FXP+ | Exclusive Content, Cookbooks and More Surprises Coming Soon

FXP+ is a free way for you to become a supporter of TheFoodXP team. Read the information below related to what it is, how you can sign up for it and what extras you are getting with FXP+.

What is FXP+

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We all know that TheFoodXP is an online platform that serves as the hub for food enthusiasts. We have all you need, from easy-to-follow recipes to menu prices of the leading food chains and insights from the food industry.

But now, we are taking this experience to a whole new level by introducing FXP+ where we will bring exciting new features, functionalities, cookbooks and access to premium content with the help of Mediavine’s Grow.

How Much Is FXP+?

The best part about FXP+ is that it is free for everyone. Yes, not a free trial and no hidden charges; FXP+ is free for you to use.

Why Are We Adding These Premium Features To TheFoodXP?

FXP+ (powered by Grow) will be a platform our team will use to introduce premium stuff to the audience of TheFoodXP; that includes exclusive, free cookbooks, weekly newsletters and much other stuff that we are planning for the future.

The goal behind this is to create an authentic audience that will help us continue to have a viable business even after significant technology changes in the years to come in the advertising industry.

One way of doing this is to establish direct relations with our readers; we plan to achieve that from FXP+.

Features You Can Expect In FXP+

FXP+, with the help of Grow, offers many benefits to the readers. Those benefits are-

1. Weekly Newsletters

Sending a weekly newsletter is one of the most effective ways a brand communicates with its audience and for the users of FXP+, we are introducing them just for you.

2. Exclusive Content

Sometimes, there is a part of the content that we create just for you by going the extra mile. So we want that content to be exclusive to the hardcore fans of TheFoodXP.

3. Cookbooks

Chef Jasbir is bringing his expertise to you through exclusive cookbooks. Most of them will be 100% free for the members of FXP+ and you’ll receive them in your emails once you sign up.

4. Bookmarking

Get all your favorite stuff in just one place using Grow’s well-organized bookmark feature on TheFoodXP. Just click the little “heart” and you’ll have saved the recipe directly into your Grow bookmarks. The feature of saving recipes and other content into separate collections is coming soon too.

5. More Surprises Coming Soon

TheFoodXP team is working to bring more value and features to you in FXP+. That can be more informative cookbooks, exclusive blogs and video content, webinars and many more things we haven’t planned yet.