20 Best Free QR Menu Softwares For Restaurants & Cafes!

QR menus are getting quite popular with time, which is a sign that you should also have a QR menu at your food outlet. I have some of the best free QR menu software for restaurants and cafes that you must try at least once. 

20 Best Free QR Menu Softwares For Restaurants & Cafes!

Some of the best free QR menu software for restaurants and cafes are menu tiger, orderlina, menury, eatsea, instalacarte, mydigimenu, QRmenu, QR menu generator, QR stuff, menufy, and QR menu creator. 

These QR menus are time-saving and improve the overall customer experience. Now, people can order food simply by scanning the QR. The QR menu also gives you insight into customer preferences that you can use in the future. Let’s see some of the best QR menu generators that are free and easy to use. 

What Is A QR Menu Software?


QR menu software allows customers to order a meal without touching a physical menu or interacting with the restaurant staff member. In simple terms, it is a digital tool now getting popular in many restaurants, cafes, bars, and other food outlets. 

This way, customers can make contactless orders and enjoy their meals. The owners of the restaurants or bars have a significant benefit as the menus are up-to-date, and there is no requirement for reprinting. 

Customers get easy access to the menu, and the straightforward layout makes it easier for people to read it correctly. Many QR Menu software allows customers to place orders and make payments from the same platform.

Now that you know precisely what QR menu software is, you should integrate the same into your business. So, let us talk about some of the best free QR menu software for your restaurants and cafes. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using QR Menu Software?

QR menu software has many advantages for customers and food business owners. Let us have a brief look over the same : 

  • Allows the customers to place orders effortlessly.
  • Contactless and zero interaction between the staff members and the customers.
  • Eliminates the efforts of printing and reprinting the menus over minor changes. 
  • Smooth, streamlined, and quick process of placing orders.
  • Easy payment gateway for the customers.
  • Cost efficient and environment friendly.
  • Easy updation of menu items and prices.
  • Decreases the number of staff members and saves a lot of money.
  • Increases the order values as people tend to order more with online menus.
  • The design of the menu is according to the standards.
  • You can even add images for the customers.
  • Improves the overall customer experience. 

Are There Free Software To Generate QR Menus?

Yes, there are many free software to generate QR menus. These QR menus are simple and cost zero amount for usage. So, let us dive in-depth and understand all the free software features to generate QR menus. 

What Are The Best QR Menu Generators For Restaurants And Cafes?

You will be so amazed to know that there are plenty of QR menu generators for restaurants and cafes. These free software are super unique, and you will love the features they are providing. You may come across many software that help generate QR menus, but I will list some of the best ones you must try. 

1. Menu Tiger

Menu Tiger

Menu Tiger is one of the best and most advanced software for generating QR menus. If you want to integrate a digital menu, you must try Menu Tiger, and your search for advanced QR menu software will end here. 

If I talk about the goals that Menu Tiger will fulfill then, they are as follows: 

  • End-to-end solution provider
  • scaling up your business 
  • Ensuring smoother business operations 
  • Maximizing productivity with less workforce
  • Reliable and easy to use

If you are still deciding, visit the website and take a tour. Now you will have super clarity about Menu Tiger. There are no coding skills required with Menu Tiger. You can quickly build your online menu and restaurant website. 

Another thing that makes Menu Tiger stand out is that you can receive orders from customers who can scan QR codes. The flexibility to personalize your menu QR codes for a consistent branding identity is a cherry on top. 

This is not all; Menu Tiger has many unique features, and there is no limit on the number of orders. You can even keep track of your sales and revenue analytics for a more optimized menu pricing and design. 

The one feature that stands out the most is allowing you to translate your menu into different languages. Now, you can imagine how this feature can increase your market and attract customers from diverse communities and cultures. By breaking the communication gap, Menu Tigers has become one of the best and most progressive software for generating QR menus. 

Menu Tiger has different plans based on your requirements. The free version includes ten tables; you can manage only one store. However, if you want, you can always go for the paid services with excellent facilities and features. Create and design your restaurant website and optimize your menu at any time. Menu Tiger is user-friendly and super-efficient for all sizes of restaurants. 

2. Orderlina


Another excellent software for generating QR menus is Orderlina, one of the easiest and smoothest software you can ever use for your restaurant or cafe. Orderlina has achieved the award for Rising Star 2022 by Finances Online, along with another title of Premium Usability. 

The customer scans the QR and places the order, and the kitchen directly receives the order. This makes the complete process of ordering and serving the customers super easy and streamlined. 

One of the best things about using Orderlina is that they accept all primary payment methods and add more daily. So you don’t have to worry about the payment gateways. 

Using Orderlina means receiving orders from anywhere, any time, with takeaway ordering. You can even use an existing menu without ordering by uploading any PDF or image. The unique feature that Orderlina has is that it allows you to connect your Facebook pixel and start building your customer base.

If I talk about the great features of Orderlina, then they are as follows : 

  • Instant Menu Updates
  • QR Code Generator
  • Flyers Templates
  • Guest Remarketing
  • User Management
  • Alert Management
  • Commission Free Payments

3. EatSea


EatSea lets you view your digital menu on any mobile device without downloading an app. Customers can quickly view your menu by scanning the QR code with their phone’s camera. The best thing about EatSea is that all contact tracing information is stored securely and accessible in the restaurant dashboard.

Creating a digital restaurant menu with EatSea is easy and quick. “The Eatsee application works for us, especially when we’re busy; our customers can view our digital menu while waiting,” says Humble Thai. Many other brands like Three Bears Kitchen, Core Espresso, Blue Door, and Commonwealth Hotel use their services. 

You can check the website and see how EatSea works. You will get a sample template with almost every feature a restaurant menu requires. You can see what your menu looks like. 

Don’t worry, as EatSea provides a free trial period, which can help you understand the complete outlay of the software, and you will be able to make better decisions. 

4. Instalacarte


One of the top QR menu software in the market is Instalacarte. You can opt for a free plan and create a free QR code menu and ordering system for your restaurant. 

You can easily manage your QR menu from your smartphone with instant menu updates for all your customers. You can get all the features from dine-in, takeaway, and delivery with a free subscription!

Register and get QR, and add categories & items. That is it. You can start receiving orders from your customers. The features of Instalacarte are simply outstanding and are as follows : 

  • Tempting Visual Menu
  • Effortless Navigation
  • Multilingual Selection
  • Receive unlimited dine-in, delivery, and takeaway orders 
  • Free subscription
  • Accept payments at Stripe rates 

With Instalacarte, you can set up your menu in a few clicks. Just input your menu prices and descriptions. This feature may be provided by many other QR menu software, but what is the difference? With Instalacarte, even if you don’t have time, they will do it for you. 

Email your menu in an editable format for easy copy-pasting at [email protected]. Also, send your food photos, logo, and website URL to the expert design team. Sit back and enjoy while Instacart works for you. 

5. Mydigimenu

My Digi Menu

Mydigimenu is an all-in-one menu platform for restaurants, cafes, and hotels. What makes Mydigimenu different from other QR menu software is the feature that allows every restaurant to run its campaigns. The campaigns will help increase sales and customer foot counts. 

Another great feature of Mydigimenu is that one can also pay through cryptocurrency. This is the most advanced feature you will find here. They are super advanced in technology, and you can take your restaurant to the next level with them. 

Mydigimenu provides a QR menu, table menu, and delivery & pick up menu. You can join their 15-day trial mode and get smooth operations with their POS, Payment, Printer, and Marketing Solutions. 

Trusted by more than 3000 restaurants and 300 hotels worldwide, Mydigimenu is super popular. From big restaurants like JW Marriott, Taj, and Sheraton, Mydigimenu is a favorite for so many others. Join Mydigimeu Academy and get to learn every single detail about their services. 

6. QRmenu


Like any other QR menu software, QRmenu is also a great generator. The best thing I love about QRmenu is that you can edit the menu on the go. So, unlike any other QR menu software, you don’t have to worry about complicated steps involving editing or updating the menu.

From editing to adding and removing items in your menu in real-time at your fingertips, you can improve the customer experience with a comfortable interface. With easy accessibility and a clear and readable menu, Mydigimenu is 100% free, and you don’t require any credit card for the subscription. 

Now, we will talk about the best features that QRmenu provides to its clients. As QRmenu takes all orders and payments, they have a lot of data, which is precious. QRmenu uses all the information and creates the best analytics for your restaurant. 

Many other big food companies, from Bistro to Pinky Bloom, use QRmenu for their digital menu and payments. Some other features make QRmenu stand out from the rest. For instance, it allows sharing the menu on social media; customers can instantly access it in any language. 

To conclude, QRmenu will provide a digital menu that customers can scan. Not only this, but they will help increase order values and tips and speed up table turnover, and you can add food images for your customers. 

7. QR Menu Generator

QR Menu Generator

QR menu generator by Bitly is the best QR menu creator for free of cost. You have to visit their website, and on the first page, you can upload a PDF or URL of your restaurant menu. That is all. Your free QR menu is ready to use. This was simple and quick, so the QR Menu Generator is one of the most efficient and cost-free QR menu developers. 

You can choose the shape of the scanner alongside the logo for your digital menu. You can create QR Code designs that look like your brand with QR Menu Generator. Not only this, but the QR Menu Generator is mobile-optimized with a CTA. 

Another facility that QR Menu Generator provides is that you can make changes on the go, and it also saves all the information and tracks the details like customers location, time scanned, and even operating device. This can help in making new and better decisions. 

You can create a static or dynamic QR menu per your requirements. From table menus to windows, vehicles, and food packaging, you can use the QR menu by QR Menu Generator almost anywhere. 

8. Applova


Start for free and upgrade later if required. Applova is another great QR menu generator or software that can be used for your restaurant’s digital menu. There is no setup or subscription fee even after upgrading. Applova is an accurate QR menu software that costs nothing. 

Start with creating a free account and set up your digital menu. Now, you only need to share your digital menu with the world. You can visit their social media and connect to learn more about Applova through those platforms. 

If you are still doubtful, you should book a demo, and I am sure the simplicity and easy-to-use features will help you make your decision fast. Check out Rolling Stone Pizza’s success story with Applova, and you will be convinced. 

From online ordering to a custom mobile ordering app, Applova is a perfect QR menu software. “We hit almost 75% of our sales through Applova! Applova has been instrumental”, says Myriam Nicolas, the Owner of Brown Butter Café.” 

Lisa, an Owner at Grossburgers, mentions, “I was able to keep my staff without laying off them due to COVID-19 and still save up to 75% to 90% of my revenue only because of Applova’s Mobile App.”

Applova is also integrated with GoDaddy, a leading intelligent terminal provider that helps to view and manage all orders made through Applova on GoDaddy. Talk to the experts and clear all the confusion to take your restaurant to the next level. 

Applova has been featured in QSR, Business Wire, Kiosk, and GreenSheet. So, you can rely upon them to develop your digital menu. 

9. QR Stuff


Another great free QR code generator that develops your digital menu within thirty seconds is QR stuff. Firstly, this software can create every kind of QR code, including menu ones. From Coca-Cola to H&M to IKEA to Denny’s, they all use the QR Stuff features to upgrade their business. 

With QR Stuff, you can create the QR code within minutes without inconvenience. Start by selecting the type of QR code you need, like a business card, Wi-Fi, menu, app, etc. Enter your destination where you want the QR to land. Design and style the code as per your wish. You can share your QR with your customers with two or more steps. 

Jessica, the owner of Jessica’s Bakery, says, “We LOVE using QRStuff to let our customers scan and view our menus online. Better yet. We can constantly update our specials and pricing without generating a new code using QRStuff’s dynamic codes. During Covid, this was a game changer!” 

10. QR Menu Creator

You may feel weird when you visit the website, but trust the process and check out their services. With QR Menu Creator, you can design your QR how you want. From font to colors, everything is under your control. 

With QR menu creator, your QR menu becomes super easy to create. You can even save and edit the menu later on. The steps are pretty simple, and their website is too. To check your menu live while editing, you have to scan the QR given and enjoy creating your digital menu. You will love this simple yet efficient way of making your QR menu. 

11. Bonee


Another great QR creator for restaurant menus is Bonee. Get eye-catching themes that will make the user experience perfect and pleasing. It is the ideal tool for restaurants, cafes, shops, and other business types to provide their customers with an attractive QR menu and digital menu. This way, customers can order food with a few simple clicks from a restaurant or cafe menu.

To use Bonee, create a free trial Bonee account test features and develop an active QR menu with simple tools. Once done, publish the QR menu and share it with customers. 

12. Delicious 


Delicious foods need a delicious QR menu, so you should try Delicious, a QR creator. You can reduce your guests’ waiting time and increase table turnover. You can try their services for free and enjoy a new digital menu for your restaurant. 

You can easily entice your guests with eye-catching and appetizing photos of your dishes that will increase the number of orders and sales of your restaurant. Even updating your created menu is hassle-free and super smooth. You can even link your menus to Google My Business and social media. 

The quality of QR codes is super high and available in different languages. The best thing about Delicious is that if you need a feature they don’t have already and your need is common to other venues, they will add it.

13. Yummy


Yummy is another great QR menu generator that will provide you with a digital menu for free. You can create digital menus quickly and easily with QR codes and allergens in multiple languages. With Yumm, customers can view the menu on their device super easily.

It is one of the best, most accessible, and inexpensive ways to create and maintain your menu and let customers enjoy dining at your restaurant. Veganzza mentions that Yummy is the best solution they have found for their digital menu, and they highly recommend it.

You can add multiple menus for your takeaway, catering, wines, drinks, desserts, and more, and even integrate the menu into your website. You can change your menu anytime and tell your customers when a menu item is unavailable, or the price has changed.

You also get to personalize your menu, like changing the style, color, layout, and more, and match the style and theme of your business. Last but not least, Yummy is a multilingual software, which means your menu will have every spoken language worldwide. 

14. QReate & Track

QReate & Track

Another simple QR menu software that you can try is QReate & Track. They are simple and advanced with their features. Easily create hi-res QR codes for iFlyMobi mobile sites, cards, phone numbers, SMS Messages, and more. You get many subscription options that you can choose from according to your requirements. 

You can even sign up for free monthly tips to help you improve your marketing efforts. Not only this, but you can also track scans of QR codes in real-time. This will allow you to measure success by seeing the number of scans, date, time, location, and device users. All these details are super important and helpful. 

15. QR Menu By Visualead

QR Menu by Visualead

Visualead has a QR menu generator, and that is super cute and easy to use. You can generate your free QR code within a few minutes. You will be amazed that over 150,000 businesses use Visual QR Codes monthly. 

Upload any image from the computer, or you can use pictures from their gallery as well. Now input your desired QR Code destination and place the QR Code anywhere you want onto your image.

With Visualead, you can track and edit your QR code when required. That is not all; You can even integrate the Visual QR Code API and make QR Codes on a large scale. 

16. QRickit QR Code Generator

QRickit QR Code Generator

With QRickit, you can easily create QR codes and save them to your PC or phone. The QR code can be displayed on the website, and you can print and share it with others. Check out their website and see different QR designs. You can even get art on your QR codes. 

When a customer scans at QRickit, a mobile user can instantly get essential data. Another thing you will love about QRickit is that it is free of cost, so you don’t have to spend a penny on it. 

17. QR Tiger 


QR tiger is another helpful and efficient QR code generator you must try. It won’t be wrong to say that QR Tiger is the most advanced QR Code Generator with an online logo. The steps to generate the QR Code for restaurants and cafes are simple with QR Tiger. 

You can design a static or dynamic QR code, depending on your requirements. You can create the QR code how you want, from patterns to colors to frames. It is important to note that over 850,000 brands trust QR Tiger with their QR codes. You can even have a QR code with super advanced features. The flexibility to fully customize your QR, valid for a lifetime, will only be created with QR Tiger. 

You can easily manage your QR codes by setting alerts, keeping a watchlist, and monitoring your top 10 QR code campaigns. Not only this, but you can also integrate your campaigns with Google Tag Manager and Facebook pixel ID and connect with any software via Hubspot, Zapier, and more.

18. QR Code Chimp


QR code chimp is one of the most reputed QR code generators, and if you are looking for a QR menu for your restaurant, consider them. Creating a QR menu with QR Code Chimp is pretty simple. 

Like any other QR code generator, this website also helps you create a QR menu according to your preferences. The only difference is that it is free, and you don’t have to invest anything in your restaurant or cafe QR menu. 

Even if you are not technically savvy, QR Code Chimp’s simple process will let you easily create a menu QR code without technical knowledge. You can customize the codes how you want and match them with the aesthetics of your restaurant. Not only this, QR Code Chimp also has an analytics dashboard so you can always get detailed reports about your customers and make data-driven decisions. 

19. Menulabs  


Menulabs will help you get a QR menu for your restaurant within a few seconds. I have tried many QR code generators, and Menulabs is one of the best. The only reason for not mentioning Menulabs at the start is that it is not for free. However, you can always get a free demo, and if your requirements are fulfilled, there is no harm in paying some dollars for your QR menu. 

The creation of the QR codes and the editing afterward are super smooth with Menulabs. It feels like you are playing some online games, and updating your menu is done just like that. 

You will be surprised that MenuLabs is part of a management group serving over 3,000 hospitality brands globally. Julie Reiner of Clover Club mentions that Menulans were easy to set up. She also added that even though she is not technically savvy with Menulabs, she was relieved as she could edit the menu herself. 

You should get a demo today and try their services because they are one of the best in the market. 

20. Menury 

Screenshot 2024 02 05 at 3.29.31 PM

If you are looking for the best QR menu software for a restaurant with zero cost, it must be menury. The easiest & most efficient way to manage your menu is that it is free and has been translated into seven different languages. 

Any restaurant or food outlet can manage their meals and drinks in the Menury restaurant portal with just a few clicks. The generated QR can be scanned with any smartphone or tablet and made available in stickers, table stands, napkins, and more.

If you are skeptical about Menury, check out the other brands using their services. Some brands are Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Pizza Hut, Mercure, Best Western, and Ibis. 

You can manage your menu 100% mobile and edit meals and dishes in real-time. So start today by creating your online menu in minutes and digitizing your restaurant today with Menury. 

Some of the features of Menury are that the QR-Code always stays the same, you can Customize the design from color to logo, and you get Stickers and table displays for your restaurant. 

Start with creating your menu and categorizing the items. You can download the QR code for your restaurant from the restaurant portal. Now, the guests can access your menu without downloading an app. The guests or customers can choose between 7 languages with one click. 

You can manage the menu online and make all the changes in the restaurant portal that will be reflected in the QR code and your website. From Professional design on all devices, you can embed & synchronize the menu and integrate online reservations. 

Menury has two free and paid plans; you can choose whatever plan you want per your requirements. You can cancel the subscription anytime at your convenience.


As we are at the end of the article, now you are very clear about what software would suit your restaurant or cafe the best. The QR menus are superb as they allow the customers to order food without interaction. Also, this makes the complete operations of food outlets pretty simple. 

Now that you have learned so much about the best free QR menu software for restaurants and cafes, try them for once. As all the restaurants and food outlets are going digital, it is time for you to go for the same. Your customers will appreciate and enjoy the service as it is super convenient and smooths the experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A QR Menu Software?

QR menu software allows customers to order a meal without touching a physical menu or interacting with the restaurant staff member.

Is There Free Software to Generate QR Menus?

Yes, there are many free software programs to generate QR menus. These QR menus are simple and cost zero amount for usage.

What are the benefits of using QR menu software? 

It allows the customers to make contactless orders smoothly and pay the bill. QR menu software also helps food outlets keep their menus up to date. It eliminates the process of reprinting the menus because of minor changes. 

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