Golden Corral Thanksgiving Specials With Prices

Golden Corral and their usual buffet will also have some specials for Thanksgiving this year, which are delectable! In this article, you will find information about all the Thanksgiving specials from the usual Golden Corral menu, along with their prices! 

Golden Corral Thanksgiving Specials

Golden Corral will be open on Thanksgiving day to serve their customers a vast buffet meal. However, for this holiday, this chain has also launched a few specials that are perfect for ordering in for a large Thanksgiving celebration. These specials include a turkey meal, beef roast meal, glazed ham meal, a la carte specials, and desserts too! 

The prices of these meals usually differ based on what you order and also what you pick. But, I have still provided a basic guide as to how much you can expect to spend at Golden Corral on Thanksgiving. Moreover, it is also important to remember that the prices may differ from one location to another. Now, let us dive right into the specials! 

Golden Corral Thanksgiving Specials

Golden Corral

As I mentioned already, the chain of restaurants will be open as per usual on Thanksgiving to serve their delicious buffet. Although, I am sure that not every single one of you would prefer a buffet meal on Thanksgiving. Sure, the food at Golden Corral is great, but if there’s no turkey involved, it isn’t really Thanksgiving! 

To please everyone who loves the food from Golden Corral and traditional Thanksgiving meals, the chain has come up with some specials this year. These specials all revolve around the flavors of Thanksgiving. So, with the desserts especially, you can expect some pumpkin pie! 

Moreover, they also have an a la carte option as a special, in case you would rather customize the meals as per your liking rather than going for a set option. In either case, regardless of what you order, the meals will be available for pre-order and pick-up from November 1st. Let us have a more detailed look at these specials. 

1. Whole Roasted Turkey Meal

Whole Roasted Turkey Meal

This meal is the perfect choice for Thanksgiving as it has all the food that makes this marvel of a holiday what it is! The whole roasted turkey meal is fit for 6-8 people and has a number of options. 

Starting with a whole roasted turkey and gravy, this meal also has mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, a dozen yeast rolls with honey butter, and lastly, your choice of side and a pie. The side options are plenty to choose from! 

Moreover, the usual dessert options that are offered along with this meal are pecan pie or pumpkin pie to choose from. Usually, the meal is perfect for a large group, but you can always add extras if you would like! 

Whole Roasted Turkey Meal$99.99

2. Holiday Beef Roast Meal

Holiday Roast Beef Meal

Who says Thanksgiving has to be all about Turkey? Of course, many of us would rather prefer a different sort of meat on Thanksgiving. Well, Golden Corral is still a great choice to order your Thanksgiving meals from, even if they aren’t necessarily roasted turkey! 

The holiday beef roast meal is large and, again, enough to feed around 6-8 people. The meal includes a 44oz. Holiday beef roast, gravy, mashed potatoes, and yeast rolls. You also get to choose two homestyle sides and a whole pie. 

The side options include buttered corn, green beans, macaroni and Cheese, steamed broccoli, steamed carrots, and sweet potato casserole. Lastly, you will also have an option between pumpkin pie and pecan pie. 

Holiday Beef Roast Meal$99.99

3. Holiday Glazed Ham Meal

Holiday Glazed Ham Meal

Whether everyone agrees or not, ham is also as much a part of Thanksgiving as turkey is! This meat is the perfect thanksgiving dish for all of you who want to stick to traditional meals but also not eat turkey on holiday. 

The Glazed Ham Meal includes a large piece of glazed ham with gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, a dozen yeast rolls with honey butter, and lastly, a choice of holiday sides and desserts. 

The meal also includes a complimentary ham glaze. The price of this meal is as given below. 

Holiday Glazed Ham Meal$99.99

4. Holiday Favorites A-La-Carte

Holiday Specials A-La-Carte

If a whole family meal is not something you prefer, you can always choose a bunch of Thanksgiving specials from their Holiday Favorites A-La-Carte menu! The A-La-Carte menu has a number of Thanksgiving specials in small portions, including mains, sides, and bread too. The prices of these A-La-Carte menu options are as follows. 

Carved Ham (pound)$7.69
Carved Turkey (pound)$7.69
Fried Chicken (each)$2.19
Buttered Corn (1 quart)$6.99
Green Beans (1 quart)$6.99
Steamed Broccoli (1 quart)$6.99
Steamed Carrots (1 quart)$6.99
Mashed Potatoes (1 quart)$6.99
Gravy (1 pint)$5.19
Macaroni and Cheese (1 quart)$6.99
Sweet Potato Casserole (1 quart)$6.99
Stuffing (1 quart)$6.99
Yeast Rolls (dozen)$5.99

5. Holiday Desserts

Holiday Desserts

The last Thanksgiving special at Golden Corral is their holiday dessert. This is the perfect ending you need to a good old standard meal, whether it is turkey or something else! There are five options to choose from when it comes to holiday desserts, with the options and prices given below. 

Apple Pie$16.99
Pecan Pie$16.99
Pumpkin Pie$16.99
Carrot Cake$15.99
Chocolate Cake$15.99

Similar Restaurants Offering A Thanksgiving Menu

  1. Gaylord Palms – Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention center is offering an excellent Thanksgiving buffet with a twist, for all their hotel guests this year. If you happen to be in Florida on turkey day, trust me, you wouldnt want to miss out on this buffet! 
  2. IHOP – IHOP serves some of the best pancakes possible, but that really isnt all! This chain of restaurants also will be serving some really great Thanksgiving specials for adults and seniors too, which are truly delectable. 
  3. Romano’s Macaroni Grill – Romano’s Macaroni grill has incredible Italian food. So, keeping that in mind, the chain has got a new twist for their Thanksgiving menu which is a three course meal worth trying out! 
  4. Ruth’s Chris Steak House – For Thanksgiving, Ruth’s Chris Steak House is offering not just a pre-fixe meal, but also turkey dinner to go and sides to go, which will make your Thanksgiving celebration much better! 
  5. Cooper’s Hawk – Cooper Hawks will be serving a lovely set meal on Thanksgiving at their restaurant, along with some really great pre-packaged meals for a home celebration. Click the link to check these out! 
  6. STK Steakhouse – STK Steakhouse will be whipping up some delicious turkey with all the works, for Thanksgiving this year. They have a Thanksgiving menu for dining-in and also for take away and delivery! 
  7. Cracker BarrelCracker Barrel is one of those places that you can count on, to enjoy a hearty meal. This year for Thanksgiving, the chain has a number of specials which also include family meals to go, which you should surely check out!


On Thanksgiving day, Golden Corral will be serving their usual buffet meals all day, but they also have some specials this year for Thanksgiving. For customers to enjoy their Thanksgiving meals from Golden Corral, the chain of restaurants has launched some holiday specials. The meal options are enough for around 6-8 people, whereas they also have A-La-Carte options as smaller meals, along with holiday desserts. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Golden Corral have any specials for Thanksgiving? 

Yes, Golden Corral does have some specials to order-in on Thanksgiving. 

When can the holiday meals from Golden Corral be ordered? 

The holiday meals from Golden Corral can be ordered anytime after November 1st until Thanksgiving. 

Will the prices of holiday meals differ from one location to another? 

Yes, the prices of holiday meals may vary slightly from one location to another.

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