Green Chef Review | Is It The Best Organic Meal Kit Service?

With people becoming more health conscious, the demand for organic meal kit services has increased. The moment someone says organic meal kit, Green Chef pops up in everyone’s mind. Today, we will talk about Green Chef reviews and see if it is the best organic meal kit service. 


Green Chef is one of the best organic meal kit services. It focuses on providing organic meal kits that meet every individual’s dietary needs. With Green Chef, you get to enjoy delicious, nutritious, rich, and diet-friendly dishes. It is a USDA-certified company that serves the customer with premium quality and adheres to the rules of the planet.

The best thing about Green Chef is that they focus on organic ingredients produced by local farmers. This way, they empower the local farmers and work in the favor of the planet by promoting sustainable development. 

Now, if you are someone who juggles between work and has no time for planning meals and getting the right ingredients, Green Chef has your back. With simple steps, you can order your meal kit that meets your diet preference and make it within no time. Let us jump into this conversation, where I will walk you through all the information about Green Chef, and I am sure you will enjoy every single bit of it. 

About Green Chef

Green Chef_

Without any doubt, Green Chef is one of the well known meal kit services as it has successfully made an impact on so many lives. The main reason for trusting Green Chef with your health journey is that they are USDA certified. 

If you are someone like me, who is always hustling then Green Chef is for you. The journey of Green Chef started in 2014 in Boulder, Colorado and since then they have been providing organic meal kits.

The most amazing feature of Green Chef in my opinion is that they deliver organic meal kits with easy to follow recipes. So it really makes the healthy eating journey super easy and delicious. You also get to choose your meal from more than 80 menus weekly which is simply amazing. 

The best thing about choosing Green Chef is that you empower the local farmers and sellers. If we look at the mission of Green Chef. In that case, it definitely serves the planet and every individual living on the same at a larger scale. 

So we can conclude that Green Chef’s overall mission is to serve the customers and planet as they only say, “clean plates and a clean planet” by working with local farmers that supply responsibly grown organic ingredients.

When it comes to the meal kit, Green Chef offers a variety of delectable options, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and much more. These recipes are super easy to make within less time, and you get to enjoy super yummy and nutritious rich food. 

Simply subscribe to the meal kit boxes and get everything you need delivered right to your doorstep. Healthline has also reviewed the services of Green chef and rated it 4.2 out of 5. Let us explore Green Chef more in the following conversation. 

 What Services Does Green Chef Offer?


Green Chef delivers meal kits along with easy-follow recipes for you to prepare healthy and delicious food within no time. The ingredients are delivered to your doorstep in the required portion as per your requirement. They have weekly meals that you can choose from more than 80 menu & market options, which change every week. 

The best thing about Green Chef is that they deliver their meals in plastic-free boxes. Each box will contain the required ingredients like vegetables, seasonings, sauces, grains, meat, poultry, and fish. 

The meal kits provided by Green Chef may cost $12 to $13.49 per serving. Now, if you are regularly ordering from Green Chef, then you should consider opting for their premium program, which can save a lot of money. In the premium plan, the cost of the meal kit will be around $7 and $10 more per serving. 

The next best thing about Green Chef is that they have something for everyone. Whether you are a vegan or vegetarian, or even if you follow a strict keto diet, you get so many options as per your dietary requirements. 

The list of diets they cater are : 

1. Keto + Paleo

Under this, you get to enjoy Low-carb, high-protein recipes that are free of gluten, grains, and soy. There are no additives or added sugar; it has less than 20 gms of calories per serving. Many of us don’t know, but Green Chef is one of the first meal kit delivery services with a keto option. 

If you think that the keto diet sounds really boring, then you need to try recipes from Green Chef, which includes Caribbean-spiced tilapia with mango salsa and pork chops with roasted squash & tomatoes. So now, with Green Chef, the Keto diet is also super delicious and appetizing. 

2. Vegetarian

Suppose you are vegetarian but want some protein and fiber in your diet. Now, you might feel disappointed as there are limited vegetarian options that will meet your health goals and are equally delicious. In that case, you can get their vegetarian diet meal kit from Green Chef, which offers Plant-based and meatless recipes.

You can enjoy flavorful recipes like Japanese carrot & cabbage fritters and breaded cauliflower & peanut sauce tacos provided by Green Chef. It is super easy to cook and takes care of your health needs. 

3. Mediterranean

Love Mediterranean flavors, then Green Chef has your back. Enjoy recipes that have a strong Mediterranean flavor with lots of veggies and fats. I am sure that you will enjoy healthy recipes like Italian barramundi & red pepper gremolata and mushroom, artichoke & pesto flatbreads that have wonderful Mediterranean flavors. 

4. Quick And Easy 

Simple recipes that are healthy and can be prepared within 30 minutes or less. You can choose any kind of dietary kit and even mix and match according to your needs. From spicy chilli ginger to chicken kale salad to braised chickpeas with tomatoes and kale, you can literally enjoy so many dishes without investing much time and energy.

Green Chef’s quick and easy meal kits are perfect for those who have limited time for cooking. So, no more compromising on taste as you can make a quick lunch or dinner with flavor recipes by Green Chef. 

5. Vegan

For all those who prefer non-animal-derived food for the safeguarding of animals, You get to enjoy a variety of veggies, grains, and plant-based proteins. Being vegan is really struggling as you not only have very limited options, but the cost of vegan food is a little expensive.

Now, don’t let this hinder your goal, as Green Chef is there to provide you with the best vegan recipes and ingredients. Enjoy fish-less Pie, oven-baked pesto risotto, tofu curry udon soup and many more vegan dishes with Green Chef and make your vegan journey easier and flavorful.

6. Gluten-Free

Allergic to gluten, then Green Chef got everything fixed. Enjoy the gluten-free meal kits with lots of flavors and tastes. It is very difficult to find gluten-free recipes, and what’s more difficult is to find gluten-free ingredients.

Now, you don’t have to stroll every single store looking for gluten-free ingredients, as Green Chef will deliver everything right to your doorstep. This way, you can easily enjoy lemon-basil caper pork or more dishes like this with zero gluten. 

7. Protein Packed

Want some protein to build your muscles? Go for protein-packed meal kits that offer around 40 grams of protein per serving. Enjoy protein from meat, poultry, and plants, and get your muscles tight. Now, suppose you want protein dishes but meatless options.

In that case, you can select a vegetarian and protein-packed diet to get all the delicious recipes under them. Green Chef has made sure that you get your daily protein intake, whether from meat, poultry, or plants, whichever suits your diet preferences. 

How Does Green Chef Meal Kit Work?

green chef

I am sure you are dying to use Green Chef by now, but before you go further, let me explain how a Green Chef meal kit works and simplify everything for you. 

1. Visit The Website

To start with, you need to visit their official website and sign up by creating an account in order to place your order. Once the sign-up is done, you can hop onto the next step – building your plan.

2. Build Your Plan

The most important step is to build your plan. You can select from the options that are available to meet your dirty needs. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing more than one category. For example, you can choose a keto diet with Mediterranean or vegan and protein-packed. Once you have your preferred diet kit selected, choose the box size you want from 2, 4, or 6, along with the number of meals per week. 

3. Select & Customize Your Meals Each Week

Once you build your plan, you get to pick your meals as per your dietary requirements. You can even customize your meals each week. The best option here is that you get to skip one or more weeks in between and have the flexibility to pause, start, or cancel the plan anytime. You can even customize your recipes. 

4. Receive Your Box, Cook & Enjoy

Once you build your plan and choose your meal, get the meal box delivered to your doorstep with cooking instructions and required ingredients pre-measured by professional chefs. 

Benefits Of Using Green Chef?


Now that you have learned what Green Chef is and how it works, it is time to explore the benefits of using their services. Without any doubt, Green Chef is one of the best meal kit delivery providers that serves the customer with premium quality and adheres to the rules of the planet. Let us know all the possible benefits of using Green Chef: 

1. Pre-measured and prepped ingredients 

The best thing about Green Chef is that they provide pre-measured and prepped ingredients. This way, you can prepare your dishes with a precise quantity of ingredients, and there is no wastage of food. Secondly, you get prepped ingredients like sauces and marinades that make your work so much easier. 

2. USDA-certified organic ingredients

Green Chef has USDA certification, which means every ingredient is organically produced. Just in case any ingredient is not organic, then you get the information about the same. Green Chef switches the ingredients with conventional ingredients that are safe and healthy to eat. 

3. Quick And Easy

I love Green Chef as the recipes they provide are super healthy and super quick to make. Most of the recipes can be ready within 25 minutes or so. That means you save a lot of time, effort, and energy. Also, they deliver the meal kits to your doorstep within very little time. 

4. Flavorful Meals

Without any doubt, Green Chef has a variety of recipes on the menu that are delicious and unmatched in flavor. You get to enjoy healthy foods that are super yummy and filled with flavors. No matter what type of dietary preferences you have, you get to enjoy every single flavor. 

5. Meal plans with a variety of dietary restrictions

Talking about flavors, the most important thing about Green Chef is that they have a variety of dietary restrictions. You get to enjoy your choice of dietary food and even have the option to mix and match according to your preference. From vegan to keto, Green Chef has got everything on their list. 

6. Environmentally Friendly

As Green Chef claims, we all know that they use organic ingredients that are sustainably grown. Not only that, but Green Chef makes sure to reduce the use of plastic, and that is why their meal kit boxes are plastic-free. So it is very evident to say that Green Chef is environmentally friendly. 

7. Certified Organic Company

It is very evident that Green Chef is a certified organic company. So, if you are someone who prefers organic meals, then Green Chef is perfect for you. There can be instances when the ingredients are not organic, but do not worry, as Green Chef will notify you of the same on time. 

8. Easy-to-follow recipes

Even if you have the right ingredients, you may still not be able to make and enjoy delicious dishes. This is why easy-to-follow recipes with detailed instructions are important. With Green Chef, you get the recipes and steps to follow that are simple enough for anyone to make and enjoy their healthy journey. 

9. Delivered To Your Doorstep

Another great time about Green Chef is that you get everything delivered to your doorstep. You simply need to build your plan and select your meals; you need to wait, and Green Chef will get everything for you right at your doorstep. Their delivery service is super quick and reliable. 

10. Easy Cancellation 

One of the best features I adore about the Green Chef is their easy cancellation. You also have the flexibility to pause, skip, or re-start your weekly plan as per your convenience. The accessible cancellation features allow the customer to enjoy their right and give them the flexibility to order their meals according to their needs and requirements. 

How Is Green Chef Different From Other Meal Kit Services?

green chef box

If I have to differentiate the services provided by Green Chef from other meal kit services, then I would say that the experience is exceptional. The fact that Green Chef uses sustainably produced ingredients from local farmers makes it very different from other meal kit services. You may find Green Chef a little expensive, but trust me, every penny is worthwhile.

I would say that choosing Green Chef means choosing health without compromising your taste and flavor. Another thing I like about Green Chef is that they provide a six-serving option, which is not the case with other meal kit services. 

From quality to taste, Green Chef earns all the points and wins everyone’s heart. The flexibility to choose multiple diets and easy cancellation makes Green Chef user-friendly. I really enjoy following my diet with Green Chef as everything gets easier and much more convenient. 

The other major difference I see between Green Chef and other meal kit services is that they focus on the welfare of the planet as well. The decision to use less plastic is a great step towards a better environment. 

Even though Green Chef is a little expensive, people prefer it over other meal kit services simply because it provides organic ingredients that are rich in nutrients and has excellent delivery service. Let us see an overall comparison of Green Chef and other leading meal kit delivery services : 

Basis Of DifferenceGreen ChefBlue ApronHelloFreshPurple CarrotSun Basket
Menu Options/Dietary Preferenceshas a six-serving option -keto, paleo,vegetarian, vegan, gluten-freevariety of meal options, including vegetarian and family-friendly plans.classic, vegetarian, and family-friendly meals.plant-based, vegan mealsVariety of meal plans, including paleo,dairy-free,soy-free,diabetes-friendly, vegan
Quality of IngredientsOrganic, fresh and sustainably sourced ingredientshigh-quality, fresh ingredientsfresh and good qualityhigh-quality, plant-based and sustainably sourced ingredients
Price$12+ per serving$8+ per serving$9+ per serving$9.99 per serving$11+ per serving

What Do People Say About Green Chef?


In my personal opinion, Green Chef is the start of meal kit delivery services. The fact that you get to enjoy healthy food with your choice of diet preferences without compromising the taste is unmatched.

I have to say that Green Chef is perfect for those who are health enthusiasts and follow some sort of diet. I am not exaggerating this, and if you don’t believe me, let us see what others say about Green Chef. 

Healthline has scored Green Chef 4.2 out of 5 and talks about the high quality and nutrient density of food. Healthline mentioned, “Green Chef is a meal kit delivery service that pays special attention to food quality and nutrient density.” 

That is not all. One of the experts at Healthline tried Green Chef, and this is what she had to say – “While Green Chef is one of the more expensive services, I found it to be the most enjoyable one I’ve tried so far in terms of creative recipe options and ingredient quality.”

One Reddit User who has been using Green Chef mentioned that Green Chef is his favourite and has the best quality. Real Simple rated Green Chef 7 out of 10 and listed the pros of using Green Chef, which includes delicious meal plans, easy-to-follow recipes, organic ingredients, and sustainable packaging. Food And Wine reviewed the services by Green Chef and concluded, “Green Chef combines the best elements of the meal kit experience — convenience, flavor, and fun.” 

Reviewed by USA Today, it strongly recommends using Green Chef, especially if you value organic ingredients! They further added in the conversation that “the meals are fast, filling, and visually appetizing, with more generous portion sizes than we’ve seen with other kits.”

David, an expert at CNET, shares his experience using Green Chef and mentions that the healthy, organic meal kit delivery service has made a few significant improvements since the last time I tried it. The first time he tried was in 2021, which was not so satisfactory, but 2 years later, in 2023, he rated 8.4 out of 10 and concluded that the 2023 version of Green Chef was well worth the price.  

This isn’t all the love and appreciation Green Chef is getting, as there is more. However, these reviews are clear enough to highlight the satisfactory service Green Chef is providing.


As we are at the end of the conversation, I am sure that you have learned so much about Green Chef. They are one of the best meal kit delivery services that deliver your choice of meals from the menu to your doorstep. Organically produced ingredients straight from the farmers is the best thing about Green Chef.

You can simply visit their website and enjoy ordering healthy and organic meal kits with easy-to-follow recipes. I will be back soon with some more conversations like this. Until then, happy eating. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Chef? 

Green Chef is a well-known meal kit service that has changed so many lives by providing healthy and tasty meal kits and easy-to-follow recipes for you to prepare healthy and delicious food within no time. It is a USDA-certified company that was started in Boulder, Colorado.

What does the Meal Kit box by Green Chef contain? 

A meal kit box by Green Chef contains pre-measured ingredients like vegetables, seasonings, sauces, grains, meat, poultry, and fish, along with easy-to-follow recipes and instructions. 

How does Green Chef deliver healthy and tasty food?

Green Chef basically provides a meal kit that contains organically produced ingredients of the recipe that is selected by an individual and delivered to the doorstep. 

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