Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas Recipes

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Christmas is the grandest of all holidays. There’s no holiday that compares to the festive spirit of the Christmas holidays. There’s so much joy and excitement for this holiday sometimes it becomes too much to contain. The Christmas trees, the fairy-light-decorated houses, and the amazing food all are what make Christmas the best holiday there is (of course there’s Santa Claus and a whole bunch of presents but let’s not talk about that. It makes us look greedy). 

Gordon Ramsay

Well, Christmas is right around the corner and so is the stress of creating a great Christmas feast for the great party you are hosting. Everybody will have their cameras up to click a picture for their social media stories (#chistmasfood #delishchristmasfeast #wannabefoodblogger #toomuch stressaboutwhattocook). 

The scrutiny there is to create the perfect meal that looks and tastes good is mind-boggling (I am a person with rich taste and vocabulary). It’s a good thing that I am here to give you the best Christmas recipes that’ll give a great idea of how to create the perfect meal and that too Gordon Ramsay approved. 

We all know Gordon Ramsay to have different sides. He’s the hell master for amateur chefs, a softie for little kids, a comic on his youtube channel, and an overall colorful personality. But one point where all our opinions will align is that he is definitely a great chef. 

His recipes are sometimes a unique take on the traditional recipes that we know and love. Sometimes, it’s all a power of his own creation (*in Uchiha Madara’s voice*. For those of you who didn’t get the joke, this was a Naruto reference. Yes, the person behind this screen is a weeb). Either way, the recipes are really amazing. There are also little finishing touches that Gordon Ramsay does to make every recipe his own.

I have hyped the recipes so much but you’d be thinking, “Where are the recipes that you are so generously talking about?” Well, they are all here and I am going to tell you a little something about them. Stay tuned and keep scrolling to find out all about Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas recipes. 

1. Gordon Ramsay Roast Turkey

Gordon Ramsay Roasted Turkey

Gordon Ramsay is a British chef; we all know that by now (you might’ve guessed it from his accent or a simple Google search). So, that means that he includes turkey in his Christmas feasts. That’s because the turkey is the staple fowl at an English Christmas dinner table. 

Keeping up with this tradition, if you want to make Gordon Ramsay roast turkey, it’d be a great idea. The roast turkey is covered with a delicious herby compound butter inside out. The cavity of the poor bird is stuffed with herbs, vegetables, and lemon. The turkey is roasting to a crispy and looks like a treasure with its golden skin. It is also basted with its own juices after regular intervals to keep juicy and flavorful. Place this turkey on your dinner table and hear everyone softly sight and marvel at its perfection. Save a big drumstick for me when you do make Gordon Ramsay’s roast turkey. 

2. Gordon Ramsay Turkey Breast

Gordon Ramsay Turkey Breast

Want to have a turkey but are worried about the leftovers? If you want to have turkey without actually having a whole turkey, just roast up some delicious turkey breast. The recipe for Gordon Ramsay’s turkey breast is pretty similar to his roast turkey one.

The herby butter, the seasoning, the crisp golden skin, all make appearances when you start cooking this recipe. It’s traditional and economical, what else do you need? The skin is crispy and looks like gold (but doesn’t shine like it and definitely doesn’t taste like it. I wouldn’t know what gold tastes like, I haven’t bitten into it or anything *nervous laughter*). It definitely glistens, though, because of the turkey’s juices and the compound butter.

Serve this baby up and enjoy an intimate yet traditional Christmas dinner. Look no further for the Gordon Ramsay turkey breast recipe.

3. Gordon Ramsay Turkey Gravy

Gordon Ramsay Turkey Gravy

When we talk turkey, it is but natural we will be talking about the turkey gravy as well. Why? Because the gravy is like the daughter of the roast turkey. It is made from the pan juices of the delicious turkey. It has the herbiness and the fat that drips out. A few tweaks here and there and you’ll have a great something to moisten and liven up the turkey.

You do agree that a lot of flavor gets lost in the form of pan juices when roasting the turkey. It’s just like the grease melting out of bacon when you fry it (except the pan juices won’t put excessive pressure on your heart like the bacon grease). Just add some broth, cornstarch, and some seasonings to it and make yourself a delicious and luscious gravy. Want the recipe for Gordon Ramsay’s turkey gravy? Find it in this corner. 

4. Gordon Ramsay Turkey Curry

Gordon Ramsay Turkey Curry

Gordon Ramsay’s turkey curry is a coming together of two cuisines. It is an amalgamation of British and Indian flavors in the form of a beautiful and aromatic curry. The curry is made with turkey and flavored with vegetables, soy sauce, coconut milk, limes, and a curry paste.

The curry paste is also freshly made with garlic, spices, shallots, ginger, oil, and lemongrass. The result is a spicy, smooth, and tangy curry that smells amazing. You can use the turkey leftovers from Christmas make it or even make it for your Christmas dinner to spice things up a bit (literally!). Find the whole recipe for the turkey curry here.

5. Gordon Ramsay Holiday Stuffing

Gordon Ramsay Holiday Stuffing

What screams more ‘holiday’ than a dish called ‘holiday stuffing’. The Gordon Ramsay holiday stuffing is a must-have or, should I say, is a must-make for your Christmas. It is pretty simple to make, actually. I know I have said that about most recipes but not one word of that is a lie. The stuffing is made with herbs and bread shaped into balls. Serve them with a cornmeal mixture and cranberries. This is just a bleak way to tell you about the recipe but you can read all about it just here. 

6. Gordon Ramsay Cranberry Sauce

Gordon Ramsay Cranberry Sauce

I mean, we just can’t move on from the Turkey hangover unless we talk about the cranberry sauce, can we now? This delicious maroon sauce is the easiest-to-make companion for the turkey and, in turn, for your Christmas feast. 

This sweet and tangy sauce makes the flavors of the otherwise savory turkey very interesting. Also, just putting it out there, Gordon Ramsay’s cranberry sauce has apples and oranges in addition to the usual cranberries. It has an array of flavors that are unmissable. Remember what Monica told Chandler about the cranberry sauce, “It’s easy, it’s delicious, and no one really cares for it.” Well, they’ll care for it if you make the Gordon Ramsay cranberry sauce recipe. 

7. Gordon Ramsay Bread Sauce

Gordon Ramsay Bread Sauce

This Christmas, why not opt for a creamy yet light sauce for your roast turkey. Gordon Ramsay’s bread sauce is a delicious and creamy sauce made with soaking breadcrumbs in spice, butter, and herb-infused milk. Oh! There’s also a little nutmeg in the sauce to keep up with the Christmas theme.

The recipe is nothing to get all panicky about. It’s easy to make and you might probably find all the ingredients in your pantry. So, follow the recipe for Gordon Ramsay’s bread sauce and make something new for your Christmas feast. 

8. Gordon Ramsay Eggnog

Gordon Ramsay Eggnog

What is the one drink that comes to mind when you talk about Christmas? Let’s say it together. Eggnog! (No, not hot chocolate. You have a point, but still). Yes, eggnog and Christmas traditions go hand in hand. It is a smooth drink made with eggs. The surprise here is that you cannot taste the egg in it.

Gordon Ramsay teaches you how to make eggnog from scratch. There’s no raw-egg off-putting smell, and the vanilla extract covers it all with its sweet and delicious smell. Also, you don’t have to worry about the eggs. The eggs are tempered with hot milk. The end result is a sweet and spicy holiday that sheerly tastes like Christmas. Find the Gordon Ramsay eggnog recipe here. 

9. Gordon Ramsay Roasted Squash Hummus

Gordon Ramsay Roasted Squash Hummus

Are you bored with the same way of serving squash? Why not serve it with a Mediterranean twist this Christmas? The roasted squash hummus is a great exotic recipe to serve up with pita bread. The squash is rubbed with a spice blend so that all the flavors are infused in it. Then, it is roasted so that it gets tender.

After that, in a blender, go the squash, the chickpea, some tahini, and oil, and round and round we go (I can just hear all the ingredients go “Weeeeeeeee”). All you need to do is scoop out the hummus in a bowl and eat it some with bread or anything you want. That’ll be a good diversion from the usual recipes that you usually make for Christmas. If you want the recipe for Gordon Ramsay’s roasted squash hummus, you can just click here. 

10. Gordon Ramsay Cauliflower Cheese

Gordon Ramsay Cauliflower Cheese

Are you a vegetarian and a picky eater? (sorry for calling you out but it was kind of overdue). Then, I have the perfect recipe for you to whip up for your holiday dinner. Even if you don’t associate with the aforementioned terms, you’ll still love this recipe (if you love good food, that is). 

The recipe in question is Gordon Ramsay cauliflower cheese. It is like your mac and cheese but not quite like it. If I may, it is a recipe inspired by mac and cheese but is a healthier-ish version of it.

The cauliflower cheese bake is made by boiling the cauliflower, just like you do to the poor macaroni. The roux is just like the mac and cheese one. Also, Gordon Ramsay generously and so kindly adds three kinds of cheese into the mix. Isn’t he the best? Just take a casserole and bake it already. I wouldn’t even wait for the holidays to make this dish if I were you. Here’s the recipe for Gordon Ramsay cauliflower cheese. Read it and rush to make it. 

11. Gordon Ramsay Braised Red Cabbage

Gordon Ramsay Braised Red Cabbage

Gordon Ramsay’s braised red cabbage is an awesome make-ahead side dish for your dinner. This is not the braised cabbage that you’d expect. For instance, when you heard the name ‘braised red cabbage’, did you expect that the dish might have apples in it? I surely didn’t. That’s because Gordon Ramsay’s recipes are a bit unexpected.

The cabbage is also dressed in exquisite Christmas flavors like sugar, cinnamon, star anise, and cloves. Ok, not exactly exquisite but you get the point. The cabbage also has a slightly tart flavor. That’s because of the added lemon and vinegar in it. The apples and cabbage are cooked in butter that makes them rich and flavorful. This is a great side dish for any meal that you plan to serve for Christmas. Find the whole recipe here. 

12. Gordon Ramsay Yorkshire Pudding

Gordon Ramsay Yorkshire Pudding

If you are cooking up roast beef this Christmas, then the Yorkshire pudding is a must on the menu too. It’s a no-hassle, easy-to-make recipe. It is so easy, and I can just tell you how to make it right here. Just mix eggs, milk, flour, oil, and salt, pour them into muffin tins, and bake them.

Yup! Yup! Yup! It is really that easy to make. Pair it with roasted beef and enjoy a delicious meal. This is a great route to go if you are diverging from bread. Even though I have pretty much told you how to make this pudding, you’ll still need the specifics. Find all of it here. 

13. Gordon Ramsay Turkey And Ham Pie

Gordon Ramsay Turkey and Ham Pie

Not everyone can make Ross’s turkey sandwich (*with the moist maker btw*) with their turkey leftovers from Christmas. Why not add some ham and vegetables to it and make a pie out of it. Gordon Ramsay’s turkey and ham pie recipe will help you in this venture. 

Other than turkey and ham, you have leeks and mushrooms in the filling with a creamy, delicious sauce. Then, dress the filling with puff pastry and bake it to make a golden and crispy turkey and ham pie. Once you taste this, you’ll definitely be waiting for the turkey leftovers, so you can make this pie. You can easily find the Gordon Ramsay turkey and ham pie recipe here. 

14. Gordon Ramsay Turkey Wellington

Gordon Ramsay Turkey Wellington

Do you want to make a turkey for Christmas but also turkey pie, crepes, and stuffing? I know this is a very specific query but it’ll add up once I tell you what this is all about. I am talking about Gordon Ramsay’s recipe for Turkey wellington.

Everything I said about the turkey, stuffing, and crepes, and pastry goes into this recipe. The turkey wellington is a layered dish. The outermost layer is baked golden and crispy puff pastry. Next, you have herby and savory crepes and a meat stuffing. The last and innermost layer is the juicy rolled turkey. 

This recipe is not your regular turkey recipe but it will definitely amp up your holiday dinner game. Cut and serve the turkey wellington with cranberry sauce and tell people what’s for Christmas with a big, proud smile. 

15. Gordon Ramsay Beef Wellington

Gordon Ramsay Beef Wellington

The beef wellington is Gordon Ramsay’s signature dish. Needless to say, this dish will be packed with amazing flavors and interesting textures. But if you really want to make this dish, you need to set apart a lot of time and patience. 

First of all, you need to chill the beef overnight. Then, you have to sear it. It is then layered with mushroom duxelles and puff pastry. This delicious trio is then rolled and baked to make a perfect holiday meal. 

This dish is not only delicious but also has sophistication to it. When you cut a slice of the wellington, you’ll see the layers and immediately fall in love. Try the Gordon Ramsay beef wellington and you’ll know why this is his signature dish. 

16. Gordon Ramsay Honey Glazed Ham 

Gordon Ramsay Honey Glazed Ham

Before turkey was the official flag bearer of holiday meats, there was ham. Ham has become the second choice when one goes shopping for holiday meats. But that doesn’t mean that it has lost its charm. Gordon Ramsay’s honey glazed ham recipe might put ham on the top of your list (that is, if you are making one. Let’s assume for the argument’s sake that you are). 

The honey-glazed ham is a sight to behold with a diamond-pattern cut design all over it with small cloves embedded in between (if you can’t see the imagery, you can just check the image above. You’re welcome). This ham recipe just might become your go-to one.

The ham has it all, a sweet and tangy glaze combined with a gammon that is cooked with vegetables and spices. There is a nutty, earthy, and warm tone to the ham with a sweet overtone and a tart undertone because of the glaze. The cloves make it just the right amount of peppery. Don’t look anywhere else. Here is the recipe for Gordon Ramsay honey glazed ham.

17. Gordon Ramsay Beef Short Ribs

Gordon Ramsay Beef Short Ribs

We all know Gordon Ramsay is a culinary genius and the way he cooks these short ribs just solidifies this fact. The beef ribs are seasoned and then fry ribs in oil along with garlic, tomato puree, and wine to deglaze. Slowly roast the beef in the same mixture and serve with lardons and mushrooms.

I gave everything about the recipe and I am leaving the rest to you. These delicious beef ribs will make for a great and comfortable dinner. If I have tempted you enough with the mental imagery, here’s the recipe for Gordon Ramsay beef short ribs for your help and ease. Ain’t I the best?

18. Gordon Ramsay Christmas Martini

Gordon Ramsay Christmas Martini

Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas martini is the answer to your prayers for a Christmas-specific cocktail. This martini is a mixture of amaretto and Christmas vodka. It is infused with flavors of Christmas flavors and by that, I mean cinnamon, cloves, ginger nutmeg, and orange zest. It also has a sweet flavor because 

What else do you want for Christmas besides this spicy and bittersweet martini? Just hang a candy cane to the side of the glass and lay back to enjoy your drink. Make sure to turn around very slowly when someone calls you to feel like a super-villain. Here’s the recipe for your shaken-not-stirred Christmas martini. 

19. Gordon Ramsay Mince Pies

Gordon Ramsay Mince Pies

A delicious pie with a sweet and citrusy pie crust and a sweet and spicy mincemeat filling seems like a great sweet treat for Christmas. You can make these sweet little pies easily with the Gordon Ramsay mince pie recipe. The mince pies are named so because, in Tudor times, they used to have 13 ingredients. The ingredients represented Jesus and the 12 apostles. There was also mutton in the pie that represented shepherds. That is how the name stuck.

In modern times, mincemeat doesn’t actually have meat. It is a mixture of dried fruits, spirits, suet, and spices. It tastes spicy and sweet with a meaty texture, but you have to make it fresh from having those flavors in the pie. This recipe takes care of all your woes. Just click here and you’ll be taken to Gordon Ramsay’s recipe for mince pies. 

20. Gordon Ramsay Sticky Toffee Pudding

Gordon Ramsay Sticky Toffee Pudding

Another great recipe from Gordon Ramsay’s recipe treasure is his recipe for the sticky toffee pudding. This absolute gem of dessert is an exotic-tasting pudding with a sweet toffee sauce. What makes the pudding exotic is the sweet taste of dates. The dates give the pudding its stickiness and toffee-ness (It is a word. Trust me! Hey! Don’t check it on Google). 

The delicious toffee sauce is a buttery, sugary, creamy, corn-syrupy, and bourbony sauce (I might be using the ingredients as adjectives. I am not saying that I am, I am saying that I might). Top it with a generous dollop of whipped cream and enjoy your Gordon Ramsay sticky toffee pudding.

21. Gordon Ramsay Christmas Cake

Gordon Ramsay Christmas Cake

Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas cake doesn’t technically fit into the definition of ‘cake’ as much as it does into a ‘bombe cake’. Nevertheless, it is absolutely delicious. The ‘cake’ (*makes air quotes as well*) is a bombe made of chocolate swiss rolls and filled with a meringue cream. But, it is no ordinary meringue. It is mixed with cherries, mixed glazed fruit, pistachios, ginger, and orange liqueur. 

This is a no-bake recipe but is a yes-chill recipe instead. The instructions are simple to follow and you’ll have a great dessert without any hard labor. Find the recipe for Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas cake here. 

22. Gordon Ramsay Christmas Pudding

Gordon Ramsay Bread And Butter Pudding

Gordon Ramsay Christmas pudding is a great pudding for your Christmas dinner and when I say, I mean great! Don’t believe me? You will. I will make you (I have this compulsive need to have a commonly shared opinion. Too personal?)

Other than the generic ingredients (flour, butter, egg, sugar), the pudding is made with apples, mixed peel, zest, dried fruits, Guinness, and ground spices. Mix everything together and you’ll have a pie with different textures and an array of flavors. The pie has a little bit of all flavors. The apples give the pudding a slight tart flavor. The Guinness adds bitterness, the dried fruits make it sweet, the zest and candied peel give it a sweet citrus taste, and the ground spices a warm overtone to the pudding.

This delicious pudding is then drizzled with a smooth and sweet butterscotch sauce. For people who like to down the sweet (joy-killers), you can tone it down with unsweetened whipped cream (*consistent side-eyeing*). Serve up this pudding at your Christmas dinner and get ready to sign some autographs. But before all of that, take the recipe that I have added right here

23. Gordon Ramsay Bread And Butter Pudding

Gordon Ramsay Bread And Butter Pudding

Gordon Ramsay’s bread and butter pudding may not sound like an exciting dish, but trust me, it most definitely is. The said bread is not the normal bread that you use to make sandwiches. It is pain au chocolat. It pains me to think that pain au chocolat is called bread. This would be the understatement of the year. 

Oh! I am not exaggerating. Pain au chocolat is a delicate French pastry filled with dark chocolate, next in line to become The French Pastry Queen (Croissant has won again by popular vote. To think that they are first cousins pitted against each other ‘pains’ me).

The ‘bread’ (*eye rolls in sarcastic French*) is dipped in a creamy mixture that smells like vanilla and cinnamon. The base of this pudding is apricot jam and raisins. Then, you layer the soaked ‘Chocolat’ on top. Bake this creamy affair and then slice and enjoy a slice of heaven. See, I told you that this bread and butter pudding was anything but boring.

If you want the whole recipe for Gordon Ramsay bread and butter pudding, I’ll help you a little bit and just add it here. Je Vous en prie!

24. Gordon Ramsay Apple Crumble

Gordon Ramsay Apple Crumble

Do you want to make a pie but don’t have the energy for it? I have the next best thing for you. Try Gordon Ramsay’s apple crumble. It is also something that you can bring to the table, literally. The apple crumble, to put it simply, is a dessert with sweet, spicy, and tangy apple filling and a crumbly granola top. 

It is actually one of the easiest desserts you can make for Christmas. The top is a mixture of sugar, flour, nutty granola, and some cinnamon (for Christmas). All you need to do is prepare the apples and the filling, layer, and bake. Sounds easy, right? Just click here and we’ll take to the complete recipe for Gordon Ramsay’s apple crumble.

25. Gordon Ramsay Trifle

Gordon Ramsay Trifle

Do you feel that one layer of dessert will not satisfy your cravings? Well, let’s triple the layers then. Gordon Ramsay’s trifle is a triple-layered dessert with raspberry jelly, sponge fingers, raspberries, and creamy vanilla custard. Does the mental image of this beautiful custard make you crave it? Fret no more! Here is the recipe for Gordon Ramsay’s trifle. 

26. Gordon Ramsay Mini Apple Galettes

Gordon Ramsay Mini Apple Galettes

Want to make pies but don’t have the time and patience to bake them. Worry not! Make Gordon Ramsay’s mini apple galettes. What are those, you ask. These are small and flat pie cakes covered with apples.

The apples are covered in sugar, spice, and everything nice (by that, I mean zest). Making the pie pastry dough is also not a sweat. Just make the pastry dough, cut it circles, fill it with the apples, and bake. One thing that you need to make sure of is that you use apples that handle heat well. Gordon Ramsay likes to use the Pink Lady apples (this is classified information. Actually, not really). Here’s the recipe for Gordon Ramsay mini apple galettes.  

27. Gordon Ramsay Mulled Wine

Gordon Ramsay Mulled Wine

Want something to calm your Christmas nerves after the hectic day is over? That something should be Gordon Ramsay’s mulled wine. The mulled wine is a perfect Christmas drink to bring the whole affair to a close. Also, the mulled wine is served warm, so it provides you with ultimate comfort.

The wine is mixed with sugar and then infused with Christmas spices like cinnamon, ginger, cloves, star anise, and bay leaves. This makes the wine sweet and spicy. It is served in style with a cinnamon stick and orange slices. It also has a deep and rich ruby color. Just ladle some into a mug and enjoy it besides a fireplace. Here is the recipe, so you don’t have to move. 


So, you have finally reached the end of this long list. But trust me, all of this scrolling will be worth it once you prepare these Gordon Ramsay tried and tested recipes for your holiday feast. I have hand-picked the best recipes only for you. All of them have Gordon Ramsay’s personal touch. What would be better than making a meal suggested by the culinary genius himself? Eating them, probably. What are you waiting for then? Rush to your pots and pan and start with that hectic meal. All the best and Merry Christmas!

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