Pineapple On Pizza? Check out Gordon Ramsey’s View On The Debate

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The year 2017 started with a boom for food lovers, but also with a dilemma. It was the year of the pineapple pizza. The pizza went viral and everybody has their two cents to give on that. Famous celebrity British chef Gordon Ramsay’s too had a lot to say about it, mostly how much he despised it. His pineapple pizza debate went wild on Twitter. In case you missed the Pineapple Pizza story then, here’s the full plot.

Our beloved chef Gordon Ramsay (a very famous celebrity chef and the owner of Hell’s Kitchen) slammed pineapple on a pizza and it fueled the debate online. He said, “The world is divided into two foodie camps: one that likes pineapple on a pizza; another that thinks pineapple on a pizza is an offense to the taste buds.” And it started a war between the two camps. While appearing on ‘The Nightly Show,’ he took suggestions from the audience regarding pizza toppings, and unfortunately, one person suggested pineapple.

The moment Ramsay heard “pineapple on a pizza,” he burst out, “You don’t put fu**ing pineapple on pizza.” Within seconds, war broke out on Twitter. Some Twitter users were delighted; others condemned Gordon Ramsay.

Famous Indian chef Kunal Kapur gave his contribution to this hyper-sensitive topic and said, “Personally, I’m not a fan of pineapple on a pizza. I don’t think it’s a good combination. But at the same time, I am not hardcore about it. I don’t have a problem with people who prefer pineapple on a pizza.”

I just have to say a sweet and tart tasted pineapple cooked when its softness blends on the crispy crust of the pizza are just the respite to our hungry tummies.

A lot happened after that, but we all were busy having our own fun and someone out of the blue closed this discussion by tweeting, “Can’t believe we’re even having this argument. I’m Pro-Pineapple-Choice. What a woman/man does with their pizza is their own damn business!”

See, what people had to say about Gordon Ramsay’s ‘strong’ opinion.

DiGiorno pizza came to the rescue of the pineapple pizza with a simple tweet.

Some people agreed, some disagreed, while some told everyone to mind their own business.

Naturally, this also translated into a lot of meme material.

Gordon Ramsay is not known to be a patient man. So, it was expected of him to lose his cool.

People in the pro-pineapple pizza camp also voices their opinions.

Here is another meme of Gordon Ramsay’s wrath on what he thinks is a pizza abomination.

Another meme that is from the anti-pineapple pizza group.

In case, you want to send someone a Gordon Ramsay Gif when they ask to get pineapple pizza, here’s some…



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So, this is what happened. Tell me in the comments below if you are pro-pineapple or anti-pineapple on pizza. I maintain that what you put on your pizza is truly your choice. But don’t offer it to anyone else. Till then, happy eating!

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