Grilled Dark Chocolate Sandwich Recipe

Chocolate Sandwich

It was a Halloween party of my friend and I went there on time and I met with my other friends there and everyone was dressed like ghosts there even me also. It was very fun there and I still remember the thing that I love the most there was Grilled Dark Chocolate sandwich I have a full paragraph in this the appreciation of sandwich which is this Grilled Chocolate Sandwich is rich with almonds and chocolate to make you feel the royal and a newer taste, all at once.

Grilling is done to add a crunch to bread making its taste varieties at different levels. When you chew on it you taste the crunch of the bread, then the melting chocolates, an almond layer followed by the chocolate and crunch makes it delightful to have. It is a perfect savory for your tongue.

Today, I will share the Grilled Dark Chocolate Sandwich Recipe with my lovely chocolate lovers. Come let’s see how it will work.

Ingredients Required for Grilled Dark Chocolate Sandwich Recipe

Butter4 tbsp
Dark chocolate100 gm
Condensed milk2 tbsp
Roasted and chopped almonds15-20 units
Bread8 slices
ButterTo apply on sandwich
Chocolate piecesFor filling the sandwich

Grilled Dark Chocolate Sandwich Recipe

Chocolate Sandwich recipe

Prepare chocolate sauce

  1. In a preheated pan add 4 tbsp butter and 100 gm dark chocolate.
  2. Mix it and make it melt.
  3. Now add 2 tbsp condensed milk.
  4. Mix and close the flame.

Prepare sandwich

  1. Apply the above-made chocolate sauce on each bread slice.
  2. Take a slice of bread.
  3. Put chocolate pieces and almonds on it.
  4. Cover it with another piece of bread.
  5. Apply butter on the outer side and place it in a grill toaster.
  6. Cook for five minutes.
  7. Serve hot.

Serve the delight; use this Grilled Dark Chocolate Sandwich recipe for a heavenly experience. Critics and food lovers will love your instant creativity with variant tastes to delight you on each chew.

How much time it will take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
15 minutes15 minutes30 minutes

Nutritional Facts Of Grilled Dark Chocolate Sandwich

Fats19 g
Cholesterol31 mg
Sodium410 mg
Potassium148 mg
Carbohydrates47 g
Protein8 g

How to Make Grilled Dark Choc

Video by Chhaya’s Kitchen

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