A Guide For Making The Perfect Morning Cup Of Coffee

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Coffee is a beloved morning beverage around the globe, but for some, it is passion liquified. For serious coffee aficionados, the drink has to be made just right. They have their preferences set in stone, from the preferred bean to the right method. If you love coffee but are new to the world of coffee or have never really explored it, here, you can learn a few quick tips to start making the perfect brew to kick start your mornings.

Perfect Morning Cup Of Coffee

Pick The Right Coffee Bean

It’s only intuitive that how good your coffee tastes will directly depend on the coffee beans you use. Fresher beans will brew the best-tasting coffee, so ideally, buy your coffee beans roasted in the last two weeks. You are less likely to find freshly roasted beans in the store next door, so if you are truly enthusiastic about finding the freshest beans, you will have better luck at coffee shops. Make sure the beans are stored in airtight containers and kept in dry places. Beans also have different flavors depending on things like points of origin and roasts.

Different regions produce coffee beans with different tones and flavors; for instance, coffee beans from Brazil have more nutty or chocolaty flavors, while those from Ethiopia have more fruity tones. It means that you have a wider range of flavor profiles to taste and test. The flavor also depends on how the beans are roasted. Coffee roasting essentially means heating the green coffee bean, which has a grassy flavor, to bring out the aroma and flavor locked inside it. Darker roasted beans will have more earthy and caramel notes than the lighter ones with delicate fruity or floral notes. You can check out CoffeeRoast Co. for premium coffee beans and other coffee related products.

Choose The Right Brewing Method

Coffee brewing comes in many styles and techniques that result in varying flavors. You may have visited an artisan coffee shop and been impressed by their fancy equipment that made your delectable cup of Joe. But the truth is simple; you don’t necessarily need high-end, fancy, and expensive equipment to make good coffee. In many cases, nailing the brewing technique will give you a great cup. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have good equipment, but before you start searching for the perfect coffee maker, you might want to figure out which brewing technique works for you. The best coffee brewing techniques are the French Press, the cold brew, the pour-over, and the AeroPress. The right brewing technique for you will depend on how it brings out the flavor and texture in a way that is convenient for your morning routine.

Nailing The Coffee Grind

There is no way that an avid coffee drinker can underestimate the importance of getting the coffee grind right. You have full control over the grind of your beans when you brew your own, and it can help you make (but also break) your perfect cup. How you grind your coffee will depend on your preference of the type of coffee and the brewing method. Using a French Press means you need your coffee beans coarsely ground while making an Espresso means you need a very fine grind.

Each coffee type and brewing method differs in its grind requirements for the desired result in taste and texture. If you are still experimenting with brewing methods and coffee beans and having fun exploring the process, you will be delighted to know that different beans will dramatically change in character when ground ever so slightly differently. Pro tip: try grinding your coffee just before making your cup because coffee beans lose their aroma and freshness as soon as you grind them. If you want your coffee ground evenly, use a burr grinder, they produce a consistent grind and are easily adjustable. If you grind your beans in blade grinders, you are likely to get an inconsistent grind.

Don’t Forget The Importance Of Water

Rookie coffee makers and drinks often overlook the importance of water, a key ingredient that makes up most of a cup of coffee. The quality of your water will affect how it boils, which directly affects your coffee. Your water also affects the taste and aroma of your coffee and how your coffee machine functions in the long run. Make sure you measure the temperature of your water; it must be just right since extremely hot water destroys the aroma of coffee beans.

The world of coffee is diverse and fun. But if you’re looking to make the perfect cup for perfect mornings every day, the tips above are easy and simple enough to become part of your regimen. Even once you know which bean, grind, and brewing method you prefer, you can keep on experimenting to discover new ones.

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