10 Best Half And Half Substitutes That You Can Try!

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Making a dish that calls for half and half, but you are left with an empty pack of the same? Don’t lose hope; I have some quick and easy fixes that will do just the right work.

Half and half

You can make your half-and-half with some dairy ingredients readily available in your pantry.

Some of the best half-and-half substitutes are evaporated milk, sour cream, and a mixture of whole milk and heavy/ light cream or butter. 

As half and half is made with milk and cream, you can easily substitute it without much compromise with taste and texture. One thing to keep in mind is that whatever you substitute in place of half and half, make sure the consistency is as per the recipe. 

Now, when making coffee or any cream-based dish, you don’t have to worry as I have all the possible substitutes for half and half. So let’s dig in and get all the right ingredients and measurements. 

10 Best Half-And-Half Substitutes 

Here is a list of amazing half-and-half substitutes you can easily use in your recipes –

1. Whole milk and heavy cream

Whole milk

We know that whole milk and heavy cream are used to make half and half. So you are good if you haven’t packed half and half but some whole milk and heavy cream. 

Heavy cream and whole milk make a great creamy texture; the consistency is similar to the store-bought half-and-half. 

Heavy cream is richer, so you don’t have to add much. Use ⅔ cup of whole milk with ⅓ cup of heavy cream, and you can use it in place of half and half.

2. Whole Milk and Light Cream 

Whole milk

Now you may wonder, why didn’t I mention whole milk and light cream first, as it is the only true ingredient used in half and half? Simply because light cream might not be easily available in your kitchen. 

However, you can always find it at your nearest store. Using whole milk with light cream is the best substitute for half and half. 

This combination has a very creamy and rich texture and can be used in coffee or dishes that require a velvety texture. Mix equal amounts of whole milk and light cream in place to make your half-and-half. Substitute the same quantity as per the recipe.

3. Whole milk and melted butter


Butter has a very smooth texture, and when mixed with whole milk, it becomes a great substitute for half and half. Using a blend of whole milk and melted butter acts as an emulsifier in baked goods. 

You may not want to use whole milk and butter in your coffee, but great for other dishes where you need half and half for a smooth texture.

Simply melt some butter and add in the whole milk. Use 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 cup of whole milk. Substitute the same amount of milk and butter instead of half and half. 

4. Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk

Evaporated milk is nothing but boiled milk, where more than half the quantity of water is reduced. You can use the same quantity of evaporated milk but may not get the same consistency as half and half. 

The final taste of evaporated milk may have a caramelized note and a toasty flavor. You can use evaporated milk in your coffee to get a great taste that normal milk may not be able to provide. 

Simply substitute evaporated milk in the ratio of 1:1 for half and half. 

5. Sour cream 

sour cream

You may be surprised to see sour cream in the list of substitutes for half and half as you may not get a similar texture, but sour cream surely has a very rich and creamy texture. One can use sour cream, especially in baking recipes, to get a smoother and creamier batter. 

One may not like the tangy flavor of sour cream, but still, so many baked goods will be enhanced because of the tangy flavor. For example, lemon cake or any baked goods with some sour notes will get better flavors with the addition of sour cream. 

Besides sweets and desserts, sour cream is a great substitute for half and half in savory dishes. You can use equal amounts of sour cream as half and half and gradually increase the quantity per your likeness.

6. Low-Fat milk And Heavy cream

low fat milk

What are the two items that are easily available in the pantry? You guessed it right. Almost everyone has low-fat milk and heavy cream sitting peacefully in the kitchen. And this can help you to make your half-and-half very easy and quick. 

Great for your coffees and as well other recipes that call for half and half. The taste and texture of low-fat milk and heavy cream are quite similar, so you are fixed here.

Simply add more quantity of heavy cream. You can go for ⅔ cup of heavy cream with ⅓ cup of low-fat milk. This combination is great if you want the creamy texture and don’t mind the less rich texture. 

Go for the equal amount of low-fat milk and heavy cream combination in place of half and half, and you are good to go.

7. Heavy cream and water

heavy cream

Don’t have any milk but only heavy cream? Don’t worry; heavy cream can also be half and half without milk. Simply add water instead of milk to get the same consistency and texture as half and half. 

Thinning the heavy cream with some water will do just fine if you are looking for some quick fox for half and half. Great for coffee and drinks. Add in savory dishes and get a creamy texture. 

You can go for a 1:1 ratio of heavy cream with water in place of half and half. Just make sure you add enough water to dilute heavy cream as required. 

8. Milk and cornstarch

Milk and cornstarch

Now, what if you don’t have heavy cream to add to milk to get a thicker texture? You still have a way to fix this issue instead of running to the store. Have some cornstarch? Great, as we almost have our half and half.

Simply take some milk and add a little bit of cornstarch. Cornstarch will help thicken the milk texture, and you will have half and half. The taste may not be as creamy as half and half, but milk will bring richness. 

Swap it in almost every recipe that calls for half and half. Go for the same amount of milk after thickening as half and half. 

9. Powdered heavy cream


You may also have powdered heavy cream, and that can also work as half and half in case you don’t have one. Powdered heavy cream must first be turned into a liquid by adding water. 

Powdered heavy cream is a great substitute for half and half because you can store the powdered version for a long time, quickly add water, and be ready with a half and half substitute. 

Go for equal amounts of heavy powdered cream after mixing with water as half and half in all the recipes. 

10. Vegan Half and Half

Vegan half-and-half is the best non-dairy half-and-half substitute. You can get them in your nearby store and simply use them wherever you want to substitute regular half and half.

Vegan half and half basically have non-dairy ingredients like soy or almond milk. This may result in a little different flavor in the final recipe. 

You can go for equal amounts of vegan half and half as regular half and half. Add it to your coffee or any dish, and you are ready. 

Short Recap Of The Best Substitutes For Half And Half

Below is a short recap of the best substitute options for Half and Half.

Best Half And Half Substitutes In Terms Of Flavor – 

  • Heavy Cream
  • Whole Milk Mixture 

Best Half And Half Substitutes That Are Easily Available –

  • Heavy Cream + Whole Milk
  • Whole Milk With Butter 

Half And Half Substitutes That Should Be Least Considered –

  • Yogurt 

Best Vegan Meringue Powder Substitutes –

  • Vegan Half and Half 

How To Use Half And Half Substitutes In A Recipe

Half and half

10 Best Half and Half Substitutes That You Can Try!

Some of the best half-and-half substitutes are evaporated milk, sour cream, and a mixture of whole milk and heavy/ light cream or butter.
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  • Whole Milk And Heavy Cream
  • Whole Milk And Melted Butter
  • Evaporated Milk
  • Sour Cream Or Yogurt
  • Low-Fat Milk and Heavy Cream
  • Vegan Half and Half
  • Whole Milk and Light Cream
  • Heavy Cream and Water
  • Milk and Cornstarch
  • Powdered Heavy Cream


  • Go through the substitutes and see which one seems fit for the recipe.
  • Collect your ingredients and use your preferred substitute.
  • Use the substitute in the required amount and make the dish according to the recipe.
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So far, we have learned that so many quick fixes are available in your kitchen whenever you are out of half and half. 

You can use the same ingredient as the same one half and half, like milk and cream, or you can always go for other options like milk and butter or milk and cornstarch. 

Whatever you use, I am sure you will not be disappointed and will enjoy your coffee or other sweet items. I will be back soon with some other food conversions. Until then, eat and sway!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is exactly half and half?

Half and half is an equal blend of whole milk and heavy cream used to make coffee or sweet or savoury dishes. 

Can we make half and half at home?

Yes, you can make half and half at home by mixing whole milk and heavy cream or other items like whole milk and butter.

Is corn starch a substitute for half and half?

You can use cornstarch with whole milk and make half and half at home without any hustle. 

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