Friendly’s Introduces New Café In Westfield

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Who doesn’t love Friendly’s ice-cream and the diner-themed food they serve? The taste, the service, everything about Friendly’s is just *chef’s kiss* But what if you got to know that it’s now opening up its very first cafe with a fast casual concept.


Yes, Friendly’s just got friendlier by launching their new café in Westfield. 2022 is going great for foodies, isn’t it? This Friendly’s café opened on February 26 and offers signature menu items from Friendly’s original menu for both dining in and takeaways.

Diving into the trend of fast-serving casual restaurants, Friendly’s is doing well so far. This cafe at 291 East Main St, Westfield has a space for around 45 guests. One can order food either by placing their order at the counter or scanning the QR code available on the table.

Online ordering and delivery of food is also available. Pick-ups at to-go locations can also be done. This cafe features Friendly’s food items from entrees and hamburgers to delicious sundaes.

Friendly’s new cafe offers customers the opportunity to order and get food as per their choice and at their own pace. This new cafe launched after a duration of a year and six months of FIC restaurants, the parent company of Friendly’s, filing for bankruptcy.

The cafe is planned to be inaugurated on April 6 and will offer giveaways at zero cost to customers and much more. Friendly’s cafe is set to feature delicious menu items like the legendary honey BBQ chicken supermelt, tater kegs appetizer, “Bangin’ Beef Stroganoff”, etc.

Craig Erlich, the CEO of Friendly’s, said in an official statement “Friendly’s Cafe delivers our time-tested Friendly’s menu, putting an emphasis on fresh ingredients, convenience, to-go and delivery in a fun and joyful environment.” 

Erlich further added “We envision Friendly’s Cafe as an opportunity for further menu and technology innovation to meet our customer’s changing desires, while also still adhering to our mission of bringing family and friends around the table to make new memories.”

Friendly’s new café is going to please customers with its delicious food and people are looking forward to dining in one. We love seeing people win and it’s even better when friends like Friendly’s are treading on the path to success!

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