and that’s about it. Serve them alongside some milk to make them taste even better. 

23. Marshmallow Toppers

marshmallow toppers

So, hot chocolate is genuinely incomplete if it isn’t topped with some marshmallows. Even if it isn’t hot chocolate, in general, Marshmallows are delicious and make a great snack for Halloween.

Try some ghost marshmallow toppers to make your hot chocolate as spooky as possible.

These toppers can be customized however you wish them. Cut them and decorate them as you would like, with some chocolate.

You can even try a Jack Skellington or a Monster design with marshmallow toppers. Either way, it can also be a fun activity to have with your friends and family before the movie night actually begins!

24. Mini Monster Sandwiches

Mini Monster Sandwiches

I know it isn’t afternoon tea but Halloween that we are talking about. But whoever said finger sandwiches couldn’t make a great movie snack!

Although it may surprise many, mini sandwiches are a great snack for a movie night. They barely need any preparation time, and they are also really delicious! 

To make mini monster sandwiches, you can choose any bread and fillings you like. What makes these sandwiches stand out is all the décor that goes on top.

You can use different cuts of meat, vegetables, sauces, and much more to make little monster sandwiches which I am sure your guests will be gaga about! 

25. Mini Meringue Ghost Tarts

Meringue Ghost Tarts

Tarts are absolutely divine when it comes to talking about different flavors and textures. Moreover, the flavor pairings that can be done to make tarts are almost endless.

To make Mini Meringue Ghost Tarts, you can stick to a simple chocolate tart recipe, which can be really easy to make. 

Once your tart is filled with some chocolaty goodness, top them up with cute little meringue ghosts. These meringue ghosts can be made the same way as Monster meringue cookies.

When combined, the crispy tart and smooth chocolate fit perfectly well with melt-in-your-mouth meringue cookies. 

26. Pumpkin Tortilla Chips

Pumpkin Tortilla Chips

Planning what to serve on a movie night can be a daunting task. However, certain snacks are loved by most people, and they honestly make things much easier for the host.

One such thing that everyone loves is chips. You can easily upgrade from regular chips to baked tortilla chips on Halloween movie night! 

Baked Pumpkin Tortilla chips, as they are a healthy version of regular potato chips, might not sound as appetizing.

But these chips are so delicious that you can barely tell the difference from their fried counterparts! To make these chips more Halloween theme friendly, cut some tortillas in pumpkin shapes and bake them.

Once done, serve with some of your favorite dipping sauces for a delicious experience. 

27. Party Snack Mix

Halloween Party Snack Mix

Parties, or in this case, movie nights, are incomplete without a grazing bowl of snack mix. The best part about a snack mix is that you can include whatever you wish!

Don’t have the time to upgrade your popcorn to something fancy? That’s alright, as you can just make a snack mix instead. 

Although I mentioned that you could include whatever you would like, I have taken this opportunity to tell you about my favorite snack mix combination!

If I were to make a party snack mix, it would include butter popcorn, pretzel sticks, candy corn, and gummy worms. The sweet and salty combination actually works really well. Try it for yourself! 

28. Guacamole Eyeballs

Guacamole Eyeballs

Yet again, this is something Halloween-themed, but I won’t blame you if these sound too spooky! Although it is Halloween, it isn’t a time when we can indulge in actual eyeballs.

Oh, but we can surely indulge in some guacamole eyeballs. These bite-sized snacks are delicious and easy to make, perfect for a movie night. 

With Guacamole eyeballs, the only prep you will have to do is boil some eggs. That is all, yes! However, in case of store-bought guacamole isn’t your thing, you can, of course, instead make it yourself.

To assemble these, you must scoop out the yolks from the boiled eggs and scoop in the guac. Add some olives on top to make them look extra spooky! 

29. Pumpkin Devilled Eggs

Pumpkin Devilled Eggs

Halloween is not really just about making everything spooky! As I had mentioned earlier, sometimes you can stick to the Halloween theme by just using Halloween-themed ingredients!

The first thing that may come to mind is, of course, pumpkins. Devilled eggs made with pumpkins might sound over the top, but it is actually quite delightful! 

To make Pumpkin Devilled Eggs, you won’t have to remove the yolk and chuck it away. Instead, mix the yolks with unsweetened pumpkin puree, chives, salt, and a pinch of paprika or cayenne.

Once everything is mixed together, pipe the mixture back into the egg whites and serve these delicious treats! 

30. Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Pretzels make a great snack to munch on, whether after a drink, a party, or Halloween movie night! The type of pretzel to use to make these little snacks is completely up to you.

Although hard pretzels hold their shape better, even soft ones will do if handled properly. 

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels only need two more ingredients other than pretzels, white and dark chocolate. Once you have melted the chocolates, dip the pretzels in white chocolate and let it dry.

Once completely dry, you can pipe a cute or spooky face with dark chocolate or even sprinkles. These cute little ghosts will be a hit for your movie night! 

31. Spider Cupcakes

Spiderweb Cupcakes

Cupcakes will never fail to be a delicious snack for any occasion whatsoever. Especially on Halloween, when you get a full chance to enjoy all your sweet guilty pleasures!

Cakes can be a little hard to divide while having movie nights. Hence, cupcakes come to the rescue, and that too spooky Spider Cupcakes

If you run short on time, you can easily use store-bought cupcakes to make Spider Cupcakes. The flavor can also be as per your liking.

Once the cupcakes are frosted, you can decorate them with chocolate spider webs. For the chocolate spider web, you just need to pipe the chocolate in the shape of a web on a piece of parchment.

Although, remember not to serve these to someone with Arachnophobia! 

32. Halloween Snitch

Halloween Snitch

Everyone who is a Harry Potter fan must have a huge sigh of relief after reading this. Of course, if we are talking about Halloween movie night snacks, I would take advantage of this iconic movie series!

Although the Halloween Snitch doesn’t say much about the dish, it is a ball of delicious cheesy goodness! 

These little balls are bite-sized and made with a mixture of goat and cheddar cheese. Once the mixture is ready, roll up some bite-sized balls.

Finally, add two wing-shaped pieces of tortillas or pretzel sticks on the side. All your guests who love Harry Potter will be pleased with this snack. 

33. Pumpkin Hand Pies

Pumpkin Hand Pies

By now, you must have guessed that pumpkins are one of my favorite veggies to use on Halloween! Well, they are so versatile.

Can you really blame me? Pumpkins work in savory and sweet snack recipes, so if pumpkin pie is your thing, you need to try their tiny versions. 

You can use some store-bought pie crust if the tie doesn’t allow you to make your own. Fill the pie crust with some delicious pumpkin pie filling, perfectly balanced with pumpkin pie spice.

To make them look spooky, you can cover them so that they look like mummies. 

34. Toes In Bandages

Toes in bandages

This is really not what it sounds like! This is just a creepy and creative name for something delicious and easy to make! What goes in Toes in bandages, though?

For those of you who guessed sausages, you are indeed absolutely right. These toes in bandages are made with just two ingredients. 

You will need some cocktail sausages and pizza dough, which again can be store-bought. Wrap the cocktail sausages with some pizza dough in a way that looks like toes in bandages.

For an extra spooky touch, add little toenails too. I am sure these will leave your guests flabbergasted and delighted at the same time. 

35. Bat Donut Balls

Bat Donut Balls

Donuts are a perfect snack for any meal of the day. Yes, they do make great snacks for movie nights too!

However, you don’t really need to use whole donuts to make these. All you need is some donut balls to make these delicious bite-sized treats. You can use store-bought donut balls if you wish. 

Although, do remember to use regular glazed donut balls or chocolate ones, as the ones filled with various jams might get a bit too sweet after they are decorated.

Dip the donut balls in some dark chocolate and let them dry. Once dry, you can make a cute face with some white chocolate and add Oreo pieces on the side to make them look like wings to complete your little bat donut balls

Final Word

Halloween night movies can be fun to enjoy with your friends and family. However, coming up with movie snacks for Halloween movie night can be a little task. But you don’t have to worry if you make one of the options above!

All the options given above have been specially curated to fit the schedule of someone who does not have too much time on their hands. These options are easy and absolutely delicious.

Don’t forget to try them out on Halloween, and let me know how they came about. Until then, I wish you a really Happy Halloween!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the options given for Halloween movie night snacks beginner friendly?

Yes, all the options given above for Halloween movie night snacks are perfect for people who have just started exploring the kitchen.

Can I use store-bought ingredients to make some of these snacks? 

Yes, most of the snacks listed above can actually easily be made with store-bought ingredients. 

What large equipment will be needed to make most of these snacks? 

Most snacks don’t require any large equipment. However, the ones that do will only need an oven and a stovetop. 

Do the cookies and cake pop options given in the list have to be made from scratch? 

Not necessarily; you can use store-bought options for most of the cookies and cake pop recipes.

On average, how much time will I need to spare to make the most of these snack options? 

Although the time can vary based on multiple factors, the average time you can expect to spend on making most of these snacks should be anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours. 

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