How To Grow Your Food Blog And Get Many Likes On Instagram?

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Many food bloggers are always looking for new ways to get more likes on Instagram. It is such a visual format that they immediately lure many followers to their blog posts.

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This way, all the followers can follow their recipes, buy their cookbooks, or just follow them on social media.

In this guide, we’re exploring the power of Instagram for food bloggers and the methods you should employ to popularize your food blog, get a lot of likes, add new followers, and ultimately increase traffic.

Many food bloggers are earning decently with their share of food blogs as new followers help build revenue to a large extent.

You can do many things to attract followers on Instagram, from enhancing the visuals and encouraging interaction to posting every event and adding relevant hashtags. All these invariably add to the count of followers by propagating your posts to a larger audience.

In this article, we will discuss all the points contributing to increasing followers on Instagram. Many pointers have different benefits and lure people from all corners.

This would also help in branding your content so that people from across the world know your identity and read the content you post. 

1. Kickstart Your Channel


Every channel has to start somewhere. When you’re starting as a blogger of any kind, it can be pretty frustrating.

It’s hard to get anyone to pay attention, but sometimes those initial followers, fans, and viewers are the most important while trying to get to a “tipping point” where the likes happen more organically. 

You can buy 20 likes on Instagram for your page to give it a jump start. It is a way to build social proof and show people that you are creating content that is interesting and worthy of likes.

It is harder to ignore content that has a lot of likes already. People are more likely to give it a chance and watch all your videos, for instance. 

If you have social media followers on other platforms, try to direct them to your Instagram, too. This can be a great way to ensure that you’re getting a baseline of likes and comments to start to create more social proof.

2. Use All Instagram Post Types

all type of instagram content

Instagram is no longer just a simple photo-sharing app. There are many ways to post photos and videos or even go live on Instagram. 

While nobody knows exactly how the algorithm works, it seems to reward Live videos, especially as people get extra attention by getting to the start of the “Stories” section.

This is a way for a lot of people to get noticed, even if they are being followed by people who have a lot of competing accounts trying to gain their attention. 

Some people don’t scroll through their Instagram timeline and instead focus on Stories, while others don’t look at Stories at all and prefer to use Insta the “old school” way.

This means that if you try to capture everyone’s attention, you should create multiple types of content and hit all the bases.

On top of that, you should make sure you are using video content. With food content, this is a must! You’ve got the chance to video yourself preparing food and make engaging content in this way, like a cooking show.

3. Ensure You’re Using Excellent Visuals

excelent visuals

Certain types of bloggers have an advantage over others because they can use the visual aspects of their niche in their Instagram posts or on their Instagram story designs.

For instance, if you were a home designer, you would be able to share all of your impressive redesign and redecoration. 

You can take advantage of this as a food blogger, too. If you are creating delicious recipes, focus on the presentation and try to make something that looks great and tastes great. 

Until the day comes when we can transmit aromas over the internet, we have to rely on visuals, and you can still do a great job of making peoples’ mouths water and creating content they will like, follow, and share as a result, especially if you are showing them how they can replicate this at home. 

Whether you’re making artisan baking, incredible home baking, or hearty home dishes, there is plenty that you can do to make it an engaging process to watch the preparation and even see the result, so checking that you are creating top visuals is worth it.

Most phones are capable, and phone photography has grown over the years so that you can create something that looks professional.

Take some time to learn exactly how your device’s camera works. You can even take courses in iPhone photography if you think this will help.

4. Encourage Engagement


It is proven that certain kinds of content are much better for engagement. Make a point of creating things that can encourage interaction, such as creating polls and encouraging people to post under a hashtag, such as a “cooking with” hashtag.

Engaging posts aren’t always easy to create, so try to take a viewer’s mindset. What would you want to see when you log into Instagram? 

By boosting engagement and getting extra likes and followers, you are increasing the chances of the algorithm rewarding you, which means you might get promoted. 

5. Post Regularly

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Nobody can expect to get great results if they post occasionally. This might work if you already have millions of fans and followers, but most of us have to continually post to build momentum and ensure our fan base does not forget who we are. 

Regular posting is a way to try and build up your following and ensure you stay in people’s thoughts.

If people regularly see you sharing great content, it is much more likely that they will stay tuned to your account or even follow you on other platforms, sign up to your mailing list or check out your blog.

6. Use The Right Hashtags

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Many people spam hashtags all the time, trying to get new followers by using simple, overused hashtags like #foodblogger. Instead of this, try to niche down with the hashtags you are using.

If you’re cooking a certain type of cuisine, why not see if specific hashtags relate to this style of cooking? This makes it more likely you will reach interested people. 

Anyone can copy and paste a huge list of hashtags, but finding actual communities on Instagram is where you will see real results.

Use specific hashtags based on the type of content you are creating, which can also help you avoid being viewed as spam by the algorithm.

7. Be Patient

be patient

If it was easy to build a channel with millions of followers and drive traffic to your blog, loads more people would be doing it. One of the most crucial skills you can learn is patience.

It can be frustrating when you keep posting content and don’t get many likes or followers.

Ask any YouTuber or Insta influencer, and they’ll tell you that this process takes time, and eventually, you will hit a point where your followers grow organically.

Until then, it is about grinding and working hard, even if it doesn’t look like you’re getting the results in the short term.

8. Feedback, Contests, And Campaigns


Reviews of your blog posts are an effective way of increasing your brand awareness. Conducting campaigns and contests for all your posts will involve the audience in a very useful way.

Feedback from them improves your recipes’ efficiency and inspires the audience to like and follow all your posts.

Running campaigns and contests engages the audience to actively participate in your content. This will serve as a better way to boost their confidence in your posts. This will be a very efficient way to add followers on Instagram.

9. Post Every Event

post all event

Updating your followers and audience regarding every event, celebration, or change in your personal life can be a good way to connect with people.

Every minor event in your house that involves exemplary cooking skills is significant enough to entice the audience and capture their attention.

Events also inform your audience about new developments and improvisations in the culinary world. They prove very effective in gaining likes or adding followers on Instagram.

10.  Add Instagram Links in Other Sources

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Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles also market your content. Bloggers of every channel strive hard to gain the reach of the masses.

The only way to get your account propagated through different sources is to add your Instagram post links across all social media platforms.

The brand or posts you own can get a wider audience if it is endorsed in all different sources. It could motivate viewers from other social media platforms to follow your Instagram account.

It is also good to add Instagram links in resumes to improve your followers from your professional territory. This approach considerably improves your chances of adding followers on Instagram.

11. Maintain your Originality

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Fake profiles and motives can hamper the charm of your account. Maintaining your true opinions and views will preserve the beauty of your account.

People will be drawn to the account where reality and originality prevail at their best. Hence trying to be real, to the point, and honest can bring followers to your account.

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Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, Instagram can be a long game, but you can buy followers and rely on your existing group of friends to push you in the right direction and make plenty of content worthy of being one of the world’s best bloggers in the meantime. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we use instagram for posting videos?

Instagram is not just a photo-sharing application. there are many post types when it comes to Instagram. Videos and live on Instagram is also possible to broadcast your content.

How do you encourage engagement on Instagram?

If you want to encourage engagement in Instagram, you have to post interactive posts and videos. You should also add lots of call-in actions for people to do.

How often you have to post to popularize your content?

You have to post regularly or even daily or periodically to popularize your content more. THis way there will be a lot of attention thereby increasing the traffic.

Will it help if we post Instagram links in other social media platforms?

Instagram links can be posted and spread around in other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or even all professional platforms. this will increase the traffic and popularize the content.

What is the best way to attract people?

Maintaining the originality and being truthful about your opinions is the best way to attract people. this way they connect with you deeply and follow you with passion.

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