How to Make Frito Pie at Home

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Today’s recipe is totally a food perfection. Frito pie is a Mexican dish but is quite popular in America. We are going to learn how to make this frito pie in just a few minutes.

There was a popular lunch place down from our school that made this frito pie and we loved them. Since then, I have been eating this dish almost every week. It is a perfect combination of spicy, salty and cheesy. So here i am sharing my recipe with you all so that you can also sit back and enjoy this amazing dish.

Frito Pie can be prepared by cooking beef and onion for some time. Then break the beef into crumbles and add beans and stir it all. 1 cup of corn chips should as a topping and the other one is poured on a baking pan with meat, cheese and salt. Pour the remaining chips as a topping and bake it and the dish is ready.

This was just a quick recipe. For detailed steps and instructions you have to go on for a bit more. So, let’s see how this easy dish can be made at home with just some quick steps. Check out the ingredients first, followed by the detailed recipe.

Ingredients Required For Frito Pie

  • 1 Pound Beef (ground)
  • 1 Chopped Onion
  • 2 Cans Ranch Style Beans
  • 1 Packet Of Frito Corn Chips
  • 2 Cans Enchilada Sauce
  • 2 Cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • Some Sliced Green Onions

Collect all the above ingredients for this frito pie. Also, the recipe takes about a few minutes to get ready. Check out the table below to understand time distribution.

How Much Time It Will Take To Prepare Frito Pie?

Preparation TimeCooking Time Total Time
6 minutes15 minutes21 minutes

Yes, in just about 20 minutes, you’ll have this delicious dish ready. So now let’s check out the detailed steps you need to follow for this recipe.

Steps To Prepare Frito Pie

Frito Pie recipe
  1. First, we have to keep the oven heated at 350 degrees.
  2. Take a large skillet and cook beef and onion at medium heat for 6-8 minutes until the beef no longer remains pink and the onion grows soft.
  3. Break the beef into more little crumbles and drain it. Pour the beans inside and stir it all together and keep heating.
  4. Take 1 cup of corn chips and pour it inside as toppings. Take a baking dish and pour the other cup of corn chips in it.
  5. Put meat mixture, sauce and cheese inside it and pour the remaining chips on the baking dish’s top.
  6. Bake it uncovered in the oven for 15-20 minutes until the cheese is melted. And if you want, you can sprinkle chopped green onions on the top. And the dish is ready to be served.

That’s it. Your delicious frito pie is ready to be served. Add some more flavours to your lives by enjoying it with your family and friends.

Nutritional Breakdown Of Frito Pie

I have added a table below that shows the nutritional breakdown of this frito pie. Check it out for values in detail.


How To Make Frito Pie At Home | Video

I have added a step by step video for you to watch and have a clear idea of the recipe. I hope it helps.

Video by Simply Mamá Cooks

We are open to suggestions and queries. Do share with us your reviews for frito pie in the comment section. You can also make other delectable dishes from our site. Till then, enjoy your frito pie with your loved ones.

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