Perfect Gordon Ramsay Omelette Recipe

To start a perfect day, you need a perfect breakfast. Gordon Ramsay omelette is one of those delicious and perfect breakfast recipes among other omelette recipes by Gordon Ramsay. To know more about this recipe, read the entire article.

Serving Gordon Ramsay Omelette

Gordon Ramsay omelette is loaded with cheese and butter. Make sure you grease the pan with oil before you add the egg mixture to the pan. To make it delicious, you can also use fillings like mushrooms, meat, chives, veggies, and more.

So, why don’t you try this mouth-watering breakfast recipe now? You’ll get to know how all the ingredients add to the brilliance and delight of this recipe. But first, check out some other recipes from Chef’s delight.

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Gordon Ramsay Omelette at Home

How Is Gordon Ramsay Omelette Different From The Regular One?

Gordon Ramsay omelette recipe is a simple and classic dish that is similar to a regular cheese omelette but with a few key differences:

  • No Milk – Gordon Ramsay’s recipe does not call for any milk or cream added to the eggs. Instead, the eggs are whisked together until light and frothy, creating a light and fluffy texture.
  • High Heat – Gordon Ramsay recommends cooking the omelette on high heat, allowing it to cook quickly and develop a slightly crispy texture outside while remaining tender and fluffy.
  • Minimal Ingredients – Gordon Ramsay’s recipe is simple, with only a few basic ingredients: eggs, cheese, butter, and salt and pepper. It allows the natural flavors of the eggs and cheese to shine through without any overwhelming seasonings or additions.

Gordon Ramsay omelette is a delicious and satisfying dish similar to a regular cheese omelette but with a few key differences that elevate its flavor and texture.

What Are The Tips To Make The Best Gordon Ramsay Omelette?

Here are some tips to make the best Gordon Ramsay cheese omelette:

  • Use fresh and high-quality ingredients. Choose fresh eggs and good-quality cheese to make the omelette.
  • Preheat the pan to medium-high heat before adding the eggs. It ensures the eggs cook evenly and don’t stick to the pan.
  • Whisk the eggs well before pouring them into the pan. You can add a splash of milk or cream to make the eggs fluffier.
  • Use a non-stick pan or a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet to prevent the omelette from sticking to the pan.
  • Add the cheese to the omelette just before folding it over. It allows the cheese to melt and gives the omelette a gooey texture.
  • Use a spatula to fold the omelette in half. Be gentle when doing this to prevent the omelette from tearing or breaking.
  • Cook the omelette for about 30 seconds more after folding it over to ensure the cheese is melted and the eggs are fully cooked.
  • Garnish the omelette with chopped herbs, such as chives or parsley, to add freshness and flavor.

Follow these tips to make a delicious and satisfying Gordon Ramsay cheese omelette.

Gordon Ramsay Omelette is ready

Possible Variations To Customize Gordon Ramsay Omelette

Omelette is a perfect on-the-go recipe. The best part about this recipe is you can customize it to your taste. So, try these variations:

  • Add Some Veggies – You can add sautéed mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, spinach, or tomatoes to your omelette for extra flavor and nutrition.
  • Change The Type Of Cheese – You can use different types of cheese, such as cheddar, feta, or goat cheese, to add different flavors to your omelette.
  • Add Meat – Add bacon, ham, or sausage to your omelette for a heartier breakfast.
  • Make It Spicy – Add some chopped jalapeno peppers or red pepper flakes to give your omelette a spicy kick.
  • Add Some Herbs – Add chopped fresh herbs, such as basil, cilantro, or thyme, to give your omelette a fresh flavor.
  • Make It Creamy – Add a dollop of cream cheese or sour cream to your eggs before whisking them to make your omelette creamier.
  • Make It Gluten-Free – Use gluten-free bread crumbs or almond flour instead of wheat flour to make your omelette gluten-free.

There are endless possibilities to get started with it. Feel free to experiment with different ingredients and flavors to make your Gordon Ramsay omelette unique and delicious.

Which Cheese Is Best To Use In Gordon Ramsay Omelette?

Chef Gordon Ramsay’s omelette recipe is a classic and simple dish that highlights the flavors of the eggs. Since the chef hasn’t used any particular type of cheese in this recipe, so we haven’t. 

However, a good option in an omelette is a mild and creamy cheese that melts well, such as cheddar, Swiss, or Gruyere. These cheeses add a delicious creamy texture and a subtle nutty flavor to the omelette. 

Other options like feta, goat cheese or even blue cheese can add a tangy and salty flavor to the omelette. Ultimately, the choice of cheese depends on you. So, feel free to experiment and use the cheese you enjoy the most in your Gordon Ramsay omelette.

What Equipment Will You Need To Make Gordon Ramsay Omelette?

  • Bowl – You’ll need a bowl to beat the egg and prepare the egg mixture. 
  • Pan – You need a pan to make the omelette. 
  • Spatula – You’ll need a spatula to flip and fold the omelette. 
  • Spoon – You can use a spoon to beat the eggs and make the egg mixture.

How Much Time Will You Need To Make Gordon Ramsay Omelette?

Preparation Time Cooking Time Total Time
5 Minutes 5 Minutes 10 Minutes
Gordon Ramsay Omelette Ingredients

What Ingredients Will You Need To Make Gordon Ramsay Omelette?

  • Eggs – There’s no omelette without an egg. So, you know it’s the major ingredient of the recipe. You can use organic eggs if you are looking for a health resort.
  • Cheese –  Cheese adds more flavor and makes the omelette cheesy. 
  • Butter – Butter flavors the omelette and prevents it from sticking to the pan. It makes the omelette healthier. 
  • Olive Oil – Olive oil cooks the egg mix and maintains the natural flavors of the egg. 
  • Salt – Salt will enhance the flavors of the ingredients used to make the recipe.
  • Pepper – Pepper will make the omelette bold and spicy. 

Steps To Make Gordon Ramsay Omelette

Gordon Ramsay Omelette step-01

Step 1- Beat the eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt and pepper in it.

Gordon Ramsay Omelette step-2

Step 2- Pour this egg mixture into the pan greased with oil over medium heat.

Gordon Ramsay Omelette step-03

Step 3- Sift in all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt and sugar in a bowl and mix until combined.

Gordon Ramsay Omelette is ready

Step 4- Fold the omelette layer by layer, and turn it into the platter to serve.

Serving Suggestions With Gordon Ramsay Omelette

Want to delight your guests with this perfect omelette? Read to know about the serving suggestions to enjoy with your cheese omelette:

  • Toast – Serve your omelette with a slice of toasted bread or a bagel to make a complete breakfast.
  • Fruit – Add some fresh fruit, such as sliced strawberries, blueberries, or bananas, to your plate to balance out the savory flavors of the omelette.
  • Breakfast Meat – Serve your omelette with a side of bacon, sausage, or ham for a heartier breakfast.
  • Salad – Pair your omelette with a simple green or fruit salad for a refreshing and healthy breakfast.
  • Potatoes – Add roasted or sautéed potatoes, hash browns, or home fries to your plate for a classic breakfast combination.
  • Avocado – Add some slices of avocado to your omelette for a boost of healthy fats and a creamy texture.
  • Hot Sauce – Serve your omelette with your favorite hot sauce or salsa for a spicy kick.

These are just a few ideas to serve with your cheese omelette. Mix and match different sides and flavors to create your perfect breakfast meal.

Nutritional Information

Calories513 kcal
Carbohydrates2 g
Protein33 g
Fat40 g
Cholesterol1012 mg
Sodium475 mg
Sugar1 g

How Will Gordon Ramsay Omelette Look And Taste Like?

So, you’ve made this amazing Gordon Ramsay omelette. It’s creamy and fluffy. It can be paired with toasted bread slices, burgers, or any combination of your choice. It tastes incredible. The brown cheese adds deep-savory or slightly fudgy flavor to the omelette. 

How To Store Leftover Gordon Ramsay Omelette?

To store leftover Gordon Ramsay omelette, follow these steps:

  • Let the omelette cool to room temperature before storing it in the refrigerator. It will help prevent bacterial growth.
  • Transfer the omelette to an airtight container or wrap it tightly with plastic wrap.
  • Label the container or plastic wrap with the date of storage.
  • Store the omelette in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days.
  • When you’re ready to eat the leftover omelette, reheat it in the microwave or a non-stick pan. If using a non-stick pan, add butter or oil to prevent the omelette from sticking.

Note that reheating the omelette may cause it to become slightly dry or overcooked. To avoid this, try to eat the leftover omelette within 1-2 days of storing it in the refrigerator.

Recipe Card

Gordon Ramsay Omelette Recipe

Gordon Ramsay omelette is loaded with cheese and butter. It's creamy and slightly chewy. It's a simple and elegant breakfast recipe by Gordon Ramsay. It can be paired with bread, burger, or any other side dish of your choice.
4.67 from 3 votes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Calories 513 kcal


  • Bowl
  • Pan
  • Spoon
  • Spatula


  • 6 Eggs
  • 1 block Mozzarella Cheese
  • 1 tablespoon Butter
  • 1 teaspoon Olive Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Salt
  • 1 teaspoon Black Pepper


  • Beat the eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt and pepper in it.
  • Pour this egg mixture into the pan greased with oil over medium heat.
  • When the center of the egg mixture in the pan is still runny, add cheese, butter, and a pinch of salt in it.
  • Fold the omelette layer by layer, and turn it into the platter to serve.


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Calories: 513kcal | Carbohydrates: 2g | Protein: 33g | Fat: 40g | Cholesterol: 1012mg | Sodium: 475mg | Sugar: 1g
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do restaurants make omelets so fluffy?

Restaurants make omelet fluffy by whisking the eggs evenly. This will result in fluffy omelet.

What are the four types of omelets?

There are four main types of omelets, distinguished by their cooking methods. There are American-style, French-style, Frittata, and Soufflé omelets.

Why are my omelette not fluffy?

Make sure the bowl you beat the egg in is perfectly clean. If there is a little extra oil or grease in the bowl they may not whip up as full as you need them to be.

What side dish goes with an omelette?

Serve with a fresh salad, bacon, cooked vegetables, a small bowl of soup, bread, biscuits, tortilla chips, smoky sausages, naan, or anything that suits your appetite.


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