How To Make Gem Lettuce Salad Recipe at Home

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Sahiba Sharma
Sahiba is a long time food lover. She has a soft spot for cuisines in her heart. Although she loves to cook with her mother, she is also a nutritionist. This means that she knows the science behind the food; what is good and bad in each ingredient. With her experience in cooking and nutritional education, she is a great resource to tell us about food and recipes.

Do you know why we should eat salad on a daily basis? If no then I will tell you why because they are refreshing, healthy, salubrious and gives us immunity.

Today, I am here with Gem Lettuce Salad Recipe which I learned from Rome when I was doing my internship in a restaurant as a cook and It was not only a salad but emotions of many Romanians.

I learnt Gem Lettuce Salad Recipe from a chef named Andrew when I was assisting him and today, I have become a chef and someone ordered this salad and a thought came into my mind to share the recipe with my lovely food lovers. Come Let’s see How To Make Gem Lettuce Salad at Home

Ingredients For Gem Lettuce Salad Recipe

Walnut1 Cup
Walnut Oil1 tbsp
Kosher Salt1 tsp
Minced Shallot1
Lemon Juice1/2 Cup
Champagne Vinegar1 tbsp
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil1 Cup
Freshly Ground Pepper1
Yellow Squash4 ounces
Red Onion Slices3
 Little Gem lettuce4 heads
Pecorino Romano Cheese1/3 Cup
Slices of Watermelon2

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeTotal Time
30 Mins30 Mins

Gem Lettuce Salad Recipe

Gem Lettuce Salad Recipe
  1. At 350° preheat the oven and toast the walnuts until they turn golden, for 12 minutes, and cool them and then chop the nuts.
  2. Toss the walnut with a pinch of salt in a bowl and in another small bowl, shallot, pecorino romano cheese, lemon juice, watermelon, and season with salt and leave them at the side for 10 minutes and whisk them with olive oil with pepper.
  3. Dressing made in small adds it to a large bowl with onion, lettuces, walnuts, pecorino.

Nutritional Facts Of Gem Lettuce Salad

Fat0.6 g
Sodium1 mg
Potassium247 mg
Carbohydrates1.7 g
Protein1 g

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