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Download Our Free 9 Recipe Cookbook By Joining FXP+

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Frito-Lay Goes For Shrinkflation | Doritos To Now Have Less Amount Of Nachos

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Nachos! The ever-so delicious tortilla chips with savory toppings and melted cheese! The name that pops up in our heads when nachos are mentioned is Doritos. The flavors, the perfection with which it’s been cooked, it’s all to die for!


But lately, whichever crisps, chips, or nachos packet you pick up, you might feel that it has a less amount of chips. You’d often get disappointed by the number of chips the packet actually contains and would go as far as to call it half-empty!

People have often joked about it, saying, “I always thought air was free until I bought a bag of chips.” It’s one of those cases where it’s nobody’s fault, and you can’t blame anybody for it no matter how much you want to.

Inflation is the name of the evil which has made everybody’s lives harder. Even the most basic of commodities have become its prey, and we’re always living in fear of the prices going up! 

Now, major brands have approached this issue in a different way. Instead of increasing the prices of their products, they’ve now chosen to sell less than the original quantity at the same price. This method has been named “shrinkflation”.

Shrinkflation is the process of shrinking or lessening the number of products, while the prices of these products tend to either remain the same or increase. Doing the same is our very favorite nachos brand – Doritos! 

From now onwards, if you choose to buy a Doritos packet, do not expect it to be completely filled with a heap load of nachos. As per Quartz, the parent company of Doritos, Frito-Lay is opting for shrinkflation to fight against inflation.

One bag of Doritos has now gone down to 9.25 ounces from 9.75 ounces. This difference of 0.50 ounces is equal to a total of five chips. Now, many ingredients used in the making of nachos add to the list of expenses that the company faces.

According to analysts, if the company decides to remove a total of 5 chips from about 200 million bags, they would be saving an amount as big as $50 million. Crazy, isn’t it?

Fortunately for Frito-Lay, they can’t be sued for this as shrinking down products without providing the consumers with any prior information regarding it is a legal practice in the United States.

When asked about making the decision for shrinkflation, a spokesperson for Frito-Lay replied, “Inflation is hitting everyone … we took just a little bit out of the bag so we can give you the same price, and you can keep enjoying your chips.”

Shrinkflation might not be entirely bad for customers as the quality of the product will remain the same. We can now hope for inflation to deflate as soon as possible and for everybody to enjoy the nachos they deserve!

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