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You recently shifted to US and you wanted to eat pizza but you have no knowledge about the pizza hut’s in US and you searched about the Pizza Hut’s and ended up going to Grotto’s Pizza, then you are at the place because in this article, I will tell you about the details information of Grotto Pizza.

But first I will tell you about the history of grotto pizza.

Grotto Pizza is a chain which sells pizza and other Italian-American dishes, and primarily located in the US with some outlets in Maryland and Pennsylvania. The chain was originated by Rehoboth Beach, Delaware in 1960. And right now, Grotto Pizza has its headquarters in Delaware, US.

In this article, I will provide information about Grotto Pizza menu prices, contact information, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Grotto Pizza menu.

Grotto Pizza Menu Prices

Grotto Pizza menu

Grotto Pizza menu includes a wide range of pizzas, chicken wings, pasta, submarine sandwiches, salads, soup, burgers and wraps. But Grotto Pizza’s main product is pizza, which is made with a swirl of sauce atop the cheese.

The reason why their pizza is world-famous is because of their unique and fresh taste. Their pizzas are available in three sizes- 8″, 12″, and 16″. You can choose from a selection of veg and non-veg pizzas

The Grotto Pizza menu prices are affordable very affordable when compared to other pizza restaurants and lie between $ 5 to $ 20. So, without waiting let’s check the latest Grotto Pizza menu with prices.


Double Pizza Deal$ 19.99
Pizza & Wing Combo$ 22.99
Pizza & Bucket of Wings Deal$ 40.99
Super Combo$ 27.99
1 & 1 Pizza Deal$ 19.99
Pizza Party Deal$ 28.99
Sicilian Double Deal$ 18.99


Grand Slam Chicken Wing Dip$ 6.99
Onion Rings$ 5.99
Basket of Fries$ 5.99
Sidewinder Curly Fries$ 6.99
Deep Fried Veggies$ 5.99
Fat Tire Beer Cheese w/ Pretzel Sticks$ 8.00
Bruschetta$ 5.99
Mozzarella Sticks$ 5.99
Calamari$ 9.99
Breadsticks$ 5.99

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Salad and Soup

Soup$ 3.99
Chili $ 4.99
Fresh Tossed Salad $ 4.99
Caesar Salad$ 4.99
Chef’s Salad$ 8.99
Greek Salad$ 8.99
Wedge Salad$ 7.99
Grilled Chicken Salad$ 8.99
Antipasto$ 7.99


Buffalo Style Chicken Wings$ 25.00
Boneless Chicken Wings$ 18.99


Calzones$ 6.99

Grotto Boli

Gotto Boli$ 8.99
Philly Steak Boli$ 8.99
Chicken Philly Steak Boli$ 8.99
Chicken Wing Boli$ 8.99
Chicken Cordon Boli$ 8.99
Veggie Boli$ 8.99
BYO Boli$ 7.99

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Pizza Specialty

Real Aged Dairy Cheese and Sauce

8″ Personal Size 12″ Regular 16″ Large
 $ 5.99$ 9.99$ 12.99

Thick Crust

8″ Personal Size 12″ Regular 16″ Large
$ 6.99$ 10.99$ 13.99

Pizza Special

Pizza8″ Personal Size 12″ Regular 16″ Large
The Works$ 7.99$ 15.99$ 18.99
Cheese Steak Pizza$ 6.99$ 14.99$ 17.99
The Grande$ 7.99$ 14.99$ 17.99
Pizza Margherita$ 6.99$ 13.99$ 15.99
Pizza Blanco$ 6.99$ 12.99$ 14.99
Blanco Ole$ 6.99$ 13.99$ 15.99
The Meathead$ 6.99$ 14.99$ 17.99
The Classic$ 6.99$ 14.99$ 17.99
Veggie Blanco$ 6.99$ 14.99$ 17.99
Veggie Russo$ 6.99$ 14.99$ 17.99
Shrimp Scampi Oreganatto$ 6.99$ 14.99$ 18.99
BBQ Chicken Pizza$ 6.99$ 14.99$ 17.99
Chicken Wing Pizza$ 6.99$ 14.99$ 17.99
Hawaiian Pizza (White Pizza)$ 6.99$ 14.99$ 17.99

Sicilian Pizza

Grotto’s Sicilian-Style Pizza$ 10.99
Fresh Tomato & Basil Sicilian$ 10.99
Stuffed White Sicilian$ 11.99

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Spaghetti $ 10.99
Cheese Ravioli $ 10.99
Chicken Parmigiana$ 12.99
Linguine with Clam Sauce $ 12.99
Linguine Alfredo$ 10.99
Baked Ziti$ 10.99
Linguine Broccoli and Chicken $ 13.99


Chicken Parmigiana Sub $ 6.95
Philly-Style Cheesesteak$ 7.95
Meatball Parmigiana Sub $ 6.95
Philly-Style Chicken Cheesesteak $ 7.95
Italian Sub$ 6.95
Tuna Sub$ 6.95
Turkey Sub$ 6.95


Chicken Caesar$ 6.99
Italian $ 6.99
Tuna$ 6.99
Turkey $ 6.99
Chicken Wing Wrap$ 6.99


BYO Burger$ 8.99
Baco Cheeseburger$ 9.99
Cajun Bleu Burger$ 9.99

Nutritional Information Grotto Pizza

Nutritional Information

To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Grotto Pizza menu, click on the link mentioned above.

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Grotto Pizza Contact Information

Grotto Pizza Corporate Address: Grotto Pizza, Inc. 20376 Coastal Highway Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971.

Grotto Pizza Corporate Phone Number: (302) 227-3567

Grotto Pizza Corporate Fax Number: (302) 227-4566

You can also contact the team of Grotto Pizza by using the contact form contact form on their website.

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