How To Make Freeze Dried Chicken Treats For Dogs?

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People who own dogs know that the fur angels are too precious. It’s just like having a baby, a drooling, hopping, happy fur baby. So, it is but natural that we want the best thing for our dogs. Many pet parents get the best food and treats for their pets. But many people prefer making the treats at home. That way, they are not skeptical as to what goes into the food they’re offering their dogs.

Dog eating freeze dried treats

One way you can make treats for your dogs is by freeze-drying them. If you are wondering what freeze-drying is, then let me shed some light. It is a process by which you can remove the moisture of the food completely. Basically, you dehydrate the food by freezing it. The freeze-dried food has a longer shelf life. You can carry the treats with you and feed your dog anytime you want. Also, you may or may not rehydrate the treats. Your dogs will enjoy them anyway. 

There are two ways that you can make freeze-dried chicken treats. The first method is to freeze-dry your treats by using dry ice. The prepared chicken is put in a porous plastic container along with dry ice. It is frozen until the dry ice evaporates. The other method is just straightforwardly freezing the chicken in the freezer for a week.

If you don’t have the time to make the freeze-dried chicken treats at home, you can buy amazing freeze-dried treats from Innovet Pet as well. The treats are made with a hundred percent chicken and are really good for the doggos. So, you don’t have to worry. If you want to make the treats yourself, here’s how you can make the freeze-dried chicken treats at home

Freeze-Drying With The Dry Ice Method 

Freeze Dried Chicken Treats

To make the treats, you need to prepare the chicken. Boil the chicken in water until it is completely cooked. Then, cut it into small pieces that your dog can easily eat.

After that, take a plastic container and poke holes in the lid. If you already own a container with a porous lid, that’s great. Add the dry ice to the base of the container. Add the chicken pieces on top of the dry ice. Alternate between the dry ice layer and chicken layer until the container is almost filled. Close the lid and place the container in the freezer.

You need to freeze the treats until there is no dry ice left in the container. This may take a couple of days. Make sure you keep checking after regular set intervals. When the treats are freeze-dried, you can feed them to your lovely dog.

Freeze-Drying With The Simple Freezing Method

Freeze Dried Chicken Treats

If dry ice isn’t available, you can simply freeze the treats. First, cook the chicken by boiling it. Then, cut it into small pieces according to your dog’s size and feeding portions. 

After that, place the chicken pieces on a tray with small holes. You can make holes in a plastic tray yourself too. Put this tray in the freezer and allow the chicken to freeze-dry for a week.

To make sure that the treats are freeze-dried, take one treat out of the freezer and let it thaw. If it has moisture after thawing, it is not dehydrated. So, give the treats a day more and check in the same manner. This may take some time, but you do get freeze-dried chicken treats for your dog. 

Reasons To Buy Innovet Pet Freeze-Dried Treats For Your Dogs

Some people don’t have the time to make treats for their pets at home. If you are one of them, then you can simply buy them from Innovet Pet.

Here are a few reasons you should buy the Innovet Pet Freeze-Dried Treats.

  1. They are made from 100% chicken breast. So, you know that your pet is getting complete taste and nutrition.
  2. They are a great source of protein. As they are completely made of chicken, they are sure to give your doggo the protein it needs. 
  3. They don’t have any added hormones or antibiotics. We all want our dogs to be given unadulterated food that is not synthetic. So the Innovet Pet treats are without any harmful additions.
  4. They also have other flavors except for chicken breast. You can get chicken liver, beef, and even fish treats. So, your dog will never get bored.


These were the two methods to freeze-dry some chicken treats for your dog. You can also use a machine for the same, but I think it’s just too expensive. These methods are simple and only need little work and some patience. If you want the good treats without the work, just go to the official Innovet Pet site, search for treats, and add to the cart. Simple!

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