Top 5 Free Menu QR Software For Restaurants and cafes in 2023

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There are different free QR code menu tools in the market today. However, some of these restaurant tools need more features to streamline your services and cater to customers with the utmost delivery.

Top 5 Free QR menu software for restaurants and cafes in 2023

When choosing the best free QR code menu for restaurants, you need to consider its offered features and how it can help your restaurant thrive in the market. 

For instance, you can ask yourself if this restaurant tool can address common restaurant problems like staff shortages, order errors, long queue and waiting times, and others. 

Hence, check out this list and get to know the free QR code menu that’s right for your business.

Free QR Menu Software Available In The Market

When talking about free QR menu software, it should offer a free plan for your business that helps streamline and boost your restaurant operations.

See if the free QR menu software available in the market can cater to your needs and preferences in delivering better customer service. 

When you deliver better customer service, you can increase the foot traffic in your restaurant and potentially increase customer loyalty. This will allow you to thrive in the industry and compete with other businesses.

Here are the top free QR menu software today.



One of the top free QR code menus for restaurants is MENU TIGER. And here’s why:

MENU TIGER Freemium plan’s capabilities are available to you for $0. You can use these free features to transform your restaurant, cafe, hotel or bar into a better digital service provider. Plus, no credit card is needed for Freemium sign-ups.

You can manage 1 store using the Freemium plan of MENU TIGER. You can also generate QR code menus for 10 tables. 

Additionally, you can add 7 menu categories and 7 dishes per category to the interactive menu QR code to cater to customers through contactless transactions. Moreover, you can add a logo for effective branding and adjust the menu QR code’s color scheme.

Customers can now place orders online and use the free QR code menu. You can also use all available multilingual menu translation services to serve various consumer demographics in your hotel and restaurant. In addition, you can run a single promo deal type for your company.

To gather information from your targeted customers, MENU TIGER also enables you to create customer feedback report forms. Finally, you may improve your internet visibility and gain access to the menu on your hotel and restaurant’s websites.

Customer service for MENU TIGER is accessible by email around the clock, which is a better fit for your business if you have any queries regarding the software.

2. Instalacarte


Instalacarte provides a convenient QR code ordering system for your restaurant. You can easily manage delivery, takeout, and dine-in orders using this restaurant tool while creating a QR menu.

This tool helps your restaurant promote a touchless ordering system using QR codes to reduce the risks of virus transmission. Hence, it ensures the safety of your customers and staff.

With Instalacarte, you can edit and update your menu in real time. However, it only uses a single QR code. Customers would still select their table numbers using the interactive menu before placing their orders.

Moreover, Instalacarte lacks a restaurant website, POS integration, and payment integration features.

3. Mydigimenu


Mydigimenu is a restaurant tool that offers a free QR code menu plan for your business. You can avail of their Fight Covid-19 plan.

The Fight Covid-19 plan allows you to create curated QR menus with unlimited menu items on the online ordering platform. Mydigimenu free plan only caters to limited features for your restaurant. 

However, this plan is not applicable in United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore, United States of America, and India. 

4. QRmenu


QRmenu is a digital menu builder that allows you to have starter access to their Do-It-Yourself Solution. 

You can create a digital menu according to your business type: a restaurant, café/bar, hotel, etc. Proceed to select your country to enable the Covid-19 contact tracing feature of the software. 

Aside from that, you can also input different menu categories and items that will reflect on your QR code menu. However, QRmenu needs the QR code customization feature that will help you strengthen your brand. 

5. Orderlina


Orderlina is a restaurant tool that allows you to create QR code menu using their free subscription plan. The tool has a QR code ordering feature that lets customers scan your menu, see your mouthwatering dishes, order their preferences, and pay. 

It has payment integrations using Stripe, Google Pay, and Apple Pay to cater to customers through cashless transactions. However, Orderlina’s free subscription plan only caters to 200 visits per month.


It is undeniable that there are different free QR code menu tools in the market for restaurants, café, and others. However, it is also necessary to weigh their features and carefully evaluate the options for what will best help your restaurant thrive in the industry. Menu Tiger stands out as it has the most features for an affordable price. 

Consider the different features this free QR code menu software offers when choosing the restaurant tool. Ask yourself if the tool allows you to offer a contactless menu or if it addresses staff shortages and other common restaurant issues. 

And if so, you can employ the best free QR code menu software to help streamline your services to customers.

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